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"Well you see Liz. Well you see..." Conner said looking somewhat nervous.

"Conner how hard is it to answer my question. I asked why were you here. I mean when from when we first introduced you were the closed off type. You liked hiding you feeling. You still do and hate showing them. Now you are showing them right there out in the open. How you are always here. That is showing that something is up. Because I know you Conner McDermott very few girls will keep you in the hospital," I said with a little annoyance in my voice getting sick of this.

"Well Liz I was just worried about you OK. I mean we have not always been there for each other. I was worried. I mean you were pretty bad. I care for you a lot. I was caring for you in a brotherly way," he said not once looking into my eyes. Now my anger rising by the minute.

"Conner McDermott if you think for one second that I am going to believe that I have something to tell you. I know everybody has come and gone through this room. People you have not known people you didn't think in a million years would come and so many others. I know my friends and what they will do to see me get better. I know that all off my distant friends although I may have lost them have still come. I know my life and my friends Conner. I know that Todd most likely came by and Jeff, Nick, Bruce, my own brother, and many others. I bet you Lila came. I bet you a Melissa came. You know what those are all people who would never like to se me dead or THINK of me as there sister. Me thinking of them as there brother or sister. If they aren't already related to me. Conner not one of them has stayed with me more then you. from what I here you were the one here the most. I'm not stupid so don't play me like that. You got me. Tell me why the hell you were here," I said yelling my speech softly. I could swear I was hearing cheering from the other side of the hospital door.

"Liz it hard for me to understand my self. How can I explain it to you," Conner said emotionally looking me in the eye standing at the end of my bed.

"Well simple McDermott. You think of me as a sister you tell me. You should not have a problem talking to me. I want to know why you care almost more then my own sister does. I want to know why you are lying to me now. I want to know everything," I said more calm lying my head down.

"If you know I am lying about why I am being here why do I have to tell you," he said with a cocky grin trying to mess around the brush. I was not in the mood.

"Conner don't mess around and tell me why the hell you are here," I yelled not caring about the nurses anymore.

"I don't Liz. Hell if I know anything. I don't know how I feel about you or anything. All I know is that the second I heard you were hear I knew I had to be with you as much as I could. I knew I had to be here if anything happened. I knew all this stuff but not the reason. Then I came to the conclusion about Alanna. I asked myself is she wanted to get back with me and she wanted to get back together. Who would I want to spend more time with. You want to know what the shitty answer was. YOU. I don't know Liz I really don't understand this. Alanna who I am suppose to be trying to get back because I love her so much is not is important is spending time with you and seeing you in the hospital everyday. But at the same time I come up with the conclusion that. How could I love you but yet still not understand this whole situation. I don't know if I care about you as more then a friend or anything," He said sitting down by the chair next to my bed with his head in his hands.

He was not making much sense in that last part. But no guy uses the word love on you and not understand what he is feeling. Conner would not have said that word if he did not feel it for me. I don't think. But with Conner you never know. With him you sort of trick it out of him.

"Conner I don't know what to say. But I am going to pull such a Jess line on you. Now that I'm up what do you want to do to me right now. Look at me and tell me what you would like to be doing right now. I know it sounds conceded but I want to know. You're not telling me the whole truth here. Your running again. You have to face this Conner," I said gently. I already know what I feel for him. I guess when he was talking about loving someone and the fact he did not leave my side. It really got me feeling about what I felt for him. What I came up with is I would give anything to be with him.

"Conner listen to me." he looked up to and walked over to me.

"This is what I want to do to you Wakefield," he said and he put his lips on mine. It was soft and gentle. It was just me and him all the way. I never wanted it to end and it was as if fire was shooting through me again. When it ended all I could do was smile and say.

"You know out of the times you have kissed I don't think you have ever kissed me with so much feeling in it Conner," I whispered.

"That's because for once I know what I feel and what I want to do. I want to be with you. No matter how long it lasts at this moment I love you. I will never forget this and I will always feel something for you. I love you Elizabeth Wakefield. It took me most of the year but I got it strait. I care for you and want nothing bad to ever happen to you," he said looking into my eyes deeply with so much feeling it made my insides hurt.

"I love you back to Conner McDermott. Took us awhile but were finally together and we figured each other out," I whispered to him with happy tears in my eyes.

"Do you think that it will last," I said to him.

"Forever I hope," he said deeply.

*********4 years later Lizzie being now21************

"Lizzy what do you think of this color for your bridesmaids," said Jess holding up a lime green color with a grin.

"I think if you are thinking about that color I need to be thinking about getting a new made of honor Jess," said Liz giggling like a school girl.

"Yea, I know but I always like to tease you. You are no longer going to be Elizabeth Wakefield any longer," said her sister getting teary eyed.

"Nope just like you I am loosing the Wakefield last name. Mrs., Jessica Aames.

Just then they heard a door open and the husband to be was standing at the door looking like a wet puppy.

"Conner why were you out in the rain. You look like a drenched mutt," said Jessica laughing her hardest.

"I was caught in the storm. Damn spring showers," he grumbled.

"Ready for the wedding Conner?" asked Tia with a grin sitting next to Liz on the couch with the wedding planner book on there lap.

"As I'll ever be," he said with a grin heading right for Liz.

"Conner McDermott if you step one step closer I'll kill you," I said in mock anger.

"I'll still love you Liz," he said looking down at her with a grin.

"So will I McDermott even if you are 6 feet under. I'll still love you," I said with a smirk.

"Forever ?" he asked with a grin.

"Forever," I said with a smile getting up and wrapping my arms around his wet body and kissing him. After al these years still feeling weak in the knees knowing that this would never go away I would always love her Conner.

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