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Dragons are not illiterate, as some people would like to imagine. In fact, Smaug knew every language since the dawn of time; ancient dwarvish and elf, the common tongue, and many others. He knew passages from the Quenta Silmarillion and knew every legend and riddle under the moon and sun that had ever been told.

So why was it that this Hobbit creature, Bilbo Baggins by name, continued to vex and enchant him? It was nearly a week now since his arrival to the Shire and finding Bilbo as well as settling in. Hobbits were strange creatures; they did not impress their potential mates with strength or abundance in treasure, they did small things for each other to gain affection, wooed earnestly from what he had observed amongst them and were more steadfast than most mortals he had seen before.

How was he going to advance to show Bilbo he would be the perfect mate for him?

"Oh I give up!"

Smaug's ears twitched in the direction of the Bagend study. A moment later Bilbo stomped outside with his tobacco and matches. Smaug emerged from the hobbit hole and saw Bilbo at the bottom of the garden sitting on his favorite bench in the sun.

He was puffing away at his pipe like a tea kettle, a stormy concentrated look on his face as he looked out over Hobbitan. The dragon man perched next to him and waited silently to be acknowledged.

"Bloody texts, bloody elvish," he mumbled around the clay pipe and took a deep drag; his shoulder drained of stress after he exhaled. Smaug watched fascinated before reaching over and taking the pipe from Bilbo who still hadn't noticed him and was surprised when he did.

Smaug took the bit into his mouth and inhaled the sweet smoke. It was the most natural thing he had done since transforming into human form and he reveled in the slight burn as it traveled into his lungs before he exhaled a long stream of smoke into the air.

Bilbo stared. Smaug looked so relaxed at that moment and Bilbo realized he felt relaxed considering a few moments ago he'd been chewing gravel over some dusty texts he'd been translating. Also, Smaug looked rather handsome then, which made him feel a bit hot and bothered.

"What is it that's gotten you so worked up today? " Smaug asked before taking another draw from the pipe.

"What? O-oh! It's just some old books and texts in elvish I'm translating to common tongue. Mostly poetry and what not,"

"I know many languages; perhaps I may be of some assistance?"

"I'm not sure that that's really-"

"Pedig edhellen?," Smaug interrupted. Bilbo smiled, pleasantly surprised.

"-well alright. Only a little anyway," he cleared his throat, taking quite a chance at what he remembered and what came to mind.

"Ci bain sui I Anor," he said. Smaug's golden eyes blazed in glory then as he puffed his chest out proudly in display. It took Bilbo a moment to think before he blushed and realized what he'd just said to Smaug that made him preen in delight.

"Oh-ah... well yes I think you are actually. But don't let that get to your head to much," Bilbo said flushed, and took the pipe as it was offered again to him. Smaug's hands lingered over the bowl of the pipe as Bilbo took it, allowing their hands to touch.

"And you, my barrel-riding hobbit, shall I tell you what I think of when I see you?" Smaug purred, the gold in his eyes illuminated in the light of the sunny day, making them like the thick honey he kept in a jar in the larder.

Liquid gold.

"Your made of the rolling hills and streams of your home; comfort and security. Your hair is the wheat in the field waiting for harvest, your eyes can be as blue as Lapis Lazuli, or the river below in the light; you are the guest of eagles, the spider stinger and web cutter, the clue finder and barrel rider," he finish with a flourish, smiling.

Bilbo laughed "You seem to have enjoyed the half truths I gave you before in the mountain,"

"I did indeed. Dragon-born have a great love of riddles and shrouded truths. And still there is much more to uncover yet," his eyes dipped to the collar of Bilbo's shirt fixing where he had marked him.

"And wasn't it you who said " My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are like swords, my claws spears, my wings like hurricanes, and my breath a fiery death!","

"It's our way of showing how powerful we are, dragons seeking mates find it an attractive aspect if their mate can protect and provide for them,"

"And what can you do?" Bilbo asked.

"I can translate Sindarin and Quenya to the common tongue-" Smaug said with conviction "-that is if you'd approve?"

Bilbo did need help. He'd only been able to translate a handful of worlds and there was so much there to be read. And, he thought, perhaps this is his way of showing off to me.

Much later that evening, they sat together on the rug of the living room and went over the vowels, and how syllables and stress were important for such an old language. In a way the words had a near perfect balance between light and heavy. Soon Bilbo's eyes began to droop and his head nodded back.

"Bilbo-" Smaug said "-come." Noticing the glassy look in his eyes as he stared into the embers of the fireplace wasn't that hard. Bilbo obliged, to tired to argue with him and made his way to Smaug. Pulling him down he made it comfortable for them both and soon, Bilbo was nested next to the dragon mans chest with his head pillowed against his arm.

" Haba. lle ier harma a' amin"

Smaug watched a bit more before allowing himself the pleasure of sleep.

Translations: Do you speak elvish?

You are as handsome (beautiful) as the sun

Mine. You are my treasure