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Summer saw Bagend's windows thrown open and every cellar packed with ice blocks courtesy of young Willard Proudfoot who'd get up bright and early every morning and make the rounds to everyone who was in need of their larders and cellars to stay cool this time of year.

Two months had passed since Smaug arrival. Bilbo fanned himself with his hand; already a quarter past eleven and it was hot. So much so that the cellar floor was beginning to look appealing from where he sat in the kitchen, pressing a wet towel to his neck.

Smaug on the other hand was moving his lips to the words from a book his eyes were currently glued to while in one of those chairs with his mother's doilies draped over the arms and back. He never looked at them the same way after his adventures.

And Smaug, confound the man, seemed to take great pleasure in not only the heat but in Bilbo's constant uncomfortable state! Yesterday he had caught Smaug watching a drop of sweat run from his temple, down his cheek, over his jawline, lazily make it's way down his neck and disappear into the collar of his shirt as if it was a ticket to some exotic destination people only dreamed of.

Cold baths were becoming the norm around Bagend for Bilbo. But not for Smaug, oh no. It was quite the opposite with him. He loved the heat, craved it naturally as Dragons do, but for him it was almost a near excuse for him to take his shirt off and lounge around like he had before when Bilbo first encountered him in Erebor.

It was also getting harder to be quiet at night; there was no denying anymore that Bilbo was attracted to the dragon man. He'd though at first that it would wear off and Smaug would be on his merry way to bother someone else, but as the weeks passed and they interacted more, the hobbit started to let himself feel what ever it was between them.

Smaug had a quest room, refurbished so that he could at least stay moderately comfortable for the time until fall when Bilbo planned to have that wing of the Smials widened.

But late some nights Bilbo, restless and hot, would let his hand stray between his legs allowing himself to imagine it was Smaug who pumped him as his own hand did. It would become slicker with his sweat, and he tried stifled his moans, but it felt so good. So very good.

Heat seemed only to spur him on faster and faster; breathlessly he would arch on his bed seeking release. It was always the sharp predatory glint of Smaug's smile and the knowing gaze in his mind that would send him over into a delicious climax.

He was feeling hot and flustered now just thinking about it. "Oh bother Dragons and everything to do with them!" he muttered and made his way to stuff some ice own his shirt and other parts. He needed to get out of the house. They both did.

"An "Outing"? What's an "Outing"?"

Smaug asked while looming over Bilbo as he packed a picnic basket with sandwiches, some preserves, seed cake, a bottle of cider and several other things for their excursion.

"It's not just an outing, it's a picnic-" he said, tying the basket top shut "-and I thought you wanted to learn more about how hobbits wooed and what not,"

"I do. Dragons only venture outside their dens to hunt and to search for more treasure,"

Bilbo was already holding his round green hobbit door open, waiting for Smaug. His pride kicked in, and Smaug emerged a moment later straight and tall in the warm sunlight.

"Right then. Come on,"

They walked out of Hobbiton with several wide eyed stared and more than a few whispers of 'That Mad Baggins' before crossing the bridge. People knew he had a 'House-guest' for several weeks now; let them waggle their tongues behind closed doors and in whispers, they needed some form of entertainment and as long as it wasn't an altercation he didn't have any qualms with them about his private life.

Could be worse, Bilbo thought as he smiled up at Smaug.

"So tell me where we're off to,"

"Someplace I used to enjoy when I was younger. I'd always stay out late and come home tracking mud and twigs with me onto my mothers favorite rugs. I'd always have a jar of fireflies with me to light the way, and in the morning I'd open my window and set the free. I don't think I'd have had the heart to keep them in there forever,"

They walked in companionable silence for several miles until the road turned sharply near an old fence. Bilbo passed the basked under and made to straddle the fence and climb over. He'd almost gotten it when he felt firm hands on his backside pushing.

"Oh!" and was lifted over the fence onto the other side; Smaug scaled it with ease and landed next to him picking up the basket.

"You could warn me next time,"

Smaug laughed. A short walk later across the field and they were at the edge of the woods; tall grass grew around the bases of the maples and oaks that provided ample shade from the hot day. Bilbo took the basket after finding a spot under a high maple tree and started laying out lunch.

"What is the significance to this ritual?"

"It's not a ritual-" Bilbo chuckled "-it's just a way to get out and enjoy nature with someone you like. To, well get to know each other better,"

Smaug nodded, before biting into a ham sandwich. He's found early on that bringing back dead animals from hunting was frowned upon as a 'proper' courtship gift for hobbits and soon became accustomed to eating what was in the hobbit's store rooms. He'd even brought back the body of a ram as it was customary to flaunt his skills as a hunter and to provide for his mate.

"Oh, well-uh that's...that's very um...big. Yes, very big indeed. What do I do with it?" Bilbo had asked uncomfortably eyeing the dead ram on his kitchen table. Smaug, proud of his kill explained to him that dragons expected gifts from their mates when they wished to gain their favors. Bilbo could only blanch at the thought of the unlucky farmer who had lost his ram.

"So, all I have to say is "I accept your gracious gift as it is worthy of my hand as are you,"


"Alright. But as a favor to me, please don't bring back any more dead animals for us to eat; you've seen that we have plenty already,"

So he'd stopped bringing them back and simply went out hunting alone for himself. But at least the halfling had excepted his gift.

It was peaceful this spot, discreetly tucked away and hidden by the tall grass. They talked more about translations, and nothing in particular. It was easy going and nice. They got more comfortable and Bilbo loosened his shirt a bit while Smaug took his off and lounged in a sunny patch. He watched as bilbo's eyes darted away as he took it off.

"Bilbo-" he motioned forward with a finger "-come and touch if you wish,"

Bilbo came and sat on his legs in front of Smaug. Smaug lifted Bilbo's hands and placed them on his chest. It was like a furnace, and yet smooth and without hair, or so he though before glancing down at the dusting of black that decended into his trousers; he swallowed thickly.

"I-I'm not ready for that yet," he said, his heart beating nervously in his ears

"Then we won't. Just touching, and I believe I need more practace with...kissing." He rumbled as Bilbo's hands started to explore.

"No more of your fine diamond waistcoat here; just flesh,"

"Ah, but very fine flesh,"

"Yes-" Bilbo felt the muscles underneath his hands move as Smaug breathed, the power and motion behind them "-I've seen how you pride yourself on your looks still. Don't look at me like that, I've seen the way you preen in the mirror like some lass going to the Fair,"

"Ha ha ha, so you've been watching have you? Well, I suppose I'd better do something about that," He laughed as he pulled them both down onto the sweet grass. Although in truth, he wanted Bilbo to look and see him in the mirror, and had also caught sight of Bilbo as his stared not knowing he was being watched as well. Dragons liked attention, and they like it the most when it was from their mates admiring their looks.

Smaug knew after several minutes of heated kissing and playful touches that left both breathless, where he wanted to start building his new collection.