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When the suns' golden eyes began to peak over the horizon and flood the forest with warmth and light, most of the company stirred awake. Yawning and stretching after a long night's sleep, it took some minutes before the events of last night came back. Quiet, mumbled greetings began the commencement of individual packing with each member sparing a cautious glance to their rogue King.

Fili had insisted to wait by his brothers' side, awake all night, however when Oin practically demanded he rest, he succumbed to dream beside his little brother. Upon awakening, he almost jumped out of his bedroll to search for any changes in Kili.

"Kili? Kili, wake up." Fili lightly tapped his bruised cheek, shaking his non-injured shoulder slightly, in hopes to stir him from his slumber. His eyed grew large and a smile consumed his face when Kili's eyelids fluttered and a small yawn escaped.

Big, brown eyes sleepily gazed up at his big brother, a small smile playing at his lips, "Morning Fili."

"My brother, how do you fair?" Fili asked, glad to see Kili awake, however cautious with his injuries and state of mind.

"I..." Kili paused, face falling as the memory of last night hit him hard, "I feel better. Though my wrist aches."

"Aye, it will brother. I'll see to it that Oin gives you some strong drink." Fili chuckled lightly before facing greater concerns, "But Kili, how are you?" He knew his brother understood the question. He wasn't asking about the physical injuries, but the mental ones.

"I wish not to discuss it." Kili ground out tightly, "let's move on. I can walk"

"Kili, we must talk about this. Perhaps not now, but surely not never. You need to talk to someone, and I'll be by your side when you do."

Kili looked up at his older brother, tears beginning to fill his eyes, "...Thank you, brother."

"It's what I'm here for, Kid." Fili patted Kili's back and proceed to help pack up the brothers' items while assuring everyone that the youngest was fine and very much able to travel.

Dwalin had kept an eye on Thorin all night, but still he had not changed. As the others', including Kili, woke, he knew he would have to move Thorin.

"Master Dwalin, we are set to leave." Fili stood next to the warrior watching his Uncle, "if you would move him onto a pony, it would be much appreciated. Then we will be able to commence. We could even make it to the Elvan community late tonight or probably early tomorrow."

"Aye, Fili. I will ready Thorin. Give me but a minute and I shall be ready." Fili nodded, sparing the unconscious Thorin a disgusted glance before turning on his heel to walk beside his brother.

Dwalin cut Thorin from the tree, thankful that he still did not stir. Hefting his heavy body onto his shoulder, Dwalin threw him over the designated pony, and bound him to it. Checking that he was secure, he alerted the remaining company and off they set.

Fili kept a close eye on his brother who had insisted on walking, saying his legs were not injured, so what was to prevent him from doing so. Unable to argue against that, Fili made Kili settle for not carrying any luggage as his bruised ribs were still sore and he could only carry on one shoulder.

The company trekked on for hours, a lighter mood following between them as Thorin was still unconscious and Kili was awake and somewhat well.

"No, no that's not even all of it Bilbo!" Fili laughed as his recalled an event from his and Kili's childhood, "So there I was, hanging off a tree branch, 6 feet in the air! I was screaming for Kili to get help, but the poor little bugger freaked out, ran to get help, but barely two steps later, tripped and fell down a rabbit hole!"

Bilbo laughed out loud with Fili as Kili blushed and elbow Fili in the ribs.

"I was lucky though. He let out this ear-piercing scream which Dis heard and came running to the rescue. She caught me before I fell and then we spent a good half hour trying to get Kili out of the rabbit hole and when we did, boy was he dirty! Head to toe in mud, I tell you! Must have been the longest bath of your life, hey brother?"

"Shut up Fili, I could always tell Bilbo the story of when –"

"Silence!" Balin cried out from the front of the company. Everyone hushed and stopped moving, listening out for the disturbance Balin had heard. A light patter could be heard in the distance.

"Horse's?" Kili whispered, looking towards his brother. Fili nodded.

"Balin, they are horses. However the question is 'who are their riders?'"

"Weapons ready!" Balin ordered as the horses drew closer.

They waited for their opponents to appear, defence stances taken up.

Everyone's eyes turned when they heard something swoosh through and air and clunk into a tree beside Dori's head.

"An arrow..." Ori mused, before realisation hit, "Elves!"

"That would be correct Dwarf." At once, a group of 17 Elves on horses circled the Dwarves, weapons at the ready. The one who had spoken, presumably the leader, spoke again, "Now what makes you wonder into our forest?"

"We were heading to an Elvan community some short distance North from here," Fili answered, "Would that happen to be where you originate?"

"Correct that would be. I am Livian, son of Rivinal and Price of Lightbay." Spoke the leader, "Whom may you be and why do you wish to head to Lightbay?"

"I am Fili, Son of Dis, and heir to the King under the Mountain. My company consists of Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dwalin, Balin, Gloin, Oin, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Bilbo and Thorin Oakensheild. We wish to enter your grounds to retrieve healing supplies along with possible food and rest."

"I see that one of your company is injured, another unconscious. Is this why you seek supplies?"

"Aye. My brother Kili is badly wounded. He has a broken wrist, bruised ribs and lacerations which need cleaning and re-dressing to prevent infection. As for Thorin, he is under a spell, we believe."

Livian gracefully slid off of his horse, and slowly made his way to Fili and Kili. His eyes travelled along Kili's body as both boys looked up to him.

"He, whom you call Kili, is quite young." Livian used his finger tips to rotate Kili's head as he gazed at him, "merely a Dwarfling, a child perhaps, by Dwarvern standards, yes?"

"Aye, he is... ah... quite young." Fili answered hesitantly on behalf of his brother who looked slightly uncomfortable.

Livian spent another few moments eying Kili's bruised face before letting his chin go. "I suppose we can escort you to our kingdom. It does not seem fair to leave one injured and without supplies. Particularly one so young. You may each ride on one of our horses; my men will sit with you however. We mustn't be too careless when dealing with unknown acquaintances, as you should understand. I cannot assure you the treatment you will receive in my kingdom, however I suppose, bar the dungeons of Orcs, anywhere is better than in the forest at nightfall."

Fili looked to Balin, who merely shrugged his shoulders, before answering, "We deeply appreciate your offer. Men, choose a horse! Dwalin attach our pony to the horse you'll ride."

The Elves slipped off their horses to, much to the disgrace of the dwarves, lift the smaller men onto the backs of the horses, before slipping in behind them.

"I will ride with young Kili," Livian told Fili, "He will be safer with me." Fili watched with teeth clenched as the elf carefully picked up his baby brother and set him on the horse. Kili looked scared, Livian's behaviour frightening him slightly.

Once everyone was ready, the horses ran off to the north, taking the elves and dwarves to Lightbay.

Kili felt on edge as Livian snaked a tight arm around his waist, securing him to the larger man's chest. "Wouldn't want you to slip off." Livian whispered into his ear with a small chuckle, causing a shiver to run down Kili's spine. The silence that then consumed everyone proceeded until they reached the gates of Lightbay.

The kingdom was relatively giant with castles stemming off here and there, trees and gardens baring only the ripest fruits, filled the rest of the space. Everything was made with white stone and gold liquid paint. The horses trotted on the stone pavement until they reached the main castle. The elves stopped their horses before sliding off and helping the dwarves down.

"The King awaits inside. He shall say what is to come of this situation. He is King Rivinal, King of Lightbay and my father." Livian explained and he led the dwarves inside. The inside of the building was just as beautiful as the outside, with white stone walls, colourful decorations, a red velvet rug and a gold, diamond and gem encrusted throne. On the throne sat King Rivinal in all his glory. He wore exquisite gowns made of the finest materials and a crown that glittered in the sunlight. He was a young King, much alike Thorin, obviously only middle aged. His long platinum hair and crystal blue eyes, he had passed onto Livian, who went to stand by his throne.

"Who enters my kingdom?" Rivinal barked as he saw the company group in front of his throne. A blonde dwarf, young, walked to the front.

"My name is Fili, King Rivinal, I am son a Dis, and nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. This is my company. Dwarves and a Hobbit." Fili bowed slightly in respect.

"Why have you come here?" The King lent forward in his chair eying Fili and the company.

"We came in the hope to obtain healing supplies, as well as possible accommodation." Fili explained once again.

"They have an injured dwarf amongst them father." Livian smiled, "Kili, why don't you come forward?"

Kili hesitantly slid his way to the front, where he stood beside his brother.

"Just a little thing isn't he." Livian signed, "I couldn't leave that alone in the forest."

"Indeed, indeed." The King mused, rubbing his chin while he eyed Kili. Kili shuffled on his feet, uneasy with all the attention on him.

"They also have another dwarf, Thorin Oakensheild, father, outside, bound and unconscious. Supposedly under a spell." Livian explained further.

"We shall provide you with accommodation! As well as healing supplies!" Rivinal yelled. "Guards! Escort our guests to their rooms! Little one, you stay here."

"What!" Fili gasped as the guards swept in to grab each dwarf, bar Kili who looked terrified.

"Which rooms King?" The head guard asked once all dwarves were secured.

"The dungeons!" The King roared with laughter.

"No!" Kili screamed, turning to run towards the rest of the company who were struggling futilely to escape.

Livian jumped down and grabbed Kili before he could reach anyone. With an arm around his waist he lifted the little dwarf into the air, causing him to let out a small moan of discomfort before squirming wildly to be released.

"Stop! Stop!" Kili yelled out to the King, "We have done nothing! Let us be and we will leave your kingdom!"

"Now where is the fun in that?" taunted Rivinal as he watched his guards force away the other dwarves.

"Kili! Kili! Worry not, we will come for you! Do not give in! Fight them with all your might!" Fili screamed to his brother until he was taken out of the line of sight, down dark corridors to the dungeons. The company, bar Kili and Thorin, were thrown into one small cell, where they fell atop one another. The cell was dirty and much too small for 11 dwarves and a hobbit to even sit comfortably.

Fili jumped to his feet awkwardly before gripping the iron bars preventing his escape, "KILI! Damn you all! Do not harm him! I will kill you all if you dare lay one bony little finger on him! His is only a child god damn it!"

Fili fell to his knees and let a tear slip past his eyes as Balin laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "He will be alright, lad. The Kid is strong and will last until we escape and save him. Now is not the time to fret, but the time to get planning."

"But, but..." Fili stumbled over his words as his looked up to Balin, "after what happened the other night... how... will he be strong enough?"

"What happened will only make him stronger, Fili. When he realises this, he will be one of the greatest warriors to ever live."

Fili merely nodded before sucking in a deep breath. "Alright. Let's plan."

"By heavens, that blonde one is feisty! Very protective of you, young one. Is there a relation between you two, perhaps?" Rivinal smirked as Fili was pulled away kicking and screaming.

Kili just stared at the King in hatred, without answering. Livian laughed, still holding Kili in the air. "Brothers, my Lord. The blonde one is his older brother."

As the smirk grew on Rivinal's face, Kili swung his good elbow back and into Livian's gut, forcing the air out of his lungs and his knees to buckle. He released Kili who quickly scattered backwards away from the King and Prince.

"W-what do you want with us?" Kili demanded, cursing his stutter.

"You see dwarf, we haven't had your type in our forests for many moons and when we did, they were merely elders. Little use to us. Your company, however, has a mixture. You have the aging, like your white haired friend, adults, like your unconscious King and dwarflings, like yourself. Ah... young ones, they scream so nicely. Do you?" Rivinal stood from his throne and walked towards the cowering dwarf.

"I-I don't understand... what do you want from us?" Kili whimpered, backing away until his back hit the stone wall. He wished he had his weapons on him, but even if he did, with one arm immobile he could hardly use his bow.

"We don't want much, little one, purely entertainment." Livian cracked, "and how lucky we are, having one so young. Even more, we are blessed that you have an older brother! That just makes things better! The way he will scream for you, beg for our mercy, demand the he takes the punishments... how he will try to save you and how he will fail!"

"Bring Thorin inside!" Rivinal demanded a door guard, "keep him bound however. I would like to see if the dwarves speak truth. If he is truly spellbound."

Kili, while the King was distracted, eyed to door. He could make it, if he ran now. Taking one last breath, he jumped up and sprinted for the door.

"Oh no you don't!" Livian growled, diving on the little dwarf and bringing him to the ground. Kili let out a cry as he landed on his injured arm, tears springing to his eyes. Livian then proceeded to tie Kili's hands in front of him, after taking off the sling, and then bound his feet together. "No more escape attempts. Hear me?" He growled at Kili, who nodded solemnly.

Livian nodded and watched as the guard brought in Thorin and laid his unconscious body beside Kili's. With observant eyes, he saw the way Kili stiffened and shook slightly in the presence of his Uncle. Livian narrowed his eyes as Kili tried to shuffle further away from Thorin.

A smile broke out on Livian's face as he hit realisation. "He hurt you!" Livian bellowed.

Kili's eyes widened while Rivinal questioned his son, "What?"

"Thorin Oakensheild was the one who injured the boy. His own Uncle beat him!" Livian laughed and clapped.

"How do you know?" Rivinal asked, excited by his sons conclusion.

"It's in the kid's body language! The way he tensed and moved away. The way he won't look at him! The brother, Fili, said the King was cursed, this must have caused him to beat his nephew!"

"Amazing..." Rivinal mused, "Boy, is this true?"

Kili just stared at him defiantly; he wasn't going to give these monsters anything they wanted.

"Answer me!" He bellowed.

Kili spat at him.

"Fine then..." The King growled, "Put them in a cell, together. Let's see if Thorin Oakensheild awakes. The outcome will be delicious."

Kili's eyes grew wide as he struggled with the arms that grabbed him, "No. No! Don't! Please don't!" He whined in fear as the guards took him and his Uncle down to the dungeons.

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