Hello everyone. I was inspired after reading Dreaming of Sunshine and decided to take my own spin on SI. From this chapter on, I would like to establish that I, in no way shape or form, own Naruto related, all rights are reserved to Masashi Kishimoto. I also should warn you that in this chapter only, there is a trigger warning. I hope you find this story enjoyable, reviews would be helpful so that I can better this story. Thank you.

Falling. Falling.

No, not falling, drowning.

I was drowning in my depression. On the outside I appeared like any other average looking nineteen year old girl. I had a few friends, I had a few hobbies, and was even pretty smart. Yet, I wasn't average, not at all.

From my first breath to now, I made horrible choices. I lied for attention because I felt I wasn't interesting. I manipulated others into liking me, befriending me. I hated myself and my compulsive behavior. I tried getting a fresh start, becoming someone new. Someone who I could look at in the mirror and not have twenty harsh criticisms prepared, but I couldn't. I couldn't be that person, not for lack of trying. People found out of course, I was surprised that it took nineteen years. They discovered that I was a manipulative, vindictive liar. Yet, once the truth came out I felt just the smallest bit better, people could finally see me for what I really was. Rebuilding me was impossible, no one would hear me, and no one would see me. I was utterly and completely alone.

So, as I sat on my twin bed in the dark, playing with my bottle of medicine, I made my resolution. I could not live in this life, I was dying every day. Maybe in death I would find solace, in death I could find rebirth.

Dying wasn't quite what I expected. I felt no more pain when I took the pills that placed me in an eternal slumber. Instead, I was no longer drowning, I was floating. Floating in the middle, the middle of what I'm not completely sure. I felt light, free. Wherever I was, I was bathed in light, surely a sign that I was dead, yet I did not feel hollow, I felt alive.

All of a sudden, the light's crashed into darkness. I could not breathe, or see. I felt I was being pushed, physically moved. Yet, the pushing only lasted for a few moments before I felt myself being cradled. Had I not died? Was I in a hospital? Yet, how could I be cradled so completely with what I felt only two hands?

I began to scream and wail as my emotions bubbled around me, as I came to the realization; I got what I wished for, rebirth.

With the peace of knowing I was not being resuscitated, but reincarnated, I became at peace. I let who I assumed to be medical professionals clean and take care of me whilst I tried to process both the blurs around me, as I could not clearly see what was going on, and my new life.

This was my chance, I wanted to change. I wanted to be a better, first rate version of myself. I had the opportunity to live, live the life I had only imagined.

With that, unbeknownst to me,I was placed in the arms of the lovely Asayo Sarutobi, my new mother.