Waking up was difficult this morning. My eyes were puffed into swollen slits, as I had cried myself, albeit quietly, to sleep upon my dearest uncle's departure. Asuma was gone, and no amount of crying would fix that. Just because I was in the body of a child didn't mean I had to behave like one. I sat up in my bed before quickly shaking my tousled locks, trying to shake the thoughts out of my head.

I whimpered at the thought, 'No, I have every right to grieve. Asuma is my family, and I had no idea when I will see him again.'

Trying to pull myself together, I trudged to the restroom hoping to prepare myself for training. Asuma may be gone, but Neji didn't know that and would be expecting me.

Neji as planned was waiting at the base of the tree of the training grounds. I smiled, as he looked so peaceful. He was meditating, always training even when waiting to train, his face was turned upwards and did not move whilst I analyzed his features. It was odd seeing a child look so utterly zen.

I broke the reverie by stepping forward, his violet gaze snapping sharply in attention, only to widen when they saw me. From what I knew of my looks, I'm sure it was well deserved. I felt terrible. I must have looked terrible too, as I knew that my lightly tanned face was pinched and puffed from hours of grief, my eyes undoubtedly hurt and still felt like slits no matter how many times I know I splashed water on my face this morning.

Neji stood, concern practically drowning his aura, "Mayu…," he trailed.

I waved my dainty little hand that was starting to grow nails, "Don't worry, Neji. I was just sad, but I'm good now," I attempted to placate him, a toothy grin appearing on my face.

Neji only stepped in front of me and prodded my cheek with his paler hand, causing us both to frown. "Sad…"

I nodded, walking away and placing my lunch down by the root of the tree where Neji previously was meditating. "Shhh," I hushed, shaking my head vehemently back and forth, "let's go run, okay?"

Not waiting for an answer I took off, hearing a small huff before Neji's footsteps joined my own.

Minutes flew by, but it didn't matter, nothing did. Neither the wind breaking across my face, nor the sweat pouring down in torrents on my skin, staining my lilac yukata. The sun branding it's mark in the form of bronze on my skin was insignificant, as was the gasps behind me as I heard my friend struggling to keep up with my frenzied run. I was alive. Forcing the pounding in my chest and gasps for air to work in unison with my stringed muscles.

Round and round we went, figures, objects blurring past us as we ran. I pushed my muscles to round the bend of the trees, blitzing past the Yamanaka flower shop, Shushuya and the Akimichi compound effortlessly. I was on fire. I smiled almost maniacally; the worst was over it just had to be.


I fell back, Neji clumsily running into my fallen figure only moments after me, falling on top of my young and now aching body.

Nearly growling I looked up to see someone I hadn't expected. A smiling hulk of a teenager loomed over Neji and I, grinning much like the Cheshire cat from my former life. I openly gaped, my jaw slackening as I stared at the largest, most bulbous caterpillar eyebrows I had ever encountered. His eyebrows were not as alarming as the fact he started dancing, shaking his arms and hands whilst jumping up and down. Was this Maito Guy?

I turned to look at Neji, who extracted himself from me, to sit beside me, looking as confused as I was at the person in front of us. Looking back at the teen that was still dancing outrageously, I closed my mouth and shivered, this had to be Guy. The tacky green spandex jumpsuit was hard to miss in any dimension.

"Excuse me," I interjected, growing irritated that three of us were in the middle of the street and this man was still dancing like he won endless yen. I could only imagine the spectacle this was causing.

The teen stopped, and kneeled in front of me smiling, "Well, helooooo honorable granddaughter, what an honor to meet you," he gushed, tears forming at the corner of his eyes, "Such a youthful little spirit, running around the village everyday, such youth!" He finished with a yell, striking a pose.

My eyes widened yet again, this guy couldn't be serious. I looked to Neji to see that his four-year-old jaw had finally dropped, well at least we had similar warning signs.

"Why did you jump out?" Neji demanded in a way only a four year old could, slightly whining yet his eyes held an edge that I'm sure he would retain through his age.

The teen stopped his tears by fanning himself with his hand, his large smile never fading, "A Hyuga. Well hello to you too, to answer your question little man I have accomplished my mission."

Neji and I raised quizzical brows at the bizarre nature of the man, what mission, why couldn't he just get to the point already?

Before I could open my mouth to open the can of worms that would be caused by asking, he bent down and grabbed me. "Hey!" I whined, struggling to shimmy out of his grasp, but it was no good. This teen may be an incompetent fool, but he was much stronger than I could ever be at the moment.

"What are you doing?!" Neji shouted angrily, as Guy lifted me so that he was standing, holding me with one arm like a simple bag of groceries.

"Lord Hokage asked me to bring his granddaughter to the hospital," he smiled, causing me to stop wriggling, "I like your fire, but I need to borrow her. She'll see you soon okay, kid?"

Without acknowledging anything I was being carted off at high speed, screaming my head off. I was fine knowing my grandfather had called this madman to get me, but did he have to transport me like a sack of rocks at such a high speed. Under no circumstances should this freak be allowed to go near normal children, hell, any children at all might not be a bad idea. No, I may have liked him as a character, but as a teen I cannot tolerate Guy.

Moments later I was pushed through a window, landing tail first on cold gray stone. I looked up to yell at my belligerent transporter to see him kneeling, all signs of joking gone.

"Grandchild acquired, Lord Hokage," Guy annoyingly boomed. He quickly stood and grinned, looking down at me and frowning a little at my glare. 'Good' I thought, taking pleasure in knocking his frenzy down a peg with my displeasure.

I was a seething, cranky little three-year-old that had just been carted around like a sack of garbage.

Before I could retort I was placed on my feet gently. I looked up to find the most beautiful girl with swirling red eyes that were slightly puffed like mine were this morning. Her bouncy but messy raven tresses suited her snow-like skin so well to shape a young woman that looked much like my vision of my mother in her glory days, I was in awe.

"You're an idiot, Guy." She glared at the rambunctious teen, making him sulk. She looked down at me, and started dusting me off, "I'm sorry I didn't find you first, little one."

I smiled up at her, knowing her now to be a young Kurenai Yuhi. "Thank you," I muttered as I looked down. I was overwhelmed with new information, grief and rage at the idiocy of Guy.

"That will do, thank you. You may leave us now." Grandfather's stern authoritative voice drawled, I turned behind me to see him looking rather displeased at Guy.

With unified "Yes's," both young ninja left us in a flurry of wind and flower petals.

I shook my head tiredly, what else was going to happen. I didn't like things being this eventful. "Grandfather, why him?" I asked, trying to form a sentence that was more respectful than 'Why the devil did you send that idiot to retrieve me?'

Grandfather just shook his head before puffing on his pipe, "Sorry about that. He is rather," he drawled before blowing out a ring of smoke, "energetic."

My eyes practically rolled out of their sockets. Deeming Guy as energetic was defining him rather kindly.

He chuckled and patted my head, "Not everyone can be like you, Mayu." He continued to chuckle, before puffing out a quiet, "unfortunately."

I smiled before looking at my surroundings; it was a bright and cold place. People where bustling one right after the other, and I swear I heard a woman scream. I breathed in before turning my nose upright; the smell of sterility was almost nauseating. Definitely the hospital that Guy had promised to bring me to.

"Why are we here?" I asked, curiously wondering both what this place was and why that bulking figure had to drop me so abruptly here.

My grandfather smiled before placing and arm around my small shoulders, "It's time for your brother to be born."

Author's Note: Thank you for your continued support. I have missed you all while I've been recovering! I am so sorry that it took so long, but I appreciate all the helpful tips, words of encouragement, well wishes, and support. You are all wonderful, thank you again!