Chapter 2: Comfortable

Kai's POV

When you're asleep, dreaming is normal right? Yeah, but when it's a memory from a long time ago, being like, ten years ago, when I was nine…I'm not so sure. Now, I'm not no expert at these kind of things, so don't laugh at my stupidity, I was utterly confused. Why? Well, my dream happened to involve a very important someone that I hadn't known who was until now.

~Ten Years Ago~

I peeked out from behind the bleachers, we were on one of those "school-visits-school-to-make-new-friends" field trips that I never made a friend on, again. I was running off, again. And being a snoopy, curious boy. Not again. I narrowed my eyes at the three male figures in the football field ahead of me. One looked to be my size, and age, having black hair, and wearing all black. The other two looked to be, well, older. About thirteen or so. Both of the older boys seemed to be bulky beneath those saggy pants, and over sized jackets. One of the boys had blue jeans and a old, leather jacket, while his companion had camouflage pants, and a plain white tee that was very, very stained.

The one with the jacket stepped towards the boy, causing the small male to cower and raise his hands over his head in defense. I stiffened when the man grabbed his wrists, twisting them down so that the other man in the white tee, could send a punch to the young boy's face. They both laughed and kicked him in the gut a few times before I had enough, I knew what it was like to be in the dark haired kids place. It made you want to crawl under your blankets and cry, that or curl up and die.

"Hey! Stop that!" I growled in what I hoped was a frightening voice, as I marched over to the older boys.

Obviously my glare and clenched fists didn't do a thing to make them flinch, one even snickered, "Or what? You 'gonna hit me?"

I growled and stood in front of the other boy, he was crying and was curled up on the grass, clutching his head, "Maybe,"

"Oohhh, boy's got spunk. Say, what's your name kid?" The one wearing the white tee said.

"Kai," I growled.

"Ha, stupid name. What's with the hair?" The other one asked, flicking one of the gelled spikes.

"Nothing, it looks cool." I defended and helped the other boy to his feet. He was still crying, but I saw that his eyes were bright green, kind, and scared. I was now wondering what these two bullies had against him, "What's you problem anyways?"

"Him." The jacket wearer said, shoving the boy.

I growled and shoved him back, making his stumble, "Greasy hands to yourself, jerk."

"What, are you too girly for grease?" He then gasped and turned to his friend. "He must be gay! Oh, so there's two of you now hum? Are you boyfriends?"

"Shut up! We're not gay! You dirtbags are!"

They chuckled and walked over to me, the boy was hiding behind me now, tugging on my arm, I smirked, waiting for one of them to make a move. The white tee shirt guy raised his fist and then I took action. I lunged and punched him in the face, then once he fell down I traded for the other one, who had got the boy by the shirt, who was wailing. I kicked him in the face, causing him to drop the crying boy and fall down. I grabbed a handful of blonde hair and slammed his head against the ground a few times like I had the other.

I leaned down, "I wasn't in wrestling for nothing. Now you scumbags keep away from this boy, or else."

He nodded and I slammed his head against the ground once more before turning back to the smaller boy, who stared at me with a slack jaw and a black eye. I flinched and grabbed his hand, dragging the unknown boy behind the bleachers. He gapped at me and I smiled softly, reached into my backpack I had with me, and pulled out a first aid kit. I sat cross-legged in front of the boy and opened the first aid kit.

"Hi," I said softly. "My name's-"

"-Kai?" He said and a smile was shown. "I heard you when you defended me. Thank you. No body has ever done that for me before,"

I stared at him, "Why not? Not even your dad, or mom?"

He shook his head, "No, they both say that I should defend myself."

"Oh, I understand." I said and pulled out a water bottle and a few other supplies, got annoyed at how long it took, and dumped it out all over the grass. "What's your name?"

"C-Cole," He said quietly.

"Cool name, I think. It means you're as tough as coals, and a silent as shadows…which are black, which is the colors coals are." I said, when Cole gave me a confused look, I explained furthermore, then succeeded in confusing the both of us.

"Is that good?" He asked.

"Of course!" I laughed, "Finding someone as tough as rock is hard to find! You're rare!"

"Oh really, thank you!" He giggled and looked away.

I smiled, "And what am I?" I asked, curious as to what he would say.

"You're as beautiful as flames, as strong as a ox," we shared a laugh, "um…and as cool as…embers? Oh! And you're as hot and bright, as fire on a stormy night!" He smiled a smile that almost seemed too big for his round face.

I grinned and held up my hand, which he flinched from. I then frowned, "No, I wouldn't hit you. You're a friend. This, is what I was going to do." I grabbed his hand softly and lifted it to mine, clapping them together and shouting a, "High-five!" before dropping both of our hands.

He stared at his hand for a second, "Ow…"

I laughed, "Yup, that's a high-five for close friends only!"

"Cool! A friend for once!" He laughed and hugged me tightly.

I blushed and patted his back, "Haha, glad I could be that. Now, for your face…"

He pulled away and was bouncing on his heels, waiting for whatever, "I'm ready!"

I nodded once then grabbed the medicine and went to work on his face. He hissed, and yelped, but he didn't push me away like I would have if someone was doing this. I pulled away and examined him, then grinned widely.

"Yep! I fixed you up!" I smiled.

"Yay! Now I might not get yelled at when I get home1 Thank you Kai!" He squealed.

"Haha, no problem." I smiled softly and stood up, bringing him with me.

Later we had to say our goodbye's, and the last thing I saw was Cole, grinning and waving at the bus as I waved back, grinning. Then it faltered when I saw the two older boys I beaten up come over to Cole and start their torture. I opened my mouth to yell at my friend…


"Cole!" I yelled and bolted up, off of a bed, and onto the floor in a whole second.

I heard a bunch of feet hitting the ground and in my blurred vision I saw Nya, Jay, and Zane surrounding me as Nya helped me to my feet. I looked around, then looked at my sister for a second, realizing that I must have blacked out because I was in fact, on the familiar flying boat.

"Kai, what's wrong?" Nya asked me.

"Where's Cole?" I asked and looked around the room, he was no where to be seen, and ignoring the burning pain I felt in my left arm that was in a cast in a sling.

"Sleeping-" Jay glanced at the door. "Oh, never mind. He's here," Jay said, laughing and dragged my sister and Zane out of the room.

"What is it?" Cole slurred, ending it with a yawn and rubbed his eyes.

I sighed full of relief, "Bad dream."

He grinned, "So you called for me?"

I blushed, "Well, yeah, but you were in the dream…" I answered honestly.

"Oh, what was it about?" He asked and came to my side, taking a seat on the bed, which I copied.

"Do you remember the incident ten years ago?" I asked him.

He shook his head, his soft black hair falling into his face, "No."

"When I was nine, and you were about six?" I said.

He narrowed his green eyes at me, "What are you talking about?"

I sighed, "When you were getting bullied by those two older boys, and I beat them up for you? At one of those school visits school things,"

He pursed his lips, then realization dawned on him, "Oh…That was you, we've met before…"

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah."

He grinned and chuckled, "Weird."

I frowned, "What happened when I left? With the other boys, when they came over to you?"

"Well, I fought them, like I saw you do. But still got defeated…" He said quietly.

"So," I bit my lip. "I was like your role model?"

He nodded, "Still are."

I blinked at him, "H-how? You're the leader of us,"

"So? I wish I could be as brave as you, as good looking as you, strong, and confident. All of those, I want to be, but I'm not." He said, casting his eyes at his hands folded in his lap, he was wearing his black pajamas, which made his hands look even paler.

"Wow Cole, um, thanks." I smiled and scooted closer. "Sorry to make you feel bad about yourself. But, you are brave, more so than myself. You're freaking adorable-"

He cringed, "Adorable?"

I nodded, "And that's a good thing. Um, you're super strong, strongest of all three of us combined." My mind flashed back to when Cole held all of us up so that Lloyd could get something "important" from a extremely tall shelf.

"Nu-uh." He blushed and shoved playfully at my shoulder.

"Uh-huh. And well, you seem to be real confident around your friends. Like when you did that dance…" I smiled and poked his cheek.

"Shut up," He mumbled and pouted.

I laughed, "See? You're adorable."

He groaned and turned towards me, "Fine, just don't say that around the others okay?"

"Okay, fine, only sometimes." I smiled deviously.

He glared at me, "That's the best answer I'm gonna get from you huh?"

"Yes sir!"

He rolled his eyes, then concern settled in, "How's your arm?"

Cole's POV

I wanted the conversation to not be about me, so I asked how his arm was doing. He looked down at his arm and moved it, I saw him cringe and bite his lip. He looked back up at me, and gave me a small smile.

"Well," He was using that tone again, the one that said he was trying to come up with a lie.

"Kai, you're lying, tell me the truth." I said, putting force into my words.

He sighed, "It hurts really bad. What did I do to it?"

"You broke it, and it splintered, the bone." I said and moved so that I was sitting on my knees, facing him.

He licked his lips, "Oh, that's smart of me right?"

I rolled my eyes and reached for his arm, which he watched me carefully. I took hold of it, but gently, and moved his sling so that his arm hung in a more comfortable position. I smiled and pulled back when he sighed, muttering a thanks. I nodded and watched as he shifted nervously, I did the same. I couldn't help but still want to tackle him with everything I had, and it was incredibly annoying.

"So, I'm gonna lay down." He said, leaning back and laying on the white pillows piled up.

I nodded and stood to leave, "Okay, night."

"Wait!" His arm shot out and he grabbed my wrist, I looked back at him and saw pleading in those bright golden red eyes. "Stay with me,"

I sucked in a breath, "Fine."

He grinned and scooted over, making room for me on his right side, he patted the bed. I laid down, stiff from nervousness at being so close to him. He scooted a inch closer and curled his body so that he was facing my side. He closed his eyes and nuzzled his nose into my hair, sending a shiver down my spine. Unwillingly I curled into his chest, he was now radiating heat like a thermostat. I closed my own eyes, and sleep over took me. Being curled up next to Kai felt so right.

I opened my eyes slowly, then closed them tightly when the bright beam of sunlight blinded my sight. I turned around and curled up, but my movement froze when I felt something shift in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw Kai's sleeping face. I blinked as a thought ran through my mind, 'Why have I always been waking up startled only to find Kai there?' I shook my head softly and observed his face. I chuckled when I saw the bit of drool dribbling out the side of his mouth and onto the pillow beneath him. His eyebrows furrowed then he sighed, and curled up around me again, making me feel that much smaller.

"Kai?" I asked, then mentally face palmed, he needed to sleep!

"Hrm?" He groaned and cracked his eyes open, and a smile somehow found it's way onto his soft mouth. "Yeah?"

I stared at him, amazed at how happy he was to be woken up this early, "Um, sorry to wake you, but it's too quiet alone." I said, though, truthfully I had no idea why I had woke him up.

He grinned, "You could never be alone, not with me around. And quit pouting, I don't want to think about what I am this early in the morning, I want to save those thoughts for later." He said then licked his dry lips.

I blinked slowly, "How can you be so happy and talkative in the morning?"

"Because you're here, duh." He said it like it was obvious.

I huffed, "Whatever Kai."

"Sorry I'm so happy, I'll be sad if you want." He said and forced a pout to replace his bright smile. "Better?"

I smiled, then tucked my head under his chin, being smaller had advantages, "No."

He sighed, "Make up your mind,"

I could tell he wasn't finished, so I listened.

"woman." He added with a snicker.

I pulled back, "What?"

He laughed, "You're acting like a woman, it's not my fault."

"Do not," I defended.

"Do too, at least you don't dress like one." He then grinned the way he always did when a dirty thought came to mind.

I groaned, "What now?"

"If you want to dress like a woman though, that's fine with me. Especially if you dress in a sexy maid outfit…" He made a purring sound, wriggling his eyebrows.

I pursed my lips, "Uhm,"

He laughed, "Oh jeez, Cole! You're actually thinking about that?! I thought you'd threaten me or something!"

I shook my head, "Whatever, I was thinking of a way to cut off your dick with a pencil."

He stopped mid laugh and stared at me, and I waited. He then shook his head while shock wrote itself on his face, "Cole, tsk tsk, you want to see it you could have just asked…" I felt him move his right arm down to remove his pants.

"No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Keep your hands," I grabbed his wrist and shoved it against his chest. "up here!"

"Okay, fine. We'll wait for later." He said and kissed me softly.

"O-oh, al-alright…" I stuttered, "Are we boyfriends then?"

"Yes!" He cleared his throat then made a thinking face, "I mean, sure, why not?"

I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my mouth that very moment, "Whatever,"

"Hey! There that giggle I love so much is!" He shouted cheerfully, and ruffled my messy hair.

"You like my giggles?" I asked.

His smile widened, "Yes I do! It makes me feel manly,"

I rolled my eyes, "Sure it does Mr. Hulk."

"Thank you Mrs. Kitty!" He said in a awe voice.

I frowned, "Cat Woman? That's not even the same thing, she's from-"

He covered my mouth with his lips then pulled away, "I know. Just be quiet."

I nodded and kissed him back tenderly. This was going to be the best day of my life, I guarantee it.