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Warning(s): There is some torture in this bit!

If there was one way in which Fili had pictured his end, it always had to do with roaring battle cries, the feel of his twin blades in his hands, and with the comfort of knowing that his brother was at his side. Instead Fili saw his end in the eyes of a crazed creature that was now sitting on his chest, flourishing his dagger in Thorin's line of vision as the weapon began it's descent towards Fili's throat. He could hear his uncle thrashing against his bonds from his place underneath the base of the tree, growling threateningly at the elf.

'Are you comfortable Thorin Oakenshield, underneath that Oakwood tree?' asked Nestor giggling to himself and Fili attempts to use his weight to throw the elf off. 'Now, now little Durin.' Says the elf placing the tip of the blade just underneath the dwarf's right eye. 'Let's not get too hasty or I might just accidently gouge out an eye of yours. You wouldn't want that would you?'

Fili does his best not to move, but he shuts his eyes and rages in frustration not wanting Nestor to see the tears. His thoughts are only of his brother, who is being paraded to his doom off the side of a cliff into a raging river. Fili had done all he could to reach for his brother, to comfort him as he always did and to tell him he loved him, but he had failed.

Nestor coos and flicks Fili's tears from his face with the blade of his dagger and Fili flinches as it cuts into his skin. 'My poor little Durin,' Nestor coos. 'don't cry. You're upset about your brother, am I right? Now you should be thanking me little prince. You should thank me that I decided to spare him.' Fili attempts to protest but the elf simple silences him with a hand to the dwarf's mouth. Nestor turns Fili's head to the side so that he is looking eye to eye with Thorin and the elf lays himself upon the dwarf, cheek to cheek.

'Just think of it, I have spared that little runt of yours from agonizing pain and torture from my men and myself. He was far too pretty to be left to the devices of these men, although as entertaining as it would have been!' Nestor remarks gleefully. 'Now, he is probably miles down river, simply a rotting corpse ready for the Orcs and wolves to come and pick at his bones.'

Fili lets out a muffled sob and he see's Thorin throw his head back with a roar of utter rage and agony. 'You will pay for this elf,' cries Thorin as he struggles with his bonds. ' in Durin's name I will see that you will die for the atrocities you have committed against my kin and my people!'

'You can make as many threats as you like Thorin Oakenshield.' Says Nestor, his manic smile still unchanging under Thorin's menacing glare. 'But right now I would like to enjoy my time with this nephew if you don't mind.'

'If you hurt him-'

Fili only feels blinding pain and hears the outraged cry from his Uncle when Nestor plunges the dagger into his shoulder and twists. He gasps through the pain, attempting to stifle his cries and Thorin looks livid as he attempts to tear at his bonds.

'You'll do what?' Nestor demands over the Khuzdul curses of the dwarf king. 'I think that we've established that your threats are meaningless, have we not? Now sit back and let me work.'

Fili lets out a cry when the elf forces the dagger through, letting the tip of the weaon dig into the forest floor.

'Well, now that he's not going anywhere…' Nestor stands, smiling to himself as he pulls his disheveled braids back from his face. The elf pulls out another blade from his belt and holds it loosely in his hands and turns his attentions to Thorin.

'You know I have never been particularly good at knife throwing.' He remarks, studying the blade with interest. 'Perhaps we can put my skills to the test, eh?' Thorin stares up at the elf defiant and unwilling to give way to any reaction.

'You are truly an unhinged menace' Thorin growls.

'I was made this way,' seethes Nestor. 'Through suffering and circumstances, just like you Thorin Oakenshield, made bitter and resentful thanks to the greed and pride of others. I just happen to have more fun with it than you.'

Nestor shrugs and laughs as he aims his blade at Thorin's prone figure. 'Do try to stay still, your majesty, and I will do my best to keep away from the heart and that ugly face of your, yes?'

The elf pulls his arm back to throw the knife but a rustling from the forest draws his attention. An arrow comes shooting through the tree line and the elf barely has time to turn his head to dodge. Nestor stares down at the arrow that is now embedded into the ground, perplexed, noting that they were arrows that belonged to his men. There is a startled gasp from Thorin as Nestor hears another arrow being shot –this time at closer range- before he dodges a second time. The elf turns and is met with the sight of a dwarf, kneeling to the ground with a notched bow and arrow ready to fire. Nestor's brief moment of shock is replaced with amusement as he places the identity of the shooter.

'Well, well isn't this a sight. The runt of Durin, trying to make play he is a warrior.'

Kili holds his position to the ground, the bow is much too long for Kili to stand up with but the loose soil that he pitches the end of the bow into allows for support and better aim. The bowstring digs into the wounds in his palms but Kili clenches his teeth and keeps his aims trained on the elf.

'Your men are overtaken and the rest of our company will be along soon, I suggest you put your knife down and surrender.'

Nestor simply smiles, 'I highly doubt your dwarrows are far from finishing with my men. Which just leaves me and a dwarf armed with a bow, how is it that I am the one that ought surrender?'

The elf turns his attentions back to Thorin taking aim with his knife once more, and Kili takes aim and shoots. The forests rings with the echo of the arrow meeting metal as the knife is shot away from Nestor's hand. Kili quickly notches another bow, this time taking care to aim for the elf's chest.

'My, my aren't we a little marksman.' Nestor remarks, slowly approaching the dwarf. 'But your actions give you away little runt you have no intentions of killing me; you don't have the stomach for it. Come on little dwarf, shoot me.'

Kili feel his fingers loosen, ready to fire, but he remains still and hesitant. Suddenly Nestor is upon Fili and the elf lands a hard kick into his dwarf's side and Fili cries out in anguish.

'Shoot me!' And then the elf is coming right at him in three swift strides.

On instinct Kili simply lets loose the arrow, he can hear the impact of arrow meeting flesh but all he can feel is the weight of the elf landing on top of him, as Nestor closes his hands around Kili's neck and squeezes. The dwarf attempts to kick him off but Nestor's knees dig into his calves, effectively pinning him down. He can hear the desperate calls of his uncle, but it slowly begins to fade as Nestor tightens his chokehold. The elf slams his head against the ground and his vision begins to darken, and he can feel the fight begin to run out of him. It is then that his hands find the shaft of the arrow that was now lodged into the elf's chest. In his last attempt Kili grabs hold of the arrow and twists. There is howl of pain from the elf and Nestor loosens his grip from Kili's throat just long enough for him to heave the elf off of him and roll onto his feet.

He watches as Nestor crawls to his knees, the elf chuckling to himself as he wipes gushing bright red blood from his mouth.

'After fifteen hundred years,' Nestor rasps. 'To be bested by a dwarfling with a bow and arrow, the world is quite odd indeed.' His eyes are locked onto Kili's and the dwarf can't help but let out a gasp at what he sees, the light from the elf's gaze is suddenly gone and Kili is left staring into a dark void and Nestor falls dead onto the forest floor.

Moments pass in silence before Kili turns his gaze to his uncle and brother. He lets out a sob and Kili can't seem to hold back the tears as he strides past the corpse to find the knife that had been left abandoned by the campfire. He quickly cuts his uncle free and then desperately crawls over to Fili's prone form and gently presses his forehead to his brothers. Thorin strides over to the pair and does away with Fili's bound hands, quietly whispering for his nephew to remain still. With the bonds cut Fili winds one hand in Kili's hair bringing Kili to the crook of his shoulder as the younger dwarf continues to cry. Thorin lays a comforting hand to Fili's cheek and he kneels down to press a kiss a top Kili head. His family had been reunited again, thank Aule and Thorin would be sure never to let them be separated again.

When the rest of the company finally makes their way back to the campsite, both Thorin and Kili are dressing Fili's wounds. The dwarves stare down at the corpse and Dwalin nods in stoic approval before silently gesturing for Dori to help him deal with the body.

'Good work, Kili.' Dwalin compliments gruffly as he notes the abandoned bow. 'And with a man's weapon no less.'

Kili remains silent, not bothering to look up as he bandages his brother's shoulder. As Dwalin disappears into the forest Fili lets out a small chuckle, 'Well that is not something one would hear on any given day; Dwalin paying us younglings a compliment. Better enjoy that while it lasts brother.' Kili smiles down at him and Thorin lets out a small chuckle watching Kili tie the last of the bandages onto Fili's shoulder. Thorin then frowns when he notices the state of his youngest nephew, noting his bloodied hands and feet.

'Kili, what happened to your boots?' Thorin demanded, pointing to Kili's bare feet.

'No worries Thorin,' says Bofur as he approaches the trio. 'We found these on our way over.' The dwarf dumps a pile of clothing next to Thorin smiling in amusement. 'We thought we would come upon Kili naked like a wee bairn when we found his clothes abandoned on the road.'

Thorin looked his nephew up and down, noting his now shivering form in the night cold, with nothing more than his undershirt and trousers. 'What were you thinking boy, coming after us in nothing more than your under garments, and with no armour!?'

Kili simply shrugged, unabashed and undaunted by his uncles intimidating stare. 'Well I couldn't bloody well sneak up on an elf with me hunkered down in my overcoat and heavy boots.' Thorin stare down at his nephew remembering the way in which Kili was able to catch Nestor off guard. Neither him nor the elf had noticed Kili until the dwarf was already upon him.

'Wow, smarts and a pretty face, for once.' Murmurs Fili and Kili lightly smacks at his forehead.

'Hush,' says Kili. 'I am allowed brilliant thoughts once and awhile.'

Thorin feels a sudden burst of pride that washes away any thought of anger and worry and he smiles down at his nephew, as he takes Kili's overcoat and pulls it over his shivering form.

It has been a couple weeks since Thorin and his scouting party had returned from their hunt for the raiders. Fili slowly begins to pick up twin swords again and the everyday routine of Ered Luin resumes with out much thought of the events that had happened in the forests to the South. If Dwalin, Bifur and Dori do not stare too disdainfully at the elvish bow that he now has strapped to his back during their scouting missions, he doesn't notice or care.

Kili is sharing a silent lunch with his mother, Fili, Dwalin and Balin when Thorin strides into the kitchen and settles down at the head of the table. His uncle pulls something from under his undercoat and places it on the table in front of Kili.

'Here,' says Thorin gruffly as he pours himself a glass of ale. 'If I am going have a marksman in my company, then you are going to be carrying a dwarven made weapon.'

Kili's shocked gaze meets Fili's who is trying hard not to laugh into his soup. Dis simply smiles reverently at her youngest and gestures to the weapon at the table in interest. Kili places his spoon down and pulls the covering from the weapon to reveal a beautifully carved bow. It is much heavier and sturdier than the elvish bow that sits off to the side of the table, but the craftsmanship is equal in skill and beauty.

'I was wrong to think that you were incapable simply because you prefer a bow to a axe or sword.' Says Thorin quietly. 'It's no gift from a Dunedain ranger, but I hope it will serve you well.' Thorin resumes his meal in silence and Kili holds the bow carefully in his arms, noting the intricate ruins carved into the wood.

He stands and makes his way behind his uncle and happily wraps his arms around Thorin. Kili can feel Thorin tense for a few moments and then relax at the open display of affection he is receiving from his youngest nephew.

'Thank you Uncle, I shall use it and treasure it.' Kili murmurs and presses a kiss to his uncle's hair.

Thorin pats Kili's head awkwardly, 'Yes well, you should mostly be thanking Bofur for his work.'

'Indeed,' Balin remarks with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 'He about pulled out his braids trying to follow the designs for your bow. Bofur found the designer to be quite overbearing and just about put our woodworker into an early retirement.' Balin eyes Thorin fondly but the dwarf simply resumes his meal, ignoring the stares around the dining table.

'Come brother,' says Fili as he excuses himself from his meal. 'I think we ought to test it out don't you?' and Kili nods fervently, turning towards his room to find his quiver of newly made arrows.

'The taverns of Ered Luin are going be stirring with gossip Thorin.' notes Dwalin as he watches Kili disappear down the hallway.

'Let them gossip,' says Thorin darkly. 'No doubt they will be proven wrong when they witness my two nephews at my side when we take back Erebor.' He clasps Fili on his shoulder and smiles proudly when Kili returns with his new bow clutched reverently in his hands, 'both my Sword and my Shield, I can ask no more than that.'

The End