* Chapter 1 – Mercury

"Sweetheart?" The idol called as soon as he had closed the door on his back. For the purpose of subtlety, he had to still use that front whenever he's in this planet. If he was however on his home planet, he would be using the title 'doctor' just like his wife in her home planet. He cannot practice his profession here though, for the simple fact that human and Kinmoukian bodies are quite different from each other; although given that there are several similarities.

He turned to his side and felt along the wall to find the light switch. As soon as he can see clearly, he peaked at his wristwatch before taking off his coat. 11:00pm it displayed. She should be home already… He thought as he took steps deeper into their home.

"Good evening Taiki-kun. How was your trip?" An elderly house helper greeted him upon entering their kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Fine, fine… How's everything here?" He inquired as he helped himself.

"Everything's okay. She's in Mizuko's room." She informed him even before he asked and left right after opening the can of dog food.

He gulped the last of the liquid then set down the glass on the sink. Afterwards, he took to the direction of the stairs to go to the room directed him.

Upon pushing open the door of his daughter's room very quietly, his heart instantly warmed with the sight that greeted him. Ami Taiki, his wife, has her feet on a stool while she sat on a plush sofa. She obviously had just dozed off because their four month old daughter is still cradled on her chest and judging by the unfastened buttons on her blouse, she had just recently fed also the sleeping baby. On the nearby couch that was obviously pushed to its current location, is his four year old son curled up beside his mother and sister, sleeping soundly also.

A gentle smile appeared on his lips while he watched his earthly family. These people makes the strenuous life of being an idol in one planet and a doctor in another so worth it. He thought; and his pondering brought him to the time when he broke his princess's heart by saying he cannot feel complete anymore in the planet that he grew up in. She let him go alright, but he still felt obliged to give her his service in any way possible so opt to accept the responsibility of being the palace doctor in addition to being still a senshi. He stays in Kinmouku for three days then spends the rest of the week with his family. That means he has to travel at the speed of light across galaxies several times a week and he also has to travel across the globe occasionally to promote his music or perform.

Yes, tiring is an understatement, he concluded; but as he looked at the blue haired woman, the blue haired boy and the brown haired baby, he knows he'll even unite heaven and hell for them.

His bare feet took careful steps across the carpeted floor and approached his wife. He sometimes feels guilty that he leaves her alone too often, but he knows she understands. She understood the set-up even before they got married, and that was five years ago already. As he stared at his wife up-close still, he realized, she even understood me sixteen years ago when she first met me! What an amazing woman.

He bent down and wrapped his arms very carefully around his daughter so as to lift her from her mother's chest but Ami's arms instinctively tightened her hold even when she's asleep. He smiled, somewhat predicting her reaction. So he then resorted to his step two: he kissed her on top of her nose. As he expected also, her eyes fluttered open and upon seeing the violet orbs near her, let him take the child away from her.

He lifted the four month old, cradled it close to him first and then kissed her forehead before placing her on her crib. "Sleep well my princess…" He cooed as he patted her when she stirred when the body heat of her parents disappeared. She obediently drifted back to sleep afterwards.

He watched on, somewhat entranced by the slow breathing of the beautiful child he affirmatively knows is his. "She does look very much like your female form…" Ami whispered to him, somewhat knowing accurately what he's thinking, as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Welcome home sweetheart…" she added, in that same quiet voice.

"I missed you…" He answered as he turned around and hugged her too. "I missed all of you very much…" he added as he took a waft of her scent.

"You say that every week…" she answered teasingly with a smile.

After their hugging and reveling in the presence of one another, they parted. Both of their eyes landed on the boy curled up on the couch.

"Transfer him; I'll move the couch back to its place." Ami urged him and he bent down to scoop up his son to bring him to his own room.

Upon returning from tucking his son, he saw that the room's lights have been dimmed and his wife left already. He took one more look at his beloved daughter before walking to the room adjacent to it.

Ami turned around when she heard their bedroom door squeak. "Tired?" she asked as she approached her husband who sat on the bed and started removing his shoes.

"Most probably not as much as you…" he answered as he took her hand and sit her instead beside him.

"Nope, not that tired…" she assured him. "There were not many patients today."

He looked at her knowingly. "You don't fool me Mrs. Taiki; you won't fall asleep on our daughter if you weren't tired." He said as he caressed her face lovingly.

"Not tired, just sleepy." She defended still. "I missed you very much Kou-chan." She said, changing the topic.

He pulled her in for a hug and kissed her forehead. "And you say that every week also…" he answered and both of them chuckled lightly.

"I love you…" they chorused afterwards and they chuckled again; both very happy and content to be together.