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* Chapter 12 – Cupid

The annual toy fair of the department store was an absolute success judging from all the people that crowded the huge tents that was built on the mall's parking lot.

And Kou Yaten, no matter how irritated he is with all the people, can't help but be a bit cheery because of his daughter sitting on his shoulder. His emphatic power is allowing him to feel her emotions; and right now, the little girl is very delighted to be with her dad and be surrounded with toys also. This is one of the rare moments that he can actually spend a whole week with his Earthly family so he went on his way and scheduled a father-daughter day despite of his loathing for the crowds; or of his dislike with anything involving physical activity; or of his repugnance to sweat; or (and the list goes on). He smiled, and then shook his head slightly in amazement of how big his change was because of Minako.

"Yes daddy? Is anything wrong?" The little girl piped up when she felt him move his head.

"Nothing sweety…" He answered then eyed the portion of the tent where there are lesser people. "Do you want to look at those dolls?" He asked his daughter, pointing towards his desired location and congratulated himself for being able to come up with something deftly.

"Uhuh!" The silver-haired girl nodded despite the fact that his father can't see her.

The idol, who was wearing a plain white shirt and sunglasses, took the steps away from all the high-tech toys and approached the girly stuff on the other side of the tent. He reached up and placed his daughter on her feet then fanned himself with his hands while the girl looked on at the merchandise in front of her.

No matter how much he liked for his daughter to have fun, the humidity of the area is getting on his nerves and he can't help but grumble and look irritated. Luckily, no one yet has spotted him and shouted to the whole world of his identity; or they'd have to run and put an end to the daddy's day out.

"Look daddy! This looks a lot like mommy!" His girl tugged at his pants and he looked down. There on her chubby arms is the box containing one of the newest released Sailor V dolls with matching mask and accessories. "And she also has the same red bow that mommy has at home and this looks like her old uniform in high school she was wearing in one of the pictures on her table and…" She ranted on and on about the likeness of the doll and her mother.

Yaten kneeled beside his daughter so that no one else will hear what he's about to say. "That is because; don't tell this to anyone alright?" He asked whisperingly and waited for the girl to nod before continuing. "Mommy is the actress that they molded Sailor V against." He said conspiratorially and had to smile when the young girl's eyes became excited with what she just found out.

An attendant who happened to hear the little girl's exclaim earlier approached them. "Excuse me sir, but are you Kou Yaten of the Three Lights?" She asked politely enough but there was an obvious gleam of excitement in her eyes as she looked at the distinct silver hair of father and daughter.

Panic instantly rose in Yaten and he instinctively lifted his daughter in his arms and then looked left and right.

"Please sir, don't go away. I mean no animosity. Sorry if I've made you uncomfortable." She said apologetically then made a bow.

The idol stared hard at her for a few seconds then got his wallet.

"Is that all you like sweety?" He asked his daughter in his arms while getting his credit card out, ready to get out of the confines as fast as he could.

The little girl nodded; so after paying for their purchase, he went out of the tents without putting his daughter down.

Aiko wriggled free from her father's arms once they were out in the open. Just like her mother, she ran energetically ahead to the dismay of her father. He chased after her but lost her soon enough because he was already out of breath and there were crowds thronging towards where they just came from. "Aiko-chan!" He shouted after her as he panted and tried to peer above the heads of the people to spot the silver haired child.

The three years old heard her father, giggled, and walked on; enjoying her temporary freedom from grown-ups.

And then she stopped, and bent down when she saw something moving towards her. To her innocent and inquiring mind, the gel-like substances looked cute; more like water droplets moving towards her and surrounding her from all sides. She reached out a hesitant finger and touched the group nearest her. They felt soft and lukewarm, like the skin of a new born. She smiled widely and poked her finger in further.

The gel molecules were instantly activated with her touch, and they all began enveloping her finger, then her hand, then her arm. Aiko screamed in fright and abruptly stood up. But the other creatures travelled through her legs also. She was now scared as the tiny creatures envelop her arm wholly and travelled further towards her body. She began feeling pain, and the creatures which are physically in contact with her began glowing. She screamed again in fear and she didn't know what's scaring her more; the creatures enveloping her or the golden light escaping from all over her. And then, it all stopped so abruptly, and everything felt very heavy and dark. She wanted to cry, but her muscles are so tired, she can't even speak. "Daddy…" she thought hard, before falling unconscious on the ground.

Yaten heard his daughter scream, and it was all that was needed for his senshi strength to be activated. He ran and ran, somehow feeling in his heart where the little girl is. He found her just as when she fell to the ground. Well, she's not actually visible but the aura emitted by the mountain of glowing creatures felt very familiar. It felt like, Minako? He wondered; and as he was thinking this, the glob began sticking together to form into a humanoid figure. The humanoid glowed brighter then morphed into a distinguishable human: Sailor Venus.

His hand froze around his Star Yell as he stared wide eyed at his wife. No, that must not be his wife, he reasoned as his eyes flickered towards his daughter looking ghostly on the ground; she would never!

"Star, Serious Laser!"

A streak of light pierced through 'Sailor Venus' and it went through her and created a hole. The hole exposed the innards of the woman and the molecules were seen trying to adjust to cover the opening created by Sailor Star Fighter. The wound glowed then 'Sailor Venus' was whole again. She touched her pointer finger to her forehead then pointed it at her attacker. A beam of light shot at Fighter who had jumped beside Yaten to escape the attack.

"Transform now, will you?" Fighter hollered at the silver haired man who was still frozen and watching the fight.

This broke his trance, but instead of transforming, he ran towards his daughter and scooped her up in his hands. He felt for a pulse and bent down to feel if she was breathing. "Aiko-chan!" He tried to shake her awake when he felt that the kid is alive.

A blast sounded again. Yaten turned and saw Fighter jump away before she was hit by the golden hearts.

"How?" He wondered as he realized that the Sailor Venus with them was indeed using his wife's attacks.

Just as he decided to help Fighter, golden beams rained on the 'Sailor Venus' attacking his fellow Star Light.

"Hey you copycat!" The winged senshi shouted then sent a flurry of hearts on the Venus trying to reform. It did damage the non-eternal Venus but it seemed to just recover and reform every time. There was a battle of beams, phoenixes and hearts; plus occasional lasers, but the monster that morphed into a senshi stood still while her competitors is now half-standing and panting.

The copycat kissed her lips, but before she could send the hearts away, her hand got stuck frozen near her mouth.

The real Venus looked around with hope renewed; help must be near, she thought. And then, flames engulfed the other Venus melting it into its mountain of gel-like cells again. It began to coagulate and glow again.

"Oh no, you don't!" Jupiter shouted and electricity began crackling around the mound and it disintegrated further into smaller molecules.

"Everyone…" Sailor Venus said in relief, when the senshis drew closer.

"Silver Moon, Crystal Therapy Kiss!"

And the molecules were no more, releasing the golden energy they sucked on earlier from the little girl into the air above them. These flew one by one towards the unconscious three year old that is now held tightly by her father. And when all the power entered her fully again, she glowed and transformed. Her dress turned into a silk gown tinted with light orange, and on her forehead shines intensely the sign of the second planet from the sun.

Everyone watched amazed as the little girl gained consciousness. She blinked repeatedly and Sailor Venus ran towards father and daughter and scooped up the little girl into her arms and hugged her tight. "Oh Aiko-chan, sweety…" she had said while tears of relief escaped from her eyes.

The little girl looked confused as the winged senshi held her very tight. She was even more confused when the lady kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, and then hugged her again once more. "Uhmmm… Excuse me lady, but only my mommy and daddy calls me sweety", she said and tried to wriggle free from the senshi who was looking at her very affectionately.

Venus smiled, she looked at everyone first then at her daughter once more. With a supportive pat on her shoulder from Yaten, she detransformed while not letting go of the girl staring at her.

Aiko was surprised, as her favorite anime character turned into her mother. "Mommy!" she shouted, then turned towards the other ladies when they all began glowing and letting go of their senshi personas. She was of course, more surprised with her 'uncle' Seiya-chan. "You're a girl?!" She said disbelieving.

Yaten kissed Minako chastely on her cheeks. "We've got some explaining to do." He told her after.

Minako looked at Makoto and then at Usagi. "We've all got to."