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* Chapter 2 – Venus

Kou Yaten drove away as soon as he had dropped his friend in front of his home. 'I hope she's still awake', he wished mentally as he took the road that'll lead him home also. It is not a far drive so he reached his destination and pulled over within fifteen minutes sharp. He parked his car in their driveway, carried his travelling bag and took out his keys.

Upon opening the front door of his home, his focus was instantly drawn to the flickering lights on the dining area. So he just dropped his bag on the nearest chair, didn't even bother removing his coat, and then proceeded to the area that called his attention.

"Welcome home!" Minako greeted cheerily.

Yaten was surprised, on their dining table was set a complete candle light dinner.

Minako pouted when she saw her husband rooted still, near the entrance. "No 'Wow honey! That looks fantastic!' or 'You're so sweet my dear Minako…'?" she asked as she drew near him and removed his coat herself.

He smiled and then suddenly wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and kissed her fully on the mouth. She dropped his coat unintentionally on the floor with that. "Four years, and you never seem to run out of ideas to surprise me." He told her when he let go.

"But this is not the first time that I've prepared dinner for you upon coming back from Kinmouku!" she retorted.

"True…" he tilted his head in consideration and then approached the table and got a fork to taste the main dish served on a platter. "But this is the first time that you didn't burn the fish."

His wife, who had followed him to the table, suddenly pinched him on the arm with his remark.

"Ouch!" he yelped. "What was that for?"

"For being mean!" she answered then stuck out her tongue and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Yaten shook his head. Thirty-two years old, and she's still sticking out her tongue when she's upset at someone; he thought and almost laughed but controlled himself. "I was actually complimenting you!"

"So 'honey, congrats you didn't burn the fish' is now a compliment?" she asked with her head resolutely turned away from him.

"What I meant was, you're cooking skills have greatly improved!" he shouted, but not too loudly so as to wake their three year old daughter. "And this fish taste really good." He added, so as to calm her and took a bite with the fork again to emphasize what he was saying.

Her eyes instantly swam with joy. "Really? You liked it?" she asked.

"Yes." He answered succinctly.

"Great!" she enthused and then pulled out a chair to sit him and then started serving the dinner happily.

When they first met, Yaten was amused and highly confused by Minako's wave-like, up and down temperament; but now, he was still amused but no longer confused and quite used to it already.

"Aiko's perfectly okay and she had gained a pound according to her pediatrician." Minako reported even before her husband asked, she was sure he'd ask that first anyway, he always does inquire about their daughter first.

Yaten nodded. "By pediatrician you mean Taiki-san?" he asked in between mouthfuls.

"Ami-chan?" she asked and he nodded again. "Not sure, I didn't check yet who signed her booklet. It might be some of the other doctors there when she's too busy."

"You weren't the one who went with her?" he asked, finding it unbelievable that Minako had missed an opportunity to know more about her daughter's well-being and be able to chat with one of her long-time friends.

She shook her head. "Her nanny went with her. I had a shoot and the director wasn't accepting any excuse." She explained.

"Kazuto-sama?" he asked knowingly, having had his share in dealing with TV show directors.

She nodded and even rolled her eyes. "The way he talked, one would think I just made up Aiko to formulate an alibi!"

He chuckled with that. "But I'm telling you, he's great with molding his talents. He's quite strict, but he's got the ability to bring out the best in you."

"Daddy?" a small voice suddenly spoke up, drawing both of their attentions.

Both of them turned and then pushed back their chairs and stood up when they saw their little girl peeking through the entrance of the dining. Yaten took wide steps towards his daughter and scooped her up into his arms. He hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her forehead. "I missed you baby…" he whispered.

"Sorry sweetheart, is mommy and daddy too loud?" the mother asked her daughter while rubbing her back.

The silver-haired kid shook her head. "No, no, I was really waiting for daddy." She answered while wrapping her chubby little arms around her father's neck.

"Okay then, let's get you to bed alright?" her father told her while stroking her long and silky silver hair.

Yaten peeked at his wife before taking his daughter upstairs to tuck her to bed. 'Thank You', he mouthed at her.

"You're done?" she asked silently.

He nodded and then took steps towards the stairs, but before exiting fully, he turned around at his wife again who was still watching them. 'I love you' he mouthed again at her and then continued on his way.

Minako smiled; those three words from him still have this effect in her. It made her happy and content; and as she was taking care of the dishes, she was humming a happy tune. She is happy like this, and she couldn't possibly wish for anything more.

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