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* Chapter 4 – Mars

'Different' is such a vague word if you ask Mrs. Rei Kumada. By anyone's standard, she is very different because she chose to be a priestess despite the influence and wealth of his dad. She also is different because she chose a spiritual path even if she could afford and pursue any career she would have wanted because of her money, brains and talents. Moreover, she also became different because she chose a guy who is a rockstar. Come on, she thought, a priestess married to a rockstar…

However, if she is with her friends, she reasoned; they're all literally so out of this world that being different is the norm among them. The raven haired woman smiled, simply remembering their individual weirdnesses. That is, even without considering that they are all technically aliens from different planets of the solar system.

She stirred the clear broth again and inhaled the aroma. After partly covering it to let it simmer without over spilling; she checked on the rice. "Please pass me those bowls sweetie." Rei told her son who was watching her intently while being perched on one of the stools near her.

The five year old got down from his stool and went to the direction his mother pointed. "Here, mama." He said proudly, pleased to be of help.

While Rei was still setting up their dinner, both her grandfather and husband entered the dining area.

"Let me do that…" Yuichiro immediately volunteered; taking the bowl she was carrying away from her and wrestling the ladle away from her hands.

"Hey!" She protested.

He carefully placed the bowl he had already filled with soup on the table and set the ladle temporarily above it. He approached his wife who now had her hands on her waist and was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

The old man and his grandchild looked on and then they both shrugged. They just took their own places around the table without as so much mind about the tension on the couple.

"You just sit here alright? I'll handle this." Yuichiro tried to talk to Rei soothingly and stir her away from the stove.

"I'm tired of sitting down." She answered coldly, her voice raising a notch.

The husband then did the tactic that he knows will always work with her. He caressed her big bulging tummy and then knelt beside his very pregnant wife. "I don't hear any complaints from the fellow down here…" He said as he pressed his ear on her stomach. "You don't mind mommy resting a lot; do you?" he asked, sounding as if the child inside his wife would really answer him.

She inhaled deeply and then took her seat without any further complain; but her face still looked sour. Meanwhile, her husband stood up and continued serving everyone the rest of their dinner.

"Come on honey, you can't be that mad at me for stopping you from serving dinner…" He tried to sway her and she didn't say a thing. "I know you swept the entire front and back yard; so technically, you didn't spend the day sitting down…" he added, to make her realize she actually did a lot of things today.

Rei scoffed. "I know I'm very pregnant alright? But I'm not an invalid!" she answered heatedly still, but her husband is very patient. After all, if she has a very temperamental attitude when not pregnant, what else can one expect with her hormones going up and down?

"Rei, we're eating." Her grandpa suddenly reprimanded her. He usually lets her get away with her perpetually raised voice, but not during meal times and in front of his grandson.

"Sorry…" she answered with her head down. "I… I just wanted to be able to serve my family a proper dinner…"

And then plopped; a tear drop fell on the table.

Yuichiro wrapped an arm instantly around his wife and comforted her. He also cast a glance at grandpa like as if it was his fault that Rei was crying. "It's okay… It's okay… This taste great and we are thankful for this; but even if you cannot make these great extensive meals for a time for us, you'll still be the best wife that a man could ever have."

"That's… Mako-chan…" she answered him while sniffing still.

"Huh?" Yuichiro asked, totally confused as to what his wife told him.

"Mako-chan!" she clarified. "She's the best wife that a man could have, not me. She's a great cook and takes really good care of everybody."

"Great legs too!" Grandpa added.

Husband and wife glared at him.

"What?" he asked innocently. "I was just agreeing with you!" He told Rei. "And she does have great legs and a beautiful body." He added with a dreamy look on his eyes.

"Grandpa!" Rei shouted. "Those legs and body now belongs to a man! My friend's a married woman now."

"So? Makes her the better wife then!" He declared half-seriously.

"No, no, no!" Yuichiro contradicted strongly. "My wife is the best wife that a man could have in the whole wide world!"

"But Aunt Mako-chan cooks really good…" The little boy who was very silent and was just eating his dinner happily chirped in so suddenly.

"But your mama's sexier." Yuichiro coaxed his son.

Ryu Kumada gulped the rest of his soup from his bowl before shaking his head. "No, grandpa says aunt Mako-chan's got bigger boobs."

"What are you teaching my son, you old man?" Yuichiro chided seriously.

"But it doesn't matter, because I love my mama much, much more." The kid smiled before leaving the dining area after finishing his meal.

Rei watched her son go and then looked at her husband with a smile. "Learns from his dad." She told him.

"No, the dad is a blind follower!" Grandpa stated loudly before hopping out of his chair and out of the room.

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