* Chapter 7 – Uranus and Neptune

"Yes or No?!" Haruka asked heatedly.

Michiru stooped her head resignedly and held it with both her hands. "I don't know…" she sighed in defeat. "I honestly don't know…"

The sandy blonde stood up forcefully and began pacing back and forth in front of her lover. "We should alert them." She stated with finality.

"And tell them what exactly?" The other woman mumbled and glanced at her mirror which was lying face up on the table in front of them.

"What you saw!" Haruka blurted.

"What exactly did I saw that made sense?" The Senshi of the sea tried to reason with her. "I saw myself attacking you and the others with my Deep Submerge! Repeatedly! Tell me Ruka-chan, does that even give us anything to go deep into other than 'Be aware of me 'cause I might kill all of you'?".

The Senshi of the wind stopped momentarily and then continued pacing back and forth. After a few minutes of silent pondering, she finally answered; and she sounded concerned but calmed. "Because it means we are in danger… Usagi-chan, above everyone else… You would only hurt one of us if the princess's life depends on it." She finished and reclaimed her place beside the troubled senshi and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders.

Michiru looked up and she looked torn as she stared deep into Haruka's eyes. She took several moments and several deep breaths also before sharing her thoughts. "I don't want to be the one to shatter this long peace that we're enjoying… They deserved this… I don't want to pull them away from their lives once again… I honestly don't want to…" She said unsteadily, on the verge of tears.

"Who knows Michiru-love? Rei didn't alert us to anything. Maybe there really isn't something major that's going to happen…" Haruka tried, but she herself knows that she's lying. After all, when did Neptune's mirror lie? The dream maybe a product of imagination, but the mirror will not reflect it if it was just a random firing of neurons from Michiru's mind.

"I doubt if Rei is even spending some time with the fire nowadays…" the sentenced escaped with a sigh.

Blonde eyebrows rose in question and Michiru can't help but grin at her partner's forgetfulness at times.

"She's due to give birth any day now, remember?"

Haruka's eyes widened and then rolled on its own. "Yes, when they became pretty sure that Crystal Tokyo won't happen anymore, the babies just started popping out year after year! How could I forget?"

Although Michiru was troubled with her premonition, she had to laugh with the stated sentence that was laced with sarcasm. "Hey, if you look at them individually, you'll notice that their kids are spaced at four or five years. Even if Minako decides to have another kid and get pregnant today, the difference would still be four years. They're not actually popping out babies like crazy."

"Since when did you become the inner's lawyer Miss Kaioh?" The tomboy asked.

The teal headed woman answered. "Since…" She began and then she stopped, looked as if she changed her mind, and then inhaled deeply. "That is exactly why I don't want to tell them Haruka; they're mothers now… They're no longer the carefree teenagers that we could encumber anytime with saving the world." She finished sadly, in a voice full of regret.

"I know… I care for them too…" Her partner reassured her. "But remember what happened the last time we tried to take matters into our own hands?" She asked.

With the other woman's grave expression, the sandy blonde knew she had recalled. "That's right, we tried to kill Taru-chan. And later, we took her and Setsuna's star seeds. We only end up always hurting the people we care for the most." Haruka pressed on.

"Hotaru-chan…" Michiru repeated the name. "She has finally lived a full and normal life."

"If there is anyone out there who knows about the impending danger too, it will be Saturn… I bet she feels it already." After saying this, a bright idea struck Haruka. "Why don't we visit her and check?" She asked Michiru excitedly.

Michiru, knowing Hotaru's living set-up in the city and keeping it a secret from Haruka, looked uncertain; and deep within her mind, she is formulating how to meet with her adopted daughter without losing Hotaru's confidence.

"She'll like that!" she sounded positive and Haruka bought it. "I'll give her a call and inform her we'll be visiting tomorrow."

She stood up, left the other woman in the living room and went up to her room to call Hotaru and inform her of their plans. After their talk, she returned downstairs only to find Haruka watching the television and the box didn't blare sounds of race cars or whatever noise from other sports. Michiru was intrigued so took a seat beside the blonde.

"Since when did you start watching family drama?" She had to ask; she really finds it strange.

The other woman just shrugged her shoulders then pointed at the screen. "Since she starred in it…" and then she grinned childishly.

Michiru had to laugh a little. "Oh, I didn't know you were such a huge fan of Miss Aino! Do you want me to get you an autograph?" she teased.

Haruka rolled her eyes but continued watching the show anyway. "I'm just being supportive."

"Maybe I should cut our cable subscription, since local shows can please you now." Michiru teased further but Haruka just watched the show silently.

After minutes of silence, Michiru backed off from her teasing and just enjoyed the show along with Haruka.

"You know love…" Haruka started after a while. "It really makes me think; all those stuff that we fought for didn't exactly happen, but Pluto is keeping silent. Do you think Crystal Tokyo will still happen?" She asked airily.

"Maybe… I don't think even Setsuna-san knows that. Or even if she does, she's not letting us on it." She answered.

Just then, a hurried knock was heard on their door and the lovers looked at each other with confused reactions on their faces since it is quite late for any visitors. And then they both stood up and approached the door. Michiru reached for the knob and then they both gasped.

"Sailor Pluto?!" They chorused.

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