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Shinobi Son Gohan!

Chapter 1: Lost in Space

The little boy shook with fear as he watched the scene unfold before him, tears streaming down his face. He was trapped, kidnapped by this cruel man from another world. There was nothing he could do confined within the small spherical spacecraft that the foreigner had seemingly arrived in.

All the young Half-Saiyan could do was cry. And so Gohan sat wailing as the stranger faced off against his father. Slamming his fists against the inside of the spaceship as he screamed for the embrace of the greatest man in the world Gohan didn't notice the words and colours appearing seemingly at random on the console that sat next to him.


"You'll never get away with this Raditz!" Goku roared as he desperately tried to get his son back. Neither he nor Piccolo were faring well against his sadistic brother. He was an incredible fighter, and while Goku and Piccolo may have been the strongest fighters on their world Raditz's occupation was to decimate the population of entire planets.

His fists blurred as he struck out at nothing but air, the afterimage of his Saiyan brother disappearing as Goku had the wind knocked out of him with a powerful uppercut launched by his opponent.

Piccolo was still recovering from his encounter with the long-haired alien, but Goku desperately needed him. He couldn't fight this monster by himself. Raditz was too powerful. He just needed to give Piccolo enough time!

I WILL NOT LOSE! Goku thought just before he was sent flying into the ground with a punch to the back of the head. He couldn't keep up!

"Hahaha why brother it would appear I have you beat," Raditz said as he looked around the battlefield and placed his foot on the back of his brother as he lay face down in the dirt. The two strongest fighters of this world and they couldn't even touch him; what a pathetic planet.

"NOW BEG YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A SAIYAN!" Raditz screamed as he began to apply huge amounts of pressure to the ribcage and spine of Earth's hero. Lifting his foot he began stomping repeatedly, each stomp accentuated by Goku's screams.


He couldn't see over the lip of the crater, but Gohan could hear his father's screams. Every piercing screech his father uttered sent terror through the heart of the young boy. Raditz had to stop hurting him!

He thrashed about once again, hating with all his heart the fact that he was powerless to stop anything, a great power building within him as he thought about a world without the great man that was his father.

The screams stopped. Good, now to make Raditz pay for what he was doing!

Only Gohan never got the chance to use his newfound power, for just as he was about to burst from within the space craft it began humming to life. Lifting from the ground.

"Confirmation of Saiyan occupant. Course set. Destination, PXY-771. Departure in, 3… 2… 1…" The on board computer said to the small boy as the craft began flying further away from the ground, blasting off once it reached a safe altitude.

All Gohan could do was cry as he left his home planet behind. His father still pinned to the ground by the cruel and evil Raditz. The one man that could have saved him trapped under foot.

He just sat huddled in the oversized chair of the ship, cradling his hat and his great-grandfather's four star dragon ball as he wept until he could cry no more.


"GOHAN!" Goku screamed from his position on the ground as he saw the ship rise to a safe height before disappearing in the sky in a blur.

"WHAT?!" Raditz screamed in anger, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"

Goku was worried about his son obviously, but he noticed that Raditz was worried about his ship or more the fact that he was stuck on Earth.

It would be a simple matter of getting the ship to return to him with his scouter before it got out of range, but still, the child shouldn't have been able to activate anything from inside anyway, he thought he'd locked the controls.

He reached up towards his scouter, distracted. Now was Goku's chance!

Quickly pushing up from the ground and knocking the foot out from underneath his brother, Goku was able to land a few quick strikes against the Saiyan, one of them glancing the scouter on his head, breaking it into tiny fragments.

After his quick barrage and before his brother could adequately recover Goku did the only thing he could think of to give Piccolo more time. He blurred from view before appearing behind his brother, putting him in a full nelson.

"Piccolo!" Goku screamed from his position as Raditz struggled to free himself, "do something now!"

"Hah! Not so tough now are we?" Piccolo taunted Raditz with the position he now found himself in, "This move will take you both out Goku, so I hope you're prepared for the afterlife,"

Goku thought about Gohan drifting through space, and how if he was gone he couldn't go after him. His son would literally be lost in space.

Then he thought about all the people on Earth that were depending on him to kill Raditz. His wife, his friends and all the innocents that would suffer if Raditz survived.

"DO IT!" He screamed out from behind his brother as the Saiyan struggled against the hold.

"You've got it," Piccolo said with a smirk as he readied himself to charge his Special Beam Cannon.


Gohan couldn't have known how long he cried for before he fell asleep, curling up on the chair of the spacecraft, all he knew was that it was a long time.

"Initiating Stasis," the onboard computer said as the young boy drifted into sleep, not realizing that the next time he awoke would be a year later.


(A Year Later, Unexplored System)

Gohan woke with a start, his rather dreamless sleep having been a comfort for the boy as he started remembering how he ended up where he was, a warning siren becoming more noticeable as his senses came back to him.

Before he could dwell on it much longer the computer spoke to him, "Destination PXY-771 out of range. Navigation route planning malfunction. Setting destination to nearest habitable system." The view-finder in front of Gohan locked onto the planet directly in front of the pod, "Beginning entry in 10... 9…"

Destination, what? He quickly moved in his seat to get a better angle on his 'destination'.

Looking out the view port on the front of the spherical spaceship Gohan could only marvel at the huge planet looming before him as the on board computer counted down the seconds to entry.

It was huge, with one side lit by a yellow sun and the other in darkness as it continued it's celestial movement around the star.


And then the light show really began. Gohan was amazed and frightened by the heat and light generated as the ship buffeted against the atmosphere of the strange planet.

Streaks of red, orange, yellow, even blue were lancing off the front of the ship as it continued its descent.

After a while the ship stabilized a little more and the descent became slightly more controlled as the craft rocketed towards the ground with crazy speed.


Hiruzen stood looking out over the village, having just been informed by Hatake Kakashi that another assassination attempt on the Jinchuuriki of Konoha had been foiled.

Most of the villagers treated the boy poorly, either ignoring his existence or going out of their way to make his life difficult. But there were a number of smaller groups that actually wanted revenge on the monster that took so much away from them. Groups driven by revenge, blinded by hate.

They couldn't see what was right in front of them. That Naruto Uzumaki was just a boy, a boy that had protected them and continued to protect them from the monster that was the Kyuubi as long as he lived.

He wondered if people would ever learn. The old man understood why the young boy wished so badly to be Hokage whenever he saw him at the orphanage. He just wanted to be recognized.

The third Hokage just hoped that that dream wouldn't get him into too much trouble.

As he looked out over his domain, the people he was sworn to protect, the sun finally dipping below the horizon he caught glimpse of a strange light in the sky.

It looked like a shooting star, only much closer and actually made of something of substance as light streaked around it.

The strange light stopped after a while and the object came speeding down from the sky before crash landing a distance from the boundaries of the village; the impact powerful enough that it could be heard for miles.

This was something he needed to look into himself. It wasn't very often something fell from the stars.


Gohan sat crying within the spacecraft for some time after the excitement and adrenaline from the experience of entering the atmosphere of a strange planet finally wore off and he realized that he was alone.

He had no one. Mother, father, friends, all of them were gone, far away even if they had survived Raditz. He had no way of going back either; not knowing in the slightest how to operate the ship.

Eventually he pressed on door of the craft and it opened for him, revealing a lush land full of trees and crisp clean air. Stumbling from the spacecraft he tripped over his own feet, falling straight onto his face.

Hearing a slight chuckle at his misfortune he looked up to find himself staring straight into the eyes of a kind looking old man. The man was saying something he couldn't understand. But more interestingly, Gohan was captivated by what was behind him.


"Hmmm well I wonder what you're doing here? Although I doubt you can even understand what I'm saying." Well wasn't this a problem? A young boy, with a tail it would appear, just crash landing outside of Konoha. Now that didn't happen every day.

He had red puffy eyes and a tear stained face so he'd obviously been weeping.

I wonder what happened to him, the old man thought to himself, and what is he looking at, turning his head to look all he could see was a full moon, it is a rather beautiful sight isn't it? Hiruzen thought to himself. Too few people took in the beauty of the world around them.

But turning back to the small boy in front of him he noticed something very wrong. His face was changing shape, his eyes were changing colour, and he was growing what appeared to be fur everywhere.

The now ape-like child let out a roar as he began to grow to monstrous size.

This is definitely not good.

"Send for reinforcements!" Hiruzen called to his hidden ANBU bodyguards, "We can't let it get near the village!" The old man commanded as he leapt to the side to avoid a crushing stomp from the beast in front of him.

It was now completely wild.

Stamping and stomping on a rampage even it's roars were terrifying; every time the creature opened its mouth to scream it would release a monstrous beam of what appeared to be energy.

The destruction the small boy turned beast was dealing to the surrounding forest was almost as bad as if the Kyuubi had returned. The blasts it was releasing from its mouth were travelling incredible distances before exploding, obliterating the environment.

It was surprisingly fast for its size as well, causing the Sandaime Hokage to keep moving, lest he suffer a strike from the large creature.

He had to do something. Even if it had originally been a small innocent looking boy it was now a threat to the entire village.

Going through a number of hand seals as the creature continued in its efforts to strike him down the Hokage released a massive torrent of flame from his mouth that formed into a giant dragon before the ape turned toward him and fired a beam of yellow energy from its mouth.

The energy met with the jutsu and for the most part cut completely through it before dissipating. Some of the flame managed to splash onto the beast, but all that did was further enrage the creature as it patted the fur that was on fire to extinguish the flames before attacking the old man once again.

With the size and power of the beast all the Hokage could manage to do before he further analyzed his combatant was stay alive. There had to be some weakness to this abomination.

It didn't take long for reinforcements to arrive to try and take down the rampaging monster. But even then they were having problems.

Its tail was sweeping around and taking out any of the shinobi that were trying to attack from behind. The speed with which it moved and the power with which it struck was tremendous and jutsu seemed to be having little effect. As the Hokage threw as many techniques as he could at it.

The durability of the creature would have been impressive if it hadn't been trying to kill them. Energy beams that were almost continuously being shot from its mouth weren't doing the ANBU any favours, and while most of them wanted to be on the offensive there were a number that simply couldn't get a chance to attack.

It felt like the Kyuubi all over again.

Hiruzen could only watch in horror at what a small boy had become. A thing of terror, and now he understood the fear and anger of the people of the village. Who knew if Naruto would one day explode just like this? Releasing a monster upon them all? But just because he understood what they felt didn't mean he felt it was justified. They were still wrong because Naruto was still just a boy.

He didn't know what this child was.

It looked like they were starting to get the upper hand on the creature. While he didn't think any of the ANBU had been killed thanks to their evasive techniques a large number were injured, having taken glancing blows from the limbs or tail of the giant beast.

The ground shook with every step it took. They needed to bring it down soon. Because while they were getting the upper hand they were going to start running out of reinforcements if he didn't send for more. He didn't need more bloodshed.

Just as he started formulating a coordinated all out attack on the beast, trying to think of something that would help them finish the fight something strange happened.


(A few moments earlier)

To be frankly honest Yuugao had had just about enough of this ungodly ape and its tail, which seemed to have a mind of its own.

That was the fourth attack that it had prevented her from making. Every time she'd gotten close to inflicting any sort of damage to the body of the beast the tail would swing in from nowhere and either belt her away or impede her movement forward.

She was fed up. And Hayate Gekko knew that a fed up Yuugao was not a Yuugao you wanted to mess with. Oh boy did he know that.

Going through a number of hand seals in preparation for her anger fueled attack she drew her blade once again, holding it across her body before charging forward, slashing at the air in front of her almost faster than the eye could see.

When she appeared on the other side of the ape, exhaustion in her eyes, it had looked as if she'd only struck once. Anyone who knew her style knew how wrong that was. But how many times she'd swung her blade was of little consequence as the tail dropped to the ground. One less asset for the beast to use in its fight.


The Hokage could only marvel at the sight of the beast roaring as it shrank to the size of the small boy again, who fell to his knees, his eyes going empty as he dropped the rest of the way to the ground.

Every ANBU saw their chance.

And the Hokage knew in that instance that he couldn't let what was about to transpire come to pass.

"STOP!" Hiruzen cried. Every ANBU froze in place, some just slight movements from ending the life of the small boy.

He understood how the people felt about Naruto, but that didn't mean he thought that was right.

This boy is just like Naruto, and it appears his tail is the source of this monstrous creature within him, Sarutobi thought as he peered over at the tail that had also shrunk back to size.

"But Hokage-sa…"

"No buts! This boy is under my protection and therefore the protection of Konoha. I have a feeling that without his tail he isn't a threat to anyone. I'll have someone keep an eye on him, but if I find out he was 'dealt' with I will find the people responsible and I will kill them!" realizing that some of the ANBU present were still unconvinced he got their attention again, "LOOK AT HIM! HE'S JUST A CHILD," the young boy was curled up naked on the ground, his thumb stuck in his mouth as he slept.

"A child that can turn into a giant ape that shoots energy from its mouth and whose stomps cause mini-earthquakes," one of the ANBU spoke up form the group.

"I'm not going to end the life of a small child from a foreign land because of a hidden power he has. A hidden power I'm quite sure we've dealt with."

"Do you think he's a Jinchuuriki?" another ANBU spoke up, "There's never been a mention of an ape bijuu with only one tail."

"No," the Hokage said, glancing toward the space-craft that was more or less buried and broken under the debris of the obliterated forest, "he's not a Jinchuuriki. I don't know what he is."

"And you don't think he'll be a threat again?" another ANBU spoke up skeptically.

"No, the moment cat cut off his tail he began changing back. Like I said, it would appear this power manifests itself from within the tail somehow. As long as he doesn't have one he shouldn't be a threat."

It was clear from the grumbling within the group that a number of the ANBU were extremely skeptical of the decision of the Hokage. But he was the Hokage for a reason. They couldn't do anything about it.

"You're dismissed," Sarutobi said, "Make sure to seek treatment if you are wounded, I'll handle the boy."

With that the shinobi disappeared in swirls of leaves, some of the healthier helping the injured.

When they were all gone, Kakashi stepped out from the shadows, nursing a gash on his arm.

"You really think this boy isn't a threat?"

"I don't know Kakashi. But look at him. I can't just abandon him and I can't kill him, he's too like Naruto,"

"I really hope that bleeding heart of yours doesn't get us all killed one day Hokage-sama,"

"So do I Kakashi, So do I,"

After picking up the small naked child the two of them disappeared.


(Konoha Orphanage)

"Hey wake up sleepy head!" Naruto said as he slapped the small boy upside the head to get him up. The orphanage generally had a myriad of chores to be done and the blonde would be damned if he had to do some by himself when this new kid could help him.

Gohan groaned as he woke up, his head pounding. He wasn't sure what had happened last night or where he was, but there was a loud blue eyed blonde kid around his age yelling at him for some reason.

"Where am I?"


Neither of them had any idea what the other was saying so Gohan decided to start out simply.

"Son Gohan," he said, pointing to himself.

Getting the hint, the blond pointed to himself, "Uzumaki Naruto!" he said exuberantly.

Before Gohan could even think of how he was going to get through to this blonde he was dragged from the bed by his hand and taken from the room in a rush.

"We've got a lot to do today!" Naruto said loudly as he dragged his new friend through the orphanage.


Kakashi once again found himself in the office of the Hokage.

"Why did you not bring him in for questioning? Why the orphanage?"

"Because he is young, alone, afraid and doesn't speak our language. It would be better if he got accustomed to Konoha before I tried to get any information out of him, if he could even give any,"

"How do you know he's alone and cannot speak our language?"

"Because Kakashi, he's not of this world. I saw him arrive in some sort of craft falling from the stars. And he was the only occupant."

Kakashi was shocked. That small boy was from the stars? What did that even mean? How did you even travel between celestial objects?

Recovering from the shock and taking the word of the Hokage as law he then asked another question, "Why the orphanage then, surely there are better places for someone like that, someone who might be a great threat or ally?"

"Oh," the Sandaime said with a smile, "Because I have a feeling once language isn't a problem he and our good friend Naruto are going to get along splendidly."

Kakashi could only laugh, "You really are going soft Hokage-sama,"

"Why yes, I probably am, I've been doing this job for far too long. I'm becoming a sentimental old man Kakashi," the Hokage still had his smile, clearly not bothered that Sharingan Kakashi was calling him out.

As Kakashi disappeared with a chuckle and a swirl of leaves he turned out toward the village, looking in the direction of the orphanage.

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