Here is the second chapter of this story. Enjoy.

Naruto called out in a bored voice, "Geez Shepard, Liara. Are you done yet?"

When the two called back a negative, Garrus shook his head before remarking, "Geez, it seems females love of primping extends beyond a single species."

Naruto nodded and muttered in an annoyed voice, "I know. I never got why kunoichi spent so much time on their looks. I mean, we're soldiers for heavens sake. Yet they always have to look like models or something.

Garrus nodded and said, "Amen to that."

Naruto looked out the window in annoyance. After their talk yesterday, he had gotten them all to go to sleep. He had spent the entire night meditating on the feelings he had woken up during the talk, trying to come to deal with them. Yet when he woke them up to give them a brief tour of the village, he somehow found himself having to spend two hours waiting for Liara and Shepard to get ready. Liara didn't even have hair to take care of.

It took another ten minutes for them to be ready. Shepard spoke as she opened the door, "It's your fault, Naruto. If it wasn't for your kages looking so good, we wouldn't have to feel the need to measure up."

Naruto looked at the two as they left the bathroom. He had gotten them some different clothing since all they had was their armor. Liara seemed to have gone a traditional route, wearing a fancy kimono. The edges were white, and it had a mixture of white and pink designs over it. She also seemed to have applied some makeup. Her face seemed oddly shiny and had some glitter around her eyes and lips. It clearly highlighted the natural beauty already present. Shepard seemed to have gone for a slightly different look. She seemed to be wearing the more ninja like clothes Naruto had given them. She was wearing a kimono-styled blouse with short sleeves. Under the blouse was a shirt of mesh. The blouse was teal with pink edges. She was wearing dark blue pants as well. The clothing was slightly familiar to Tsunade's. She also had a bit of makeup on. Some light red lipstick, and dark eye shadow that highlighted her green eyes. Her dark red hair just looked to be combed. Both of them looked good.

Naruto tilted his head before asking, "What do you mean?"

Shepard gave him a stink eye as she stated, "Like you don't realize. Practically every woman we saw yesterday was gorgeous. Liara naturally wants to look her best since she finds them all attractive, and I don't want to be the ugly one in the bunch."

Naruto shrugged as he told them all, "Ah, most kunoichi are like that. I don't think I've ever seen an ugly one in the bunch. It has to do with chakra permeating our bodies and cleansing it of all contaminants or something. It isn't quite as clear for guys. Our civilians are all far more normal though."

Shepard gave him a look that made it clear she didn't believe him. He ignored her and stood and stretched. He then turned to them and announced excitedly, "Now your special premium tour of Konoha is ready to begin, courtesy of Uzumaki Naruto."

He then slowly walked them through the town, showing them through the town. He showed them some of the more prominent shops and sights. It was Liara who asked several hours later, "Are you sure this is okay, Naruto? If your leaders decide that they don't want to join the galactic community, showing Garrus and I around might cause problems."

Naruto just laughed before exclaiming, "Don't worry. My clones did pretty good work last night. The kages are coming around. Only the Raikage is still against it, but he trusts my opinion enough to give it a chance. The information you gave us yesterday also helped. The reports were sent around yesterday, and were read before night was even fallen."

Liara looked surprised as she asked, "Really, your scientists managed to report all the information in an Omni-Tool in several hours. That's impressive."

Naruto just grinned as he told them, "Yeah, Shikamaru and Shiho are really impressive. Shiho might be kinda awkward, but she is good with technology and figuring things out. Shikamaru might very well be the smartest kid in the world too. Those two can figure anything out."

Liara nodded before saying earnestly, "I'd like to meet them then. If they can adapt to our technology so fast, then they must be very intelligent."

Naruto now put on a huge grin before he stepped in front of them. He quickly announced to them, "Don't worry. You'll be meeting them at lunch."

He saw Shepard frown and ask, "What do you mean?"

Naruto's smile didn't falter as he told them, "Whenever I'm in town, I have lunch with my old friends. I sent clones to them yesterday night to tell them. We'll be having a picnic at the park."

Naruto saw their mixed reactions. It seemed that both Shepard and Garrus didn't really know how to react, while Liara now looked excited. He was confident now that he had all of them pegged. Shepard and Garrus were both trained soldiers. That much was obvious. Garrus seemed to be slightly sharper and more suspicious than Shepard, but he deferred to Shepard on basically everything. So Shepard must have some leadership skills that she hadn't been able to display yet. Liara was completely different though. She lacked the professional air of the other two. In fact, she seemed to be slightly more childish in someway, although Naruto also detected quite a bit of intelligence from how quickly she caught on to some things. Being here was clearly exciting for her, so he assumed she was a scholar or explorer. Yet Naruto couldn't figure out why she would be on a military ship with Shepard. Although she might have been sent specifically for this mission by their council, Naruto could tell the two were at least slightly familiar with each other. Naruto felt like something was going on here that they hadn't told him about yet.

None of this showed on his face though. He was an expert at keeping smiling when he wanted to. He now told them, "They should start arriving in an hour or so, but we're meeting someone else first."

Shepard turned her head to ask, "Who?"

Naruto just smiled and tapped the side of his nose as he said smugly, "That would be telling." Shepard turned away angrily, causing Naruto to laugh.

It only took them several minutes to reach the park. It wasn't till Naruto saw the park that he realized how nice of a day it was. There was something about looking at grass and trees that made one look at everything else about the day. Buildings just didn't convey the same feeling of serenity. The sky was cloudless, with the sun shining proudly. There was also only a gentle breeze stirring the surrounding area. If there was one thing that Naruto liked about being exiled, it was all the time he spent in nature. Since he became a Sage, he never felt at peace except surrounded by nature. Maybe that was why Jiraiya spent so much time traveling.

His calm was interrupted by a loud vice yelling in excitement, "Daddy!"

Naruto grinned as he crouched down to catch the small bundle flying at him. He laughed as he spun the child around, his laugh being joined by that of the child. He finally stopped spinning and held the child at arm's distance. He immediately joked in a happy voice, "Geez. Getting heavy there, squirt."

The kid puffed up in pride while protesting at the same time, "Hey, I'm not a squirt!"

Naruto set the kid down as he replied jokingly, "Sure you aren't, squirt." The kid proceeded to beat on Naruto's leg cutely.

"Um, who is this, Naruto?"

Naruto turned to see the three looking at the child in confusion and disbelief. He just grinned and crouched down behind the child with his hands on the child's shoulders and announced loudly, "This is my son. Kurama Uzumaki-Hyuuga."

Naruto grinned in pride as the three showed complete shock as they looked at Kurama. No doubt they could see the resemblance. Kurama looked a lot like him. He had his spiky blond hair, and his face was shaped like Naruto's. The only train the inherited from his mother was his eyes. His eyes were large and without pupils, distinctive of the inactivated Byakygan. The color was even slightly similar to his. Kurama's eyes were a very light blue. Otherwise he was a typical two year old kid. Even if Naruto constantly teased him on being short.

Garrus was the one who exclaimed, "Are you kidding me? You're what…nineteen years old? How could you already have a kid that age?"

Naruto frowned slightly as he answered, "What's wrong with that? I mean sure, we were slightly young, but it isn't that unusual for ninjas. We tend to live shorter lives. We don't have time to wait till we're thirty or forty like civilians."

Garrus immediately protested, "No way! That kid must be six or seven. That would mean you were like thirteen!"

Naruto bluntly stated, "Kurama isn't even two years old."

The three were shocked speechless, allowing his son to spin around and declare triumphantly, "See! I'm not tiny. They thought I was six."

Naruto shook his head before teasing everyone present, "They're just silly little aliens, Kurama. They don't know enough to realize that you are a squirt." Kurama puffed his cheeks out angrily.

Liara interrupted by asking uncertainly, "Is he really only two, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded before asking, "Yeah. Why? What are your two year olds like?"

Shepard was the one who claimed with a deadpan expression, "Just learning their first words and taking their first steps."

Naruto blinked in surprise before asking, "You're kidding, right?" When it was clear the three weren't, Naruto thought out loud, "Wow. So if Kurama is currently at a stage similar to your six year olds, we must age far faster. Kakashi-sensei actually became a genin at five, and a chuunin at six. That meant he was technically an adult in our society. There is generally a period of several years where we stop growing physically, around eight to thirteen, but we can be quite intelligent and physically mature by that age. It must have been an adaptation to the constant war. Age quickly to a point where we are able to fight."

Naruto was stopped from thinking more on it by someone speaking in a soft voice, "Hello, Naruto."

Naruto turned around to say softly in return, "Hi, Hinata."

Hinata was standing demurely about ten steps away. Naruto once again had to comment to himself how gorgeous Hinata was. He had always ignored most girls as a kid, besides Sakura, that he had never really noticed Hinata. Now, everyone noticed Hinata. Like many kunoichi, motherhood made them even more gorgeous. Hinata still had her hair long, although it was currently tied into a bun in the back, while letting multiple strands fall down around her face. Her face was pale and blemish free, begging to be touched. Even her eyes with the hint of lavender were attractive. Also, giving birth had only effected Hinata in a good way. Her bust had grown even larger, and her hips had rounded out nicely. Her waist was still tiny though, and her legs were still firmed and toned. Overall, as corny as it sounded, she had the body of a goddess. Only people like Tsunade, Mei, and Mabui could compare. She still felt insecure enough to always cover up though. She wore similar clothes to what she had after his training trip. Still effectively covering everything. Still, that was part of her charm.

Naruto asked affectionately, "How are you doing, Hinata?"

Hinata nodded and gave a smile as she answered, "As well as can be expected. I'm getting on. Kurama is doing fine as well."

Naruto nodded eagerly and scuffed up Kurama's hair as he declared, "I see that. Growing up fast. Well, not vertically, but that isn't your fault." Once again, Kurama started to pound cutely on his leg.

Naruto watched as Hinata giggled before he motioned for her to approach. When she did, he turned and presented, "Hinata, these are the guests I told you about. The redhead is Shepard, blue skin is Liara, and scaly is Garrus. You three, this is Hinata Hyuuga. The mother of Kurama."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shepard watched calmly as Naruto and Garrus played with Kurama. Garrus taking part was a surprise, but Shepard hadn't really known him for that long. Finding out he had a playful side and love of kids wasn't too unbelievable. Kurama also quickly developed a fondness of Garrus as well.

Finally finding their play getting boring, Shepard turned to look at Hinata again. Just looking at her made Shepard glad she had spent so long on her own looks that morning. Hinata was between Shepard and Liara, all three of them sitting on the ground.

Shepard was trying to be polite, but watching the serene and loving expression on Hinata's face as she watched Naruto and Kurama finally made her curiosity win. She questioned, "So how did you and Naruto have Kurama? Are you guys still in a relationship?"

Hinata looked at her with a small smile as she replied calmly, "I've always loved Naruto. Ever since I was a kid. After the war, I decided to act. I had confessed to him several months before, but things had been so hectic nothing had happened afterwards. We got together. It only lasted about a year, but it was the happiest time of my life. We found out about Kurama about half way through. We broke up just before Kurama was born though, so we aren't together anymore."

Displaying her greatest feat of strength ever, Shepard didn't ask the obvious question. Luckily, Liara did. "Why?" When Hinata's face showed a little bit of pain, Liara quickly continued, "I'm sorry if that is too personal. It's just that Naruto doesn't seem like the type of person to leave his child, and you clearly were happy in the relationship. I just don't get why it stopped."

Hinata waited a few moments before saying, "It is fine. Almost everyone knows why. I might as well tell you." Hinata took a deep breath before continuing, "I love Naruto. Of that, there is no question. When I was a girl, he was my source of strength. He was everything I wanted to be. I grew up with Naruto as the center of my universe. That has never changed, but I did gain some perspective when we started dating. For all my love, I couldn't repay Naruto for all the happiness he gave me during that time. Naruto is so strong, and I basically was a parasite. Always using him for strength and support. I couldn't do the same for him though. It just wasn't fair that he had to settle for me."

Liara quickly protested, "Everyone feels that way though when they are in love. That their partner deserves better."

Hinata shook her head sadly before continuing, "Naruto told me the same thing, but this was different. Naruto gave me more happiness than I had ever felt before, but it wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want to rely on Naruto for happiness. I wanted to make my own happiness. To do that, I had to be in a relationship where I provided just as much support and love as I receive."

Shepard's eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. Finally she asked, "I'm sorry, but I just don't understand."

Hinata hugged her legs and set her head on her knees as she answered sadly, "I don't even understand sometimes. I have Kurama, who is the only reason I haven't gone crawling back to Naruto, and I have even started a different relationship with my teammate, Shino. He helps me, and I can help him. That is what I couldn't do with Naruto. I received, but could never give back. Yet…Nothing seems to have changed. I still love Naruto more than the world itself, and our feelings always overcome us when he's in Konoha. It might be wrong to say we aren't in a relationship. If anything, I think it would be most accurate to say I'm in two relationships."

Shepard coughed in shock when she heard that. Finally she asked, "What? And they are fine with that?"

Hinata looked slightly confused by Shepard's response as she claimed, "Well…yeah. Shino is part of the Aburame Clan. They tend to think about things differently than others. When I told him he might always be second to Naruto and Kurama, he said that it was natural. I believe his exact words were 'In nature, the larvae are always more important than the workers, and Naruto is comparable to a Queen. The entire hive revolves around it, and is subject to its desires.'"

Shepard waited several moments before asking, "And what the hell does that mean?"

Hinata giggled before explaining, "Sorry. I've gotten used to how he phrases stuff. The Aburame Clan uses hives of bugs implanted into their bodies at birth to battle. In their opinions, bugs are the most effective creatures in the world at surviving and continuing onto the next generation. What they do obviously must be the right thing to do. They seem to not be human in a way. Either they don't feel emotions like jealousy and anger or they ignore it. So Shino thought it completely natural that I would care about Kurama more than him and that I would love Naruto in a way he could never compete. And Naruto…well he is too nice. Anything that makes me happy, he would support without any hard feelings. Plus it isn't that unusual an arrangement."

Shepard sighed and put her face into her hands as she groaned, "So this planet supports polygamy too."

Hinata giggled before replying, "Not polygamy, really. It is just a ninja tradition. We put our lives on the line, and we very well might die any day. Doing what is necessary to achieve happiness during that time is obvious. Marriage is only really practiced in the clans. Other than that, we are in as many relationships for as long as it appeals to us. Partners don't care because we want each other to be happy. Usually we settle down with one partner if we have children or live to be a certain age. It is a slightly old and dated tradition from the ninja clan era, where many more ninjas died at a younger age. It isn't put into practice that often anymore, but we grow up with that mindset, so it still applies in the rare circumstances where it happens. Like CRA or a situation like mine."

Shepard tilted her head before repeating, "CRA?"

Hinata nodded before explaining, "Clan Restoration Act. Ninja clans usually have bloodlines or techniques specific to their members, so if a clan is ever down to one or two members, it is important the clan is restored. They are able to marry multiple people. It is very rare. Currently, I believe only two people in Konoha qualify."

Shepard immediately asked, "Who?"

Hinata jerked her head in Naruto's direction. After Shepard gasped from the implications, Hinata continued, "Naruto is the last of the Uzumaki clan. They are renown for their vitality and chakra reserves. Not to mention seals. The other one is Uchiha Sasuke, but he has decided to only take one wife."

Shepard shook her head in disbelief at the notion of Naruto taking multiple wives. Sure, he was a pervert around Tsunade, but he seemed a little too innocent for that. Not to mention Shepard found the idea of anyone taking multiple wives as unrealistic. Sure, divorces happen and people remarry, but polygamy just seemed so weird. She finally expressed it by stating, "I find the idea of Naruto finding multiple girls willing to share him as fanciful."

Hinata gave her a weird look before stating, "Really? I can think of at least ten girls off the top of my head who would be willing."

Shepard immediately protested, "What? No way."

Hinata nodded with a weird determination, as if defending Naruto was important to her, "Yeah. Naruto is really popular. He even has twins with a priestess in Demon Country."

Shepard deadpanned, "So he has even more kids."

Hinata nodded before informing her, "Yeah. He protected a priestess several years ago. Afterwards she asked him to father her kids because she wasn't allowed to marry. A boy and a girl. Taruho and Miroku, the name of her mother and a friend, I think."

Shepard put her head in her hands as she tried to grasp that idea. She heard Liara speak though, "Interesting. The Asari system is rather similar to this. Since we live such long lives, taking only one mate doesn't appeal to most Asari. Other species also have much shorter lives, so we have to deal with our mates dying long before we do. So we treasure the time and feelings from those relationships, but we then move on."

Before Hinata could reply, Shepard burst out, "I just don't get it. The Asari I can get. You outlive all other species except the Krogan, but I don't get this species doing it. What is so great about Naruto? I mean, he's a nice guy. Probably even a great guy from what we've heard, but why would girls be willing to share him."

Hinata seemed confused by her outburst, but told her regardless, "Because we all care about him. Naruto has suffered and overcome so much while saving so many people, that we want to give back to him anyway we can. Plus, there are certain…advantages to being with Naruto." Hinata finished with a blush on her face.

Shepard didn't get that though. She asked in a confused tone, "What do you mean? Does he have money?"

Hinata started stuttering(just imagine it cause I'm not writing it) and her face got more red as she answered, "Well…he has money, but it isn't that. He's nice, but he also has a lot of…energy. He fulfills you in so many way…He never gets tired…he's naturally…well gifted…and the clones. Oh my. Nothing can compare to the clones." Now Hinata's face was tomato red, and Shepard was blushing, finally realized what she was talking about. Even Liara looked away in embarrassment.

The three were interrupted by Naruto yelling with a huge grin, "Geez. And Tsunade-baachan calls me a pervert. She should talk to you, Hinata." Hinata eeped and buried her blushing face in her hands. Luckily Kurama quickly distracted Naruto.

Garrus soon walked over and plopped down. He soon spoke in a winded voice, "Geez, that kid just doesn't get tired."

"Sorry for making you play with Kurama, Garrus," Hinata quickly responded to his comment.

Garrus just waved his hand before claiming, "No problem. Used to play with my little sister the same way before I joined C-Sec. It was actually kind of fun. A nice way to relieve some stress that had built up."

"Never took you for a kid person, Garrus," Shepard teased.

Garrus just shrugged before responding easily, "You'd be surprised. After spending almost a decade dealing with criminals and scumbags day in and day out, the innocence of a child is downright refreshing. Even if he has enough energy to run circles around me."

There talk was interrupted when Naruto walked over with a struggling Kurama slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He then informed the group, "I sensed the others arriving together. They'll be here in a few moments."

True to his words, a large group quickly appeared from the trees. Once they stopped in front of them, Naruto announced, "I guess I'm in charge of the introduction. Guys, these are our alien visitors that you've no doubt hear of. This is Jane Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, and Liara T'Soni." Shepard saw the group quickly look them over. She also took the chance to examine them when Naruto continued.

"This is Kiba Inuzuka, and Akamaru. His nin-dog."

Kiba was a remarkably feral looking person with rather sharp teeth, red marks on his cheeks, and slit pupils. He had brown hair, and appeared to be about Naruto's age. Akamru was a huge white dog. Kiba nodded and spoke, "Hey." Shepard quickly returned a short greeting.

"Shino Aburame."

Shino was a rather tall person who seemed to put an effort into showing as little skin as possible. A large coat had a collar which covered his mouth, a hood which covered his hair, and he wore a pair of sunglasses. Hinata was also standing at his side, although Kurama stayed near Naruto's leg. Shepard nodded uneasily at the person, remembering Hinata said that he apparently had bugs in his body.

"Shikamaru Nara, and his wife Shiho."

Shepard examined these two slightly closer due to knowing that these two were apparently among the most intelligent in this world. Shikamaru managed to give off a feeling that screamed lazy. His black hair was up in a spiky ponytail, and he had rather narrow eyes. Shiho had light blonde hair that had a number of stray hairs, wore a set of thick glasses, and seemed to be wearing a white doctors coat. Shiho was hiding behind an annoyed Shikamaru, who muttered about something being troublesome.

"Ino Yamanaka"

Ino was a cheery blonde with her hair done up in a ponytail, except for a single bang which covered one of her light blue eyes. Shepard immediately noticed her provocative clothing that emphasized her womanly curves, although she was more slender than the Hokage and Hinata. She greeted the trio enthusiastically.

"Chouji Akamichi."

Chouji was a large boy with a long mane of red hair and wearing a peculiar set of red armor. He also seemed to be in the middle of eating a large bag of chips. He just nodded at the trio.

"Neji Hyuuga, Hinata's cousin."

Neji was a remarkably feminine looking man. His dark brown hair was longer and more well cared for then Shepard's. He was dressed in a loose kimono like outfit. Shepard also noticed that he had eyes very similar to Hinata's, with his lacking the slight lavender tint of Hinata's. It made him look to be blind. He gave a very dignified greeting to the three.

"Rock Lee."

Shepard once again decided that this was clearly a different species than her own. Lee seemed to have perfectly round eyes, and the thickest pair of eyebrows she had ever seen. His black hair was cut into a bowl haircut. He was wearing a horrendous green jumpsuit, with orange leg warmers, bandages covering his hands and forearms, and a lighter green vest. He gave a very loud and enthusiastic greeting.


Tenten was a cute girl with brown eyes, and grown hair done up in two buns on her head. She was wearing a white blouse, and a burgundy hakama. Interestingly, she also had a large scroll hanging on her back from a sling she had around her shoulders.

"And you've already seen Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou."

Shepard was surprised at seeing the Kazekage, but managed to not let it show. After the introductions were finished, the group split up into several smaller groups. Shikamaru had laid down by the nearest tree and apparently went to sleep. Shiho had followed him, but was quickly drawn into conversation by Liara. Chouji had also followed, leaning against the tree as he ate his chips. Ino gathered Temari, Tenten, and Hinata together before dragging them a small distance away to talk. Lee approached Garrus and started screaming about youthful fire or something to the terrified Turian. Shepard felt like she should help Garrus, but eventually decided it wasn't worth it. She instead went over to the last group. It consisted of Naruto, Neji, Kiba, Shino, Gaara, and Kankurou.

As she approached, she heard Naruto questioning, "So neither Sakura or Sasuke decided to come? Are you sure you told them, Kiba?"

A slightly irritated Kiba immediately answered, "Yes, I made sure to tell them. If they didn't come, it isn't from not knowing."

Shepard saw Naruto looking sad as he ran his fingers through his hair. He finally commented, "Sorry if I sounded like I was accusing you, Kiba. I am just upset that they didn't come. I haven't seen either of them for years."

Shepard finally interjected herself into the group by asking, "Sorry, but who are these two? Sakura and Sasuke?"

Naruto quickly explained in a tense voice, "My former teammates. Genin are placed onto squads with two other genin and a jounin instructor. Kakashi was our instructor."

Shepard raised an eyebrow before asking, "So why didn't they come to see you?"

"It seems logical that the two feel awkward about meeting Naruto again," Shino said in a calm voice. His words made Naruto grimace.

"Why?" Shepard felt guilty from asking, but she just didn't understand.

Neji was the one who started explaining, "Sasuke defected from the village about seven years ago to join a traitor. Naruto fought him about two years ago. After defeating him, he brought him back to the village. Sakura and Sasuke announced their engagement several months ago."

Shepard was still confused, although she could see why meeting with Sasuke might be awkward. Luckily, Kiba bluntly added, "Naruto liked Sakura for years. Brought Sasuke back just because he had promised her he would. Even confessed right afterwards. She told him no." Shepard flinched, now seeing why the two talking would be awkward. Kiba wasn't done though, "And he didn't exactly bring Sasuke back in good condition. One of his Sharingan were destroyed in their battle, and he ended up giving the other one to Naruto. For doujutsu users, that might as well be death."

Now clearly seeing the pain written on Naruto's face, Shepard changed the subject by asking, "What is this Sharingan? You mentioned it several times last night, but you haven't actually explained what it is."

"Really? I was sure I did." Naruto commented as he got into a thinking posture. He finally shrugged before continuing, "I guess we should rectify that. Neji, I think you would be best suited to explain to her about doujutsu."

Neji seemed slightly annoyed, but quickly erased all emotion from his face before informing Shepard, "Doujutsu are a type of kekkei genkai, or Bloodline Limits. A Bloodline Limit is a genetic trait which is passed down through the blood of certain individuals. These traits allow the user to utilize chakra in ways ordinarily impossible for others. Doujutsu, or Eye Techniques, are Bloodline Limits which affect the eyes." Suddenly, the veins around his eyes bulged, and a pupil became visible. Shepard backed up slightly at the intimidating sight, suddenly feeling like his eyes could see everything about her. Negi didn't react to her discomfort, just continuing, "The Hyuuga are known for our doujutsu, the Byakugan. With it we gain a 360 degree field of vision, are able to see through walls and other solid objects, telescopic vision, and the ability to see chakra. I am easily able to see 800 meters in all directions, while Hinata is capable of seeing over 10 kilometers in a single direction." Neji then deactivated his Byakugan.

Shepard blinked in utter shock and awe. If what he was saying is true, and he had little reason to lie, then Shepard could see the pure combat potential such an ability would allow. Being able to place all the enemy positions on a battlefield, spot ambushes or snipers. It would completely remove the element of surprise from any plans the enemies might try. Even the most advanced scanners couldn't do that, since most suits could be modified to hide the wearers from any scanning equipment. He might even be able to spot people under camouflage.

She did her best to control herself, but couldn't hide her eagerness as she turned to Naruto and asked, "So I assume this 'Sharingan' grants you similar abilities?"

Naruto shrugged before responding easily, "Somewhat, but the two are quite different. The Byakugan is most suited for scouting purposes, although the Hyuuga have found multiple ways to use it in battle. However, the Byakugan can't compare to the Sharingan in battle, due to the multiple abilities it grants that are meant for battle. The Sharingan isn't able to see through objects, has a field of vision only slightly wider than normal eyes, and lacks telescopic vision. It does give an incredible boost in perception, to the point where its user is capable of predictive capabilities. The Sharingan gives the user a photographic memory when it is active. The user also gains vastly enhanced reflexes when it is activated, due to the increased neural activity. Like the Byakugan, the Sharingan is capable of seeing chakra. A Sharingan user is also able to copy any action which they are physically capable of by using these skills whether they be fighting styles or even a person's handwriting. The perception allows even the tiniest movements to become obvious, we are able to examine how chakra is shaped and molded in techniques, and the photographic memory allows us to recall it all perfectly."

"An ability many people disregard, which I have found to be the most useful, is the Sharingan's ability in genjutsu. By meeting a person's eyes with it, I can hypnotize a person. I can plant thoughts and suggestions in their minds, which most genjutsu users aren't capable of. Or I can use eye contact to perform other genjutsu, like putting the target to sleep, induce paralysis, or create various illusions."

Shepard once again had to contain her awe at the explanation. The various things it granted all had enormous potential, but the hypnotic ability was possibly the most dangerous. Planting thoughts and suggestions in others just through eye contact. The amount of damage that might cause if abused was enormous. Not to mention illusions. Shepard guessed that was what he had done the previous night when he showed them the Kyuubi attack.

"Do you think you can show me this Sharingan? I would also request that you demonstrate this ability for hypnotism, if you don't mind?" she requested.

Naruto got into a thinking position for several moments before nodding and saying, "Sure, this is actually a good time to figure out more about how your bodies react to chakra. Neji, do you think you can observe how my chakra reacts when I insert it into her body. I tested out if genjutsu would work on her yesterday, but I didn't want to risk keeping it up too long, if her body reacted negatively."

Neji nodded, and activated his Byakugan. Naruto nodded before turning back to Shepard and asking, "Are you ready? I'll do several different tests. First, I shall do more overt genjutsu."

Shepard nodded, and prepared herself for something to happen. She watched as Naruto's left eye changed into the same form as yesterday. She examined it for several moments before trying to see if the genjutsu had taken effect. She immediately decided it had when she felt herself being restrained. She turned her head and saw a tree, a frickin tree, was binding her. Figuring this was the illusion, Shepard immediately felt amazement. It was so real. She felt the bark against her skin, smelled the slightly sweet scent it was giving off, and even heard the leaves rustling in a wind. If it's branches weren't formed in such ways that they restrained her entire upper body, she would believe it was real. She half expected it to disappear as soon as she realized it was an illusion, but it stayed. Frowning, she tried to move, but it still held. Now firmly irritated at the illusion that didn't seem like an illusion, she started struggling fiercely. The tree held steady though. She finally gave up and looked at the clearly amused Naruto. The tree soon disappeared into nothing. Shepard stumbled slightly as a sense of vertigo gripped her before she regained her balance. Shepard started rubbing her arms where she felt a lingering phantom pain from rubbing herself against the rough bark, but her skin was completely smooth when she looked.

She finally murmured, "That was far more impressive than I had thought. I figured the illusion would be fragile, but it was as if it was real."

Naruto nodded before explaining, "Genjutsu work by manipulating the brain. The brain controls everything. By manipulating your brain to believe a tree was there, you weren't able to act in ways that contradict the situation your brain was convinced was real. Neji, what did you see?"

Neji replied without turning off his Byakugan, "It is actually quite fascinating. Her brain structure is almost completely the same as our own, although there are several very small differences along with the usual microscopic differences between individuals. The brains of the other two are also very similar. The strong similarities between our brains allow genjutsu to work on them. In fact, their lack of chakra seem to make them more effective since they don't have the natural resistance to chakra that we do. One thing that worries me though is how the chakra interacted with her body after you stopped the genjutsu. Her body absorbed it, causing a brief disruption in her blood flow and I suspect neural activity. This probably resulted in a brief moment of vertigo." The two looked at Shepard for confirmation.

She blinked in thought before nodding and answering, "There was a brief moment where I felt off balance. I thought it was normal."

Neji nodded before continuing, "Her body clearly reacted to the chakra. Luckily, genjutsu uses so little chakra that any harmful side effects were limited. Larger doses of chakra might have other effects that I can't predict. Continue, and I'll try to see anything I missed."

Naruto nodded and turned to Shepard. She briefly met that blood red eye he had before focusing on his face. He had a thinking look for several moments before he muttered, "I'm not sure if I should. Not only could it possibly have harmful side effects, but this is also a very powerful ability. I shouldn't give away this information yet."

Shepard frowned. She should offer him a reward for doing it. He was right. This was a powerful ability to just give away information on. It was only fair. She quickly told him, "I'll reward you if you do."

Naruto smirked before asking, "What kind of reward? What can you possibly do for me?" Shepard's mind was immediately flooded with some very racy and perverted ideas on what she could do for him. She blushed heavily before fixing him with a glare. He just grinned before continuing, "I see you realized. Did you realize that I used it on you twice?"

Shepard blinked in confusion before she exclaimed softly, "The reward."

Naruto nodded before enlightening her, "Yes. See, there are several restrictions on the ability. Simply put, I simply put a thought into another person's head with a small desire to follow it. A sufficiently smart person might be able to see fault with the thought though, and decide to not act on it. This also means if I implant a thought that didn't fit their previous line of thought or implant a thought that is too outrageous or out of behavior, they can realize that I implanted the thought into their minds. You followed the idea of a reward because it was a reasonable response to my words. When I placed several more outrageous ideas in your head, you realized what I was doing. There is a technique which manipulates the victims memory and places a stronger compulsion on the person to make them follow the thought, but it is now impossible following the war. So you can stop thinking about me manipulating you or anyone else."

Shepard blinked before questioning, "So now you can read minds?"

Naruto just snorted before replying with a smirk, "Please. Any intelligent person who heard about this technique would obviously worry about it being abused."

Shepard blushed at that. Luckily Negi interrupted to inform them, "The same thing occurred. The fact that this technique uses even less chakra then regular genjutsu stopped the vertigo from occurring. I would recommend asking for Tsunade's assistance though. I don't have the medical knowledge to know whether the chakra is causing any damage to her body when it is absorbed."

Naruto nodded before commenting, "I guess that is the best option. For all we know, our chakra might be poison to her body. I don't think we should leave it up to chance. Shepard, do you mind if I take you three to Tsunade for a checkup after this. She's renown as the best medic in the world. She'll be able to find out if anything is wrong."

Shepard thought for several moments. Although she didn't feel sick or anything, she really shouldn't risk it. If there was any delayed effect, she'd rather know about it. She also didn't really have anything else to do until the Normandy was able to send another ship to pick her up. She finally nodded as an answer.

Naruto grinned as he exclaimed, "Great, we'll do that later. Let's forget the serious stuff for now though. Let's just have fun."

Shepard had to grin slightly at the ever cheerful Naruto. He could get serious, but Shepard just knew that Naruto was at his most natural with a grin on his face. She also liked the cheerful Naruto better.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Naruto was tense as he lead the trio towards the Hokage tower. Although he was confident in the decision the kage had made, it didn't stop this moment from being a turning point for his species. This decision would have far reaching effects that they would have to take responsibility for, god or bad. They were about to make history.

It was the day after the picnic with his friends. After the serious beginning, the rest of that time had been very fun. Naruto ended up getting into a brawl with both Kiba and Lee at the same time, but they were forced to stop after they knocked over a tree. He had a nice talks with Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou. The group had then gone to a barbeque place to eat, the group denied Naruto's request to eat at Ichiraku Ramen.

Afterwards, things had gotten serious again. Naruto had taken the three aliens to Tsunade, who delighted in the opportunity to escape her paperwork and study three alien species. That night she had used her diagnostic jutsu to understand the alien's basic physiology and how their bodies were reacting to her chakra. She then went into a whole spiel of science mumbo jumbo that only Liara really understood about what chakra actually is. Naruto managed to pick up the general idea though.

Apparently the planet exuded a type of radiation. This radiation seemed to cause three unique chemical processes that each produce a different type of isotope. One of these isotopes is actually produced in the brain of animals. This isotope apparently absorbs electrical energy from the synapses firing around it, and release the energy referred to as Yin Release, or spiritual energy. The next isotope is formed in the muscles of all living things. This isotope takes the electrical energy from the bodies nervous system, and releases the energy referred to as Yang Release, or physical energy. Their bodies also seemed to have adapted to these energy sources in a very unique way. Apparently, the training of their bodies causes more of the isotope located there to be produced at a faster rate, which then draws more electrical energy to produce more physical energy. High levels of brain activity also increases the production of the isotope in the brain, drawing more electrical energy to produce more spiritual energy. Their nervous system would soon shut down from lack of electrical energy is not for an adaptation they seemed to have. When their nervous system started suffering from a lack of electrical energy, it seemed to automatically produce more. Technically, a shinobi's nervous system nervous system produces electricity on a scale the alien's can't possibly compare. So much electrical energy is running through their nervous systems that it would literally fry their neurons if it wasn't absorbed by these isotopes. Which is why a lack of chakra causes death. The isotopes in their body can only produce a certain amount of the energy in a certain time period. If too much of this energy is produced in a limited time, like during battle, the isotopes actually slow in their production of this energy. If this process slows too much, not enough energy is drawn from their nervous systems. When too much energy is left in their nervous systems, it fries itself. Naturally, a destroyed nervous system is equivalent to death.

The third isotope is actually produced in plants. The plants then absorb energy the plant generates during photosynthesis to produce another type of energy. Natural energy. Naruto also questioned Tsunade about the chakra the Bijuu use. Apparently, there was even an answer to that. The chakra of the Bijuu was a combination of all three, almost similar to Naruto's Sage chakra. All living things release the energy they produce into the atmosphere, which mixes together in a way a sage can never manage. The Bijuu, or more specifically, the Ten Tails was formed when that energy reached a concentration level where it formed a shape. This also explained why the Bijuu couldn't be killed. Even if their body was destroyed, their remaining chakra simply absorbed some from the atmosphere till they had enough to once again take shape.

After learning all this, Liara almost immediately came up with a theory. She stated the possibility that these three isotopes were isotopes of Eezo, or Element Zero. The Omni-Tool wasn't advanced enough to reach a definitive result, so it was mainly based on similar characteristics. Apparently Eezo is a substance where, if an electrical charge is run through it, an energy is released which can be used to create a mass effect field. A field where mass can be either raised or lowered. This caused a discussion on what the energy the isotopes release can be used for. Apparently, physical energy can actually create matter from nothing. Spiritual energy can actually alter the laws that govern the universe within a small area. When these are used together, shinobi are able to do things that should be impossible. Natural energy was harder since Tsunade claimed it was such a rare art that little research had been done on it. She theorized though that natural energy simply made it easier to control the other energies. So it isn't that Natural energy empowered his chakra, he just gained so much more control over it that his power reached a different level. Made sense, it isn't like senjutsu really worked any different than regular jutsu. He just gained the ability to take all his techniques up a notch. It must have just been because his control had increased to a ridiculous level.

Liara had then gone on to explain how amazing this all was. Apparently the Asari and Salarians have been attempting and failing for thousands of years to find a way to produce Eezo or an isotope of it. The fact that not one, not two, but three isotopes had appeared naturally on this planet was nothing short of miraculous.

Naruto swore the two could have discussed it for hours if he hadn't stepped in. He had to remind Tsunade why they had come. To find out if chakra was harmful to them. Tsunade had quickly assured them it wasn't. If they ever came into contact with a concentrated amount of the isotopes, they might develop cancer. The energy itself wasn't inherently harmful to them though. Liara had quickly agreed due to the fact that Eezo could cause cancer as well, but mass effect fields weren't harmful. After all, their entire system of interstellar travel relied on mass effect field being used on entire ships of people. Naturally, destructive chakra like chakra that had undergone nature transformation would still destroy them though. The only issue was that their bodies didn't have a resistance to chakra, so any technique used on them would be more potent. The healing chakra felt extra good and the genjutsu took longer to dissolve.

Naruto would have been happy with just that, but Tsunade hadn't been. She had asked, more like demanded, that they come the next day to provide DNA samples for her to examine using technology instead of chakra. Naruto had literally spent the entire morning sitting in a room as Tsunade went crazy over the results. They had gone out to lunch before messengers had arrived calling them to the kage chamber.

As Naruto led the trio, he was asked multiple times what the kages had decided. He kept his mouth shut though till they reached the chamber. The kages were already there. Naruto walked away from the trio of aliens to lean on a wall before observing the proceedings.

Gaara was the one who asked, "Shepard. Are you ready to hear the decision of the five kages?"

Shepard gulped before nodding. She then muttered, "Yes, I'm ready." The kages nodded together. Tsunade was the one to stand and start speaking.

"It is the decision of this group that…we shall agree to meet with your council." Naruto watched as Shepard let out a sigh of relief. Tsunade then continued, "We have also decided to send our own people on your ship to meet with them on your Citadel. Naruto shall be the leader of the group, but this shall be a coordinated effort on the part of the five kages. As such, we shall each send several shinobi from each of our villages to accompany him. Raikage, why don't you start?"

A stood before announcing, "I shall send Mabui and Samui. Mabui is used to organizing large amounts of data and planning schedules. Considering that this might take months, both will be useful. Samui is also a qualified sensor, which could prove useful. Kazekage."

Gaara stood and announced simply, "I shall only send Temari. She acted as our ambassador to Konoha for several years, and thus is used to political negotiations. Tsuchikage."

Kurotsuchi stood before announcing, "I shall go myself to represent Iwa. We will need several powerful political representatives in order to better represent the Elemental Nations. Mizukage."

Mei stood with a smile before claiming, "I also agree with the Tsuchikage. So I shall also be attending these negotiations myself. Hokage."

Tsunade stood and looked towards Naruto before saying, "I shall leave Konoha's choice up to Naruto. He shall be heading the mission, and knows our shinobi. Ask for whoever you wish to accompany you, within reason of course."

Naruto sighed and straightened. He took a moment to think before answering, "I would ask for both Shikamaru and Shiho. Their intelligence could prove valuable when interacting with the alien technology. I would also like to ask for a Hyuuga. A Byakugan could prove invaluable."

Tsunade nodded before replying, "Neji's Byakugan has surpassed even Tokuma's. I could also Tenten for extra security. I think it best Lee isn't sent with them. If that is alright with the other kage." The other kage quickly agreed.

Naruto nodded before commenting, "That means there is a total of ten, including myself. That seems like a good solid number. Not too little or too many." The kage nodded in agreement.

"Shepard. When will your ship arrive?"

Shepard quickly responded, "My pilot gave an estimate of three days."

Naruto nodded before saying, "Okay. There is little need for the five kage to remain here to see us off. I suggest the Kazekage and Raikage return to their villages, and the Tsuchikage and Mizukage clear up any issues and establish a replacement for their absence." The meeting quickly broke up after that.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shepard found herself at the village gate three days later. According to Joker, they had finally adjusted the Normandy to handle the magnetic field. Naturally Liara and Garrus were with her, as was Naruto and all those who were joining him. Several others had also shown up. Tsunade and Kakashi had both arrived to see them off, not to mention a number of the people she had met at the picnic.

"Commander, I can come down anytime. Just give me the coordinates of the landing sight, and I'll be there before you can say 'snappy.'"

Shepard quickly replied to the Omni-Tool, "Understood. I'll send you the coordinated in a few minutes." After deactivating the Omni-Tool, she turned to Naruto and asked, "So where do you plan to have the Normandy land?"

Naruto turned to her and quickly told her, "There is a large field a few miles to the southeast. It is slightly uneven terrain, but it is the largest area without trees in the immediate area."

Shepard frowned before telling him, "The Normandy can't land on uneven terrain."

Naruto just gave her a grin before responding, "Kurotsuchi can handle that. We just need to get there first. That, I can handle."

Shepard jumped when a clone popped into existence behind her. Before she could move away, the clone swept her up into a princess carry. Shepard blushed before preparing to demand he put her down. She was cut off though when the clone started running before jumping into the air. Shepard, to her eternal shame, soon found herself gripping the clone's shoulders and burying her face in its chest as it literally sped through the forest by jumping off branches. Her fear made it all rush by, but in reality this only happened for several minutes before the clone landed at the edge of a field. The entire group seemed to have beaten them there, and by quite a bit if their bored faces were anything to go by.

Shepard stumbled a bit once the clone set her back on her feet, naturally disorientated by the whole experience. Once she snapped out of it though, she delivered a quick punch to the clone, making it puff away into smoke. She then turned with a scowl towards the grinning Naruto. She pointed at him before angrily exclaiming, "You could have given me some warning."

Naruto just shot that infuriating smirk at her before replying, "You wouldn't have approved if I had, and I didn't want to wait for you guys to walk here."

Shepard couldn't quite deny that this way was faster, but she still angrily turned her back on the blonde. She looked towards Garrus and Liara to see how they reacted. Garrus seemed just as annoyed as her, being carried like that probably didn't sit too well with the proud Turian, but Liara just seemed embarrassed.

Finally regaining control of herself, she turned back around towards Naruto and asked, "So what now?"

Naruto thought for a moment before questioning, "We'll need to know how big your ship is, and how large an area it needs to land."

Shepard nodded before answering, "The Normandy is about 55 meters long, but it needs a bit more area than that to land. Joker, our pilot, is the best though. He can probably land it if he had an area of 100 meters by 50 meters. It will be safer and easier to land the larger the landing area is though."

Naruto turned to Kurotsuchi and commented, "Then I suggest we make it 300 meters by 100 meters."

Kurotsuchi just scowled before replying, "Then you come and help, Blondie. I don't feel like working up a sweat, and you got chakra to spare."

Shepard grinned in glee at the grimace on Naruto's face. It was two days before that Naruto had introduced them to Kurotsuchi in an unofficial setting. It seemed the Tsuchikage was not one to behave properly in unofficial settings. On the contrary, she seemed to take a particularly pleasure in annoying Naruto and referring to him by rather demeaning nicknames. Shepard had a feeling that she was actually just crushing on the blonde, but Shepard certainly wasn't going to say that out loud. She'd seen what this species considers normal, and she wasn't interested in dying just because this species didn't realize not everyone could be punched through a wall without a mark to show for it. Shepard did enjoy the annoyance Kurotsuchi caused in the blonde though. Shepard found Naruto to be nice and fun to be around, but she did not like how much the blonde seemed to enjoy teasing her.

Naruto sighed and joined Kurotsuchi in front of the group. Shepard watched as the two made those weird hand signs in unison before both slammed their open plams onto the ground and shouted together, "Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart." Shepard then watched as a huge chunk of earth rose at least twenty meters in the air. Shepard swiveled her head with wide eyes to see that the rampart was at least 300 meters. The edges of it were also remarkably smooth. After the huge rampart stopped rising, Naruto stepped back and gave Kurotsuchi more room. The Tsuchikage made a few more hand seals before silently slamming her hands to the ground again. This time, the earth rose in segments to create a perfect set of stone stairs leading to the top of the platform.

With it done, Kurotsuchi let out a sigh and wiped a few beads of sweat from her forehead. She then claimed in an annoyed voice, "I've been stuck doing paperwork too long if I worked up a sweat from just that. I'm out of shape."

Shepard shook her head at that. That was rusty? Naruto had already explained that the kage were the most powerful shinobi on the planet, but still? This entire species seemed to behave as if the laws of the universe don't apply to them, which they sort of don't if you consider their chakra. Chakra allows them to make the laws of physics their bitch. Shepard slapped herself as soon as she thought that. She was starting to crack from all this magic going on around her.

Naruto obviously didn't realize her thoughts. He just turned and said, "That should be large enough. You can send the coordinates."

Shepard decided to ignore her thoughts and just nodded. She activated the Omni-Tool and spoke into it, "Joker, this is Shepard. Come to the coordinates I'm sending you. The area you can land is pretty clear."

"Got it, Commander."

After that it only took several minutes for Joker to arrive. The shinobi watched intently as the Normandy appeared in the sky. The Alliance frigate swooped down from the clouds like a bird. It circled the large platform several times before the ship came down to elegantly settle on the large platform of earth.

The group on the ground started up the stairs as soon as the ship had settled. They reached the top as a bottom portion of the Normandy lowered to reveal a ramp. A group of four was walking down it to meet them. Shepard couldn't hold back the grin at the sight of them.

"Wrex, Tali, Kaidan, Ashley."

The four headed straight towards her. After stopping right in front of her, Kaidan commented in a joking voice, "Good to see you, Commander. Feels like we've been circling this planet for months waiting to pick you up."

Shepard shrugged before replying, "It wasn't too bad for us down here. Many new experiences. Still, I'm ready to get back to our mission. We just need to drop these guys of at the Citadel."

Kaidan nodded and looked at Naruto and the others before commenting cautiously, "Yes. It is interesting to finally see them after all we've heard."

Shepard nodded and turned to look at Naruto again. She immediately saw that he was looking at her with an intense look that made her feel like he could see her thoughts. Fighting against the feeling, she spoke up, "I guess it is my turn to do the introductions. Guys, this is Naruto Uzumaki. He is in charge of the group we are transporting to the Citadel. Naruto, these are a few members of my crew. This is Urdnot Wrex, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Ashely Williams, and Kaidan Alenko."

Naruto shook hands with Alenko, but only exchanged a nod with a suspicious looking Ashley. He stopped in front of Tali though and tilted his head. The Quarian shifted nervously under his scrutiny. Shepard wondered what the blonde was thinking.

Naruto finally smiled and commented, "You're really pretty, Tali. It is a shame that you have to wear that mask." Shepard blinked in shock before seeing that Naruto had activated his Sharingan. Apparently it allowed him to see through the tinted mask. Shepard almost felt annoyed. Almost every species harbors a great curiosity on what Quarians look like, and he comes and is just able to see the answer immediately. A certain part of her brain, which she usually kept firmly suppressed, was raging at the unfairness of it.

She had to cover her mouth to hold in her laughter though when she saw an embarrassed Tali stuttering. The young Quarian finally managed to squeak out a thank you before she tried to subtly position herself behind Shepard to escape from her embarrassment. Naruto didn't seem bothered by her embarrassment, Shepard even had a feeling he was probably rather gleeful with the Quarian's embarrassment over his comment. Instead he just turned towards Wrex and crossed his arms. Shepard immediately felt the tension rise as the two powerful predators stared each other down.

"So you are a Krogan. I've heard quite a bit about your species," Naruto commented in a surprisingly cold voice.

Wrex just grunted, "And?"

Naruto didn't reply for several moments. Then his face changed completely. His mouth cured into a shit eating grin and a fierce and excited glint entered his eyes. He then declared, "And I am so going to see if you match up to all the hype I've heard these past few days!"

Wrex seemed slightly surprised by the declaration, but he soon smiled as well, showing off his sharp and jagged teeth. He then turned to Shepard and claimed, "I like this species already, Shepard. They've got quads." Shepard shook her head in exasperation at their behavior, but at least it is interesting.

"Hey, have you forgotten about us?" a voice called out in an annoyed voice.

Shepard chuckled as she saw that they had forgotten the others. A quick introduction followed. After that, things moved quickly. The shinobi that were coming with them said quick good byes before walking onto the ship.

Slightly surprised at their nonchalance, Shepard moved to Naruto's side and questioned, "Aren't you going nervous to be leaving your planet? We are heading into space?"

Naruto just turned to her with a bright grin before immediately responding, "I'm not nervous. This is just the beginning of a whole new beginning, and I can't wait for it to start." Shepard could hide a small blush at his smile, but soon grinned as well. His enthusiasm is contagious. She was starting to feel excited herself. The start of a whole new beginning. She kind of liked the sound of that.

There it is.

Yes, Naruto had a kid with Hinata. I don't particularly like the pairing, but i decided to do that. I also used the opportunity to adjust how quickly Naruto's species grows. The fact that they start training at eight to become shinobi is crazy. Do you all remember what you were like at eight? Then you have to consider Kakashi who was five when he became a genin. Insanity. Most five year olds have difficulty speaking in complete sentences, much less becoming a soldier. So i think it is reasonable to think that their species ages extremely fast as an adaptation to the constant fighting.

Yes, i gave Naruto the Sharingan. He also has the Rinnegan and Juubi's eyes. This is a godlike Naruto, but he won't be whipping all these things out willy nilly. He's going to be cautious when using these things. Sasuke and Sakura won't be mentioned often. I don't like either of them.

I had originally been planning to just say fuck it, chakra exists in this universe because i say so. Didn't want to justify how it exists, but somehow i ended up doing it. I am not a science person, i am a political science major. If any one dares to complain about it being a stupid explanation of what chakra is, i shall slap you through the internet. Those of you who like the explanation, yay for you. Those of you who think it is stupid and unrealistic, i officially call upon my power as the author of this story to ignore all reason and do what i want.

I have little doubt many of you will also ask about pairings. This is almost certainly going to turn into a harem, but Naruto isn't going to romance literally every girl in the Mass Effect universe. Right now i'm thinking Shepard, Tali, and Liara for Mass Effect. I'm not sure about Ashley. He'll also become involved with Kurotsuchi, Temari, and Samui. I'm unsure about Mei, Mabui, and Tenten. Then whoever else i feel like adding as i write this story. It's a benefit of being the author.

Okay, i think that is all i have to say. Hope you enjoyed.