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"You'll be staying here. Sorry for the lack of space and comfort, but the Normandy isn't really built for that," Shepard told the group.

Naruto just waved his hand and replied, "No worries. We're all used to sleeping outside during missions. Give us enough room to lay down in sleeping bags and we're good." Naruto then looked around at the storage room where they would be staying.

After the ship had set off, Shepard had given the group a very quick tour around the ship and shown them the important areas like the mess hall and the bathrooms. Naruto could immediately tell that this was a military ship. There simply wasn't enough room or comforts for it to be meant for anything other than professional business. In the end, they would have to make do with the metal floor of the storage area. Shepard was really lucky that they were ninjas. Naruto had to chuckle at the thought of how the daimyos would act if they were told they had to sleep on the floor.

Shepard nodded before claiming, "Alright, I should go and address any problems that occurred when I was gone. You can find me if you have any questions or problems. You can also ask any other crew members." She then turned and left slowly.

Once she was gone, Naruto turned to the group and shrugged before telling them, "Alright, you can do what you want for now. Relax, explore the ship more, or talk to some of the crew. Just make sure you are ready for any unexpected troubles to arise. I'm going to handle some things that need to be done." The group nodded.

Naruto quickly strode towards the elevator (which was insanely slow by the way), and rode up. He then walked up the stairs to the command deck. He quickly crossed it till he was standing near the pilot's chair. Joker looked at him quickly, but didn't stop pushing the buttons necessary to whatever he was doing.

"Anything I can help with?" Joker questioned without looking at Naruto.

Naruto shrugged before replying, "I just wanted to see the planet from space before leaving. Apparently, looking at a planet is quite a view."

"Then you're lucky. I'm just about to finish planning our route to the Citadel. This will be your last opportunity for a while," Joker informed him with a nod.

Naruto didn't reply, instead choosing to use the opportunity to look on his homeworld. It looked…small. It was a difficult thought, to know everything precious to you is almost inconsequential to the larger galaxy. Still, Naruto had somewhat grown used to the thought after learning about the whole galactic civilization thing. Instead, Naruto took this opportunity to examine his planet. The single massive continent that constituted most of the world's land mass. The large number of islands close to it that constituted a large number of different minor countries. Naruto could even identify where most of the individual countries were. It matched all the maps Naruto had seen, but it was still such a different perspective that Naruto was mesmerized.

"Sorry, but I've finished calculating our route to the Citadel. The Commander has also given the order to set off as soon as possible," Joker announced to Naruto.

Naruto blinked for a moment before nodding and replying, "Alright. Go on ahead. I'll just watch, if that isn't a problem?"

"Not at all. This will only take a few minutes anyway," Joker answered. Naruto watched as Joker pushed a few more buttons. It was only Naruto's awareness that allowed him to detect the subtle change in themovements of the Normandy. A quick look out of the glass showed that the outside of the ship seemed to be surrounded in a blue energy. Any further observations were cut off when Joker spoke into a small microphone which projected his voice throughout the Normandy, "We have just entered FTL speed, and are heading towards the nearest mass relay. ETA for the Citadel is 69 hours." Joker then relaxed back into his seat.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Joker's inactivity before asking, "Is that it?"

"Well, yeah," Joker replied with a carefree shrug before explaining, "The difficult part is planning the most efficient route. It is actually far more difficult than going from point A to point B. For the rest of the trip, minor adjustments just have to be made every five minutes or so due to small variables. Managing the Eezo core, heat management, thruster output, other boring things. Most of the others can handle that. Otherwise, the only difficult parts are landing the ship and handling it if we ever get into more difficult situations."

"I see…sort of," Naruto commented with a thoughtful look.

Joker took the opportunity to spin his chair around to look at Naruto. After a quick look, he remarked, "Nice to finally meet you, Naruto. So you are a guy!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion before retorting, "I hope that isn't meant to be an insult."

Joker quickly held up his hands before clarifying, "Sorry. When I heard your voice over the Omni-Tool that one time, I classified you as a guy. Unfortunately, you can never be quite sure with aliens. There is always that one Asari that feels it necessary to explain that they aren't quite female."

Accepting the explanation, Naruto held out a hand before declaring, "I see. Well, my full name is Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you."

Joker nodded before answering, "I'm Jeff Moreau, but everyone calls me Joker. I'll pass on shaking your hand. Don't want to risk it." A questioning look caused Joker to explain, "I have a disease, Vrolik Syndrome. It causes my bones to be extremely brittle and easy to break. If what I've heard about your species' strength is true, a simple handshake for you might mean a broken hand for me. My hands are one of my few body parts that I haven't ever broken before, and I intend to keep them that way."

Naruto nodded at that. One of the things he'd learned from spending time with Shepard, Liara, and Garrus is that they seemed a bit fragile. Naruto had gotten a bit excited when Shepard had agreed to eat at Ichiraku Ramen, and had proceeded to start dragging her by the wrist. When Shepard had called out in pain, Naruto had stopped. Apparently, Naruto's excitement had caused him to be slightly rough. Shepard had actually had a bruise on her forearm for a few days after that. If an excited Naruto was enough to bruise a human at peak fitness like Shepard, then it was probably smart for a fragile one like Joker to limit any physical contact as much as possible.

Instead Naruto changed the topic and questioned, "I have a few things to talk about with Shepard. Any idea where she might be?"

"Most likely in her room. She likes to work from there. She might not seem like it off the ship, but she's a workaholic. She's also rather predictable. She'll spend the next twenty hours fixing even the smallest of problems, sleep five, then rinse and repeat," Joker answered in a confident voice.

Naruto nodded in thanks before setting off. He crossed the command deck and walked back down to the crew quarters. Naruto then took a left to end up at the door to Shepard's room. It opened automatically, but Shepard didn't seem to notice from her desk where she was intently reading reports. Naruto knocked his knuckles against the wall to get her attention.

Her head jerked up before relaxing slightly on seeing Naruto. She quickly asked, "Naruto, is there anything wrong?"

Naruto just leaned against a wall before replying, "Not really. I just think we need to talk about a few things."

Shepard frowned, casting a quick look towards the reports she had been reading, before sighing and asking, "Okay. What is it we need to talk about?"

"What is your mission?" Naruto asked bluntly.

Shepard visibly flinched, but quickly regained control of herself. She looked Naruto in the eye before asking, "I'm sorry, but what do you mean?"

"Don't even try playing that card, Shepard. Your reaction clearly gave away that something is being hidden from me, as if I didn't realize it before anyways. You mentioned a mission when the Normandy landed. There is also the deal with your crew. From what I gathered from the codex you gave us, this is an Alliance ship, and the Alliance is the foremost human military organization. Yet there are is a krogan, a turian, a quarian, and an Asari on this ship. That can't be normal. I also felt quite a bit of distrust from the crew towards them, so they clearly are new to the ship. Garrus is from C-Sec apparently, so why has he quit and joined a human ship? Krogan seem to be outcasts from Council Space, usually being mercenaries or bodyguards. Tali clearly isn't an experienced fighter, and Liara acts more like a scientist or explorer than a soldier. There must be a reason all these different people are on this ship, under your command. I was willing to ignore my suspicions before, but I think it is fair that I get answers now that my people are on this ship. I won't allow them to remain ignorant of any possible threat, so I won't leave till you tell me everything," Naruto finished while taking a firm stance with his arms crossed.

Shepard was clearly surprised by all the observations he had made, but she met his gaze sternly. The silent contest of wills went on for several minutes, but Shepard was clearly fighting a losing battle. Naruto was stubborn, if nothing else. Shepard finally broke eye contact and sighed in defeat.

"Did you read about the Spectres?" she asked softly.

Naruto thought for a moment before answering, "I did, but there was only a little bit of information. Stated that Spectres were agents who take orders directly from the Council and no one else."

Shepard nodded before elaborating, "Sorry. Without connecting to the extranet, the information on a codex is more limited. The proper equipment naturally hasn't been built near enough to connect your planet to the extranet."

Naruto shrugged before speaking, "So back to Spectres. I remember you stating that you are a Spectre."

Shepard nodded before stating, "A very new one and the first human Spectre, but yes. Spectres are chosen directly by the Council from those with exemplary service history and experience. A common line is that Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Spectres are the direct arm of the Council, some estimates state that not even a hundred Spectres are currently in service. Spectres are elevated to a status above the law, with the single objective of ensuring galactic stability."

"A dangerous position. To be above the law," Naruto commented grimly.

Shepard nodded before replying, "Yes, which is why so few exist. Even candidates must have years of combat or law enforcement experience. They are then forced to go through an arduous process of background checks, psychological evaluations, and usually have to spend several years of field training under another Spectre. Different Spectres use different methods to solve problems, whether to be ruthless or diplomatic, but it is very rare for one to go rogue."

Naruto groaned as he muttered, "Something tells me this is one of those cases."

Shepard seemed surprised by his statement, but nodded as she informed him, "Yes, it is. Spectres are the best of the best. If one goes rogue, only another Spectre is up to the task of dealing justice. A turian Spectre named Saren has been stripped of his Spectre status due to unforgivable offenses, and I have been given the mission of eliminating him."

"Unforgivable offenses. That speaks of a back story, and likely personal involvement," Naruto commented with a raised eyebrow. Sighing, Naruto took a seat before gesturing at Shepard, "Well, let's hear it."

Shepard frowned at his nonchalance, but started speaking, "I was only a Spectre candidate a month ago. Although technically Spectres can be chosen from any race, it is mainly only members of a council race that are chosen. Most species haven't ever had a Spectre chosen from them, despite being a member of Citadel Space for centuries. Humans have been trying to get a human Spectre for decades, as most feel it is a necessary step to being given a seat on the Council. I seemed to be the best option, and so our ambassador put my name forth."

"Why were you the best option?" Naruto interrupted.

Shepard gave him the stink eye, but answered, "I've been called a war hero. During the Skyllian Blitz, I was stationed on Elysium when a large number of batarian slavers attacked. I managed to rally the garrison enough to hold them off till reinforcements arrived, and many attribute that victory to our eventual offensive assault on Torfan two years later. I earned the Star of Terra for my actions. Now back to what you were asking before." Naruto narrowed his eyes at Shepard's reluctance to talk of an apparent victory, but decided to hold off for now.

"When my name was put forward, and the Council accepted me as a possible Spectre, I was given a task. A Prothean beacon was found on a human world, Eden Prime. Working Prothean technology is ridiculously rare, and each discovery has led to immense technological advancements. I was to recover the beacon with the aid of another Spectre, Nihlus Kryik. He was the Spectre who was going to observe me and give his opinion to the council. We would likely have gone on many more missions together before a decision was made. Unfortunately, that is when it all went wrong. We arrived to find Geth attacking Eden Prime."

Naruto thought a moment before asking, "Geth are the AIs that drove the Quarians from their homeworld, right?"

"Yes, but they haven't ever ventured beyond the Perseus Veil before this. We assumed they were content to stay away from the rest of the galaxy," Shepard answered easily.

Naruto nodded in acknowledgement before saying, "Sorry for the interruption. Continue."

Shepard nodded in appreciation before continuing, "Not only was this attack unexpected, but it could have potentially damaged the whole galaxy. If they destroyed the Prothean beacon, it would be to the detriment of allCitadel Space. So we acted. Nihlus separated from me to try and secure the beacon, while I took a squad to fight the geth and save any survivors. It was there that we picked up Ashley. She was an officer in the ground garrison when the attack happened, and the rest of her squad was killed. She joined us as we advanced."

"Unfortunately, we then found Nihlus, dead from a bullet wound to the back of his head. A survivor hiding nearby had seen what had happened. Apparently Nihlus had let his guard down when he greeted another turian, who he called Saren. Saren killed him when his back was turned. Our mission was to secure the beacon though, so we continued on. We eventually found it, but something happened. The beacon reacted when Kaidan got too close. I pushed Kaidan out of the way, and was lifted into the air by it. I experienced a vision of…something. I was apparently knocked out afterwards. I was informed by the rest of my team that thebeacon blew up after the vision was put into my brain."

Naruto raised a hand before repeating, "A vision."

Shepard frowned before replying angrily, "I know that sounds stupid, but it is true."

Naruto just grinned before replying, "You misunderstand. I don't think you're lying. I am just curious. If this is unusual for these beacons, then it might be potentially important. I was just asking for a better description of this vision."

Shepard blinked in surprise at his words, but scratched her head as she explained, "It is difficult to explain. It felt like a very bad dream. All muddled and baffling. It showed me some images, and I could literally feel a rush of emotions. Despair and helplessness. I can't really describe it better."

"Can I see?" Naruto asked innocently, but when Shepard blinked at him, he chuckled before elaborating, "I guess I forgot to tell you. When I absorbed the Ten Tails, I gained an ability for telepathy. I can literally dive into a person's mind and extract information."

His words caused Shepard to gain a suspicious look before asking cautiously, "Like the Asari?"

Naruto scratched his jaw and thought for a moment before replying, "Not really, although they are slightly similar. I guess I'll have to try and give you a technical description. From what I have read, it seems the Asari do their 'melding' by combining their nervous system with their partner's. This in turn, sort of combines the minds of the two involved. My technique is more one-way. I can pick up the electrical signals that constitute thought, but that only allows the most crude understanding of what they are thinking. Emotions mainly, or more if they are really focused on something. Such as the fact that I know you were reading a report detailing that the unexpected time spent on my planet has caused a shortage of food. Nothing serious, but you'll have to spend an extra day at the Citadel to re-supply."

Shepard's eyes were sharp now as she questioned sternly, "That is a dangerous skill. Why wasn't I informed of this earlier?"

Naruto just waved his hand nonchalantly as he replied, "Because you misunderstand the limitations of my ability. I can't do any mind control, and I can't literally just take information from someone. To truly examine a person's mind, I need physical contact to more accurately pick up the signals in their brain. It is also far easier with the consent of the person, as they could fight my intrusion. The process is very noticeable. I can't do it without the person feeling my presence. I can alter the state of their mind by injecting my own electrical signals into their brain to manipulate it, but I lose that influence when I lose the physical contact. So I can't brainwash anyone or anything. The Yamanaka clan has even more developed techniques, but those have limitations as well."

Shepard relaxed at his assurance before questioning, "So you'll go into my mind and experience my vision?"

Naruto nodded before saying, "Yes. In essence."

Shepard finally nodded and said, "Do it then."

Naruto stood and placed his hands lightly on her temples and told her, "Focus on the vision. Doing this makes it so that I can find the information without having to scour your mind for it. You'll feel my presence in your mind. Try not to fight it if you can. I promise I'll do my best to not pick up any of your thoughts or memories."

Naruto then dived into her mind. Immediately, Naruto felt the underlying basis of her mind. Although he didn't examine it closer, he still picked up on several things. Her mind was surprisingly cold, and seemed to be…damaged. No, that was the wrong way to describe it. Maybe stressed, possibly from the trauma of this Prothean vision. He also felt the undercurrent of trust she felt for him due to the ease at which he entered her mind. Despite only knowing him for about a week, she trusted him enough to let him into her mind. He was touched by her faith in him, and that just reinforced his desire to not see anything other than the vision.

It was easy to find, and it caused a frown to appear on Naruto's face. Shepard was right. It was all muddled and just overall baffling. All Naruto could manage to make out were several feelings and thoughts. Despair. Helplessness. Anger. Hopelessness. Enemies. Reapers. Doomed.

Naruto pulled out after only a few seconds. Shepard shivered and shook her head. Naruto quickly asked in concern, "Are you okay?"

Shepard shook her head again before claiming, "Just disorientated. That felt like a screw was pushing into my mind, just without the pain. It was very…discomforting. No offense, but I preferred Liara's method."

Naruto gave a devious grin before replying, "Well, the melding is supposed to be the Asari's method of having sex. I would assume you enjoyed it."

Shepard blushed at his words, but immediately argued, "She didn't do a full melding."

Naruto just kept his teasing grin as he argued right back, "Correction, she didn't explore your genetic heritage or whatever, which is what allows them to reproduce. That's just sex with birth control. Yep, I can already imagine it. Please tell me there was oil and moaning involved."

Shepard's face was now almost as red as her hair. She quickly exclaimed, "Tsunade was right. You are a pervert."

Naruto just shrugged before claiming, "Can you blame me? I'm a hot-blooded male surrounded by beautiful women. Sure, Liara is blue, but that just means she's exotic in my mind."

Shepard blushed again from the not so subtle compliment, but managed to regain her composure. She then seriously stated, "You are wrong. My experience with Liara only transferred memories. There was no pleasure or any shared feelings. A proper melding has both."

Naruto kept his grin as he quipped, "So you've obviously done your research. Interested in having the full experience?"

Shepard glared at Naruto, although she still had a slight blush, as she declared, "If you don't shut up about Liara and the melding, I'm kicking you out."

Naruto waved his hands as he replied in his best attempt at a soothing voice, "Sorry, sorry. I'll stop joking around. Let's move back to the vision."

Shepard seemed to calm down before she asked, "So did you find out anything?"

"A few things, yes. The first thing you should know is that a piece is missing. I'm assuming that this beacon must have been partly damaged. That is probably what caused it to explode after you used it," Naruto told her.

Shepard nodded before explaining, "Liara figured the beacon was damaged. She's an expert on Protheans. She also figured that the damage was the reason the vision couldn't be understood, since she couldn't make sense of it either."

"Well, that is where she's wrong," Naruto stated simply. He continued when he saw Shepard's questioning look, "It wasn't the damage to the beacon that has made the vision indecipherable. Our minds simply are incapable of interpreting it. Although sentient species are all capable of higher thought, their thought processes will naturally be different since they all evolved separately. This vision seems too tailored to a certain type of thought process. Specifically that of the Protheans."

Shepard frowned before questioning, "Why wouldn't we be able to understand it? Asari are capable of understanding the thoughts of other species, but Liara can't decipher this vision?"

Naruto nodded before explaining, "I'm basing most of this on what little I know, but I think I can safely assume the reason. An Asari is able to understand the thoughts and feelings of other species through the melding. When they meld minds with a new species, they use the connection to learn what makes other species tick. Instinct, culture, thought process. They gain knowledge of it all naturally due to the melding. She would have to meld with a living Prothean to gain an understanding of their thought processes…or at least something that knows how Protheans think. Same thing for me. I can understand the thoughts of other species because I can pick up the signals in their brain, and my subconscious uses this to decipher their thoughts. Like a cipher."

Shepard rubbed her temples as she stated, "So we can't understand the vision because it is too little to truly understand how the Protheans thought."

Naruto nodded before adding, "Yes. You can consider the vision currently being in code. Unless we have the key, we can't figure it out. So there is likely very little that can be done about your vision. So let's get back to your story. You passed out after the vision. Then what?"

Shepard blinked a few times, no doubt forgetting what they had originally been talking about, before she remembered and started, "I woke up a few days later on the Normandy. It was then that my commanding officer, David Anderson, told me that Saren was a well known Spectre. We returned to the Citadel to talk to the Council. They were not happy. Not only had the beacon been destroyed, but Nihlus was dead. When we told them about Saren's involvement, they reacted in disbelief. Saren was one of their best agents. Saren also had a past with Anderson that he used to make it seem like we were just trying to blame him for our own failure. The council wouldn't revoke Saren's Spectre status for anything than proof of Saren's involvement, and I had almost no chance to become a Spectre with such a failure on my record. So I was sent to find proof."

"It was through searching for proof that I met Garrus, Wrex, and Tali. Garrus was the C-Sec officer in charge of investigating Saren, but trying to investigate a Spectre is like trying to complete a puzzle with only half the pieces. All of their information is classified, and many laws protect them. Knowing that he couldn't prove Saren's treachery within the law, he quit and joined me. Researching a few leads, we found out a local crime boss, Fist, had joined Saren over something. This is how we joined up with Wrex. Someone had hired him to kill Fist, and he decided working with us was the easiest way to do it. A little bit of information gathering later told us that a Quarian, who ended up being Tali, had proof that Saren was a traitor. Fist was going to ambush her to get rid of the evidence. Naturally, we couldn't allow that to happen. We…found Fist, and interrogated him to get information on the ambush site. We were just in time to save Tali. It turns out the recent activity of the Geth had interested her. She is on her Pilgrimage, a journey by young Quarians to prove their worth to the Migrant Fleet. She had hoped to find some information on the Geth, and had managed to salvage a memory core. This memory core had a recording that proved Saren's guilt. It also had another person speaking on it, and mentioned that Saren wanted bring about the return of the Reapers. Apparently the Reapers are a race of sentient machines that wiped out the Protheans 50,000 years ago."

"You believe the vision is a Prothean warning about the Reapers," Naruto stated with a nonchalant wave of his hand. At Shepard's look, Naruto added, "Since you are convinced that the vision dealt with the Reapers, I automatically picked it up by viewing the vision. I also detected the word Reaper in the vision. You probably only made the connection because your subconscious memorized the word."

Shepard nodded and continued, "Regardless of the Reapers though, we now had proof of Saren's guilt. The Council agreed when it was shown to them. Eventually they decided to make me the first human Spectre, and gave me the mission of dealing with Saren. They gave me a short lead. The Asari Councilor recognized the second voice in the recording. Matriarch Benezia. This confused the councilor greatly, as it apparently is out of character for Benezia, but the proof was there. I received knowledge on a daughter of Benezia. We hoped that she might have more information on her mother."

Naruto quickly asked, "Am I right to assume it is Liara?"

"Yes. Liara was studying some Prothean ruins alone, as she is a professor on the extinction of the Protheans. We arrived to find that Geth were also there. Long story short, we managed to rescue her. Unfortunately, she seems to have had a split with her mother years ago. However, she was very concerned with her mother's actions, and asked to join us. As she is an accomplished biotic and expert on everything Prothean, I didn't see any reason to deny her. We were without leads though, and the Council decided to use my period of inactivity to send me to your planet. Usually that is a task more suited for a research team or explorers, but they decided to send me since I didn't have anything better to do. After that, you know as much as I."

Naruto didn't reply as he thought of all the information Shepard had told him. It was a lot. The Reapers were an especially worrying thought. If these Protheans were so technologically advanced, it spoke greatly of the creatures that forced them to extinction.

Naruto finally said, "I think that is enough. At least, from you. I think I'm going to talk to Liara about a few things, if you don't mind."

Shepard frowned at his interest in finding out more, but didn't try to stop him. She had clearly realized over the past week that Naruto was incredibly stubborn on some things. That thought made Naruto grin slightly. She finally sat back at her desk before replying, "Fine. I suggest dropping it though. I'll handle Saren. You just need to worry about meeting with the Council."

Naruto left her at that to stride to the lab where it seemed Liara spent most of her time. Once again, the opening of the door apparently went unnoticed. This time though, Naruto carefully crept up behind her. Once positioned right behind her, Naruto put his hand on her shoulder as he spoke, "Yo!"

Liara immediately leapt to her feet and let out a surprised squeal. She looked around in a panic. Meanwhile, Naruto fell to the floor laughing. It took a moment for Liara to finally seem to grasp the situation, but she quickly exclaimed, "That was totally immature, Naruto!"

Naruto didn't reply for several moments as he breathed deeply to try and recover from his laughing fit. He finally spoke up, "Sometimes someone has to be immature. Otherwise the world gets too dull."

Liara just glared lightly as she replied, "That still wasn't nice."

Naruto just shrugged as he commented easily, "Don't worry. I thought the squeal was cute."

Liara looked away in embarrassment, much to Naruto's amusement, but quickly recovered enough to ask, "So is there any reason you decided to come here or did you just want to scare me?"

Naruto calmed down to reply, "Sorry, I was just hoping to just ask you a few questions."

Liara seemed to calm down with the more serious topic. She quickly asked, "What about?"

"Well, I managed to squeeze the whole story about Saren out from Shepard. So I decided to come and talk to you about Benezia," Naruto told her bluntly.

Liara actually snapped in response, "Then I'll save you the need to ask the questions. No, I don't know what she is doing. I have not spoken to her in over a decade, and haven't talked to her face in over fifty. I am also in no way connected to her actions on Eden Prime, and I do not have a hatred of humans."

Naruto cut her off by placing a hand on her shoulder and saying in a comforting voice, "Calm down, Liara. I wasn't accusing you of anything."

Liara took a few breaths before regaining control of herself. She immediately grew embarrassed as she apologized weakly, "Sorry, Naruto. I shouldn't have gone off on you like that."

Naruto just gave her a soft smile before reassuring her, "No worries. Clearly you've had some frustration building. Getting it out of your system is the best way to deal with it."

Liara shook her head as she argues, "I still shouldn't have done it. You did nothing wrong. I really can't believe I did that. That was so unlike me."

Naruto grinned at that as he claimed, "That just means you feel comfortable around me enough to express your real thoughts. I prefer that to acting like a robot. Here, let's talk about it."

Naruto guided the still uncomfortable Liara back into her chair. He then pulled out one of his own to sit down across from her. After leaning back to get comfortable, he asked, "So it seems you've been having troubles with the whole Benezia thing?"

Liara hesitated for several moments before finally admitting, "There have just been a few incidents where emotions have run high from my mother's involvement on Eden Prime. It was a human colony, and this is a primarily human ship. Several of the crewmen have relatives on Eden Prime. Many humans still aren't used to aliens either, so many don't enjoy having several on a human vessel. My connection to Benezia seems to have made me the target of most of their frustration."

Naruto quickly asked, "Has anything happened?"

"No, not really. I've just heard their muttering, and a few have been more direct. Telling me directly exactly what they thought of me," Liara claimed in a slightly vulnerable voice.

Naruto rubbed his chin in thought before saying, "I don't get the feeling that Shepard would approve of that. Have you tried talking to her?"

Liara immediately stated in a firmer voice, "I am not a child, Naruto. I can deal with a few harsh words without running to Shepard."

"True, but you should also realize when a problem needs to be addressed. Trying to deal with everything on your own can sometimes cause unneeded difficulties," Naruto mused.

"I shall if it becomes more serious, but it isn't a real issue currently. I am just rather unused to interacting with others, especially humans. I've spent the last several decades studying isolated Prothean ruins, usually alone. To suddenly go from that to being on a ship with mainly humans, who I have literally barely interacted with before, is a quite disconcerting experience. Even before the crew's thoughts on me became evident. As the daughter of a matriarch, I grew up being treated with respect. It might sound silly, but I haven't dealt too much with being treated like this. On the other hand, I found being on your planet to be an amazing experience. Your culture and species is absolutely fascinating. To go from that to being back on the Normandy has been a very difficult transition. I forgot about the opinion of the crew until another one confronted me about ten minutes ago," Liara explained.

Naruto nodded and just gave a grin as he told her, "While I still feel like you should tell Shepard, it is your choice. If you ever need anyone to talk to though, you can always talk to me."

"Thanks for your support, but you shall very soon leave the ship to start negotiations with the Council while I stay with Shepard," Liara argued with a sad look on her face.

Naruto wasn't going to allow that. Naruto quickly poked her forehead and ordered, "Let's not have any of that. No being sad. Even if I end up leaving the ship, we can still exchange…what was it called again? Ceemail? Email? Demail?"

Liara giggled at that before clarifying, "It is email."

Naruto ignored her laughter in favor of giving her a smile and exclaiming, "See! Talking about it always makes you feel better."

Liara returned his smile as she responded, "I guess I have to concede that point. Thanks for listening, but let's get back to what you came here for. What did you want to know about my mother?"

Naruto nodded and quickly spoke, "Shepard briefly talked about how her current behavior is out of character. Can you elaborate?"

Liara nodded and started speaking, "Yes, I honestly still have trouble believing it. Mother entered her matriarch stage just two years after giving birth to me, so I grew up hearing about her beliefs and opinions. Mother is well known as a teacher of philosophy and religion. She has also advocated the belief that the Asari should have a greater role in galactic events, but she was always a voice of reason as well. She wanted to do things the smart way. Desiring to invest in scientific research and address Asari societal issues. While knowing that hard decisions sometimes had to be made, she usually preferred a more diplomatic approach in an attempt to save lives and prevent conflict. The thought that she would join Saren, who seems to be using the Geth to facilitate his campaign against humanity, is completely ridiculous. I simply can't believe that she would do that out of her free will."

Naruto nodded before questioning, "So you believe she is being coerced?"

"That is the only explanation I believe possible. I'm having difficulty thinking of what the method might be though. Mother isn't so selfish as to follow Saren simply to hide her own secrets. She wouldn't put her own position above all the lives lost in the Eden Prime attack. I briefly considered the possibility that Saren might have threatened to attack an Asari colony if she didn't join him, but that is also unlikely. Humanity is vulnerable due to lacking a Council seat and not having been in the galactic community long enough to form allies. The Asari are the opposite. Attacking the Asari would have turned the entire galaxy against him. Even though he was proven to be connected to the attack and had his Spectre status stripped, something I highly doubt he expected to happen, he hasn't been classified a threat to the larger galaxy. That is why only Shepard and whatever allies she can gather are going after him. Attacking the Asari would have been far more damaging to whatever plans he has. So I can't think of a way he could force mother to follow him," Liara finished uncertainly.

Naruto immediately clarified, "But you still believe she is being coerced?"

Liara nodded and stated with utter certainty in her voice, "I know she is. We may not have talked in a while, but I know she wouldn't do this without good reason."

Naruto sighed as he thought of all that. Stuck in his thoughts, he asked rather halfheartedly, "You seem to believe in her quite a bit. Why are you two not closer? Sorry if it is a little too personal, but I have difficulty imagining what could cause you two to not have talked in years."

Liara hesitated momentarily before admitting slowly, "I guess I can tell you. You've been a good friend, even with how short we've known each other. My childhood was rather unique. It is very unusual for Asari to become a Matriarch while still raising a child because it is during the Matron stage that Asari have the traditional motherly characteristics. I suspect that she became a matriarch due to the soul searching that resulted from her splitting with my father. Either way, it meant I was raised in a unique environment. Not only did my mother become almost immediately involved in government, but she also went through the changes that occur when one becomes a matriarch. She lost the caring and nurturing instincts usual to mothers. Instead, I was raised in a very intellectually stimulating environment that meant I quickly had to develop my own opinions on many philosophical and political issues. I was the subject of a great deal of pressure due to my mother and upbringing. While she was far from a bad mother, this upbringing did not forge the strong emotional connection that usually is shared between parents and their children. I love her, but we seem to argue over our differences of opinion whenever we talk. I partly chose to study the Protheans because it was a subject that allowed me to escape from her influence and forge my own path. Striking out on my own, you could say. With my own attempt to be free of her influence and her preoccupation with guiding the Asari people, we simply haven't interacted much."

Naruto scratched his chin as he commented, "Still, hasn't it been going on a tad bit too long? You are talking about several decades."

"You have to remember that Asari are long lived. 50 years isn't near as long to an Asari, but you are right. Although crisis was unexpected, it has forced me to reconsider my relationship with my mother. It is one of the reasons I joined Shepard. Although it is partly for protection from Saren, I mainly wish to want to find out the motivations guiding my mother and help her if I can," Liara explained.

"I see. Thanks for the talk and information, Liara. I'll leave you to your own business now," Naruto claimed as he stood and started towards the door. After only a few steps though, he remembered something. Turning around, Naruto added, "Actually, there is one more thing I wanted to ask."

"Of course. What is it?"

"I have an ability somewhat similar to the Asari melding. I am able to…dive into another person's mind. Shepard allowed me to do this to her in order to see this vision of hers. However, I noticed something worrying when I was in her mind," Naruto explained slowly. Liara looked very interested in his ability, but didn't interrupt. Something Naruto was thankful. He took several moments on how to phrase his next words before continuing, "I noticed that Shepard's mind was oddly…strained. I was wondering if you noticed this when you melded with her?"

Liara immediately responded, "I only engaged in a partial melding, so what I found out was very limited compared to a full melding. I also haven't really ever fully melded before, so I lack the experience necessary to truly say anything about the mental condition of my partners."

Naruto shrugged and replied, "I made sure to only witness the vision. I only noticed the state of Shepard's mind because it is the very most basic condition of a person's mind. I didn't look into this problem more, since I promised to only view the vision."

Liara nodded before questioning, "Then I shall help however I can. First I would like more clarification on this problem. Have you ever witnessed something similar to this and do you have any particularly theories?"

"Yes, I have noticed that when a person's mind is particularly strained that they seem to have a greater tendency to suffer from mental illness. It doesn't mean that they suffer from a mental illness, just that their minds are more susceptible. I've mainly noticed it in shinobi who fought in the war. I have noticed similar problems in a few civilians though. Usually the cause is a form of mental trauma. Fighting in a war, losing a loved one, abuse, etc," Naruto informed her seriously.

Liara's face lit up at his words, and she immediately replied, "Then the most obvious answer would be lingering trauma from the vision. The beacon was so damaged that it caused some damage to Shepard, hence why she originally passed out from it. A weaker mind might have collapsed from the strain."

Naruto shook his head though before stating, "I thought of that as well, but I do not believe that to be the case. If anything, this original strain might have helped Shepard handle the trauma from the vision better. Her mind is more used to dealing with traumatic events. The greater susceptibility to mental illness is simply a gradual worsening of their mental functions. They seem to handle singular events better though. No, the cause is more likely a traumatic event at least several years old. Something that has helped form her character and still affects her to this day."

Naruto saw Liara's face light up again, but this time there was some hesitation present. As Liara struggled internally, Naruto just waited. She finally started to speak in a hesitant voice, "Then I believe I know of the incident that might have caused what you speak of. When I first joined the crew, I did a background check on Shepard. I even managed to hack into the Council psych evaluations."

Naruto raised an eyebrow before asking, "Isn't that an invasion of privacy?"

Liara looked embarrassed as she responded, "Possibly, but as I said before, I am unused to interacting with humans. I had hoped these reports might make it easier to interact with Shepard."

Naruto rubbed the area between his eyes as he mused, "While I feel I should respect Shepard's privacy, it is a little too late to turn back now. So what did you find out?"

Liara hesitantly explained, "Shepard grew up on the human colony of Mindoir. When she was sixteen, a group of batarian slavers attacked. In the attack, Shepard witnessed her family and friends being killed. She managed to escape and was rescued by the Alliance. Naturally, she suffered severe depression for several months afterwards. She eventually recovered and enlisted with the Alliance when they declared her stable. The Councilpsych evaluations focused on this event and its repercussions on her psyche. It seems Shepard developed a minor case of emotional detachment, in the sense that Shepard has made a conscious decision to avoid emotional bonds with others. She still feels empathy and has great leadership abilities, but avoids forming personal relationships with others. Likely as a defense mechanism against once again experiencing the grief she suffered from Mindoir. The investigation by the Council showed that Shepard has little to no personal correspondence and hasn't had any romantic relationships in the twelve years since she has been a part of the Alliance. Supposedly, Shepard's greatest personal connection is with her previous commanding officer, David Anderson, and even that is mainly a professional relationship. The Council eventually decided that this didn't indicate a greater likelihood of desertion and in fact indicated a greater chance of her acting impartially as a Spectre, so they accepted her candidacy."

"Emotional detachment eh. I have quite a bit of experience with such people," Naruto commented as he thought of people like Sasuke and Neji, although they seemed more to have superiority complexes. Changing his thoughts to how Shepard acted, Naruto had to continue, "No offense, but I don't see it. I didn't get that feeling from her."

Liara smiled as she exclaimed, "Of course you haven't experienced it much. You are a very…likeable person, Naruto."

Naruto could only grin cockily at that as he claimed, "You aren't the first person to say that. Half of the people in my childhood hated me at first. I guess I am just too lovable…and humble. Can't forget humble."

Liara shook her head in amusement before stating, "I haven't known her too long, but I can already tell she is a little more open since going to your planet. She wasn't cold per say, but she was rather stern and professional. It made talking to her difficult. Almost like she was somehow different from everyone else. On one hand it allows her to keep order very easily, but it also makes people reluctant to talk to her more than necessary. I guess that was the point though."

Naruto mumbled aloud as he considered that, "I see. That might explain the coldness I felt from her mind, and it would fit with the strain of her mind. If she has started opening up a little bit more since meeting me, then I guess I should just keep being myself. It seems to be helping. Although I wouldn't have really delved into the issue if I knew it was so personal. Too late now, but I doubt Shepard will be too happy when she finds out."

Naruto finally stood and waved goodbye to Liara before leaving. As he walked, he considered what to do now. He could feel that Shepard believed Saren was more dangerous then he appeared, and Naruto trusted her opinion on the matter. Something about the situation just made Naruto tense, and Naruto was never one to ignore his feelings. He was the type to ignore reason and fix the problem, but he really couldn't go all crazy in his current situation. The negotiations with the Council must go forward.

Finally deciding to think on it later, Naruto headed down the elevator. Once it opened, Naruto saw that the others had managed to set up several tents for them all to sleep in. As he walked out, he came out right as the woman Naruto remembered to be named Ashley pointed at Samui's chest and asked bluntly, "Are those real?" Naruto immediately clamped a hand over his mouth to hold back his laughter and hid to allow this conversation to continue.

Samui gave Ashley a cold look as she replied in a deadpan voice, "Obviously, since I highly doubt my aching back and shoulders are just my imagination."

Ashley blushed in embarrassment, but still stated, "Those have to be breast implants."

Mei moved next to Samui and was the one to respond first. She tilted her head and repeated in a confused tone, "Breast implants?"

Ashley's eye twitched at the inclusion of another big breasted woman, but replied in an annoyed voice, "Yeah, you know. Where silicon gel implants are inserted into a woman to create large breasts through surgery."

Mei blinked before exclaiming, "What a weird idea! Not to mention rather disgusting and painful sounding!"

Ashley nodded in agreement, but she froze with wide eyes as the consequences of the statement occurred to her. She pointed at the two of them and declared, "So those are natural."

Samui shrugged, making her breasts jiggle and cause Ashley's eyebrow to twitch again, before answering, "They sure as hell aren't silicon."

Ashley's mouth opened and closed several times as she tried to come up with a way to explain her disbelief, but Garrus interrupted her by informing her, "Their Hokage had breasts that were bigger if anything. They aren't humans, Ashley. Maybe that is completely normal to them."

Ashley sent a glare towards Garrus, and Naruto took that as his cue to interrupt. That glare wasn't entirely due to annoyance over his remark. Naruto clapped his hands to draw their attention before announcing with a smile, "While I love to talk about breasts, this isn't the time for it. Mei, where is everyone?"

Mei nodded and immediately explained, "Shiho almost immediately went to talk to the engineers in the engine room. Kurotsuchi got annoyed by Shikamaru sleeping, and ordered him to go and help her. I believe Mabui is exploring the ship. Everyone else is in the tents resting."

"Alright then. Since I've finished with all the serious stuff, I guess I can have some fun," Naruto stated happily. Naruto ignored the questioning looks he received in response in favor of approaching Wrex. Once he was standing in front of the large Krogan, Naruto let out a battle hungry grin before asking, "So you want to have a spar, Wrex?"

Wrex grinned as well as he answered, "I'm a Krogan. I'm always ready to fight, but I really doubt this storage area would survive our fight."

Naruto shrugged before saying, "So we'll just have to have rules. We'll have a taijutsu spar. So hand to hand combat only. I heard you are a biotic. So no biotics for you, and no jutsu for me. Deal?"

Wrex rolled a shoulder as he grunted out confidently, "You sure have a quad to challenge a Krogan to a fight without weapons, and I'm no ordinary Krogan. I'm a Battlemaster. Put me up against ten arrogant runts who just completed their rites of passage and I'll send them back to their holes with a few scars to show them who the superior Krogan is."

"Nice to know, but don't underestimate me. I'm not considered the strongest shinobi on my planet simply because I'm charming. I may not specialize in taijutsu, but if I can go toe to toe with the Raikage and Bushy Brows then it doesn't matter. I'm the best, and if you forget it I'll make sure to send you away with a few scars to show you just why I am the best," Naruto announced in a cocky voice.

As the two fighters engaged in some pre-fight banter and taunting, a conversation was going on between the observers. Ashley declared in a exasperated voice, "Who is he kidding? It is good to have confidence, but this might as well be a suicide wish. A fist fight with a Krogan?!"

Kaidan was the one listening to her. He shrugged before responding, "Who knows, he might stand a chance. Even the commander was praiseworthy of his species' abilities."

"Yeah, I heard about their magic. Just sounds like some sort of advanced biotics or something. Not like it will help him in a fist fight," Ashley responded in a slightly condescending voice.

"I wouldn't say that, Ashley," a voice interrupted. The two looked over to see Garrus walk up to them. Ashley didn't look too happy at his arrival, but he ignored her in favor of continuing, "Their species seems to have a ridiculous amount of strength. Their Hokage was able to punch Naruto through a wall, and he didn't even have a bruise to show for it. Naruto also isn't overly arrogant, despite what it looks like now. I think he is just having some fun. If he says he can do something, I've learned to believe he can." Ashley looked ready to retort, but was interrupted.

"You got that right."

All three of them jumped before looking to see that the shinobi were up. Shikamaru and Shiho and come back from the engine room, and it seemed Tali had decided to join them. Shikamaru looked once at Naruto and Wrtex, who had started circling each other, and muttered a quick 'troublesome' before climbing into a tent to sleep. Shiho stayed out to watch, with Tali joining her. Mei, Samui, Neji, and Tenten had all taken up position to watch. Mabui had apparently come back down and was watching from near the elevator. Kurotsuchi and Temari were the ones to interrupt them.

Kurotsuchi frowned as she looked at Naruto and claimed, "I'm a frickin kage and even I know the bastard's on a completely different level. Even without his Bijuu chakra, only the Raikage could fight him with taijutsu when he is serious. Considering the giant specializes in his nin-taijutsu, that is saying something. That build of that Krogan looks solid, but he'll need way more than that to match Naruto."

"I've known Naruto for a while now. Naruto seems to have an infinite well of energy and power that just allows him to keep getting stronger. I can already predict how this fight will go. Naruto will start slow to feel out his opponent, likely take a hit or two in the process to get a feel for his opponent's strength. Then he'll gradually up his speed and power till he completely overwhelms his opponent. That is his usual fighting style. He was a slow starter who almost entirely relied on his durability and endurance as a kid, and it has stuck with him," Temari added thoughtfully.

Ashley still looked doubtful, but Kaidan shushed her and pointed to the starting match.

Naruto had heard their every word, but felt it was finally time to start. Making a 'come hither' motion with his hand, Wrex quickly acquiesced. Wrex charged forward with one shoulder down. When he was just a few feet from Naruto he swung the lowered arm upwards like a club, aiming right for where Naruto's jaw met his neck. Naruto easily moved out of the way, but Wrex wasn't going to let up. Wrex immediately started a swift series of powerful strikes. Naruto stayed calm under the assault though, and started to analyze Wrex's fighting style.

Naruto had never seen a style like it, but he was still impressed. Instead of trying to punch, Wrex seemed to use his arms more like clubs. It likely fit better with the Krogan's physiology or something. The swings clearly had enormous power behind them since Wrex seemed to know how to swing the arms to gain the most weight and momentum behind his strikes. While not particularly fast, there was almost no wasted movement. All of it was used to add more power to his strikes, but he also seemed to be able to mix up his strikes. Several times Wrex threw a strike with less power behind it to increase the speed in a bid to catch Naruto unprepared. It hadn't worked, but those strikes still came uncomfortably close. It was completely unlike most of the martial arts Naruto had seen. It was not pretty or overly smooth. Damn if it wasn't effective though. Simple, brutal, and effective. That is how Naruto would describe it.

Finally deciding to stop playing on the defensive, Naruto dodged another strike and slipped inside of Wrex's guard. Naruto's well-honed instincts immediately sent his fist forward into a strike to Wrex's body. He forgot something though. Naruto felt a flash of pain when his unprotected fist impacted Wrex's hard armor. Wrex barely grunted though, and immediately retaliated. Naruto could not claim to have predicted Wrex's rapid response, and his moment of inattention due to his pain dulled his reactions enough for the blow to land on Naruto's chest right below his neck. Naruto could not stop the pained grunt from flying from his mouth as hisairborne body flew back from the heavy shot. He quickly recovered and managed to turn his unbalanced momentum into a back flip. Naruto softly landed and rubbed the spot where he had been hit and stared at the grinning Wrex.

Wrex hit his armor a few times before saying in a mocking voice, "It's called armor. You'll have to do better than that to even annoy me."

Naruto just grinned and replied calmly, "I see. I guess I'll have to step it up."

Wrex was clearly annoyed at how nonchalant Naruto was, and charged again. Naruto didn't bother moving this time though. Instead he moved his feet into a more solid stance and sent a pulse of chakra through his muscles. Wrex was clearly surprised at Naruto's stance, but clearly wasn't willing to let a potential opportunity go to waste. Wrex rammed into Naruto. Naruto grunted as his feet slid back, but he quickly focused chakra to his feet to increase his traction. His feet stuck to the floor, his entire body trembled as it worked to hold back the ton of Krogan trying to push him back. Even with chakra sticking him to the floor, Naruto felt himself slide back a few more inches before Wrex's momentum ended.

Wrex was shocked his charge had been stopped, but he was far too experienced to let that shock stop him for long. Naruto moved his arms to catch the inside of Wrex's arms when he tried to grab Naruto's neck. The two immediately engaged in a battle of strength. Their arms trembled as they exerted huge amounts of force in their attempts to overpower their opponent. After several moments, it seemed Wrex was gaining the advantage as his hands slowly inched closer to Naruto's neck. Naruto quickly put a stop to that by upping the amount of chakra empowering his arms. Naruto grinned as his arms steadied and proceeded to force back the absolutely stunned Wrex. Wrex wasn't going to make it easy though, and redoubled his efforts.

Exactly what Naruto wanted. Naruto changed the direction of his efforts and instead pulled Wrex forward. The shocked Krogan was pulled straight into a knee to his gut. Wrex let out a groan. Naruto had put a particularly large amount of chakra into the strike, both to make it stronger and to protect his limb from Wrex's armor. Naruto didn't stop with that though. Naruto quickly gave a palm strike to Wrex's face, and then spun around to deliver a spinning heel kick to his face as well. Wrex groggily fell to a knee.

Naruto stood above the Krogan before questioning with a mocking grin, "Is that better? Or maybe this is a little too much for you."

Wrex just let out a gravelly chuckle. He slowly stood to show that he was smiling before he responded in an excited tone, "What are you talking about? This is just getting fun." That got a chuckle out of Naruto as well.

The two started again, and it quickly settled into a pattern. Wrex had impressive speed for his size, but that wasn't near enough to keep up with Naruto. Naruto flowed like quicksilver around Wrex's strikes, peppering him with repeated palm strikes. The frustrating part was Wrex's durability. Naruto finally realized what people felt when fighting him. It was irritating to land strikes and still have your opponent keep coming. Wrex let out grunts of pain whenever Naruto connected, but it didn't do more than inconvenience the Krogan. Naruto could use more chakra or Tsunade's strength technique, but he wasn't sure how durable Wrex was. Naruto doubted Shepard would be happy if he killed or crippled one of his crew members. So fear kept him from kicking it up another notch, but his current level of power just didn't seem to be enough to keep his opponent down.

Naruto jumped back to make some distance after dodging another strike. He was going to end this already. While entertaining, it was starting to get stale. Naruto watched Wrex charge, and shifted his feet to take it again. At the last moment possible, Naruto shifted his feet. Using his right arm to hook his arm under Wrex's shoulder and gripping Wrex's back hump with his left, Naruto bent over to have Wrex's momentum carry him right over his hip. Naruto used another pulse of chakra to give him the strength to change the direction of Wrex's upper body. The result. A picture perfect hip toss.

A ton of Krogan slammed down onto the steel floor, actually leaving a dent. Naruto didn't stop for a moment though. Dropping to a knee, he put his fingers right above one of Wrex's eyes before declaring, "I think this is enough. Unless you feel like losing an eye." Naruto didn't give the Krogan a chance to respond though, choosing to stand back up and stretch.

On the sidelines, Ashley exclaimed, "Holy shit! Am I hallucinating or did he just hip toss a freaking Krogan?"

Kaidan softly responded in an awed voice, "Nope. He just threw a Krogan."

"Told you," Temari pointed out calmly.

Ashley looked at Temari and Kurotsuchi before asking, "How can you be so calm? A Krogan can weigh a full ton!"

Kurotsuchi shrugged before responding easily, "I don't see why we shouldn't be. The Krogan was impressive, more than I expected, but not anything outrageous. He could probably compete with a jounin in taijutsu, but any S-class ninja could do something similar. And as we said before, Naruto's on a different level. He could have killed the Krogan with a single finger if he really wanted to."

Ashley clearly did not know what to think on Kurotsuchi's nonchalance with what just happened and her statement. She finally sighed before walking away as she declared, "I need a drink to deal with all this craziness."

The shinobi started to go back to their own thing with the entertainment over, but Tali quickly moved towards Naruto and exclaimed, "Keelah, that was amazing! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself."

Naruto rubbed his head before saying in a slightly embarrassed voice, "Thanks. It was a fun spar."

The two were cut off when they both heard a gravelly chuckle. They turned to see that Wrex had gotten back to his feet. Wrex had the same rather bloodthirsty grin on his face as when he had been fighting. When he started approaching Naruto's body tensed while Tali backed up, clearly not confident in facing down a rampaging Krogan. Wrex stopped right in front of Naruto. Wrex lifted an arm, causing Naruto to prepare to defend himself from a possible attack, but the arm just came down to give a hard pat to Naruto's shoulder as Wrex gave out a loud laugh.

"Such strength! Such power! I haven't experienced anything like it in my eight hundred years, and haven't been tossed around like that since I was a pup. You have more than enough power to call me your krant. Call me whenever something ails you, and I shall make sure your enemies shall fall," Wrex announced with a wide grin.

Naruto blinked for several moments before a shit-eating grin appeared on his face. Naruto put his hand on Wrex's shoulder before responding, "While I don't know what a krant is, it sounds something like an ally, and I'll always accept new allies and friends."

Wrex chuckled before claiming, "Not quite what a krant is, but I'll explain it to you over some drinks to seal the deal. You need to get drunk together to truly be Krant. I have enough ryncol to get a real party going."

"That sounds fun, but unfortunately I can't really get drunk. I have a very strong metabolism that just burns alcohol out of my blood faster than I can put any in," Naruto claimed while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

Wrex just gave a quick burst of laughter before stating in an eager voice, "That will just make it more fun. I have some pure ryncol that would knock a thresher maw out cold. I'll go get it and have you get drunk for the first time. Every true warrior needs to get drunk off their ass now and then." Wrex then eagerly walked away.

Naruto awkwardly chuckled before finally shrugging and saying, "I guess it's worth a shot."

"I'd be careful, Naruto," Tali stated from behind him. Naruto turned with raised eyebrows, encouraging her to continue, "Ryncol is a drink created by Krogan, for Krogan. It hits other species like ground glass. Even a small amount added to drinks is usually enough to knock most people out. If a non-Krogan tried to drink it pure…well I'm not so sure they would even make it to a hospital in time."

Naruto shrugged and replied calmly, "I'm sure I'll be fine. As I said, my metabolism makes it impossible for me to get drunk under normal circumstances. Thanks for worrying though, Tali. I appreciate it." Naruto finished with a soft smile that made Tali's reply turn to stutters.

Lucky for her Wrex returned at that moment, distracting Naruto long enough for her to slip away. Wrex held up a bottle filled with green liquid to Naruto and exclaimed, "Here it is. Pure ryncol. I guarantee that this will fuck you up nicely."

Naruto hesitantly grabbed the bottle. Suddenly Tali's warning came back. Finally he shrugged it off. He had managed to absorb a god. Some alcohol, no matter how, couldn't really affect him. Right?

"Cheers," Naruto said before tipping his head back and taking a swig.

"Holy shit!" Naruto mumbled softly to himself as he came to.

Naruto didn't do much for a several moments as his mind slowly emerged from its stupor. As he regained his wits, he felt the pain from a headache appear. Naruto ignored it and slowly turned his head to survey his situation. He was laying spread eagle on the metal floor of the storage area.

Naruto blinked before trying to remember what the heck happened after he started drinking. It was all a blur. He was pretty sure that he did something to annoy Kurotsuchi, convinced Wrex to throw him across the room with biotics, tried to open the airlock to prove to Wrex he could survive in space, and somehow split his head open on the stairs. Or he might have been hallucinating. Naruto really wasn't sure. He didn't have any past experience of drinking to base it on.

"Good to see you're up," a voice spoke up.

Naruto's eyes widened as he whipped his head around. Unfortunately, that caused his headache to let out a large burst of pain. Naruto flinched, but still looked to see that is was Kaidan that spoke. He was standing just a few feet from Naruto. Yep, his wits were really slow for him to have not noticed someone that close.

"What the hell happened last night? What the hell did I do? And where is Wrex and everyone else?" Naruto questioned in a rush.

Kaidan chuckled before answering in his soft voice, "I believe Wrex is huddled in the Mako sleeping. All the others are sleeping. This is the technical nighttime aboard the Normandy. They probably won't wake up for several more hours. As for what happened last night…well I can tell you that you drank about two times more ryncol than Wrex. I'll let you figure out the rest on your own. It should be entertaining…for me at least."

"Asshole!" Naruto couldn't help from grunting out. Kaidan just chuckled in response.

"It is good that you are awake. I half expected for you to be completely knocked out. I have a message. The Council is requesting a meeting with the Commander, and they have also requested that the ambassador for your species be there too."

Naruto groaned as he stood up. Clutching his head, Naruto grunted out, "Then can you please wake up Mei and Temari as well? They should be there as well. They are in the light blue and the tan tents. Knock on the openings and call inside. Don't try to open them. Mei sleeps naked, and Temari is usually only in her underwear when sleeping. They put seals on the openings to electrocute anyone that tries to peak. Not enough to kill, but it still hurts like a bitch."

Kaidan blushed slightly, but nodded and answered, "Alright. What about you?"

Naruto just walked away as he replied, "I'm going to go fix myself up. Tell the commander we'll be up in five."

"Got it."

When Naruto stood in the elevator though, he saw something rather strange. From the top of his burnt orange tent, something was sticking out. It was a flag pole, but instead of a flag, several pairs of women's underwear were hanging from it. Getting a very bad feeling from looking at it, Naruto quickly created a clone to take them down before starting the elevator.

Five minutes later Naruto walked into the comm room of the Normandy with Temari and Mei at each side. Looking at him, no one would know that Naruto had gotten wasted off his ass the previous night. His eyes were bright, skin clear of any dirt or sweat, clothes were free of any wrinkles, and his hair was clean and in its ponytail. Although it was still spiky and rather out of control. Temari and Mei had both also fixed themselves up in the five minutes that had been given to them.

Shepard was already waiting. Naruto swore that she gave him the stink eye before she said, "Good, you are here. I'll connect us to the Council."

Shepard did something with her Omni-Tool before three holograms appeared to show an Asari, Salarian, and Turian. The Turian immediately spoke up, "Shepard."

Shepard lowered her head before answering, "Councilors."

"We apologize for the unexpected communication request, commander. Some important news has come to the Council's attention," the Asari announced.

"And I see the esteemed delegation from Shinno 3 is also present," the Salarian added.

Realizing that as a subtle demand, Naruto bowed his head before speaking in a dignified voice, "Greetings, honored councilors. Although there are more of us in the delegation, us three shall act as the main negotiators. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. This is Mei Terumi and Temari Sabaku."

The Asari nodded in recognition before replying, "My name is Matriarch Tevos Hathor."

The Turian added briskly, "Sparatus Horus."

"Sur'Kesh Eda Manron Sanito Dodan Valern," the Salarian spoke the long name with ease. Naruto just blinked several times in response. The Salarian quickly took pity on them and added, "I can simply be referred to by my given name, Valern."

Naruto coughed to buy himself a moment before responding, "We are able to remember your whole name, but it might be complicated for non-shinobi. So we shall stick with just Valern, if it isn't impolite to shorten it."

Tevos tilted her head before questioning, "What do you mean by it being complicated for non-shinobi?"

Mei quickly answered, "Shinobi are the main military forces of our world. Prospective shinobi are taught many different mnemonic devices from a young age in order to increase our information retention. Our lines of work often require us to memorize large amounts of classified material in order to better protect our secrets. All shinobi have better memories than civilians, and higher level shinobi usually have near photographic memories. For a shinobi, the name Sur'Kesh Eda Manron Sanito Dodan Valern would be simple to remember, but our civilians might have far more difficulty with such a name."

Valern nodded in interest before muttering furiously, "Ah, very interesting system for species lacking photographic memories. Mental conditioning during childhood in order to minimize possible information leaks. Interesting applications. Just memory retention? Or also enhanced comprehension during rapid information intake? What sorts of mnemonics would be required? Interesting, interesting."

Valern's rapid musing was cut off when Sparatus interrupted bluntly, "While interesting, this is not the time, Valern. This meeting has a purpose we should now focus on."

Tevos nodded before saying, "I agree. There shall be more time for such topics during the negotiations. We should stay on the necessary topics." Valern looked disappointed to Naruto, but the councilor agreed with a nod.

Shepard questioned rather bluntly, "So what is this information you have for me?"

Sparatus quickly stated, "We have reports of geth activity at the human colony on Feros. This is our first lead on Saren. We want you to check it out, Shepard. As time is of the essence, a Council ship shall meet you in order to transfer the delegates from Shinno 3."

Naruto tilted his head before asking, "That is the second time you have used the name Shinno 3 for our planet. Is that what you are calling it?"

"Currently, yes. As the native species of the planet, your species naturally has the right to name it. Until we receive said name though, we had to make do with the Shinno 3 moniker. Your planet is located in the Shinno system, and is the third planet from the star. Thus Shinno 3. Is there a name you usually use for your planet?"

Naruto glanced briefly at Mei and Temari before slowly answering, "While we have extensively studied our environment, our people have not had much interest in astronomy unfortunately. The best name our people have for our planet would be 'Var Mor.' Which is an ancient language for 'Our Mother.'"

Valern nodded before saying, "Understood. We shall use Var Mor to refer to your planet until such a time that you officially name it otherwise."

Shepard quickly broke in to question, "When will the Council ship arrive to pick them up?"

"We shall send you the coordinates for the meeting point. The Council ship should arrive in approximately six hours," Sparatus informed them in a business voice.

"Understood, the Normandy shall be there," Shepard responded as she looked at the new coordinates on her Omni-Tool.

It looked like the meeting was over, but Naruto spoke up before the Councilors' holograms disappeared, "Actually Councilors, I have a request."

The councilors looked at each other in confusion before Tevos asked, "We shall at least hear it. We can't guarantee we'll grant it."

Naruto nodded in understanding before saying calmly, "Of course. I managed to get the full information on Saren and the Geth from Shepard."

Shepard flinched slightly as the councilors turned towards her, clearly none too happy. Sparatus quickly stated, "You do not need to worry, delegate Naruto. Shepard is acting with the full authority of the council to hunt down and eliminate Saren. Although we shall reinforce our desire that she keep her mission as secret as possible." Shepard nodded with a hard look on her face.

Naruto forced himself to ignore Shepard's discofort for a moment in favor staing seriously, "I wish to accompany Spectre Shepard on this mission."

Naturally, that shocked the Council into silence. The fast witted Valern was the first to recover, "That is not a very good idea, delegate Naruto. Shepard's mission is a very dangerous one, and you are an important delegate for your species."

"I agree with Councilor Valern. What possible reason do you have to request such a thing?" Tevos added with a frown.

"First of all, I am not quite as important to the negotiations as it might seem. While I hold great influence among the five kages, my position as head of the delegation is more honorary then anything. Mei and Temari are the two that shall conduct most of the negotiations," Naruto informed them calmly.

"I also am not daunted by the fact that this will be a dangerous mission. As a shinobi, I have placed myself into danger many times, for many different reasons. If anything, I am most suited to tasks with an element of danger. The reason I wish to go on this mission though is that I feel that something is entirely wrong with the situation, both instinctively and intellectually. My instincts as a warrior are telling me that there is something we do not know about the situation, and that there is a hidden danger involved. I have also found several discrepancies about the situation that do not make sense, even though I am not completely familiar with the galaxy yet," Naruto reasoned calmly.

Valern tilted his head before questioning, "And what are these discrepancies?"

Naruto decided to take the councilors' curiosity as a good thing. At least they were listening to him. He quickly questioned, "The first thing I don't understand is Saren's relationship with the Geth. How exactly has he gained their allegiance? The geth have apparently not ventured beyond this Perseus Veil, and no ship that has attempted contact with them hasn't returned. How could Saren have not only initiated contact with the Geth without his ship being destroyed, but also gain their allegiance?"

Tevos quickly responded, "On the audio recording, Saren mentioned the return of the Reapers, a race of sentient machines that the geth revere as gods. This council believes that he isn't in fact trying to bring back theReapers, but is using the geth's worship of them as a way to control them. By claiming to try and bring the Reapers back, he is in fact simply using the geth as a tool against the human species."

Naruto shook his head before arguing, "Do you really believe the geth would be so naïve as to follow Saren simply because of words? Aren't the geth living computers or something? I find it difficult to believe that they would follow Saren without some sort of assurance or proof."

"Interesting thought. Yes, geth are very intelligent. Is reasonable to suspect that more than words were needed for Saren to gain their participation," Valern muttered to himself.

Sparatus quickly stated, "You have a point, but it still lacks any conclusive proof to indicate anything greater. Saren had access to many resources, and he is a very cunning effort. It is not unbelievable that he could trick the geth or even find a way to control them."

Naruto shrugged before continuing, "I guess that is true. Another thing that bothered me though is Saren himself. I looked him up on the extranet. There was little definite information on him, but I did see several things that worried me. While he does have a documented hate of humanity, he was also recorded as being very loyal to the Council and ensuring galactic stability."

Sparatus nodded before explaining, "Yes. While he was rather…ruthless, he was still a very effective and dedicated individual. He couldn't have been chosen as a Spectre otherwise, or have been so successful at it."

"That is what I figured. So this actually is a very dynamic change of behavior if you look at it. He attacked Eden Prime because of the Prothean beacon. Not because it was a human colony. He did it to prevent study on the beacon. While this could be attributed to him wanting the Alliance to look bad, it still doesn't completely add up since it was going to be transported to the Citadel. Apparently this beacon would have been a great boon to all Citadel space. Its destruction harmed Citadel space too much for a loyal individual to even contemplate. If he wanted to humiliate the Alliance or keep Shepard out of the Spectres, there would have been numerous other opportunities to do it without harming the Alliance or the Council in the process. His utilization of geth is also peculiar. Spectres are supposed to ensure galactic stability, but the geth have in fact threatened it. Even under his control, their mere presence is a threat to every species. Not just humans. It is not what a dedicated Spectre would do, even with his hatred of humanity."

"He must have not wanted the Council to have the opportunity to study the beacon. So there was something the Prothean beacon had that threatened his plans. Considering the Protheans went extinct 50,000 years ago, the options of what it could be are very limited. The most likely being about their extinction. If the Protheans were more widespread and technologically advanced than your society, then their sudden extinction is incredibly suspicious. Infighting wouldn't be able to completely destroy them. In myths, the Reapers apparently destroyed the Protheans. If you apparently have a recording stating him saying that he is trying to bring about the return of the Reapers, then that seems to indicate that the Reapers are apparently involved somehow," Naruto finished evenly.

Valern quickly asked, "Is that all?"

Naruto though for a moment before continuing, "I also find the fact that Matriarch Benezia is working with Saren to be confusing. Not only has Liara, her daughter, vouched for her morals and ethics, but what I found on the extranet also shows that her participation to be out of character. If you add Saren, then that is two people who have exhibited severe personality changes that possibly indicate several worrying possibilities."

The councilors didn't respond for several moments to see if he had more to add. When he stayed silent, Sparatus started speaking in a serious tone, "While I find your knowledge of galactic affairs and your theories to be impressive, they are just that. Theories. They are just conjecture. They lack any sort of proof."

Naruto nodded before retorting, "True, but that doesn't mean they aren't true. When a person is smart and covers their trail, finding proof about their activities is difficult. Instead of just waiting for proof to show up, sometimes you need to act on conjecture. To be prepared for all possibilities. Maybe this is just a rogue spectre acting out on his hatred of humanity, but it also might be something more than that. If by any chance it does have something to do with the Reapers or something else sinister, it is better to be prepared. Even if the chance is small, I want to know if the Reapers are somehow involved in this whole affair. If they are what drove the Protheans to extinction, then I definitely want to know all I can about them. After all, my species is likely to become part of your galactic community soon. What better way to be prepared than investigating it myself? Since Shepard is chasing Saren, staying with her is the best option to figuring out what is really happening."

The councilors didn't respond for a while. Tevos turned to make eye contact with the other two. Finally she looked at Naruto and responded, "You do not have this Council convinced that the Reapers are involved in this affair. We cannot act without proof. However, we do acknowledge your argument and right to investigate your theories. As long as the negotiations continue on, we have no reason to deny you your request. As a Spectre, Shepard has the right to take whoever she desires onto her crew. Do you find his request agreeable, Spectre Shepard?"

Shepard straightened and immediately responded, "Absolutely, councilors. As I have stated in my reports, the combat potential of this species is outrageous. I have already seen Naruto in action, and heard of some of his other achievements. I received a report that he also defeated one of my crewmembers in hand to hand combat…It was a Krogan Battlemaster. Naruto is easily worth twenty soldiers. I feel that the success rate of this mission dramatically improves if he stays on."

Valern nodded before announcing, "Alright then. We shall grant your request to stay on the Normandy, delegate Naruto. However, as a member of Shepard's crew, there are several rules you must agree to. You are under Shepard's command, and thus follow any orders she gives you. As a crewmember of a Spectre, you also represent the Council. If you act in a way that embarrasses or endangers the Council, then we shall punish you. No diplomatic immunity shall apply. You must also agree that the success of the mission or your fate shall in no way impact the negotiations between us and your species."

"Of course. I agree to your terms, and shall make it clear to the kages," Naruto responded calmly.

Tevos nodded and stated, "Then this meeting is done. Council out." The three holograms immediately dissipated.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief as his shoulders relaxed. He then muttered aloud, "That went way better than I had thought it would."

"A little more warning would have been appreciated, Naruto," Temari commented in a deadpan voice.

Naruto turned to her and scratched his head awkwardly as he admitted, "Sorry, I was sort of making it up as I went. I knew I was going to ask them, but I honestly expected to be refused."

Mei nodded thoughtfully as she claimed, "I am actually surprised they let you as well. This seems to be something they want kept on the down low, not something to let an entirely new species to know all about."

"They are worried, for multiple reasons," a voice spoke behind them. The three turned to see Shepard standing there with her arms crossed. She quickly elaborated. "They won't admit it, but they are also worried by some of the same things you are. They just can't show it. They desperately want Saren brought down before he causes even more damage, and they probably think I need all the help I can get. They were also worried about getting on your bad side. They are very interested in establishing good relations with your species, and you clearly have enough pull with the five kages that they didn't want to anger you too much."

Naruto nodded towards Shepard before stating, "It seems I'm in your care, Shepard. I hope we get along."

"I'm sure I can figure out a good use for you. Just…don't get drunk again. I'll forget about the incident last night, but I might not be as forgiving next time," Shepard stated seriously. She then left the room, leaving the three shinobi alone.

Naruto turned to Mei and Temari before asking desperately, "What did I do last night?"

Both of them let out coquettish smirks before Temari claimed, "I'm surprised you forgot. I almost feel insulted. I guess as punishment, we won't tell you."

Naruto looked at Mei pleadingly, but her devious grin shot his hopes down. He finally muttered, "Fine. Be that way. Get our people gathered together. I need to talk to them."

Five minutes later, Naruto was staring at the other shinobi. He quickly explained Shepard's mission and his worried before elaborating, "So our group will split into two. Most of us shall go to the Citadel, while a smaller group stays here to help Shepard."

Mabui quickly asked, "Is it really all right for you to not participate in the negotiations, Naruto?"

Temari quickly answered with a depressed sigh, "Yes, it is alright. Trust me, if these aliens are anything like us, these negotiations are going to go on for a while. The first three months are probably going to mainly consist of small talk with every diplomat of every species. We'll be lucky if anything gets done within half a year."

Naruto nodded in agreement before adding, "Hopefully this mission will only be for a month or two, so I should be able to come back when things actually get serious. Let's get back to the groups though. Unfortunately, almost all of you serve a purpose that means you don't get a choice.

"Mei and Temari are both going to be heading the negotiations. I'm trusting you both to do your best in representing our species. You are also responsible in finding out any bit of information related to political affairs in this galaxy. We need to know everything about the governments of every different species. I know you'll do a better job than I ever could," Naruto said with a confident grin at the two. The two nodded in acknowledgement.

"Shikamaru and Shiho. You both are going to go to the Citadel as well. You also have a mission while there. You both are responsible for studying every bit of technology you can find. From how these spaceships work to how they make the doors open on their own. Every bit of information we gain from you two puts us at less of a disadvantage in negotiations." Shiho nodded and Shikamaru just let out a 'Troublesome!'

"Mabui, you shall also go to the Citadel. You are responsible for making reports on everything the others learn and sending this information to myself and to the five kages. Shiho, you managed to figure out a way to pick up messages before you left, right?"

Shiho quickly nodded and explained, "Yes, there might be a bit of time lag due to our distance from one of their comm buoys, but nothing extreme. Just a day or two. You should receive the reports almost instantly, as long as the Normandy doesn't venture into uncharted space."

"Good, you'll need to explain to Mabui how to send the reports," Naruto then turned to those remaining. Kurotsuchi, who was giving him a stink eye for some reason, Samui, Neji, and Tenten. Naruto quickly continued, "You four get to choose, but at least two of you should go to the Citadel."

Kurotsuchi immediately declared, "I'm staying here where I might have a few fights. I'm not going to spend the next several months playing diplomat."

Neji and Tenten looked at each other for a few moments before Neji stated, "Tenten and I shall go to the Citadel."

Samui thought for several moments before answering, "Either choice is cool, but I think staying on the Normandy sounds cooler."

"Alright, then this is your mission, Neji, Tenten. You are both to find out as much about their society as possible. I want to know the biology of every species and their typical behaviors. Try to figure out how their economies work. I also want you both to listen to any and all rumors. Anything unofficial or related to the underworld can be useful later. Basically, anything that the others won't be researching," Naruto ordered in a serious tone. The two nodded.

Naruto thought for several moments before finishing by stating, "I think that is all. The Citadel group needs to be ready to leave in five hours. Be ready for anything, guys. What we find out and do will influence how our entire world interacts with these people. My gut also is saying that something is wrong with Saren and this whole Reaper mission. We need to be ready for anything. Lives depend on us."

Omake: Naruto drunk? That is just asking for trouble!

Jane Shepard glared at Naruto angrily across the mess area. She had been getting some sleep when she had been very rudely awakened. Apparently Wrex and Naruto had gotten drunk and were causing havoc. The last straw for the crew was when Naruto attempted to open the airlock. Now she was being dragged into this. She had just slipped on some casual clothes before coming down here.

"You look angry, Shepard," Naruto innocently stated.

Shepard eye twitched in irritation. She angrily stomped toward Naruto as she ranted, "Oh, I am very angry. You endangered my entire crew. You are so lucky that the system has failsafes in place to prevent the airlock from being opened unless grounded." When she reached him, she tried to grab him by the ear. Unfortunately, he literally disappeared just before she grabbed him.

"I'm surprised, Shepard. I expected something more modest," a voice spoke from behind her.

Shepard spun around angrily to look at the widely grinning Naruto, but paused in confusion. Something felt…wrong. Her eyes finally settled on something in Naruto's hand. It was some red and lacy material. Her eyes widened in horror and her hands started patting her hips. Seeing what she was doing, Naruto's grin widened and he stretched the cloth out to show it was a thong. Shepard finally looked down and pulled her loose sweatpants away from her stomach to check herself.

She finally muttered in shock, "How the hell?"

Naruto just gave a mischievous grin before he commented, "I'm just that amazing. I'm currently thinking what to do with them though. Maybe I should sell them to Joker or Kaidan. I think they are both interested in you. I bet they would both be willing to buy a pair of underwear that you actually used."

Shepard was trembling in anger, her shock finally abating from how he somehow managed to take her underwear without her even noticing. She finally snapped furiously, "Don't you dare!"

Naruto just smashed his fist into his palm before declaring, "I know. I'll hang them from a flagpole over my tent to show my dominance and superiority over you."

Shepard lunged at him while screaming, "Give those back, you pervert!"

Once again though he disappeared right before she could grab him. Spinning around, she saw Naruto just grinning infuriatingly while twirling a larger piece of red lace around a finger. Shepard's eyes widened again, recognizing the material. Her hands patted her tank top covered chest to show that her bra was gone.

"I figured I need a few more undergarments to show my awesomeness. Thanks for the donations, but I still need a few more. Kurotsuchi, here I come!" Naruto declared loudly.

Shepard tried to lunge at him again, but he just ran away at a high speed. Shepard was about to go chase him, but paused as something occurred to her. He had taken her underwear whenever she tried to catch him. Since she was now going commando, what would he take the next time?…Not worth it, she decided after a few seconds of thought. Let Kurotsuchi deal with it. She then turned and walked back to her room.

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