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Chris was pacing around the room talking on his house phone to Chef and his cell phone to the producers of Total Drama. He was taking a break at his house while he was waiting for the producers to give him the 'Ok' for season 5 to start.

"Yeah, I know that you can't leave a bunch of teenagers on a dangerous island NOW!" Chris answered his producer "Chef, Can't you just call me back?! I'm in the middle of something!"

Chris hated this. Chef always called him when they weren't filming and he lived over an hour away from Chef and he was wasn't looking forward to this call from the producers either but he knew if there was a chance of having a season 5 he would have to take the heat for it.

The producer was going on and on about all the things he did wrong last season and Chef was talking about gardening and all Chris really wanted to do was watch a movie and then take a shower and go to sleep! Obviously, He wasn't getting off the phone anytime soon.

"It's raining out!" Chris yelled into the phone "I'm not going to help you plant a garden!...Uh...Sorry Mr. Producer...I wasn't yelling at you...If you want to plant a garden I would love to help..."

Chris was rolling his eyes as the producer continued to yell at him and Chef kept talking about how he missed torturing teenagers and it was pouring down rain! If Chef wanted to plant a garden, Chris wasn't going to help him.

"I know you didn't give anyone food poisoning" Chris sighed into the phone "Oh sorry, Not you Mr. Producer"

Chris sat on his couch and listened to both of them ramble at the same time, adding in the occasional 'Uh-huh' to both of them. The doorbell rang and that just annoyed Chris even more! He just sat down and the world was annoying him today and someone was about to get a face full of door.

"What?!" Chris opened the front door of his mansion with a phone held up to both ears.

There standing at his front door completely soaked from the rain stood Courtney. Chris was about to slam the door in her face! This was his off season, He didn't want to see any of them! If Courtney didn't start unbuttoning her shirt outside of his house he would have slammed the door in her face instantly.

"Uh...I...I...I...have to go..." Chris found himself hanging up on both Chef and the producer.

Chris stood there and looked at her with the most confused look possible on his face. Courtney looked horrible and pretty upset. Chris pulled her inside his mansion and slammed the door shut.

"What are you doing here?!" Chris yelled at her "Why are you taking off your shirt at my front door?!"

"it's raining out" Courtney cried to him

"I can see that" Chris informed her.

"My parents threw me out!" Courtney started bawling her eyes out "They said they didn't like my attitude these days and I must have picked it up from the show!"

"Well you are kind of a bitch..." Chris smirked

"It's not funny!" Courtney cried and threw herself at Chris

"Okay, fine!" Chris pushed her away from him "It's not funny! So why are you here?"

"I need a place to stay" Courtney told him "Can I stay here?"

"No!" Chris told her "You acted like a bitch and now you have a problem, It's my off season and I'm not dealing with this!"

"Please?" Courtney batted her eyelashes

"Nope" Chris crossed his arms

"Chris, I have nowhere else to go!" Courtney told him

"Don't you have friends?" Chris rolled his eyes

"Chris!" Courtney begged him "Can't I just stay for ONE night?"

"Fine" Chris groaned "Just don't talk or touch anything..."

I couldn't turn this idea down! I'm back on another Chris/Courtney trip! So, This will be a few chapters long. I'm excited.