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Courtney stepped into the mansion and Chris closed the door behind him and groaned in annoyance. This wasn't on his list of things to do and he just hung up on the producer and it was all because of Courtney.

"Do you realize that I have a life outside of Total Drama?" Chris asked her "I was in the middle of talking to my producer!"

"You didn't have to hang up." Courtney told him

"Yes, I did" Chris told her "I'm not supposed to have contestants at my house! It says so in MY contract!"

"Well I'm sorry!" Courtney complained to Chris "Where else did you expect me to go?"

"I don't know!" Chris yelled at her "Why would you come here?! How did you even find my house?"

"I asked Sierra" Courtney told him "She told me the fastest way to get her too!"

"So why didn't you just stay with her?" Chris asked

"We aren't exactly friends, I had to give her $20.00 just to get her to help me get here!" Courtney told him "Can I dry my clothes here?"

"No, I don't have a dryer or a washing machine" Chris informed her before sitting down on his couch

"Are you serious?" Courtney smirked at him "Can I borrow something of yours?"

"Courtney, this isn't amusing." Chris told her "I'm in the middle of doing something! This is my off season!"

"You mentioned that 3 times." Courtney reminded him "I told you, I'll be gone in the morning!"

"Promise?" Chris asked her "Where are you going to go?"

"I'm going to go to my Grandma's house." Courtney told him "I just don't want to drive there at night."

Chris got up and walked through the doorway and Courtney could hear him going upstairs. Courtney didn't really know what she should be doing so she sat there and waited for Chris to come back, which he did and handed her a pillow and a blanket and a pair of his pajama's

"Here" Chris placed them on the couch next to her "I expect you to be gone when I wake up"

"I will" Courtney assured him "Thanks, Chris"

Chris rolled his eyes and went upstairs hoping this night would be over soon.

Chris woke up the next morning around 10am hoping to god that today he could call his producer back and get him to give him his 5th season. Chris groaned when he went downstairs to find Courtney still there.

"Why?! Why?! Why?!" Chris stormed into the kitchen and looked at his clock "It's after 10am!"

"Yeah, I know" Courtney handed him a plate "I made breakfast and straightened up a bit and I wrote down all your messages"

"Messages?" Chris asked her looking at the plate she just handed him.

"Yeah, I took down all the calls" Courtney handed him a piece of paper "Chef called twice and I think your agent called and offered you a gig for some TV special"

"You answered my phone?!" Chris asked her "What the hell did you say when they asked who you were?"

"I just told them that I was Courtney and that you were sleeping and they could leave a message" Courtney smirked at him "You're welcome!"

"I thought you were leaving!" Chris yelled at her

"I was going to leave and then the phone rang and it was Chef" Courtney told him "So, I told him you were sleeping and I was cleaning up"

"Why would you tell him that, Courtney?" Chris asked her "It's daytime now, Why don't you go to visit your grandmother now!"

"Oh, I was going to and then I realized I ran out of gas" Courtney told him "Can you take me tomorrow?"

"What if I give you the money and then you just take your own car?" Chris suggested

"I'm really bad with directions" Courtney told him "I'll just have you take my tomorrow!"

Chris was going to protest but before he could Courtney left the room and went upstairs to do god only knows what! Chris didn't even care anymore, he wanted her gone and he was pretty sure she didn't plan on leaving anytime soon.