Percy Jackson Son Of Chaos

Book One

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A/N: Note take place after The Hero of Olympus series. ( of course I have no idea if Percy is going to survive, but we can only hope. Although i am a fan of Percy and Annabeth. I have decided to switch things up a little. Instead it will be Perseus and Thalia. Please enjoy the first chapter.

Camp Half-blood

A young man with black messy hair sat down on the beach looking out over the small lake. His name was Percy Jackson. Percy had discovered seven years ago that he wasn't a normal child. In fact he was a Demi-god. He had been Eleven when he discovered that he was the son of the great God Poseidon. Percy had always figured that there was something strange about him. After all whenever he entered a body of water, he came out dry, as if the water hadn't even touched him. He also held the world record for holding his breath underwater. Percy looked over at the huge crowd of people standing around the young man. What hurt Percy the most was that his best friend and recent girlfriend was now hanging off the boys arm.

It seemed the whole world had forgotten him and what he had done for Olympus. The fact he had saved all their worthless hides, really pissed him off. It was only a few years ago that Percy had learnt about the great prophecy. It turned out he had been the one it was talking about, and he had the choice of saving Olympus or destroying it. Percy looked over at all the Gods now patting the boy on the back and cheering. A few years ago that would have been him they were congratulating. Now though Percy was regretting saving Olympus. In fact all the Gods did was fight and sit up on Olympus doing fuck all, while the world they had promised to look after all those years ago, tore itself apart. Percy Couldn't help but wonder if the world would have been better without the fucking lot of them.

One quest, it only took his godly brother one quest to get their acknowledgement. Percy had been on several quests, and not once did any of the Gods thank him, well unless you count being offered Godhood after the second Titan war. Percy laughed to himself, he still wondered what would have happened had he accepted the offer. He stood up from his spot, rucksack hanging off his back. No one was going to miss him. Everyone was too concerned with his perfect brother. Percy left the beach and walked up the hill for the last time. He quickly patted the Dragon that now guarded Thalia tree. He then turned and took one last glance at what use to be his home from home, but not now. Finally he vanished down the side of the hill, never to set foot in camp-Half-blood again.

Across Time and Space.

A figure sat in his throne, covered in a black robe, looking at the small globe in front of him. His golden eyes hardened as he saw the young man walk away from what had been his home for the last seven years. The figure couldn't believe what had taken place.

Chaos, creator of the universe, stood from his throne, and walked towards one of his windows. He couldn't believe how the Gods had treated the world he had created. He had hoped that the new Gods would have learnt from his children mistakes, but clearly they were just as corrupt as those who had come before them. He too felt the young man's pain, watching his precious world destroy itself through pollution, war, and disease.

The whole point of appointing the Gods was so that they would look after his creation, but over time, it seems they had all grown too powerful for their own good, and had considered themselves untouchable. Well they were in for a rude awakening. Chaos had seen enough destruction take place on his creation, no more would he stand for the Gods' laziness, it was time for change.

Chaos then turned back to the viewing globe to see the young man attempting to hitch a ride back to the City, it seems everyone was totally oblivious to his pain and suffering. However Chaos knew there was more to come. He had seen the boys future and knew that he would soon suffer loss again. His globe then switched to a small apartment building, next to it stood a tall building with police cars and S.W.A.T units standing in front of it.

Someone had decided to hold up a bank. He had threatened to blow the place up if he didn't get what he wanted. Chaos looked down on the man holding the gun and the amount of C2 charges he had placed all around the interior of the building. That much explosive was enough to level at least five blocks. Chaos turned his view to the small family now sitting in the apartment next to the bank, totally oblivious of what was to come.

Chaos gritted his teeth, the boy didn't deserve to see his family killed, not after what he had just been through. However Chaos was powerless to stop it. Although he was creator of the universe, he still had to obey the ancient laws. He turned his face from the globe as the bank blew up destroying everything near it. The Police and S.W.A.T cars were turned over smoking, and hundreds of bodies laid dead on the road.

He watched as a car pulled up a few blocks from the incident and the young boy immediately jumped out of the car and ran towards the chaos that now stood in front of him. Chaos watched as the young man fell to his knees and looked up at what remained of his home. The whole building had been blown apart, Chaos perfectly knew that the young man's family had died in the blast, but again he was powerless to stop it. This is what the fates had planned. There was no changing it. Chaos looked to see the boy fall to his knees and screamed to the heavens, he had lost everything, his family, his girlfriend and his reputation. He had nothing left now. Chaos knew it would soon be time for Percy to end it all, but he wasn't going to allow that. This boy had done to much good in the creator's eyes, just to allow him to take his own life. Chaos turned to see a golden glow and three old ladies appeared, one held a pair of rusty scissors, while the other two held a long ball of thread.

"We the fates agree to your plan Lord Chaos. We too feel the Gods have ruled long enough and now is the time for change. We also allow you to change young Perseus' fate."

Chaos turned to the fates and smiled. "Really well to me I feel you three have made the boy suffer enough. First the whole of Olympus turns against him, then you take away his love interest, and now you destroy his family. Not to mention replace him with a brother he has never seen before."

The Fates turned to each other, before turning back to Chaos. "His brother is the future saviour of Olympus. If Perseus was still in the way then he could disrupt future events. It was best to get him out of the way so his brother could reach his full potential."

Chaos laughed. "So you thought the best way would be to take everything away from him, and have him kill himself, after everything he had done for you and the Olympian Council. Well let me tell you this, what I have planned will ruin your little idea. You see I intend to turn back time, and have the boy re-do everything, but this time instead of being a son of Poseidon, he will be in fact a son of Chaos."

The fate's eyes widened. "That was never part of the deal Chaos, we said you could change Perseus' fate, not his past. Do you realise the consequences this could have on everything?"

Chaos grinned. "Indeed I do. You see instead of having Perseus save Olympus, I am going to have him destroy it. Then I will have him rebuild it, replacing all the corruption with a council who will finally do what I ask of them. It is more then the boy deserves."

Fates eyes widened again. "What about Kronos and your daughter Gaia, have you forgotten about them. If you do turn back time, then they will be back more powerful then before. After all everything needs to be balanced. Your power rivals that of all the Gods on Olympus, and if you intend to have Perseus become your son, then we, the fates, will have to balance the scales. You do understand this, do you not?"

Chaos turned and grinned. "Do what you wish to balance the scales, my new son will take down anything you put up in front of him."

The three fates eyes narrowed. "We will see, Lord Chaos, we will see."

Back on Earth

Perseus looked at the wreckage in front of him. His whole life had been destroyed in one day. First he is replaced by his new brother at camp Half-blood, then he loses the one person who meant just as much to him as his own family, and now to come back and find his home destroyed and his family killed. Perseus wondered where he should go from here. He had very little money, a few slabs of Ambrosia, and a small container of Nectar. If he rationed everything then it might last him a week or so. Perseus stood up from where he had been kneeling before. He needed to get away, he needed to end it all. The pain, the suffering. He had nothing left. He felt his sword in his pocket and knew what he must do. It was the only way to end it all. Heck it would hurt like hell for a few seconds, but then finally he would be at peace, and maybe be reunited with his family.

He pulled the sword from his pocket and watched as the blade slowly began to grow. He knew the mist would stop anyone seeing what he was about to do. By the time someone discovered him, it would be too late. Just as he was about to fall onto his own sword, he saw a gentleman appear from what appeared to be some dark hole. The man was dressed in a black suit, his eyes were covered by a pair of designer shades, Percy was surprised to see that he was totally bald as well. Percy knew he wasn't a God, after all he had met every single one of them. So who was this person? Percy retracted his blade back to its pen form. He noticed the man smile, and then said.

"Hello Perseus Jackson, my name is Chaos and I am here to make you a proposition."

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