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Kid had been in the garage all day. His back was sore, his muscles were burning, and his fingers were covered in grease. He scooted out from under the belly of the truck and pushed his goggles back up to his brow, wiping the sweat from his eyes with the back of his forearm.

It had been three months since he had been patched up by Trafalgar shady surgeon Law, and he had not seen hide nor hair of the man since. There was never a phone call, a bill, or even a threat like a slashed tire or a smashed window. Despite Killer's protests that this was a ill omen, Kid ignored the entire lot of the mess. He continued on with his daily life, working on vehicles in the daytime and making money at night.

But this week was quiet. Business was running smoothly on both fronts, and there was no need for Kid to get involved in any affairs for a while longer. Tonight, he planned on closing up shop, downing a few at the pub, and then steaming himself raw in the shower before passing out.

Kid snatched up a dirty rag and wiped the worst of the oil off his hands, tossing it aside. He flicked off the main lights and began to lock things up, picking at his white, stained t-shirt with two fingers to air it out from all the sweat stains. It was a hopeless cause, though, as the fabric stayed stuck to his skin, clinging tightly and making him uncomfortably overheated.

Groaning and worn out, the mechanic climbed the stairs to the office where he had ditched his things, a run down and shabby room massed with untouched papers and other things that he often let Killer handle. He had to work at the knob to open it with his slippery fingers, but once inside, he fumbled on the single light and began to gather his coat, wallet, keys...

"Good evening, Eustass. Awfully late night tonight?"

Kid stiffened and bit his tongue to keep from yelping out in surprise. Although he recognized the voice, he still turned to see the doctor, donning lab coat and scrubs, sitting with his feet kicked up on the messy deck.

"A phone call would have sufficed," Kid snapped. "When you trespass like this you are basically asking for me to break your jaw in."

Law snickered softly. "But I wanted to see you, Eustass. A doctor needs to check up on his patient's recovery."

Kid ripped up his shirt, revealing the faded scar on his torso from the previous bullet wound. "It's been three months, don't fuck with me. I know that's not why you're here."

The doctor across from him raised his hands in mock surrender. "You got me," he chimed, and then lowered his eyes and voice, the serious nature of the situation unfolding. "I need the money, Eustass. I need it tonight."

Kid cocked his head to the side, forehead furrowed with thought. "Tonight?" he murmured. Then he threw back his head and let out a loud bark of laughter. "How about no, Trafalgar? With notice like this, you can dream on."

Law's fingers danced across his coat pockets, a shadow cast over his eyes from his fur-rimmed hat. "Are you telling me..." he whispered, "...that you don't have the money?"

"Oh, I do," the mechanic chuckled. He had his hands in his back pockets, but every muscle in his body was tensed for the fight. "But I'm sure as hell not gonna pay out when you pull a move like this."

The air between the two men had grown taut and thin. Neither of them moved, not even an inch, as though afraid of startling the other into open fire. Although muted, Kid could hear the rough sound of the doctor gritting his teeth in frustration, and Law could hear Kid tapping his painted fingernails against the side of his own leg.

Last time Kid had seen the Surgeon of Death, he felt that he had been physically compromised. The medication he had been doped up on was what he attributed his even temper to, as well as the likely culprit of Stockholm Syndrome or the like. Regardless, these feelings had long dissipated. The man in front of him had trespassed on his territory and was now poking at his pride. There would be no retribution.

There were several likely moves that Kid expected from the doctor. The man would try threats, then bargaining, and then physical action - it always went the same when a man was backed into a corner. Sensing the diplomatic attempts were about to open up, Kid grinned maniacally as Law leaned back in the chair, took his feet off the desk, and folded his hands on his lap.

"Very well."

Kid's eyes widened perceptively in his skull. "What?" he snapped.

"Very well," Law repeated. "I shouldn't have expected you to concede to my request at such short notice. After all, you might have just assumed I fell off the face of the earth. It has been three months. Anything could have happened." He tipped up his hat and leered at Kid. "Were you worried?"

"Try elated." Kid narrowed his eyes at the snarky man. "But, let me just double check this, huh? So you come all the way out here, wait up for me, and then just say it's okay when I refuse to pay you?"

Law shrugged, "I try not to let things bother me, Eustass. It's a calm life."

Kid didn't trust this man half as far as he could throw him. He shrugged his leather jacket over his broad shoulders and zipped it up, stuffing his keys and wallet in his pockets. "Fine, then," he hissed. "I'm not going to question a good thing. Let's go. I'll see you out."

Kicking up off the ground, Law stood and accompanied Kid down the stairs to the garage, never minding the redhead at his back, never casting looks over his shoulder. As they reached the door, Kid jangled with his keys and then held it open for the doctor. "Go on," he said, "Get."

Law stepped outside, and then raised his finger, pausing, and turned back around. "And you know, since I care about my patients so dearly...I figured I should give you fair warning."

"Warning for what?" Kid growled.

"You see..." Law tried to plaster on an innocent look on his face, which just made the man look even more demented. "I owe these lovely loan sharks a good five thousand pounds. But funnily enough, I've never met the guys. So when I took out the loan I decided to fill it out with the name and address of a man named Eustass Kid."

"What?" Kid's hand jolted out and gripped Law's shoulder with a bone crushing force. The doctor did not even wince.

"And..." Law brushed at Kid's hand, which did nothing to dislodge him, but definitely enraged the redhead even further. "The deal is kind of due tonight. So they're going to come looking for you." Law glanced around Kid's shoulder into the dark and empty garage. "And you're all alone this evening...What a shame!" He tutted and shook his head. "I certainly do hope you have the money, Eustass."

The door slammed shut and Trafalgar found himself on the inside this time, his hat on the floor, and Kid had a handful of his hair clenched in his fist. "You son of bitch," he cursed, spittle landing on the doctor's face.

Law slipped hand inside his coat pocket, closing his grasping fingers around the cold hilt of a knife, but before he could pull it out, Kid flung him across the room, landing on the hood of a Volkswagen, the windshield cracking under the force of impact. The wind was blown out of Law's lungs, and he rolled in pain, his body convulsing in on itself.

It didn't take long for Kid to descend on him again, holding him down by his collar so he could land a punch across Law's face. The doctor could feel the veins break under his skin. Another punch, and the skin broke above his eye, blood leaking into his vision.

"You have a temper," Law groaned, "I suspected as much." The glint of the blade flashed in the illumination from the streetlights outside, right before it found purchase in Kid's left shoulder. It went in to the hilt, a straight shot, that missed all vital arteries and came nowhere near the bone. Just as quickly as it was jabbed in, Law pulled out, like a snake with its bite.

The doctor expected the shock of the pain to light up on Kid's face, but the man, still holding him down, did not even flinch. Turning his bloodied face to the side, Law caught a glimpse of Kid's blackened eyes. The man was pumping adrenaline so fast through his system that not even the sharp pain of the blade had registered. The onset of this rage was so swift and so intense - it was unlike anything Law had witnessed before.

"I'm going to kill you, Trafalgar," Kid spoke simply. Although veins were pulsating in his brow, his muscles twitching, the man sounded as though he were making a clear declaration over a cup of coffee. And for the first time in a long time, Law felt the icy grip of fear settle around his heart. The doctor believed him.

He was hoisted up by his collar. Although Law was tall, Kid was taller, and he shook the doctor before pinning him to the wall. Law's skull slammed back against the concrete surface and a wave of vertigo caused his vision to swim out of focus.

When Law's eyes came to, he saw Kid grinning down at him, every one of his teeth showing, down to his unusually sharp incisors. "I dare say you're getting off on this, Eustass," Law managed to cough out.

"Damn right I am," Kid chuckled. "No whore could make me stiffer than the sight of your blood, you fucking manipulative bastard."

The doctor raised his arm and pressed the edge of the blade up toward Kid's neck, right along his jugular. But the redhead just pushed his body down on the blade. "Go on," he hissed, "Make me bleed. I'm still going to paint the walls with you."

Light flooded the room.

Blinded, both men twisted toward the front door. There were three men, each toting impressive illegal arms. The one in the front had his hand on the light switch, and he looked just about as surprised as the doctor and mechanic. But rapidly, his face fell into a soft smile, and he tossed aside the fringe of his longer blonde hair.

"Did we interrupt a domestic dispute, boys?" he teased, casting a glance over his shoulder at the two men behind him, one a sturdier brunette and the other more lithe. The men murmured affirmation and cocked their weapons.

"Well, I'm afraid you two lovebirds are going to have to settle this later," the blonde said, "Because we have some money to collect." His eyes settled on Kid. "You must be Eustass, I've heard of you. Let's not make this difficult. You pay, we leave. Simple as that."

Kid slowly lowered Law back to the ground, where the doctor was able to struggle to regain his breath. He turned his head slowly to the intruders, eyes flashing over each of them and taking inventory of their weapons. "Don't...interfere," he spat.

The blonde looked a little unsettled. He nearly took a step backward, before standing his ground. "Just pay us, and we'll have no need to, Eustass. Come on now, be a reasonable bloke."

Law was on the other side of the room by now, picking up his hat off the ground and placing it back on his head. Under the shadow from the rim, if anyone had looked, they would have seen the sickest smirk spreading on his thin lips. "Reasonable," he snickered to himself. "Not by my plan."

Exactly as predicted, Kid did not act reasonably. He charged the men, armed with firearms, before they had a chance to think twice, moving like a bull who had seen red. It took some time for the men to react, and once they did, each only got off one shot, and two of them missed. One bullet slammed into Kid's left forearm, where it broke skin...and then ricocheted off.

"What the bloody hell -" started the blonde, who had made the successful shot, but he never got to finish his sentence, because Kid was heading straight for him. The punch fell, and instead of tumbling, the man literally went flying, skittering across the garage floor. Kid did not go back for him, but moved on, ripping the revolver from the sturdy brunette's hand and gripping it by the barrel. Smiling now, he brought down the butt across the man's face and broke his nose neatly down the bridge.

"More interesting than I expected..." Law murmured. He raised his eyebrow at the thinner brunette who was coming at him from behind. Dagger still in hand, he gripped the man's right arm and brought it into the air, twisting until it snapped and the firearm broke free. With his other hand, Law swiped his blade under the inside of his arm and sliced clean through the vital artery there.

Kid has reengaged with the blonde now, who was desperately scrambling for his gun to no avail. The redhead had him pinned, and straddling his flailing body, he landed punch after punch, blunt smacking noises echoing throughout the room. Finally, he drew his hands back, each drenched with blood, and kicked himself up off the body. In one fleeting glance, Law could already tell that the blonde's skull had been broken in.

But the doctor had his own "patient" to attend to. He gave a pitying glance down at the man at his knees, who was struggling to his feet, grasping his wounded arm to his side. Law's inked fingers found purchase in the man's short brown locks, and he twisted his head to reveal his neck...and then sliced. The man gurgled, flailed, and died twitching on the floor.

The final man, the thicker built one with brown hair, was clutching his nose, which was spewing blood on the floor. He cast glances at the two madmen in his company and made for the door.

But Kid got to him first, gripping his shoulder and throwing him upward, over his own body, and then back down on the ground. Kid raised the heel of his boot and slammed it down repeated into the man's neck, again and again, until the skin broke and the greasy, oil-covered sole of his boot went through the victim's windpipe.

Law watched, cleaning the blood off of his blade, as Kid continued to stamp on the dead man's body until there was the loud snap of a broken spine. Then the redhead wiped his shoe on the man's shirt and turned, grin still plastered on, his full attention directed back at the doctor.

"You're next," Kid promised.

"Don't be ridiculous," Law insisted, pocketing his dagger, and showing Kid his empty hands. "What would be the point in it? The issue at hand is taken care of. That blonde -" Law gestured, "Was the head of their pathetic little operation. Therefore, no more loan sharks will be after either your head or mine. And..." he took a few relaxed steps closer to Kid, "...since you took care of this messy problem for me, I'd say that we can call your debt even."

"You idiot." Kid gripped the front of Law's coat and dragged his face so close that the doctor could smell his breath. Briefly, Law wondered how a man of such size could move so swiftly. "It was never about the money."

Law placed his hand over Kid's, gently gliding his fingers over the rough and callused knuckles. "Neither was it for me."

Kid's eyes widened slightly; surprise, showing that the man was processing emotion again. Thereby, he was already coming down from his fit of rage, and beginning to fall back into his analytical state of thinking. "What do you mean?" he pressed.

"I am a doctor, Eustass," Law responded. "I have plenty of money. But there is only one of you in the world. And you are what I have interest in."

"Why?" Kid snarled.

The doctor's eyes flittered over the man's body. He thought of a million things to say: Kid's left arm, his brute strength, his crimson hair, his overgrown size, his golden eyes, the scars on his body, his crooked nose, his fits of black ire... But that would all be giving away too much.

"I just do, Mr. Eustass. Call it intuition, but I think that we could have a...camaraderie of sorts."

Kid shook his head. "Absolutely not. I fucking hate you."

"The feeling is mutual," Law drawled, "But try..." he chuckled, "Try to be a reasonable bloke, would you?"

This time it worked. Kid loosened his fingers around Law's cuff and released the man. He took a step backward and cast his eyes around the garage. A damaged windshield and three dead bodies, along with at least a couple of liters of blood splattered on the concrete. That would be a bitch to clean out.

"Fine," he finally said. "But you're helping me clean up this wreck."

Law's eyes landed on the three dead bodies. "It would be my pleasure."

It was two hours later, and the garage reeked of chemicals, but the floors and walls were clean, and Kid had just finished fixing the broken windshield. He rotated to scowl at his companion in the room, who had turned the workbench into the most unsanitary operating table that the mechanic had ever seen.

Law had started with a simple autopsy on the men, which really irked Kid, but he had kept his mouth shut. But once the doctor began to dismember and mutilate the bodies, even he found the situation a little offbeat. So for the last hour or so, the two of them had been bickering and cursing back and forth over who was more mentally unstable.

"You enjoy taking apart cars and seeing what makes them tick," Law compared, "I just like to do the same with human bodies."

"You aren't even wearing gloves," Kid said. He opened the mini-fridge in the corner and fetched out a beer. He lifted another to offer to Law but the doctor shook his head. Shrugging, Kid returned it to its place on the shelf and kicked the fridge shut.

"Why would I? They are dead, and free of infectious disease. Besides," his eyes lit up with excitement, "It's a different feeling when you can touch someone's organs with your bare skin."

Kid picked up one of the jars of hearts that Law had set aside, sloshing the organ around in its own blood. "Sick in the head," he muttered, "A regular grade-A psycho, that's what you are."

"Hold this," Law snapped, handing Kid a coiled round of small intestine. Reflexively, Kid grabbed it, and then grimaced, feeling the pink organ slide over his fingers. "Besides, Eustass," the doctor began his counterargument, "Despite my radical interests, I always view the situation through a logical and pragmatic lens. The same cannot be said for you."

Kid tossed the slop of organ on the table, and wiped his hands on the front of his jeans. "Logic, right..." he muttered. "Well if that's logic, then I want no part of it, thanks."

Law's fingers were deep in the blonde man's guts. He pinched at the liver and frowned, "Interesting..." he whispered. Kid rolled his eyes and took another swig from his beer.

"If you say that one more time, I'm going to bash your teeth in, Trafalgar."

The doctor gripped the liver with both hands and pulled it free, dropping that organ into another jar. Then he wiped up and bagged the last of the remains, cleaning the table down. "Well," he said, "That's the last of it." He rolled up his sleeves and made his way to the sink, and then looked down distastefully at the faucet.

"What, too complicated for you, doctor?" Kid teased.

Law shook his head, lips pursed. "Turn it on for me, would you, Eustass? I don't want to slime up the handles."

"No," Kid snapped.

"Eustass, we'll just have to clean them again if you don't just turn it on for me."

"Not happening, Trafalgar. I'm only turning on the faucet for you if I get to waterboard you with it."

Law sighed, and used his elbows to twist the knobs until the faucet was spewing a fair amount of scalding hot water. He stuck his hands under and scrubbed them until they were red and raw, and then some more. Finally, he picked up a towel and swiped himself dry, turning to face Kid.

"I'll take care of the remains," he said, collecting the set of black bags he had, filled with various bits and pieces of their victims. Kid eyed the man suspiciously.

"Really?" he asked. "You're going to take those on the tube with you?"

But the doctor was already on his way to the door, bags slung over his shoulder, laughing to himself. "Of course not," he said, glancing back at Kid. "You're going to drive me." He opened the front door and turned off the lights, waiting expectantly in the doorframe for Kid to follow after him.

"Coming?" he chimed.

Kid finished his beer and tossed it in the bin, ripping his keys from his jacket pocket. "You've got to be kidding me, Trafalgar," he said. But the venom in his voice was gone. He followed the doctor out the door and shut and locked it behind them, helping the man load up the trunk and climbing in the driver's seat.

"I swear to you." Kid turned on the ignition and faced the doctor in his passenger seat, who barely even glanced at the man addressing him, "One day, I will be the one to kill you, Trafalgar. You mark my words."

Law glanced at the redhead, taking in the man's features as the city lights danced across his face. "I don't doubt that, Mr. Eustass, you shall one day be the death of me."

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