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"Che," Kid scoffed as he looked up and down the queue to get into the club. Charing Cross Road to meet Trafalgar Law; he ought to have known it'd be a swank place. He pulled his black leather jacket up on his shoulders and popped the collar, expertly keeping his head down as he began to head around the block and search for back or side exits, somewhere where he could avoid crowd of people and long waits. He was no good at patience.

Rather suddenly, a bony elbow jammed into his chest and sent his shoulder rolling backward. Cursing, Kid turned to slam the perpetrator's face into the nearest brick wall, but his hand froze over the very bored expression of the Surgeon of Death.

"Bailing on me, Eustass-ya?" he asked, his eyebrow raised. Instead of scrubs, Law was wearing sharp pinstripe pants and a thin, black blazer. The collar of his white t-shirt was low cut, and Kid could see the man's violently jutting collarbone. Lastly, a gray fedora sat perched slightly crooked on the doctor's mass of black hair.

"What is this, Hermes?" Kid snapped, flicking the brim of the hat upward. Law scowled and lowered it back over his eyes.

"No, don't be ridiculous, it's Armani." Law grabbed Kid's jacket and rolled it between the pads of his fingers. "And did you make this from the skin of your victims?"

"Why, do you want to become my new fall fashion?" Kid responded, grabbing a fistful of Law's blazer. Both men fell apart from each other in time, the doctor rolling his eyes at the mechanic as he straightened his clothing and smoothed out the wrinkles.

"Come on, let's go. Once the target follows me in here, she'll be easy to corner." Law wrapped his long and cold fingers around Kid's wrist and dragged him back toward the front of the building.

"No way," Kid protested, ripping his hand out of the doctor's grip. "Did you see that line? I'm just gonna bust in the back, I'll meet you inside."

Law rolled his eyes again, and tugged Kid's sleeve. "Just follow me, you barbaric dolt. There are other ways to cut a queue without brute force."

Kid followed, shoulders slumped, casting suspicious eyes at every woman that darted back and forth across his way, most in sheaths rather than dresses, clacking around in their heels. Which one was Law's target? Law walked up to the front of the line, Kid in tow, and tapped the bouncer on the shoulder.

The man turned, his face set in a permanent scowl. He easily towered over both Kid and Law, and his wild black hair shadowed his impatient beady black eyes. "What?" he snapped, and then he looked down at the doctor; immediately, the scowl subsided, his eyes softened, and he cocked an ear to listen.

"Jean!" Law chimed, and his voice dripped with a terrible sticky sweetness that Kid had never heard from his lips. It sounded positively sexual. "Why, I haven't seen you in ages. How have you been since you ditched that awful joint I saw you in last?"

The colossal man nodded at Law's words, ignoring the frustrated line of patrons in front of him. "Not too shabby, mate," he replied. "I'm real glad I quit, thanks for that night." He stepped aside and placed a think hand on Law's sharp shoulder, ushering him inside. Then those thick fingers moved and spread out in front of Kid's chest when he tried to follow the doctor.

"No," Law reprimanded the bouncer with a bit more bite in his voice. "He's with me, Jean. Let him pass."

"Naturally," Jean said, removing the obstruction from Kid's path. The mechanic glowered up at him, but it seemed not to bother the man in the slightest, as he had already moved on to checking IDs and collecting cash.

As they walked into the club, the lights darkened and the crowds got heavy. Three bars, Kid observed upon entrance, with one at each level, and then staggered private balconies in between those, with an open ceiling all the way up to the blinding, flashing displays on the ceiling. Regardless, it was much cleaner than the places that Kid frequented with his friends. There wasn't a hint of animosity anywhere, and Kid couldn't even catch a whiff of someone smoking reefer.

He leaned in over Law's shoulder and spoke into the man's ear, "You sounded like a simpering lady of the court back there."

"Then what are you?" Law shot back, "A stable boy?"

Kid frowned, but placed his hand on Law's right hip, steering him toward the stairs to the bar on the second floor. "Let's grab a drink there," he directed, "It'll be the best place to scope the lower level."

Law nodded and did not brush off Kid's hand as he usually might. He let the red head tower over him as he guided him through the crowd, up the stairs, and pushed his way to the front of the bar with his intimidating presence. Flashing a ten pound note, he rapidly acquired two beers, and passed one to the doctor.

After taking a deep swig from the frothy liquid, Kid leaned down to Law's ear and murmured, "A description of what she looks like would really fucking help at this point."

Law titled his head back as he took a deep drink from his beer, and a bit leaked down the side of his mouth, dribbling off his cheek. Kid reached up and wiped it with the back of his hand, "And honestly, what are you, a child?"

Scowling, the doctor licked the excess beer off his lips. "I suggest you stop acting like a doting mother then. Trying to get me to eat proper, cleaning off my face. You're the ugliest damn housewife I've ever encountered."

Kid scoffed - he had been unseated again by Law's wit. He shoved his hands in his front jean pockets and leaned against the back of the bar, watching his cohort as the man scanned the crowds below them. It had been many months since he had met the doctor, but he had rarely seen him in anything other than his hospital clothing. While the white coat suited his rakish figure, the drab scrubs hung off his shoulders in a way that made him look starkly thin and washed out.

Now, Law looked lean and sleek, a panther clad in sharp-toed boots with the predatory eyes to match. Kid couldn't help but think of the secret hardness beneath that slim jacket, the secret darkness that the doctor barely masked from the world.

Out of his periphery, Law must have caught him looking, for he glanced up and flashed Kid a sick smirk from the corner of his mouth, and then nodded his head back down at the crowds below.

Kid fought the desire to grin like a bloodthirsty animal down at the doctor; there was something about his cocky attitude that enticed Kid to crush it, to break his arrogant spirit over his knee. Instead, he followed the gaze as indicated and watched the lower right corner of the dance floor.

"She's the one in the little black and white dress, black hair in curls. She's fiddling with something in her bra right now - likely it's a pack of smokes."

According to Law's directions, Kid eyes quickly found the target. She was the perfect pin-up type of woman, with 1940's style red lips just begging for a cigarette to be perched between them. "What a doll," Kid commented.

"Baby," Law corrected him. "Baby 5, she's known as. And she's got knives strapped to her thighs, so don't go hiking up her skirt."

Kid scoffed, "Whatever, so what's the plan?"

The doctor finished off his beer and placed the empty bottle on the bar, motioning the tender for another round. When he came, he handed the bottle to Kid. "Give her a drink, and lure her out the side exit by the women's bathroom."

The redhead rolled his eyes, "With this?" he said, holding up the bottle. "This is light beer. She looks like the martini type of bird." His eyes scanned the lower floors for the bathroom and located the protruding hall that led down toward them. "And how do you know there's an exit back there?"

"It's a one-way door. Most respectable clubs have exits by the women's bathroom. How else do you think the ladies disappear after your atrocious manners frighten them away?"

Kid shoved the light beer in Law's face. "You're clearly the one not getting laid if you are trying to feed bitches this shitty beer."

"Tch," Law brushed aside Kid's hand, "It doesn't matter. All you need to do is tell her that you need her."

"I...need her?" Kid repeated, dumbfounded.

Law sighed, as though he were explaining something to a dimwitted child. "Baby 5 is a trained assassin, and undercover extraordinaire, a wonderful asset to any organization. But she has one key weakness," he stressed, holding up a finger. "If a man says that he needs her, she'll do anything he requests."

A rude and unsettling grin stretched the right corner of Kid's mouth. "And how do you know that, you sly wanker?"

"Please," Law wrinkled his nose in disgust, "She's not my type."

"Fine." Kid rolled his shoulders back and kicked off the back of the bar to stand up. "I'll meet you with the broad outside in five minutes, then?"

Law nodded, and with a few swift steps he quickly receded into the crowd, his thin form and dark clothing helping him blend. Within seconds, Kid lost sight of him. He shrugged and made his way down the stairs, until he found the shadow of the target, who was looking rather distracted, glancing around the crowds, looking for someone - and Kid knew exactly who.

He bent down and rested his forearm over her shoulder, and although most women would have jumped back in surprise, she merely scowled upward at him, displeased with the intrusion. Up close, Kid found her far less attractive. There was something about her merciless eyes and plumped lips that made her look far more petty and selfish than Kid was likely to condone even for a one-night companion. Her figure was shapely, but her stance was rigid, and reflected how above the situation she perceived herself to be.

"Hey, doll," he spoke directly into her ear, causing the black curls wrapped around it to flutter, "I bought this drink for you."

Baby 5 reached out and snatched the bottle from Kid's fingers. "Thanks," she spat, "But I'm sort of busy looking for someone, so if you would -"

"The thing is," Kid continued, completely ignoring her, "that from the moment you walked in, I knew nothing in this bar would quench my thirst." He reached up and pressed a nail covered in black lacquer to her red lips, "I'm jonesing for a different taste tonight, darling, if you know what I mean."

The woman's features continued to darken, her scowl erasing the last of her beauty as she stepped away from him like he was infested with some sort of disease. It wasn't a look that Kid was unaccustomed to. "How vulgar," she snipped, "I'm not the fast and loose type, so no thank you."

But Kid's hand wasn't about to let her go. He gripped on to her wrist so roughy that she winced, and then he twisted it ever so slightly to put strain on the joint. "I won't let you go," he insisted. "The fact is that tonight, I need you."

The result was instantaneous. Her pupils grew to the size of buttons and her entire stature went lax. As though melted away, her wrinkles of stress and disgust disappeared, and she glanced up at him with watering eyes. "You need me?" she echoed. Instead of stepping away, she fell forward into his chest, her breasts pressed up against the harsh buckles of his leather jacket.

"I do," Kid repeated, a snicker playing on his lips. Jesus, this bitch was fun - it was like playing with putty. He probably could've risked to be ruder and still nabbed her.

"I didn't know I was needed," she cooed. She slipped a leg between his, kneading her thigh into his groin. The motion, which was meant to arouse, simply served to remind Kid that this woman was indeed an assassin. She may not have realized, but he could feel the bulge of weaponry strapped an inch belong her panty-line.

Placing a hand on her hip, Kid twisted her around toward the hall with the washrooms. "There's an exit by the loo," he told her, "Let's slip out and head back to my place."

"Oh!" Baby 5 stopped short. "But I have something I need to do here still!"

Kid scowled, and his fingers dug into her hipbone as he held on to her. He snaked down to press a gentle nip and then kiss below her ear on the white flesh of her neck. Although she had been disgusted with him only moments ago, she leaned into the touch, and a sweet moan fell from her lips. Pleased, Kid smiled up against her skin. "Baby," he spoke, "I need you now, though. I can't last any longer."

The woman made a girlish keening noise, and then gave in. "Okay," she surrendered, "Lead the way."

Lead the way he did, rapidly guiding her in and out of the dancing crowd and then the herd of chattering women on line for the loo, until he found a dark door that looked more like a supply closet than anything. Before they left, Kid slammed the woman up it and pinned both her wrists at either side of her head. He roughly pried her lips open with his own, and she rapidly conceded, her tongue dancing out in the adroit manner of a street whore.

"Figured I'd take what I can while I can," Kid murmured as he pulled back, "But my intuition was right - you taste like a disgusting stuck-up slut."

"Huh?" Baby 5 asked in more surprise than anything, but Kid didn't respond verbally. He shoved her out the door and followed after, slamming it shut behind him.

The pounding of the club music was still echoing in Kid's ears, so at first the silence seemed unnatural and put him at unease. But before he could wonder if Law had ditched him with that crazy broad, the woman next to him shrieked like a cat with its tail stepped on.

Her black skirt tugged up in a second, pistol freed the next, she was pulling the safety back and aiming straight at the chest of Trafalgar Law. Directly across the alleyway from the entrance, he stood leaning against the wall, long and lean legs crossed one over the other, his fedora shadowing his eyes.

"You!" Baby 5 screeched, but Law did not trouble himself to respond, merely smiling from the shadows. For as she moved, the man behind her moved faster, and he grabbed her wrist between the fingers of his right hand and snapped the joint in a clean and swift break. The gun clattered to the pavement before she could fire off a shot.

"Thank you," Law said.

"Yeah, yeah," Kid waved him aside, "Although you didn't fucking warn me that this broad tasted so nasty. I thought I could cop a feel but it turns out I don't even wanna - whoa!"

The mechanic had to duck as a the sharp blade of a dagger nearly took his nose off his face. He slapped the knife from her hand and raised his foot, kicking her to the floor and holding her there with steel-tipped boots digging right at the base of her sternum.

"Fuck...off..." she choked out in struggling breaths. "You lied to me!"

Kid leaned on his knee, looking down at her glassy eyes that were beginning to sting with tears. "Damn, bitch, well don't make it so easy. Besides, you're exactly the type of prissy little shits that I hate. I can't wait to off you after the doctor's done with you."

Law settled his hand on Kid's shoulder. "There will be no such thing. We cannot kill Baby 5."

The mechanic took his foot off her chest and then picked her up by her hair, slamming her bodily up against the wall. He roughly ran his hands up her thighs and began to rip down everything she had stashed up there. "Fuck...what is she, an armory?" he asked, as he pulled the final item, a set of brass knuckles, from her lacy underwear. He dropped her down to the ground, where she remained floored for a bit, gasping for air.

"And why can't we kill her?" he asked his cohort.

"I thought you didn't ask questions," Law warned, a steely glaze in his eyes. Kid gritted his teeth and conceded. He stepped aside and allowed Law to take the front in the situation.

The doctor kicked Baby 5's right hand off of her lap, and then slammed the small heel of his cap toed shoes into her broken wrist. At the sound of distinct cracking, she threw her head back and sucked in air through her teeth in order to stifle the scream. Kid observed this all with a certain sense of delight. Although he had seen the doctor be cold and callous; he had seen the man kill before and even rip oozing organs from a broken ribcage. But he had never seen such a determined look in the man's eyes. For the first time in a while, Law was in the moment, focused fully on the undeniable abhorrence he nurtured for this woman.

"Baby 5," he crooned, "What have you been telling Joker?"

The woman hacked back in her throat and then tried to spit up at Law's face, although she missed miserably. Still getting the message, Law turned his foot until the tip of his shoes pressed into the palm of her hand, grinding down on her knuckles.

"Shit, shit shit," she slammed her eyes shut and turned her head to the side. "He'll fucking kill you for this, you know."

"No he won't," Law said with perfect confidence. "You'll be returned alive. He won't be displeased. Even if you didn't, I doubt you would be incentive enough for him to leave his villa."

Law reached down and dipped his fingers into her bra, fishing out the pack of cigarettes shoved in there. He tossed them to Kid. "Here," he said, "Consider it a bonus."

Kid shrugged and pulled one out, lighting it up. In the meantime, the doctor turned his attention back to the woman. "Besides, I want you to arrive back to him and deliver the message that your survival is a gesture of goodwill." He rummaged around her in bra again, completely shameless, until he found her mobile. "Let him know that I'm not trying to bother him, so he needs to stop sending sniveling little bitches to follow me before I start capping them the moment I see them."

Baby 5 stiffened her lower lip at the latest comment and glared up at him. "How can you act like this? He made you."

These words seemed to rub the doctor the wrong way. "Don't speak of something you know nothing about, you ignorant twat." He lifted his foot off her wrist and kicked upward, slamming in her jaw and banging her head up against the brick wall she was resting against.

With that last kick, Law turned away and spoke to Kid. "We won't get anything out of her, she's too loyalist. But she'll pass on the message." He handed the mechanic her cell phone. "Regardless, I don't want her doing anything tonight."

Kid looked down at him, "So what do you want me to do about that?"

Law plucked the cigarette from Kid's mouth, which was stained round the filter with purple and red lipstick. He leaned up against the dumpster behind Kid and began to smoke, not looking back at the woman that accompanied them. "Make her look like she was sexually assaulted," he ordered, "and then call 999 from her phone."

"And what'll that do?" Kid pressed.

"Right now, she could just run off with these wounds. But if she's picked up by the fuzz, she'll be stuck all night in the hospital. Although I don't suppose you'd know, seeing as you never go to those places, Mister..." Law raised an eyebrow, a teasing gleam in his eyes, "Cromwell, was it?"

Kid barked out a laugh. "Fine, fine," he said. He straddled over the woman and leaned down to look into her make-up smeared face, "You're one unlucky little cunt, aren't ya?" he chuckled. He gripped the neckline of her dress and ripped downward, meeting her eyes as she glared at him, her pupils the dark steel of bullets.

The mechanic went about it meticulously, tearing off her panties, leaving planned bruises on her thighs. He let her hair down, ripping out a few stray strands. He smeared her lipstick and pressed a thumb into her jaw until it blossomed red. Finally, Kid took off her high heeled shoes and snapped off both heels, tossing them in opposite directions.

"Never seen that before," Law commented, as he was collecting all of her weaponry that lay scattered on the pavement.

"So she can't run away, although..." Kid raised his foot and slammed it down on her ankle, breaking that as well. "That'll do the trick much better."

"Good idea," Law said, brushing off his knees as he stood. Kid looked down at the woman, who had stopped cursing at him some time ago and simply sat there looking off into the distance.

"What's wrong?" the mechanic asked her. Law tossed him a glance of utter exasperation - of course everything was wrong with the woman, and why should he care otherwise? But Kid didn't meet his gaze, instead hunkering down in front of her.

She looked up slowly, and then met Kid's wine-colored eyes. "What if I really do get raped while I'm lying here?"

Kid's frown grew deeper. "We'll call the police. They'll be right here."

"It'll take them time," Baby 5 countered.

Balancing the phone in his right hand, Kid dialed the emergency number and held it up to the woman's lips. "Please!" Baby 5 cried into the device obediently. "I'm outside Shakky's off of Charing Cross...these two men just - !"

"I'll dispatch them to your location, miss, now if you'd please just answer -"

Kid crushed the phone between his fingers, and dropped the broken device between his feet. "I'll watch the alleyway," he said, "until the cops show. But it's not because I don't fucking hate you, because I do. It's because I don't need this turning into a full blown goddamn investigation."

The woman nodded and turned her head to the side again, catching the glance of the doctor in her peripheral. "Fuck you, Law," she murmured. "You of all people..."

"You'll be fine," Law replied stiffly. He nudged Kid with his shoulder and the two men disappeared into the main road. They blended in easily with the night prowlers, and then crossed the road, until Kid nabbed the doctor aside where they had an easy view of the alley.

"We wait," Kid ordered.

Law removed his fedora from his head and looked up at the mechanic, his eyes unsure, squinting, as though trying to make out something he couldn't quite see. "You were serious...?" he asked. "About watching the alleyway?"

Kid shrugged, "Yeah, why not? It doesn't hurt us any to wait a few."

"...And ensure the safety of our enemy?" Law smiled, but his lips were pursed, as though he was unsure whether to be pleased or not. "I really never knew you were so soft."

A rumbling sigh escaped from Kid's throat. "You want her to pass on the message, don't you? Look, I know you're a smart bloke, probably a hell of a lot more learned than I am in biology and calculus and shit, but there's one thing I know -" he pointed down the alleyway. "The street."

Kid dug into his pants and pulled out a fresh smoke, lighting it up and taking a long drag before breathing out toward the sky. "Pretending to fuck her? That's fine, that makes sense. But if we let her actually get raped, there's no forgiveness for us." Kid glanced at Law. "Well, maybe you - I don't know who you are or who Joker is. But when a woman gets raped - and she's not the type to keep her mouth shut - then blood gets spilt. That's just the way of things."

Law nodded, "It makes sense. I've heard that rapists in prisons are often the most persecuted by their fellow inmates." He nodded to Kid as the police officers appeared on the street and raced into the alley in which they left Baby 5. Both of them turned in and walked off to the nearest tube track, hoping on the next train downtown.

As they were seated next to each other on the rattling underground tracks, Law crossed his legs one over the other and leaned back, crossing his arms as well. "Eustass-ya?"

"Yeah?" Kid grunted.

"In the street...what about men who get raped?"

Kid's brow crinkled at the thought. "They don't talk about it," he said simply. "I mean, would you?"

Law shook his head. "No, I don't think I would."

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