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Call an ambulance...

"And this is it." Sarah looked at the tall bluenette, sipping coffee out of a mug. "You sure you don't need any help?" Sarah nodded. "Alright. I'm going to go out for a little while you unpack. Don't mess with the art stuff in my room!"

"Wait!" The bluenette peeked her head back in the door. She was clearly annoyed.


"I uh... Forgot you name." Sarah blushed, looking at her feet.

"Ambrosia. Remember it like this. It's what gave the gods immortality. I will take advantage of your mortality, otherwise known as killing you, if you mess with my things." She shut and locked the door, and Sarah gulped.

"Looks like college is going to be worse than I thought." Sarah unpacked carefully. She placed her Relativity poster above her queen bed, her Andy Warhol Campbell Soup posters in various places around the room, along with the Marylins, and she was done with the walls, other than hanging up a picture of now three year old Toby.

In the next box, she had her bed linens She made up her bed, with a quilt her grandmother made, that she always loved making a fort out of.

In the next box, her toiletries were lined up in neat little rows. She unpacked them, and put them in the bathroom she had to share with Ambrosia. She snorted as she saw the absolute mess it was.

The next box was her valuables. Her stuffed animals that looked like Ludo and Sir Dydimus, Her statuette that looked like Hoggle, her figuringe that had a striking resemblance to the king... And the Labyrinth book, that she flipped open carefully, before displaying everything on neat shelves. She looked at the Labyrinth book, and touched the neclace around her neck.

A very simple black ribbon... But the charm... The charm was a hand, with a clear crystal in it. She loved it, never took it off, except when to bathe. She saw it in a store one day, and was instantly compelled to buy it. Her friends loved it, of course, but no one ever realized what it meant to Sarah.

"Nice room you've got here." Sarah jumped. "Can hardly tell you're majoring in English. You'd think art, like me. Andy Warhol." Ambrosia nodded. "Did I scare you?"

"A little." Ambrosia wandered in. "Did I say you could come in?"

"Nope." Ambrosia grinned. She chewed some gum now.

"Why are you back?"

"Friend texted me. She's still unpacking. So, looks like I'm with you today..."

"So uh... Ambrosia. Where are you from?" Ambrosia rolled her eyes, picking up her Jareth figurine, and Sarah flinched.

"You really can't tell?" Sarah shook her head. "I was born in Japan. My family moved over here, and I took up an American middle name. My real name is Kyouko. But I like Ambrosia."

"Oh." She laughed at Sarah.

"Labyrinth. I like this book. Gives me the creeps though."

"Why?" Ambrosia shrugged, putting it back on the shelf.

"I don't know. I mean, you think I would find myself rooting for the girl, I mean, after all, she's just fifteen. I was rooting for the girl the first time I... Read it, but then I read it again, and I kept on rooting for the king." Sarah shook her head.

"I couldn't root for the king. He's a creep! I mean... He fell in love with a fifteen year old girl." Ambrosia shrugged.

"He gave her his heart... And she didn't return it."

"He gave he the date rape drug!" Ambrosia laughed.

"He gave her a magic peach." Sarah rolled her eyes.

"How would you like it if I gave you some magic brownies?" Ambrosia tilted her head.

"Really? You don't look like a smoker. But I'd take whatever I can get. The dealer's far away..."

"What?" Sarah couldn't understand her accent.

"A very long way away. I could talk American for you." She put on her best accent. "Yes, we eat cheesburgers... Made of soy." She laughed. "No, seriously Sarah, most burgers here are just soy with meat flavoring. That's why they bounce like rubber." She laughed, putting the Labyrinth book down. "Oh, and I have night classes. So it's the roomate's job to wake me up for those." Sarah nodded, and Ambrosia walked out.

She glanced over her shoulder, and then stepped quietly into her room.

"Jareth?" She smiled into the crystal. "She's here. She has unpacked, and did bring the book."

"Thank you, Kyouko." She rolled her eyes. "Ambrosia."

"Thank you."

"You know, it's nice that your mother and father decided to leave the underground." Ambrosia giggled.

"You kicked them out! You told them sense they were too pretty to be turned into goblins, you'd let them go." Jareth nodded. "You dumped them on the streets of Tokyo!"

"I see nothing wrong with that. They are both very successful." Ambrosia rolled her eyes. "And hopefully you will be too..."

"Look. I don't like lying to her. You better figure out a plan." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I will."

"Sure." He glared at Ambrosia, and she giggled again.