Sarah looked at the I Spy book in front of her. She solved another one. Were these too simple, or did she have too much time? She rolled her eyes, and walked to her wardrobe. Better get ready for class early... She walked past the knee-high stack of I Spy books, and got dressed. She grabbed her bag, and keys. "I'm going to the store before class." Emily and Jen, who seemed to be there even when Ambrosia and Sarah weren't, saluted her. She walked to the drug store close to their building, and as usual, there were about ten people in there. She grabbed a water and a small bag of chips, and went to the front desk at checkout. "And... I'll have a lottery ticket. Feeling lucky today, gonna get some money for spring break." The clerk smiled at her, handing her the ticket. She payed, and he gave her a penny back, like usual. "Now, what kind of car do you want when I win Miguel?"

He shrugged. "Usual. A cheap one. Your money." She winked at him, scratching off the ticket.

"Bub." She handed it to Miguel to throw away, and started to walk out.

"Wait!" She walked back over. "That's... You won..." Sarah grinned, looking at the small ticket.

"Jackpot!" She ran around the counter to hug Miguel! "Oh my god!" She looked at her watch. "Uhh... Class is starting soon... I'm coming after, we're going to the dealership!" She kissed him on the cheek.

"Really? You weren't just kidding?" She shook her head.

"No! You're fucking awesome!" She got her things, and ran to class. She was unusually happy, and ran to cash it.

The next day, Sarah was sitting on a bank account of three point five million dollars. Well, a little less, after she got Miguel his dream car. He was the only one that knew, sense she didn't tell anyone. The days passed quickly, and pretty soon, everyone was on their way to spring break. Sarah popped back in the store. "Sarah! Go! I'm going home for spring break, I don't want to go with you!" She squeaked, hugged Miguel, and got the orders for the van. She got back in her shotgun seat, and handed a water to Ambrosia, in the driver's seat, a Coke to Jen, Emily and Aaron, a diet Coke to Mike, a Sprite to Kylie, a band mate, and a Pepsi to Asia, another band mate.

"Are we ready to hit the road?" The van cheered, and they drove the seventeen hour trip, with limited bathroom breaks, to Charleston, South Carolina. When they got to Sarah's step-grandmother's house, they brought their bags in, and all but passed out on the floor, after all, it was about two in the morning by the time they got there. The next morning, Sarah was the first to rise. She walked into the kitchen, and looked to see if her family had stocked the fridge. Nope.

"Damn." She walked back up to the forth floor, where she had chosen to stay, and took a shower. She yawned, getting out, got her laptop, and checked her email. Nothing... Nothing... Nothing... And... Something. Jareth. "When did he get an email?"

Dear Sarah-

I have recently gotten a computer. I am enjoying it very much. I have even joined something called "Face Book". I have sent you a friend request, and you have not answered it yet. Please do so soon. Anyway, Ambrosia said you were going on spring break this week, so you wouldn't be at the apartment. She gave me the address if I wanted it, but I was afraid to come, because you're a bit frightening when you're angry.


Sarah rolled her eyes.

look... im not scary. u are. and idc if u come or not... were going shopping today, so not today. tommorow, maybe. ttyl

XOXO sarah. (jareth, if you take that the wrong way, ill kill you.)

She went to brush her teeth, and came back, to another email.

Dear Sarah-

You still have not accepted my friend request. You know what I find funny? You've had a book published, and you're illiterate. Very ironic, if I say so myself.

I'm afraid I can't take what you said the wrong way, as I have no idea what it means.

-XOXO Jareth. Did I use it right?

She shut her computer, laughing the slightest bit, and woke everyone up. The first bedroom on the third floor, Mike and Aaron's room, and then Emily and Jen's room.

On the second floor, she woke up Ambrosia, Kylie and Asia, who had to share a room. She waited until everyone had dragged themselves into the shower, and was downstairs, ready to go. "Where are we going?" Sarah shrugged.

"I figured we'd go to the market, then the Barnes and Noble next door .. Then maybe to battery park? Oh, but first, we have to go to a little museum." They groaned, walking out. "Come on! It's fun!" he paused, locking the door. "We'll go to the aquarium tomorrow. But we're going to Bubba Gumps tonight." They cheered.

Once they got to the market, they were over come. "Oh my god... What kind of place is this Sarah?" She laughed, walking in like it was nothing. They followed her like lost puppies, but ended up liking it. Going to the second building, they passed a few ladies making baskets. "Ooh!" Ambrosia gave the lady a ten. "I'll have that flower." The lady flashed a grin, giving Ambrosia a corn husk rose.

"Hand-made." Ambrosia grinned back, following the group.

Soon, they had each filled a bag with soaps, perfumes, jewelry clothes, magnets, Emily even got a balloon filled with vinegar and baking soda, in the shape of a dolphin. She loved the idea, but had a hard time popping the bag of vinegar to inflate the balloon.

"Now to the Barnes and Noble? Please?" The crowd sighed, walking in. Ambrosia walked to the counter, as usual. Sighing, she said the lines Sarah made her memorize.

"Hello?" The lady looked up. "Do you have any books by Sarah Williams? My roommate loves her, and I thought I'd pick up a copy." The clerk nodded.

"Well, your roommate sounds lovely. In that section, over there." Ambrosia nodded, and, hiding Sarah, walked to the section. Sarah scoped out the books, while everyone except Aaron got coffee. He was the only other English major, he just wished he was published.

"That's her!" He turned to two teenagers, whispering at each other.

"No it's not! No way she'd be here!"

"Her bio said she had family here..."

"Why'd she be in the book store?" The other girl shrugged. Aaron grinned.

"Sarah?" She turned to Aaron, and he heard on of the girls giggle.

"Told you!" Aaron walked over to her.

"You've got some fans." She peeked over to the girls, and they giggled.

"Aww... I've got fans." Sarah giggled, and one of the girls walked up to her.

"Uh... Are you Sarah Williams?"

"Yeah." Sarah giggled.

"Oh my god. I love your book! Can you like..." She ran over to her friend. "Sign this? We love your book, but we also read your short stories... My Life With The King is our favorite!" Aaron laughed as the girl got out a pen, and Sarah signed the books. "You know the store schedules readings of short stories... They've never really gotten any real authors in... They'd love to have you."

"Uh... Sure? When is the next one?" The girl's friend giggled.

"It's starting..." She looked at her phone. "In about ten minutes. In the coffee place. It's super mod."

"Uh, sure. My friends are there too, so we better go." She widened her eyes at Aaron, who shrugged. They walked to the other side of the store, and someone walked up to the mike in the coffee hut.

"And, to kick off our readings, we have a write-in. Not a usual, but a published over. Put your finger tips together for Sarah Williams." Sarah blushed as people snapped for her, sipping their coffee.

"Uh... Hello. Today, I'm going to be reading one of my stories... My Life With The King." She took a deep breath, looking at the computer screen in front of her. "I met the king the first time in unlikely circumstances. I absolutely hated my younger brother, so, I wished him away. Little did I know... It would work." She smiled. "He took my little brother.

"He gave me thirteen hours to find him. Well, during those thirteen hours, he fell in love with me. We had a ball. A glorious ball. My dress was white silk, with thousands of diamonds. Alas, I could not see he had fallen in love with me. All I saw were thousands of faces, starting at me. I broke away from his grasp, leaving him heartbroken.

"After I had gotten my brother back, I lived a relativity normal life. I went to college, all fine. But... I felt guilty. I couldn't get him back. I couldn't get him back. I couldn't get him back. I was rather desperate to, even though that was a constant serenade in my mind. I made a wish in the middle of the night, a stupid one, that he would take me like he did my brother. Well, he didn't , but I saw him again. And that's all I needed.

"My second encounter was brief but I enjoyed it. The king, being a few centuries old, is a little old fashioned " A grin cracked upon her face. "We had... An almost date. We went to a restaurant called Jackrabbit Slims. No, I'm not kidding. It's just like the one in Pulp Fiction. And... Our almost date was like I was Mia, and he was Vince. He was afraid to get too close. But I didn't do coke in the bathroom. We won that dance contest. We blew everyone away.

"Well..." She continued. "I'm not sure when my last encounter with the king will be. I know it will be the worst day of my life. Not only have I fallen for the king, I've fallen for his kingdom. I've been only once, under the circumstances of when we first met. I did not enjoy that at all. But now... Thinking about it... It wasn't that bad. I've missed the king, in increasing amounts lately. I was... To put it in short... A bitch. But I know I'll be queen one day. And I'll finally have a good life, with the king." She grinned at the snapping people, and got down.

They sat through the rest of the performances but finally got hungry, so they headed to Bubba Gumps. It was packed with people on break, even though it wasn't anywhere near Folly Beach, the main beach. "Uh..." They had already eaten, and were browsing the gift shop, while Aaron, Mike, and Ambrosia were playing with the rubber ducks in the fountain outside. "I can't decide what! There's so many cool things!" Finally, they decided on a few magnets, some t-shirts, and got everyone commemorative light-up cups.

They ended the day, walking through the park at sunset. Everyone was holding everyone else's hand, and leaning on everyone's shoulder. "God. I love it here. Why didn't you go to college here Sarah? Or somewhere close?"

"I had to come here every time to see my step family. I don't have good memories with that." She shrugged.

"Well, it's beautiful." Ambrosia giggled, breaking away from the group to chase a seagull off a filled cannon.

"Take a picture!" She struck a pose on the cannon.

"Uh... Excuse me?" Sarah stopped a couple. "Could you take our picture?" They nodded, grabbing the camera, and everyone ran to the cannon.

"Say cheese!"

"Cheese!" The group grinned, laughing, as the flash went off.

"Thanks!" Sarah thanked the couple briefly and caught up with the group, who had found a rather large tree with squirrels, and gone to feeding them Goldfish.

"It's an old family secret." Sarah jumped as Jen walked up behind her. "We always fed the squirrels Goldfish." Sarah nodded, smiling.

"How come you never talk?" Jen shrugged.

"I never felt the need to. I was always quiet. Not much fun... Trapped inside my mind, really." Sarah nodded.

"Well? You wanna know something fun?" Jen tilted her head. "Come on you guys!" The group turned to her. "Follow me!" Sarah grabbed Jen's arm, and ran with her into a clearing.

"Oh my god!" The group of college kids found the fountain and they were in heaven. Everyone except Jen and Sarah got right in, almost getting knocked down by the strong beams of water.

"I lost a Barbie doll in there, once." Sarah grinned lopsidedly at Jen.

"Huh." They watched everyone get wet.

"So, are you just going to sit here?" Jen nodded, and, pretty soon, Sarah had taken her purse off, stole Jen's, and flung ninety something pound Jen into her arms, carrying her bridal style into the beams. She screeched demanding to be let down. Everyone gathered in the middle, and, after all of the shock was gone, Jen was laughing and playing like the rest of them. She filled up her shirt with water, and dumped it on Sarah's head.

"Payback!" Sarah laughed, hugging Jen.

"You're having fun?" Jen got out of the direct beam, and nodded.

"Yeah. I am." She giggled.

"I will admit... This is a lot more fun than the pineapple over there... I lost over ten collective dollars throwing money in that thing." Sarah grinned, watching the sun set, and watching everyone just... Have a break. Laugh. Have a good time. She giggled a bit herself, snapping a photo, careful not to get herself wet.