Wolf packs

Meet the wolves

This story has nothing to do with the story warriors! (Even though they may be similar) They have proper names not stuff like brambleclaw or hawkfrost... (As cool as they sound)

Blood pack

Alpha male: Bruce, brown pelt. A strong wolf that has anger troubles

Alpha female: Crystal, grey pelt. Stuck up attention seeker. Pregnant.


Storm: Reddish black with silvery streaks across back. Male. Hates everyone especially Jasper of rage pack for his farther killing his parents when he was an apprentice.

Amy: Silver pelt. An attention seeker with a love for Austin. Pregnant.

Austin: Black pelt with white under belly. Inseparable from Amy and kind hearted. Son of alphas.


Harvey: Dark grey pelt. Not very good at hunting but is best at healing. Brothers with Harley.

Harley: Light grey pelt. Stronger than younger brother and plans on being alpha one day.


Hershal: Brown pelt. Always heals the wounded the best healer in the forest.

Packs customs: they believe in Kill or be killed don't let anyone stand in your way

Shadow pack (All wolves in shadow pack have a black pelt)

Alpha male: Derek. Stealthy and good leader.

Alpha female: Michelle. Very kind and has a loving heart but is often violent when it comes to her pups.


Alex: (Female) She doesn't talk much but she loves attention. Daughter of alphas.

Carter: Excellent hunter and is good friends with Alex he hears her voice most often.


Jack: Wants to be the best he can be at hunting but always falls over his own paws.

Sarah: always dreamed of becoming a top class healer but finds she doesn't only fail at healing and hunting she excels in fighting and is the only warrior in forest. (Soon to have a position in pack)


Seymour: Good healer but stays out the way

Pack customs: Exile the wolves who are not black and challenge for alpha and fail (A very strict pack)

Rage pack

Alpha male: Mark. Black pelt. Great leader and very sociable.

Alpha female: Hope. White pelt. Nobody dares tick her off but they all want to be her friend. Pregnant.


Jasper: Black pelt with white streak down right eye. Skilled hunter and loyal to the alpha. Has feelings for Carly.

Heartly: Dark brown pelt. Stealthy and skilled but like Bruce has anger problems.


Fred: White pelt. Fast learner and wants to be a great hunter one day. Son of alphas.

Gabriel: Grey pelt black ears. He just wants to live life undisturbed but just can't find a way to escape without dying.


Carly: Brown pelt. Good healer that is sociable. Has feelings for jasper but hides it.

Pack customs: Kill but do not eat humans they only try to survive like us wolves we must honour all life.


Caine aka shadow: Black pelt exiled from shadow pack for challenging and failing for alpha. Given nickname for how he acts. Visible in light invisible at night.

Other info

-There are no warriors because the hunters and alphas do most of the fighting. (Sarah is a very rare case)

- Healers look after pups when they are born and stay in the healers den till they're old enough to leave.

Enjoy the story!