This is my version of the war in heaven and how hell came to be, its in Lucifers perspective.

Lucifers fall

Why. That is the question I asked myself so many times. I don't get what it is my father sees in these hairless apes. My brothers followed my father's command. He said we had to love the humans more than him. I couldn't accept that, we were so much more powerful, and more beautiful than them. Something had to be done. I gathered followers, angels who saw what I saw, the imperfection of these humans. I was an archangel, the highest of rank in heaven, besides God of course. I managed to convince 3 of my archangel brethren. There were 8 of us, so that was quite a feat. However the archangels, who went against me, were determined to stop what they called a mad plan. Even my most beloved brother Michael wouldn't join me. The knowledge that I was going to have to fight my brother scared me, but I knew I had no choice. An all-out battle seemed inevitable, but I stood firm in my believes. The war started, and to say it was destructive was an understatement. Many angels died, and it pained me every time. Explosions comparable to a super-nova were just the tip of the iceberg, everyone knew this, but we didn't stop. Finally when the archangels came to battle, the universe itself was in danger of destruction. The universe was scarred beyond repair, and many planets got destroyed, even the biggest and most beautiful planet lost a good chunk of it. That planet is now known as Pluto. I had tears in my eyes when I confronted Michael. He was wielding his legendary sword which could cut through any enemy. I was wielding my mighty spear, and with it I was determined to defeat my brother. Our battle continued for centuries, after a long time of battle we disarmed each other and while I still had hopes of victory, he picked up my spear and struck me down with it. The collateral damage of our battle was immense. Literal holes in the universe were created from our battle. In the end I failed. I failed all who followed me, I failed heaven and the universe, because I knew I was a much better ruler than my father and my brothers. I will always remember what happened next, my own brother threw me and my followers down from heaven to a desolate realm which consisted of nothing but pain and suffering. I quickly started to create a new society. A society for me and my angels, No not angels, devils. I became the king of hell, while my archangel brothers became the 3 hell lords, each having control of one portion of hell. The strongest of my followers, namely the seraphim who fell with me, became devils. The lower angels who fell with me became demons, while the cherubim became demon lords. Hells job in the universe, was to punish the souls of the deceased which weren't pure enough to get a place in heaven. I was delighted by the thought that I could torture the humans who I so utterly despise. Of course I don't actually do any of the torturing, I let the fallen virtues do that. Hmm, I guess virtues wouldn't be an appropriate name for them. I know, let's call them weretues, after all they are as bloodthirsty as the most evil werewolf. Some people say I lost everything when Michael defeated me, but is that really the truth. I now rule over my own kingdom which is just as important as heaven, and I'd rather rule in hell than be Gods lapdog in heaven.