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Full Summary:

Sequel to "Out of My Control, Doesn't Mean I Could Do Nothing"

Working as teachers, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan learner Obi-Wan Kenobi await their possible long lost enemy. Brilliant and cruel, the enemy assault the schools and drove the Jedi out with a challenged of "Deadly Dance": lightsaber fight, while bystanders' lives hang in balance... But, when the Detective Boys aka Shounen Tantei-dan got themselves involved, things became A LOT more complicated...

Time Frame:
- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, after they returned to Coruscant, presented Anakin, and on their way back to Naboo.
- Detective Conan: out of proper, canon time.

v1.0 (completed)

Chapter 1: It Started Went Downhill

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was teaching the way of appreciating life (since he was strong in the Living Force) to make literatures (poems, stories, etc.) when a student in class 1-B Teitan Elementary raised his hand.

It was Kojima Genta.

"Yes, Genta-kun?" he asked in fluent Japanese, and the boy lowered his hand.

"How can I appreciate eels then, Sensei?" he asked as he blushed furiously at his friends' snickers. "I love eating them, not keeping them."

Qui-Gon smiled at Genta's naivety.

"Genta-kun-" Obi-Wan sniggered. "-eating eels doesn't mean you don't respect them. I, for one, won't kill any beings unless necessary." Qui-Gon bowed so that their eyes met. "If you eat them more than necessary, or you throw away leftovers, or used it for commiting crimes, it'll be a waste of their lives, and possibly, others' too. Do you understand?"

Genta nodded in satisfaction.

A pair of yellow eyes watched Qui-Gon's movements.

'If they think they could hide, they're wrong.'

He took out his 'cylinder' and a ray of red light burst out of it when he thumbed a button. He marked a stone with the scorch from a contact with his 'cylinder', a saberstaff. He also scorched the paper he tied to it in the process.

Smirking deviously, he threw the stone.


Automatically, children screamed, except the 2 APTX4869's victims, for 2 seconds. Obi-Wan knelt down and picked up the stone as Qui-Gon checked outside through the smashed window. He didn't see anything, but that didn't mean it was nothing. Obi-Wan noticed how the paper and the stone was scorched. He stood up.

"Master," he said, drawing Qui-Gon's attention.

"I know. I felt it, too." Qui-Gon took the letter from the stone and read it. After a minute or two, he gave it to Obi-Wan. ((Burn it, Padawan. But not here.)) Obi-Wan bowed and left.

"What happened?" asked some children.

"I'm scared."

"Me, too."

It was then Qui-Gon showed his fatherly side without holding back. He personally approached every one of his students and calmed them down in fatherly ways; kneeling down and soothing words, rubbing backs, etc. To Conan's and Haibara's surprise, it worked very well. And, what's more, he didn't even approach Conan nor Haibara. As if he already knew.

"Sensei," piped a boy, "why didn't you approach Conan-kun, and Haibara-san?"

He knelt down. "Because they don't need my assurance."

"..." was what was in Conan's and Haibara's mouth.

"News, you have, Padawan Kenobi."

It was a statement, not a question.

Obi-Wan nodded. "Masters, Master Qui-Gon believed that the Sith Lord is here, on planet Earth."

"So certain, your master is. What proof, does he have?"

Obi-Wan raised the proofs. "These letter and stone were scorched by a lightsaber. The message read...

""I know you're here, Jedi.""



"Look at the door," stated Conan. When Qui-Gon glanced at the door, he saw something. It was the Zabrak Sith Lord's face, peering from the small 'peep-box' on the door. He was surprised to see it, but a second later, Qui-Gon continued explaining, as if nothing had appeared.

"Master," said Obi-Wan as he opened the door seconds later. He was sweating. Qui-Gon wordlessly motioned for him to come in. He nodded and closed the door as he entered to join his master in the class. ((I saw him running away.))

Qui-Gon nodded. ((I sense him also. I was fortunate that he didn't barge in. But, our intelligent young friend here saw him, too. I suspect he might be a target.)) Aloud, he said, "Go, and watch or...ah, supervise our young friends here."

"Yes, Master." And he went to check how they were progressing.

"Are you certain?" asked the teacher. "If we report this, students might panic." The headmaster sighed.

"We don't have a choice. I'd rather be too careful to a prank rather than risking many young lives. Alert the police and homeroom teachers."

"Hai. (= yes)"

The headmaster rubbed his forehead in frustation.

"All hometoom teachers please report to headmaster's office. Repeat. All homeroom teachers please report to headmaster's office."

Qui-Gon glanced up from his writings at the announcement.

Kobayashi, who had been sitting on the chair in the back of the class, stood up, excused, and left. In her wake, the children whispered among themselves. Some in curiousity, some in fear or caution.

"..." said Qui-Gon.

"This is the reason why you were called here," the headmaster began. He showed a scan of a letter to a screen.

The letter said,

"I know you're harboring Jedi. Either they come and get me, or your 'precious' school will be reduced to dust right before your very eyes. We shall battle... Choose well. Know that I know no patience."

"I suggest we evacuate the school."

Just as he finished, there was a sound of glass shattering. And screaming.

Qui-Gon Jinn was explaining about how to express their ideals to stories or other kind of literatures nicely and effectively when the Zabrak Sith Lord suddenly broke in through the window, shattering the window in the process.

Out of trained reflexes, he and Obi-Wan drew their lightsabers to meet with the Sith's saberstaff.

All hell broke loose when the students saw what happened.

Screaming was heard all the way to the Teitan High (A/N: Let's say Teitan Elementary & High ain't that far, 'cause I don't know the real distances.). The whole class, especially class 2-B perked their heads in horror, especially Ran.

Everyone who knew Conan knew that Conan had tendency to draw death itself to him.

Scratch that.

More like death found him.

Ran prayed silently in her heart. 'Onegai (= please), be alright, Conan-kun.' She tightly closed her eyes. 'I don't think I can handle another one like that Cocoon insident.' (see: "Out of My Control-bla bla")

Conan gritted his teeth when he saw the lightsabers and saberstaff. 'Kuso (= damn). From the looks of it, those are lasers. How did they get that? No matter now. If those lasers are used here, this whole class - maybe more - can become casualties. I have to think of something.'

The Sith suddenly sneered at him, shocking the breath out of him. But he recovered quick enough to glare back.

The Sith lowered his saberstaff, and made no movement other than that. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan remained as alert as ever.

Okay. That was unexpected of the Sith.

It stretched out its hand as if to call Conan to join him.

Scratch that. That was unexpected, AND weird.

"Join me," it said hoarsely.

Conan narrowed his eyes.

It sneered before flicking his wrist, using Force push. At the same time, another window broke, and an ethereal familiar white-feathered Microraptor appeared, blocking the Force push.

"Not by a long shot," she hissed. She turned to face Conan. "Kua dakti kana kanarbimem muka nyawanlame rangose ridi. (= I won't let you fight him alone.)" Then, she drew a blood red stone with the size of a child's palm. "Take it."

Somehow, Conan just took it. When, his skin made contact with it, however, he felt electricity running through his body, causing him to yelp out of pain. The stone just flew and embed itself in his chest, sinking into his flesh. Around the stone, red veins of energy pulsed steadily alongside his heartbeat, before disappearing gradually.

Tiara laughed somewhat rather evilly. "Baco kansara! Baco kansara tanatkuke tuba tui! Grahnuga dan kantuku. Ikapa ngande narbe, dan adi kana mante yang ikba. (= Try and feel! Try and feel the stone's powers! Gift and curse. Use it correctly and it will be a great ally.) Two sides of the same coin."

And, she disappeared, leaving the shocked spectators (or witnesses).

Conan let out a cry of pain as he...clawed at his chest, as if he was trying to get the stone out. It lasted for 3 seconds before he stopped. His head hung, bangs covered his eyes. The Bloodstone was no longer visible. He panted.

But he didn't have much time to recover his breath; the Sith was already moving towards him, hand outstretched as if to catch something. Then it clicked.

'The Bloodstone!'

Conan grunted in response and rolled out of the way, causing the Sith to missed him by inches. Darth Maul, the Zabrak Sith Lord, growled.

Conan's eyes quickly darted around, looking for something that he can use against the Sith. Then, he saw a soccer ball that one of the students happened to bring along. Without hesitation and very trained reflexes, he leapt before the ball, prepared his shoes, took a quick aim, and kicked it. The ball slammed into a surprised Maul's chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Maul growled when the ball hit him. Then, he saw Genta, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Haibara out of the corner of his eyes. He sneered when he saw their reaction when he made even the slightest visible move towards Conan.

Conan narrowed his eyes.

Then, Maul made his move in less than 10 seconds.

Using Force pull, he pulled Ayumi to his grasp, earning gasps of shock and disbelieve from the Shounen Tantei-dan aka Detective Boys, a yelp of surprise from his victim, and a low exasperated growl from the young, brilliant detective.

"Ayumi-chan!" exclaimed Mitsuhiko.

"Hahahaha!" laughed Maul. He glared at the Jedi. "Catch me if you can, Jedi! Your limit is 30 minutes local time."

With that, Maul leapt out of the room. Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and the Shounen Tantei-dan tried to stop him to no avail.

Conan narrowed his eyes as he gritted his teeth.

'Don't worry, Ayumi. We'll find you. Iaa (= Nah). We'll save you.' Then he turned his attention to their so-called teachers. They hid their emotions well. 'Great poker face... Why do I feel that they hid something? Something... Just like me.'

Qui-Gon stepped in the disguised J-type 327 Nubian with his Padawan trailing behind him. They both were in deep thought. They were very lucky that the Sith gave them another hour.

Just for some thrill on his side.


"Master," Obi-Wan started, earning his Master's full attention. "Do you think it was bluffing?"

Qui-Gon shook his head. "No, Padawan. The dark rang strong and true in him. I'm afraid that it wasn't bluffing at all." Qui-Gon rubbed his chin in deep thought. "But I'm intrigued with the boy."

Obi-Wan groaned, remembering his Master's newest "stray." Being so attuned to the Living Force tended to do that to one. Qui-Gon wasn't an exception.

In fact, his own personallity made it even WORSE that most.

Oh well.

Back to topic.

Qui-Gon seemed to ignore his Padawan's reaction. "Something about the boy seemed...off. Like he's not what he looks like."

"Meaning that he isn't what people thought he is."

Qui-Gon nodded. "That, and the reason why the...being entrusted the Bloodstone to him."

Obi-Wan cocked his eyebrow. "Forgive me, Master, but as far as I remember, it never said anything about the stone being Bloodstone."

"No," Qui-Gon confirmed. "But, don't you feel it? The cursed energy radiating from it?"

"Cursed?!" yelled Genta. He was shushed by Mitsuhiko.

Haibara nodded. "Yeah. Not many knows of the legend, but... It said that Bloodstone is a stone of many sacrifices. Those who lusted for its powers got somehow consumed by it instead. It said that the Bloodstone was un-removable."

"Meaning?" they chorused.

Haibara nodded, noticing the looks of horror on their faces as she continued. "If that is the case, I fear

"That Edogawa-kun will forever carry the burden till the day he dies."


Somewhere, in a dark place...

A figure was crying on a small stone table. It kept crying its eyes out.

"Why?!" it sobbed. "Why do I always end up hurting people who know me most? Why do I hurt people I cared about?!"

Then, that very second, a loud shriek of anguish unlike anyone ever heard echoed.


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