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Time for the future

Hermione spent the next three weeks acclimatising to a different side of Hogwarts. She was happy with her apprenticeship and couldn't wait for term to start in September. Severus cautioned her that she would regret that thought once term started, but she didn't want to believe him.

It was strange to her that the best teacher she'd had at Hogwarts should appear to hate teaching so much, she suspected that it was exactly the opposite to this, and the truth was much different. Otherwise he would have moved on after the war.

The difference between the private Severus and the public front of Professor Snape was even more fascinating to her. In public he was still the dour and stayed Potions Master, nothing changed. However in private he was a passionate but gentle man, who would have gathered the stars from the sky for her if he could.

He still had his moods and she learnt quickly how to sooth him when possible, and even quicker when to just let him be. Hermione didn't mind this because being snarky was part of being Severus Snape and she wouldn't want him any other way, she was very content.


Approximately one month after the Graduation Ball Ginny Weasley floo called Minerva McGonagall latish one evening with a seemingly urgent request. The young woman informed her former Head of House, that she, Lavender Brown and Harry and Ron, needed to come through into her office.

Curious about her haste and apparent displeasure, but always pleased to catch up with members of her own house, Minerva ushered them straight through the floo. To her astonishment both witches came through wearing a bubble head charm. The reason was instantly apparent when two very sullen looking Wizards followed them.

Even years of dealing with magical mishaps and sick children as Head of Gryffindor house had not prepared the Headmistress for the disgusting odour that quickly permeated every corner of her office when they entered.

Pleasant greetings were dispensed with as Minerva found herself gasping for breath, "Merlin's baggy britches, whatever is that stench?"

"That delightful odour," Ginny stated sarcastically, "is this pair of fools," and she pointed to Harry and Ron. "May we please speak with Professor Snape as soon as possible?"

The Headmistress merely nodded, unwilling to open her mouth and inhale more putrid air.

Seeing her former head of houses discomfort, Lavender offered, "The bubblehead charm is the only way we can get within ten feet of them. It works well."

"Duly noted, Miss Brown, thank you." The Headmistress waved her wand, and instantly sighed in relief and an urgent request was sent for Severus.


The missive sailed through the floo and hovered insistently in front of an instantly irritated Potions Master. He'd been sitting back in his chair hips thrust slightly forwards slowly melting in pleasure.

His eyes rose from watching Hermione's wild curls bobbing gently with the activities of her mouth. He loved seeing the look of bliss on her face as she swallowed as much of him as she could.

Plucking the note out of the air in a swiping movement, his eyes narrowed making Hermione pause as his groan of pleasure changed to one of annoyance.

The mood was instantly ruined, "Bloody hell, will this lot never learn timing, I was enjoying that," he sulked, handing the note to his lover.

"So was I," Hermione offered sighing. She knew what it was and rose to her feet as she read. Looking down at his now flagging erection she promptly grinned, "There's always later darling, and we have been planning for this moment all month."

Severus was still looking petulant, so she climbed on to straddle his lap. Kissing up to his ear and whispering, "Oh poor darling, once we've had our fun with Harry and Ron, we could go to our rooms."

Hermione raised an eyebrow very much in Severus style, "I could put on the tiny winy little leather skirt," she giggled breathily and she heard him stifle of groan of interest. Then sucking on his ear lobe, "And maybe the crotchless knickers you bought me. Is there anything else you would like?"

Her voice was a purr as she kept kissing and nipping his jaw and ear, her gently swaying hips sweeping her centre rhythmically against his exposed manhood.

Hermione giggled melodically when she felt his renewed interest against the lace of her under wear. Pulling her in for a heated kiss, Severus caught himself mentally thanking whatever deity was responsible for turning his blushing virgin of a month ago, into the willing to learn wanton sex goddess now teasing him so perfectly with her womanly wiles.

Sighing he released her lips and acquiesced, "Well come on," he huffed gruffly. We may have to do this, but the timing sucks and it doesn't mean I have to do it graciously. He carefully and very reluctantly pushed her to her feet following her up.

"It appears that it's going to be a very interesting night my Princess."

Hermione took him gently in hand then did up his pants for him, noticing his stifled groan and slight shiver at her touch. "You're damn lucky you were able to manage that," his voice was pitched to a depth he knew drove her wild. When she obligingly moaned, Severus chuckled, and one eyebrow rose, "Ready?" He couldn't help just a little pay back.

However, the Potions Master really hadn't expected the garbled burst of words he received. "I will admit to being torn," she bit her lip, "I've been ready for revenge on these two for years, especially Ron, he's used me mercilessly without any thanks," she drew a nervous breath, "But maybe we had different expectations out of the friendship. Was it a friendship? May be not..."

"Shh love," Severus placed his finger on her lips. "When you were students together, is it true that they expected you to share homework with them without reciprocating?" A nod, "Then did they not dump you at every opportunity when someone they were enamoured with turned up?" A sigh this time and then a nod, "Have they ever even acknowledged your help and support?"

"Well Harry has, sort off," Severus gave her a hard look, "No," she sighed.

"Then the Ball," the definitive piece of evidence for their callousness.

Her eyes instantly glittered dangerously, "Yes they do deserve this, don't they?"

"That's my girl, find your newly acquired Slytherin side Princess, and let's go kick arse."

Severus took her hand and started walking towards the door, "Although I am feeling just a little guilty for inflicting the revenge on Ginny and Lavender as well."

Looking at Hermione worrying her lip about something new, he sighed, "Don't, I'm certain they'll see the funny side when you explain, especially when they get to watch as well."

"I know but..."

He lifted her face to his, "But nothing, you'll enjoy this, and you do have all those memories for Potter to smooth the cauldron over, so let's go."

"You're right of course."

"Of course I am, I'm always right," he stated imperiously.

She smacked his arm, "Smart arse Slytherin."

"Oh delicious Gryffindor, I think I'll have to make you pay for being so cheeky later," his eyebrow rose commandingly.

Hermione felt a gush of moisture and a curl of flame in her belly, "Oh yes please," she moaned. Then coquettishly giggled and wiggled her backside at him as she took off out the door, the sound of his strides in pursuit made her even more needy, oh sweet Circes he's perfect... simply perfect.

She loved this game, Severus never chased her, just pursued her like a predator, eventually his long strides catching her half hearted run.

Severus captured her the floor before Minerva's office. Hermione was backed, giggling uncontrollably into the closest alcove and received a sound kissing against the wall, but when she curled her leg around him to draw him in closer he said, "We better keep going."

Hermione could hear his reluctance in his words and she had the urge to grind her hips against his and send him wild. However, prudence told her that they needed to deal with Harry and Ron now. Pleasure was going to have to wait, suddenly hated the interruptions, even though this was to prove an important point.


Entering the Headmistress' office the pair took in the scene.

Minerva, Ginny and Lavender all stood off to one side each encased in the relief of the bubblehead charm so they could breathe clean air. The latter two were wearing truly ugly expressions. Severus and Hermione instantly took in the stench and employed the same method of relief.

Hermione was amazed how graceful and suave Severus could look even with his head encased in a ridiculous bubble.

The greetings were curt all round.

The Potions Master glared menacingly at everyone then started, "What the hell's the meaning of this? We had to leave tasks unfinished in my office to come here."

He pretended to sniff the air before curling his lip in distaste and staring pointedly at Harry and Ron, "I take it you two have been bathing in flobberworm shit, hence the smell," he snapped.

"Severus!" Minerva admonished half heartedly. "It happened in the line of duty," she finished, ignoring his best Potions Master scowl.

"Well I didn't think they'd done it for recreational reasons." His glare turned full force onto the two hapless trainee Aurors again, and despite the fact they were full grown men they still quailed under its intensity.

"Since when is it an Auror's job to wallow in excrement, mmm?" His eyebrow sailed aloft as the question ascended in pitch.

Then abruptly the Potions Master grinned nastily. "Oh, and you need my assistance," he smoothed. "This is beautiful," and he stood there smirking widely.

Suddenly Ron moved to the floo, "Shove your bloody help Snape, I'm not that desperate you miserable bastard," he yelled.

Ginny looked to Lavender who didn't intervene. So she did, damn him he's not spoiling Harry's chances of getting deodorised. "Oh yes you are. Stand your ground Ronald Billius Weasley."

Then Ginny took over completely, her mouth never stopped, "I don't care if you two have to get on your knees. Get that cure," the irate witch looked to Minerva, "I mean even if it was in the line of duty, what fool doesn't know that flobberworm manure contains a bacteria that is only removable by a specific process in a specific Potion."

She turned to Harry, "And for what, all this was in aid of a bum steer. Dark Wizard activity my arse, what were they, cross dressing Death Eaters. All you have to show for this mess is one red shoe."

At this comment Hermione almost lost it, she had to hide behind Severus to clamp down on the smirk she felt rising.

Severus stood there arms crossed on his chest, "Tsk tsk Mister Weasley, insulting your only means of a cure is hardly likely to be a smart move."

Ron looked at the grin on the Potions Master's face and saw red. He took the opportunity of his sister drawing breath, and moving forward he blustered on, "I can't eat without smelling this stench," he moved even closer hissing through his teeth, "and that bitch wouldn't even let me in the bedroom."

Snape glared down his hawk like nose at the red head, a little shocked at his words, not that it showed. "Indeed Mr Weasley, your nocturnal pursuits," he smirked evilly, "or the lack there of, are of no interest to me."

Ron turned to Hermione, "'Mione make him see sense," he blinked owl like at her. "This isn't fair."

Sensing her moment, Hermione steeled herself, "So Ronald, what isn't fair then? At the Graduation Ball you and Harry were thoughtless and just plain rude to Severus and I. Did either of you think to offer a simple apology for being so tactless?" Her gaze turned to Harry, "Or concede you were mistaken?"

Hermione fixed him with a steady stare. "You wish me to intercede with Severus for you. When you can't even give us the decency of a kind word ..." she glared at them.

Ron looked dumb founded. Harry watched her eyes shift to him. He could see where she was going with this. Then she asked the question that clinched it for him, "Why?"

Yes she was going to make them pay. Ron still blinked at her dumbly as she went on, "Because good little 'Mione always comes through?" The red head nodded vaguely and looked to Harry.

"Because 'Mione's one of the good old boys," and she slapped her hand on her thigh to demonstrate camaraderie. Ron's mouth was starting to gap open, "Or could it be that as usual as long as you get your own way, you don't care?"

Hermione gathered herself up and pinned them with a measured gaze, "No," she stated unequivocally, and was about to continue but Ron cut across her.

"What do you mean no… aw 'Mione don't be like that," the red head whined.

Hermione flinched, she hated that name said like that, but he continued oblivious to her growing ire, "Can't you smell us, you have to help us."

"Ron," Ginny started, in warning that he should stop talking instantly. She'd also caught on, "Hermione has got a point. You two have taken her for granted over the years."

"Yes I agree," Lavender chimed in.

Both young men looked around the room, and seeing no allies they swallowed hard and caved knowing there was no other way.

Their eyes turned to Severus and they swallowed thickly. The Potions Master showed his usual expressionless countenance, but said, "I think Hermione deserves better, don't you?" The woman in question shot her lover a grateful glance that showed her respect and love for him to every person in the room.

He watched them nodding dumbly, before shifting his attention back to Hermione. Pulling her close in an uncharacteristic display, Severus whispered, "Make your exit Princess I'll deal with the rest." He kissed her cheek and then her forehead, "See you soon my lady."

Straightening, his eyes looked past her wearing a challenging expression. When she turned back to the room there was stunned silence, and Hermione was certain she saw a tear in Minerva's eye. Taking a deep breath and looking at the other two witches in the room, and spoke, "Come ladies, I'll escort you to our observation deck."

"Ob b ser... hey, what are you two up to?" Ron stuttered.

Hermione ignored his question while escorting Ginny and Lavender out the door. Turning back to Minerva, "Would you like to come with us Ma'am?"

The Headmistress' answer was interrupted when Ron spoke again, "I don't know how, but you two have cooked this up to make us look stupid," he accused, waggling his finger at them wildly.

"To make you look stupid Weasley?" Severus snorted a laugh. There was a hint of derision in his tone and a slight sneer present on his face, "You don't need any assistance in that department," he scoffed.

Hermione placed a hand on Severus' sleeve and spoke, "No boys, I just want you to realise how rude and thoughtless you can be sometimes, and remember not to do it next time," she added giving Minerva another glance.

The Headmistress sighed, "No, you young people go ahead. I think it's time for an old woman to go to bed, good night." Turning she left for her private rooms behind one of the tapestries, with all the returned good nights following her.


Before either young man was ready for it they found the door shut taking with it any hope of retreat. Severus had positioned himself in front of the floo and they were certain they'd be hexed by the witches who'd just left if they tried for the office door.

Both men gulped and looked to the smirking Potions Master. The raven haired wizard sighed, "You're very lucky I've prepared ahead." They both looked green, "You see I'd already heard of your predicament."

"What?" Harry asked.

Closely followed by Ron demanding, "How?"

Severus rolled his eyes and tsked, and shook his head slightly, "My my, you boys certainly still have a limited vocabulary. I see being Aurors hasn't improved that, what a pity."

He watched with pleasure as Ron shrank away from him again, he was interested to see Harry stood his ground. "You see if I were you, I would be more interested in the process required to rid yourself of your little infestation, not the how or why."

The Potions Master pursed his lips as he watched them processing that, "Oh well never mind you'll find out soon enough, follow me," he suddenly took off amid billowing robes, the door cracking against the wall as he marched through in his fastest stride.


As the party walked out the front doors of the castle at a blistering pace, Severus dispensed with the bubble head charm. I hate that charm, necessary as it is some times.

His keen ears were intent on the muttered conversation behind him, Ron gulped, "What do s'pose he meant?"

Harry shrugged, "Buggered if I know, I just want this over. If this is the only revenge Hermione is going to exact out of me when I think about it I've gotten off lightly."

"Revenge?" Severus heard Ron gulp, the thought that this was revenge obviously never having occurred to him. Then suddenly he made his position impossible, "You must be joking? This is Snape in front of us. You know bat man, fwup fwup fwup." Ron made wing noises to go with his flapping hands, "The greasy git."

Severus stiffened as he walked, that description still hurt. He was just about to turn and flay the flesh from Weasley's bones when he heard something he never thought he'd hear, so he controlled himself and listened.

Harry seemed to snap, "Have some bloody respect you moron. It's Professor Snape and he is Hermione's partner. If she loves him we've obviously missed something, because she's never going to be in a relationship unless she's happy." He drew breath, "Haven't you fathomed yet that it's possible his Dungeon bat persona is just that, and it kept us all alive during the war, you should be bloody grateful. Besides we're all suppose to be adults now. So stop acting like such a prat and grow up." Harry had given up all pretence of whispering.

"Hey what's got into you, it's not like this is my fault," Ron said. Severus rolled his eyes at the depth of the boy's idiocy, while being blown away by Potter's grasp of the situation and more so his obvious support.

There was utter silence behind him now, as apparently Harry thought it was useless attempting to talk to Ron anymore. The only sound was their boots on the gravel path.


Hermione had led her friends to the astronomy tower and settled them comfortably. It was when she produced wine, a selection of cheese and fruit and three small hand held telescopes that they sussed her out completely.

"You've set them up, haven't you?" Ginny eyed her thoughtfully a moment seeing a sly little smile tickle the corner of Hermione's mouth, "I knew it, you devious, brilliant cow."

The woman with the chestnut curls held her breath, fingers on her wand, but the red head broke out in an enormous grin, "I Wish you'd have let me in on it," she finished, pulling a startled Hermione into tight hug.

"So what's Professor Snape got installed for them?" Lavender asked joining in.

"We've planned this very carefully, sit back and watch, it nothing more than a little embarrassment for them. Although I was worried you'd both hex me when you found out. I feel bad 'bout what you've had to put up with."

"Typical," Ginny held Hermione at arm's length and shook her slightly, "You worry too much darling."

Hermione giggled, "Severus tells me that all the time."

Lavender laughed launching into the next most obvious topic, "So what's life like with the scariest teacher in Hogwarts?"

Hermione grinned and all three roared laughing, "Severus is brilliant, very particular in every aspect of life. He looks after me exactly how I'd always thought he would," and she sighed.

"So Potions is not the only thing he's fastidious about," Ginny asked, and Hermione blushed slightly.

Ginny's eyebrows rose, "The three of us must have a girl's night soon, I want juicy details." The red head thought a minute, "Can't say it surprises me he's exacting about a lot of thing, he's such a control freak." Ginny nodded in agreement at her own statement.

Lavender smiled mischievously, "Is he like that in the bedroom as well?"

Hermione's grin widened she was unable to stop the expression from blooming on her face, "He's just the most amazing man I know, he makes every molecule of me quiver, but I'll not kiss and tell."

Another round of laughter, "Ow come on, we want details," Ginny said and they both pouted.


The Potions Master heard the tinkling laughter of the witches wafting down to his hearing from the tower. He was glad they seemed to be accepting the situation in good grace.

The silence behind him was now deafening,

They had halted in the clearing Severus had been marching towards. He stared at the pair of them silently.

Ron was the colour of a beetroot, he finally finished pouting and got words past his lips, "What the fuck was that?"

However it was Severus who answered, "That Weasley, was the sound of your friend realising a huge truth, and if he hadn't taken you to task over it, I would have hexed you without giving you the consideration of an explanation." Snape glared, "I still may, now strip," his voice hissed in that threatening whisper they remembered from school, adding when Ron still stared at him stupidly, "You gormless twat, have you no ability to see anything from another's perspective?"

"You're bloody bonkers both of you."

Snape sighed, "Obviously not, then I believe it's time to get this show underway."

Turning, Severus smiled nastily, "Lumos maxima," the area was instantly flood lit. "Strip Weasley," the Potions Master commanded.

Harry sighed and moved to follow suit, a pale hand arrived on his arm, and Severus shook his head slightly.


At the moment he'd flood lit the area, Severus had sent a message to Hermione. It was like a tiny patronus. Although only the size of a firefly, and resembled one entirely. No one thought anything of it as the actual insects descended on his ball of light from the surrounding trees. The message only contained two words whispered quietly in her ear, "Trust me."

Hermione had a hard time hiding her reaction to his whispered velvet, and both her friends turned at her slight moan, "This is lovely wine," she hedged, holding the glass up.

Blushing slightly she backed into the shadows and leant over the support rail to aim her reply.

The Potions Master was glaring at Ron, when he felt a soft kiss on his cheek and the word, "Always," caress his ear. Merlin that woman's perfect, he felt the contents of his trousers twitch and tighten causing him to adjust his stance.

"I will not tell you again Weasley, strip." Severus said this as he waved a pale hand and attempted to get his racing heart under control, the things she does to me, he thought watching a huge tub shimmer into view. Turning back he drew an irritated breath, "Mister Weasley this will not get any easier for you if you keep stalling."

The red head snorted and glared, pointing to Harry, "How bout him?"

Severus had had enough, raising his wand Ron stood before them naked. The red head squealed like a little girl a grabbed for his equipment.

"I have different plans for Mister Potter," Severus smoothed stifling a chuckle at the sight.

Ron's assertion of, "You really are bleedin bonkers," was cut off by an unmistakable wolf whistle and cat call from the Astronomy tower, making him cup his tackle tighter with both hands. "That's my bloody sister don't tell me she can see?"

"Fine I won't tell you," Severus said dead pan, then twisted his lips in thought. Ignoring Harry's snort of amusement, the Potion s Master's voice took on lecture mode, "Now in order for the potion to work best for you, you need to be hot and sweaty." Severus waved his wand and a lit path appeared, he then disrobed Harry down to his trousers. "Sprint, both of you."

"Ah fuckin hell," Ron groaned, "How come he gets to keep his pants?"

"I would get this underway if I were you Weasley. The longer you dawdle the worse it will get."

As he turned to look at the path, he heard another squeal of laughter from the tower, "Ow, he's got freckles on his bum," it was Hermione this time, "Geez Lavender, do you ever get the urge to join the dots?"

All three witches howled with laughter as Ron's hands snapped behind him. "Come on Ronald, Harry's beating you," Ginny teased.

Thinking himself lucky to escape with his pants intact, Harry had already left. Cursing loudly Ron finally ran off after him.

By this time Severus was seriously in need of a good laugh, but he forced himself to settle again when after some minutes he saw Harry returning, "In the tub," Severus demanded, removing his robes and jacket as he pocketed his wand then rolling up his sleeves up.

"As is?"

"Yes," Snape snapped watching as Harry placed his wand, glasses, watch, trainers and socks on the ground and climbed in the bluish liquid.

"Close your eyes, shut your mouth and hold your nose. I will submerge you until the incantation is complete," Severus softened a little seeing a look of panic on Harry's face, and sighed, "Approximately forty five seconds," he finished not unkindly.


Watching the proceedings from above, Hermione wondered what had changed. Of course it was entirely up to Severus' discretion as to how to treat them, but she was still curious.

Ginny and Lavender were enjoying themselves immensely, although she thought Lavender was being a little quiet.

Severus had just dunked Harry some minutes ago, but Ron hadn't appeared again yet. She was roused from her thoughts when a still slightly wet but smiling Harry appeared on the steps, a towel draped around his shoulders.

Ginny ran to him greeting him enthusiastically. As she released his lips she said, "You smell wonderful," and she buried her nose in his chest inhaling deeply.

Hermione had to smile at Ginny wrapped around him like a lipid, moving closer to Lavender to let them have their privacy she glanced over the parapet again. This time she saw Severus vanishing the vat of potion and calling his light to follow him back to the castle. "I wonder what's happened to Ron?"

She was unaware she'd said it out loud until Lavender answered, "Gone to bed one of his many bimbos no doubt."

Hermione was so speechless, and spluttered, "I beg your pardon?"

"I guess I should share my news," Lavender said by way of answer. Hermione exclamation had attracted Harry and Ginny's attention as well.

"Ron and I have split up," her friends gasped "by mutual consent," she added seeing the looks on their faces. "He just couldn't keep his dick in his pants, and I've had an offer to go to Madame Isabelle's School de Beauty in Paris, I'm leaving in two days."

Lavender looked excited, but Hermione was truly speechless, "But I thought you loved him," but even she realised how naive she sounded.

"I thought so too," Lavender smiled, and patted her arm, "Things change, we have to change with them."

Lavender watched as Severus climbed the last steps and placed his hands on Hermione's shoulders. "Look at you guys," she surveyed all four of them, "You've found your perfect matches, I'm going off on an adventure." But her smile was wistful, "We'll all catch up again soon, yeh?"

A little unsure of what he'd walked into Severus said, "I'm sorry Miss Brown, Weasley has left."

"That doesn't surprise me Professor, thank you for everything." She started down the stairs, "Night all," she sing songed as she skipped down them.

Once she'd disappeared from view, Ginny shook herself, "Wow," she sighed, "That was unexpected." Hermione nodded vaguely.

The red head drew a deep breath, "Listen you two, how 'bout dinner tomorrow night?"

"Yeh, we owe you both heaps. Let us take you out somewhere," Harry added, still smiling, his arms around his witch.

Hermione glanced up at Severus who nodded, "Sure," she replied.

"Great we'll owl you tomorrow with details." Harry had disentangled himself from Ginny and was walking over offering his hand, "Thanks again Sir, I appreciate your help."

Severus looked at the hand a moment then releasing Hermione reached out and grasped it firmly, "You're welcome Mister Potter."

Hermione and Ginny glanced at one another, and the former sighed heavily, "Will the world end if you two try Severus and Harry?" Both she and Ginny had their hands on hips watching them.

Severus smirked at her then turned to Harry, "What do you think Harry, is the ground shaking yet?"

"No Severus, it feels very stable to me. We'll see you both tomorrow."

Both men emphasised the others name as they spoke, trying them on for size. Hermione was inordinately proud of both of them, it must have been very difficult with their combined history.


When they were finally alone, Severus broke up. Hermione conjured a love seat, and they collapsed into it cackling. That soon turned into full blown howling laughter. By the time they'd stopped there were tears streaming down their faces.

Gasping for breath Hermione pondered, "I wonder if Harry and Ginny made it down the drive way?" Severus looked at her while wiping his eyes, "I mean almost four weeks without sex. That must have been difficult."

"I guess it's not important unless Hagrid mistakes Harry's bare bum thrusting up and down in the bushes as a target with his cross bow," Severus wore a rye little smirk for a moment then they gave in again and laughed uncontrollably.

However, this image caused another question to occur to Hermione as she grinned remembering Ron's freckly backside, "Why did you strip Ron completely and not Harry?"

Still bursting with the occasional uncontrolled bark of laughter, Severus said, "Well it became very clear to me on the way to Hagrid's hut that Ron was very quickly losing favour in all directions, and I wouldn't be doing a disservice if I sped that along a little."

He took a mouthful of his wine to try and settle himself, "Harry however, showed great integrity on the way to his fate, and if we are going to socialise as friends there is no way I wish the image of his dangly bits to invade my mind every time I see him."

Hermione laughed joyously but watched him as he drew his wand, "What are you up to sneaky Slytherin?"

His eyebrow ascended smoothly, and he increased the light marginally. "You owe me for the cessation of your attentions earlier my lady," he watched her as she pretended to think.

"Oh yes, I remember," she looked on while he warded the entrance to the tower and erected a silencing spell, together with cushioning charms in front of the love seat.

"That was a lot of foolish wand waving my darling," she scolded playfully and straddling his lap captured his smirking lips in a passionate kiss. Saying against them after a moment, "I love you. Thank you for making such an effort with Harry, Severus."

The Potions Master smiled, "I love you too, and you're entirely welcome my lady," and in one fluid wand movement he striped them both, "Now on your knees Princess."

He grinned as he gave her a playful slap on the rump and his eyes panned down her body. Laughing Hermione sank gracefully to her knee and into the comfort of his cushioning charm.

He hissed a breath of pleasure through his teeth as her small hands encircled his velvet covered steel, caressing him. Looking up to make certain he was watching, she moved her lips to her task.

Over the past month they had both become accustomed to the sounds and movements of each other's desire, Hermione loved hearing her normally dour man become the passionate lover he was when he felt secure enough to drop his guard.

Having lost none of her enthusiasm for the act of fellato since that first night, her groans of pleasure reverberated down his length and into his balls. Combining all this with the feel of her hot wet mouth, and the fact that he'd been yearning for this release ever since that thrice damned note had arrived in his office hours before, Severus was tipping over the edge into bliss very quickly.

Gritting his teeth he attempted to draw out her ministrations to his person, but felt himself losing the battle when on top of her lovely mouth caressing and sucking him she added her soft hands again. With one last deep grunt of pleasure he spilt himself into her greedy mouth, very glad the seat was holding him up, because he was now completely boneless. "Beautiful," he sighed between heaving pants as he watched her make a display of swallowing his seed.

Hermione clambered back up onto his lap and wound her arms around him, holding him until he recovered. Slowly his hands and lips started to enflame her skin, gently at first and then as he recovered from his pleasure more intensely. Gently pushing her down on the seat he started devouring her body with his mouth and hands.

The tip of his tongue teasing nipples, then dipping into her belly button, now tracing circles from one hip, across to the other before running hotly along the seams of her thighs, making her moan loudly and open wider for him. His nose was full of her scent and his tongue finally slid, flicked and dipped into her already puckering heat.

Severus felt his shaft twitching back into life, "I can't get enough of you," his hot breath asserted, kissing and licking her most intimate flesh and making her convulse wildly.

Reaching back he grasped her ankles and bending her knees up onto her body caused an abandoned laugh to leave her lips. Slipping his tongue into her he lapped in long languid strokes, making her writhe, pant and whimper, gripping at the velvet of the seat.

Intent on her pleasure, he sucked and licked at her swollen bud, building the tension and revelling to her cries and moans of encouragement. Suddenly she arched up and howled, shuddering she exploded in sensation.

"Beautiful," he sighed, "I could watch that all day."

Still holding her ankles and rising back up over her, his eyes flickered shut in ecstasy as his cock slid home. This woman was perfect, everything from the way she cleaned her teeth to the way she felt around him right at this moment. Severus could not have fathomed that he would know such perfection as this. Now moving in complete harmony with one another, they dove into the abyss of delight together.


A week later that first dinner had led to another at Hogwarts tonight. It was late and Hermione stood in the doorway of their bed room, black silk corset, stocking and sans knickers. She was balancing on one leg, "It's a pity I ended up with only one red shoe. I liked them with this outfit."

Severus' eyes were panning hungrily down her body. He'd been sitting in his favourite chair reading. He placed his book down and rose with his usual grace. She noted the prominent bulge in his low slung black pyjama pants, visible around his open robe.

Her eyes were watching it as he walked towards her, "Well it just so happens I liked them as well," he picked up a box on his way, "Which is why I bought you these."

"Oh Severus," Hermione clapped, "Thank you." Lifting her bare foot he placed the appropriate shoe on her before kissing her ankle and lifting her leg, the inside of her knee and thigh.

Hearing her sigh, he placed it on the floor, and lifting her other foot, removed the shoe it was wearing and placed the new one on it.

"Dinner tonight seemed to be a success. Harry appeared happy with the new memories we provide him with," Severus murmured between kisses.

"Mmm he did. It's a pity they confirm rather than deny what you've already told him."

"Well we couldn't change history for him."

"I don't know the Castle managed it for us," Hermione sighed, then laughed when Severus swept her up and carried her to the bed.

"Yes and all because of one red shoe," and his lips silenced anymore talk.


Authors note: - This was sure an interesting story to write, I may consider a sequel at some point in the future. I think I'd like to explore this universe a little more, may be skip forward to the two couple's weddings, just an idea. (Let me know what you think.)

Since this is the final chapter for this story. I wish to thank everyone who has read, reviewed, and made me their favourite story and or author. You have all made my first step into the world of fanfiction writing a very satisfying one.

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One Red Shoe.