Team Natsu was on another mission in a nearby town. The mission was to catch a group of bandits robbing expensive shops. Lucy had to pay her rent soon so Natsu picked an easy job. Gray and Erza had the front while Lucy and Natsu was around the back which was Erza deduced as the next shop they would steal from. The blond mage twiddled a piece of hair between her fingers daydreaming. "What'cha thinkin' about Luce?" The pink haired boy asked. They were hidden in a back alley waiting for the robbers. Lucy was caught off guard by Natsu and it made her jump.

"Huh?" She asked.

"I was wondering what you were thinking about?" Natsu asked. He didn't seem too interested but a bored look played on his face.

"Well I was just wondering about these thieves."

"What about 'em?"

"Well they must be brave; targeting such expensive stores,"

"That's why the reward is so high, since these expensive shops hired us," Natsu reminded her.

"True." Lucy replied. "I still hate sitting in this grubby back alley way," She began to moan. Natsu chuckled to himself. "What are you laughing at?" She snapped.

"It's just though that you might not complain for once." He laughed.

"What do you mean by that?" Lucy growled.

"Nothing." Natsu had to be careful with his words now; he had to be careful not to cut the wrong wire and then the bombs explode. Luckily his chance to disarm the bomb was cancelled as the security bells began to ring. Natsu and Lucy leapt to their feet as two men in black holding a bag full of money began to flee down the streets. They saw Natsu and Lucy chasing them from behind. They split of into down two different streets forcing the pair following them to split up too. Lucy followed her prey right and Natsu his left. Lucy was easily catching up to her target as she chased him up some stairs and now they were running along the rooftops.

Once he was in close enough range Lucy pulled out etoile and flashed it forwards, its grasp caught hold of the robber jerking himself backwards causing him to drop his bag. Money fluttered in the air. The robber watched the money float to the floor. Lucy held onto etoile but was distracted by it falling through the air. The robber's face turned bitter and then enraged. He obviously had a bad temper. He free one of his arms and grabbed onto the whip. Lucy watched with shock as he began to tug at the whip dragging her forward she dug her feet into the floor keeping her firm. But he was overpowering her. She reached for her keys but he was already to close he caught her hand reaching for the keys. A gasp escaped from her in shock. One hand held her whip the other her hand. Her heart began to pound which is when she began to struggle from his grip. He was a strong man and she was no match for him with physical strength. Her foot managed to get a good kick in the back of his knee causing it to buckle. However he recovered to fast to help Lucy make a quick dash for freedom. His rough hand tightens around her wrist. He had dropped her whip by now also clasping her other hand. He pushed her to the edge. She looked down at the water in the channel. They were at least six stories high. Her feet tiptoed on the edge as small stone crumbled in. She struggled in his hands. He pushed her back using one hand to tip her over the water. Her toes touched the edge of the brick but it was no use. If he were to let go she would fall into the water; hard. He had a tight grip of her clothes around her collar. Her hands were hanging on desperately to his arm. "You think you're all smart now don't ya little miss!" His crispy voice bellowed. "You've got some spunk haven't you?" He laughed.

"You're disgusting!" Lucy growled. He began to smile.

"I think I might keep an eye of you!" Her clasped one of her wrist with his hand and a dark green line drew on the outside of her wrist then faded.

"What did you do?" She snapped.

"Doesn't matter, you won't survive anyway." He laughed. His hand released his grip letting her fall. She began to dive through the air plummeting towards the water. Her eyes watched as the man began to disappear from her sight. The fall was in slow motion as she watched her surrounding pass by her.

As she hit the water the ice cold skated up her spine. The water consumed her body dragging it down to the river bed. Her eyes blurred and her body was frozen stiff. The water rushed into her lungs made her feel heavy. All around her the blue surrounded. She watched as the rippling world above her began to fade into darkness.

"Lucy!" A voice began to call from beyond the darkness. Her eyes squinted open. She tried to breath but the weight on her chest was still there. She gasped for air. Her body began to cough up the water releasing the weight and allowing her to breath. Sighs of relief surrounded her. Her eyes were sensitive to the light; she partly opened them as they adjusted. Everyone was crowded around her.

"Natsu?" she grumbled. Her voice was sore so it sounded hoarse.

"Thank god Lucy! I thought you died!" Natsu groaned in relief. Lucy tried to sit up but her head felt heavy; it ached so much that she retreated back to laying down. She lifted her arm over her head blocking the sun from her sight. She felt ice cold and began to shiver. "Here!" Natsu wrapped a blanket over her shoulders pulling her up into a sitting position. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, holding her close to his skin. Natsu was also wet but the only traces left of water was his damp pink hair. 'The rest must of dried of quickly especially with his warm body heat.' Lucy thought to herself.

"What happened?" Lucy asked pulling the blanket close to her.

"You fell." Gray replied bluntly.

"You fell from a six story building into the canal. Natsu had to dive in a pull you out. You did take in a lot of water" Erza explained.

"We though you would of drowned!" Happy whined.

"Oh." Lucy replied. She leant closer into Natsu; she was drawn to his heat. Her mind became lost in thought about her fall.

"What happened to you make you end up fall six stories Lucy?" Erza asked curiously. Lucy looked up from burring her head in the blanket to reach Erza's intense eyes making her retreat back to the blanket. Gray noticed Lucy's face begin to strain. Her head throbbed. She tried to think back to what happened. However she was drawing a blank. She couldn't remember anything.

"Lucy?" Gray asked concerning. Lucy began to panic. Why couldn't she remember? She struggled trying to pull any memory.

"I- I don't...I don't remember." She stuttered. Her breathing became short and fast and her heart beat was rapid. Natsu felt her panic and pulled her closer to him.

"Luce... calm down! You don't need to remember, its okay!" He tried to calm her. But it didn't help she became frustrated.

"Why can't I remember?" She exclaimed tightening her fists around her blanket.

"It must just be from your fall." Gray explained trying to help.

"It's not permanent is it?" Lucy began to panic more causing Natsu to send an irritated look at the confused Gray.

"Lucy breathes!" Erza snapped at Lucy. They all fell quiet as Lucy took in a deep breath of fresh air. Her heart began to slow and her breath regulated. Natsu and Gray took a sigh of relief. 'Good old Erza to sort out the situation!' Natsu thought to himself. "We'll stop off at the hospital to get Lucy check out then head back to the hotel. They all nodded. It would be dangerous to disobey Erza's orders. Natsu helped the disorientated Lucy up. She was so confused that she couldn't walk straight. In the end the fire mage ended up carrying the drenched mage on his back.