Story 3 of 18 of Alriks favorite parings.


Antonio sighed trying to ignore the Frenchmen standing outside his window and singing as loudly as he could. He forced himself to ignore the flow of the words, slamming doors and cabinets as loudly as he could and hoping for the other to get the hint that he should leave.

Finally Francis stopped singing and Antonio sighed in relief thinking he was finally gone.

"Bonjour mon cherri," Francis said smiling as the Spaniard spun around to face him looking confused.

"How did you get in here?" Antonio asked taking a step back as the blonde moved closer to him.

"the window was open and I had to make sure you were okay since you didn't let me in!" Francis said lunging forward and wrapping his arms around Antonio.

I didn't let you in because I wanted you to leave!" Antonio said squirming around trying to get away from him.

"No need to play hard to get you aren't a sea hardened pirate anymore!" Francis said kissing along is neck and holding the Spaniard tightly.

Antonio squirmed more blushing lightly at the feel of the blonde's lips on his flesh. Francis rand his hands down his back groping at his ass and kissing up his neck.

"S-stop…" Antonio moaned weakly, shoving lightly at the other mans chest.

Francis ignored his protests, pressing their lips together and pulling Antonio's clothes off slopwly. He ran his hands over every inch of flesh as it was revealed paying special attention to his nipples licking over the nubs and nipping them lightly as he ran his fingers over his hole.

Antonio lost all sense of protesting as Francis slid a finger into him pressing into his prostate. He stretched him slowly scissoring his fingers and twisting them sharply. He whined lowly as the blonde pulled his fingers out nipping at his ear love teasingly before slamming into him.

Francis paused briefly to allow Antonio time to adjust before pulling out and thrusting back into him smoothly, slamming against his prostate on every inward stroke.

Antonio cried out throwing his head back as the Frenchmen continued thrusting quickly and began stroking his dick quickly.

Panting and digging his nails into Francis' back as he came, Francis maoned as Antonios inner walls clenched around him ripping his own orgasm from him.

Antonio lay there bonelessly, Francis dropping down beside him with an arm slung around his waist. He made a face squirming around until the arm fell away. Then looking at Francis out of the corner of his eye he shoved him off the bed before falling asleep.