Quinn was walking down the hall when she spotted Sam standing right in front of her locker. Sam's face looked very troubled so she wondered what's wrong with him.

"Hey," she greeted Sam and gave him small peck on his cheek.

"Hey, Q."

"What's wrong? You looked kinda troubled."

"Well... I'm sorry."

"For what? You've done nothing wrong to me," asked Quinn very confused of what hell was wrong with her best friend.

"I know you have drama club later..."


"And I know I supposed to wait for you so we could went home together. But today, I can't."

"And why is that?" Quinn pouted. She hated it when Sam couldn't go home with her.

"Don't pout please, Quinn. You know I can't resist that."

"Then explain to me why you can't drive me home today. You know I hate it."

"I know. That's why I'm sorry about it. But my mom just called and told me that her car broke down so I had to pick her up at her office right after school. I already told her I can't but–"



"It's fine."

"Really?" He gave her that very surprised look.

"Yup," Quinn assured him.

"Why?" Sam asked confusedly.

"Why what?" Quinn was even more confused by Sam's question.

"Why you're fine with it?"

"Your mom needs you. And I could catch a ride with Santana or Rachel. So don't worry."

"Are you sure? Cause I don't want you to get mad at me later for not driving you home like you always did."

"I'm pretty sure. Now, just go pick your mom up before I change my mind."

"Oh God. Thanks Quinn! You're indeed my best friend!" Sam gave her a quick hug followed by a kiss on her lips.

Quinn was surprised by that. After that night on her sixteenth birthday, it was Sam's second time kissing her on the lips. That first time was fine cause both of them were alone, but this time Sam kissed her right in front of everyone at school!

Sam seemed doesn't realized that he kissed his best friend on her lips until some voice broke them apart.

"Oh wow, I didn't know you two are a couple right now!" Santana exclaimed.

"God Santana, I have to take a picture of it. They look so cute!" Rachel followed and began to search for her phone in her bag.

The blondes were surprised by those voices and pulled apart only to realize what just happened between them.

Quinn pushed Sam away and said, "Ewh Sam! What are you doing? It's gross!"

"Why did you move your face? I was going to kiss your cheek!"

"No, I'm not. I was just standing there and you just kissed me like that!"

"No, I didn't!"

"Yes, you did!"

"Listen, Quinn–"

"Sam? Quinn? Seriously? Are you guys going to argue about that?" Santana rolled her eyes.

"Seriously you acted like a five-year-old it almost too cute!" Rachel added.

The blondes ignored them.

"I hate you," Quinn finally said.

"You know you don't. Look, I'll come over after I dropped my mom. I'll see you later?" Sam said and this time, he kissed her cheek.

"Yeah. See you, Sam."

"Okay, Quinn. Tell me. How does it feel to kiss Sam Evans?" Santana said while she drove the blonde back to her home.

"Yeah yeah Quinn, tell us!" Rachel exclaimed from the back seat. Rachel didn't bring her car that day so she rode with Santana as well.

"The first one was better than this..." Quinn mumbled and immediately covered her mouth realizing what she said.

"The first one?!" Santana asked looking totally surprised. She even stopped her car.

"You kissed him more than once?!" Rachel was also surprised.

Quinn was just sitting there and blushed so hard.

"No... Of course not. That was the first time he kissed me. Nothing-"

"Don't play dumb with me, Blondie. I knew what I heard earlier. And based on Rachel's reaction, she also heard that," Santana exclaimed and Rachel nodded her head in agreement.

"What are you talking about?" Quinn tried to avoid that.


"Okay, fine. He kissed me once before," Quinn sighed in defeat.

Santana still looked very surprised while Rachel was clapping her hands.

"When was that happen?" Santana and Rachel asked at the very same time.

"During my sixteenth birthday..."

"Details, please."

Quinn rolled her eyes but continued, "Well my parents were in the middle of their business trip so I was alone. Sam just came over as usual. We were just talking when suddenly I snapped at him and cried. He hugged me and just let me cried like that. Then after sometime, he said he has a present for me and he just kissed my lips."

"Oh God that was adorable!" Rachel squealed.

"What was that kiss like?" Santana asked.

"Seriously, San?" Quinn said.

"I just want to know," she shrugged.

"Well, it was a very nice one. It was slow, sweet, and passionate. It was our first kiss in our life so we were a bit clumsy but it was nice," by the time Quinn said that she was blushing so hard.

"Then are you two together after that and hide your relationship and still pretend to be best friend in front of everyone?"

"No. We're not together. After he kissed me, he said that he knew that I always wanted to share my first kiss with someone special and he was somewhat special for me."

"Sam really likes you," Rachel said.


"Are you seriously blind? He really likes you, Quinn. And based on what I've been observing, you like him too," this time it was Santana who said that.

"Well, we're best friend. Of course we like each other, we really cared about each other. But not in that way."

"Deny all you want, Q. But don't come and cry to us when Sam got tired of waiting and decided to search for a girlfriend."

Quinn just sat there and shut her mouth, tried to ignore Santana and Rachel. But in fact, she thought about it a lot and began to question her own feelings for Sam.

The next day at school, Sam was out on the field, getting ready for the football practice, when Finn and Puck came to him and asked him questions that he didn't really expect.

"Man, you kissed Quinn?" asked Puck.

"Are you two together behind our back?" Finn added.

"Wait. What are you guys talking about? And Puck, how did you know that?" Sam bewildered.

"We're talking about you and your so-called best friend, Quinn. And I know that from Santana. So spill!" Puck answered.

"Well, yeah I kissed her. But I didn't mean that, you know. I just wanna kiss her cheek and she kinda moved her head so in the end, I kissed her lips," Sam tried to explain and he was just blushing.

"What about that birthday kiss?" asked Finn.

"How did you know that?" Sam face just got redder and he could feel that his cheeks were burning.

"Well, Santana and Rachel kinda got Quinn told them everything yesterday and earlier today, they told us."

"It was just… She looked so lonely and sad that day. I wanted to make her feel better. It just started when she cried and I hugged her, then it was just kinda happened. She looked so vulnerable and beautiful, so I kissed her lips. It was our first kiss in our life," Sam was all blushing when he told his friends that.

"How does it feel to kiss her?" asked Puck.

"It was… nice. It felt right."

"Man, you like her," Finn said.


"Don't try to deny it. We could see it. And based on what we saw, Quinn also like you."

"Wait. I just remember something. Remember Quinn's seventeenth birthday party last summer?" Puck asked.

"Of course. Why do you ask?" Sam looked at his friend very confused.

"Remember what you gave to her?"

"I gave her a bracelet in which she like very much but then she said she prefer my present to her last year…" Sam paused. Realization hit him. If Quinn preferred his present last year, it meant she preferred the kiss than the bracelet.

"You just realized it, huh, Sam?"

"Well… we're best friend. Of course we like each other. But not in that way."

"But best friend didn't kiss like that," Finn said.


"Fine. But don't come and cry to us when Quinn got tired of waiting and she just decided to get a boyfriend that is not you," Puck said and he went to the field followed by Finn.

Sam just stood there for a while. Thinking of the conversation he just had with Finn and Puck. He started to question his own feelings for Quinn. But before he could think more about that, Coach Beiste called him to join the team in the field. So he went to the field and decided to think about it later.

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