Hallo guys! Just something I thought of. I've always been mesmerized by Greek mythology. And a very long time ago, I read a book about a beautiful Greek island. So I had to write a fic with V/C and that Greek island in it. This story is set in an alternate universe, where Catherine is a lawyer and Vincent is her father's client. I really hope you will enjoy reading this. I sure enjoyed writing it! :)


The helicopter was about to land on this beautiful island. Her father was tired, but Catherine was staring her eyes out. She was so excited to be here! Everything about this place was mesmerizing! Tinos, a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. It has a land area of approximately 194 square kilometers and a population of 8,574 inhabitants. The beaches were breathtaking, the mountains and all that green made it all look almost magical.

"Wow!" Catherine exclaimed.

Her mouth was slightly open, she was just in awe. Compared to New York, this island was a true paradise. Shaking her father on his shoulder, she said.

"Look! Look, dad! Isn't this place amazing! I will thank you for the rest of my life for bringing me here! I love you so much! OH MY GOD!"

She then kissed him lightly on his left cheek. Out of shock, her dad smiled and placed his hand on his cheek.

Her father shook his head and found it so refreshing to see her this way. Catherine was a very successful lawyer herself and has been independent for quite some time now. Most of the time, he felt like she didn't need him anymore, breaking his heart a bit. But seeing the way she was acting at the moment, made his heart soar. At this moment, she looked like the 5 year old Catherine who looked up to him and used to give him butterfly kisses in the morning. It has been years, that she openly and loudly said that she loved him. His throat closed up, because she reminded him so much of her mother. She had the temperament of Vanessa.

Heather on the other hand, was different. But he felt blessed, because even though his daughters differed so much, they had a strong bond that could not be broken.

The helicopter had just landed, when Catherine looked at her dad.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked.

He smiled."Yes, I am doing great."

"Are you sure? Cause you seem like your mind's not here with me." she responded.

"I'm just very grateful that my client has invited us over here. This place looks like paradise, don't you think?" he replied.

"Oh my God, dad! The moment I see your client, I am so gonna hug and kiss him. This place is out of this world! Yay!" she exclaimed.

"Okay, a simple thank you will do, honey. You don't have to kiss him. You don't even know him." he responded.

Catherine laughed out loud and said."I was just joking. Of course I won't kiss him, duh!"

"Good, because I don't think you need a man in your life right now. After what happened with your ex- boyfriend. Remember me to kick his puny behind, when I see him. " he growled.

"Hey dad, don't worry about him. And besides, I do agree with you. I don't need a man at the moment. Like you suggested, I am just going to take one year off from work. And just enjoy these 7 weeks in paradise with you and Heather." She said with a dreamy look on her face.


They stepped out of the helicopter and stepped into a limo. The driver helped them with their luggage, while they took a seat inside the car. Cold champagne was ready for the both them, while there were some snacks also.

"I will now take you both to the hotel. It's a five star one and my boss has taken care of everything. You two don't have to worry about the bill or anything. He wants you both to enjoy your time on the island. And he will meet you both in the evening around 8 at the hotel restaurant." The driver said in one breath, like he had memorized it all.

Catherine whistled.

"Nice. We are doing okay ourselves. But how wealthy is your client?" she asked.

"Well, he owns the hotel and he's also in the marble business." He answered.

"Marble. Wow. I have read on the internet, that some of the mountains on this island are full of some of the most beautiful green marbles in all of Greece. Okay, we HAVE to go there, dad." She said with a dreamy look on her face.

Her dad chuckled and said." Yes, don't you worry your pretty little head, sweetie. My client has promised to show us all that this island has to offer."

"Yay!" she exclaimed while clapping her hands.

"Tell me more about your mysterious client, dad." Catherine asked curiously.

She was not romantically interested in her dad's mystery client, but something about him made her very curious.

Two days ago, Catherine had spoken with him on the phone. He had a deep, throaty voice that made a shiver go through her spine. Pfffffff! She couldn't believe a man's voice through the PHONE made her act like that. Gawd, she was losing her mind!

It was her dad's idea to bring both her and Heather along on his trip. Her dad told them that it was a business and pleasure trip. At first , Catherine didn't want to go because she wanted to wallow in her misery. The incident with her ex-boyfriend had made her close up from the world. But Heather had convinced her to go by giving her a very long lecture. God, her sister was younger than her. But sometimes, she felt like Heather was wiser than her.

Catherine had a last excuse, saying that her dad's client would find it rude if she and Heather went along. But her dad told them that he had already asked and that Vincent was more than honored to show them his little paradise…

Pfff… Vincent. What kind of name is that? It's not even Greek!

Heather accidentally had seen a picture of him on their fathers desk and thought that it would be cool if Catherine went on a date with him.

Catherine totally ignored her. She went on and on how handsome Vincent was, but Catherine shoed her out of her bedroom and shut the door in her face.

Then, she was angry at her sister but at the moment, she really missed her. Heather was going to join them 2 weeks later, cause of her work.

After a 30 minute drive, they finally arrived at the hotel. Stepping out of the limo, Catherine gawked at the sight. The hotel was beautiful. But it was nothing compared to the beach and the sea behind it.

She stared into the sunset and was in awe, looking at the sight before her. She muttered just a sentence in one breath."Vincent or whatever your name is, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."