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Cat sat in her hotel room and thought about what Heather just had summed up for her. Beauty and the Beast?

"Nah… this is real life and not a freaking fairy tale." She muttered and got up.

She shook her head and decided to get ready for the dinner at Vincent's villa. Just the mere thought of him, made her tummy do flip flops. Gosh! She had it and had it bad… very bad.

After she had taken a shower, she went through her clothes. But she just couldn't find the right ones. Her bed was a mess of all her evening dresses.

"Damn it!" she mumbled.

"Hey. Whats wrong?" Heather walked through the door and asked.

Cat sighed deeply and said."I have nothing to wear!"

Her little sister chuckled and walked back to her bedroom. Walking back in, Cat saw that she had a dress in her hand. She showed it to her big sis, making Cat gasp softly.

"No! I cannot wear that. It's yours." Cat exclaimed.

Heather shook her head and replied."Nope! We both know that it looks better on you."

Cat and Heather went on like that for minutes, till their dad knocked on the door.

"You ready girls?" he asked.

"Yeah, give us 10, dad." Heather responded.

"Okay." He said and walked away.

Cat sighed deeply and said."Okay, okay. I am gonna take it, but I am so gonna pay you for it."

Heather smiled and handed the dress over to her big sister.


Vincent was in his master bedroom and looked in the mirror. Catherine. She was going to be here within an hour. His heart began to beat faster. God! She was so beautiful! How could a woman be that beautiful?! God must've spend a little more time on her...

He was taken out of his thoughts, by a knock on the door.

"Come in." he said, while checking his jacket again.

JT walked in and whistled."You clean up good, buddy." He said.

"Thanks."Vincent replied.

"Why so nervous, Vincent? You have invited people over for dinner countless times, you know." JT said.

"I know that I have, but…" Vincent said.

"But… none of those people were Catherine Chandler?" JT stated.

"Exactly." He replied.

"First, you have to try to breathe, man. Relax and breathe…" JT advised.

"Okay." He said and closed his eyes, while breathing in and out.

"Feel better now?" JT asked.

Vincent opened his eyes."Nope! Didn't help. Not at all." He answered.


They were on their way to Vincent, when mr Chandler asked.

"Are you alright, Cat?"

"Huh?" Yeah, I feel fine." She replied.

"You look kinda nervous. It's just Vincent, you know." He said.

"I know, dad. And I am fine. Promise." She retorted.

Cat looked out the window, not wanting to talk about it. So he looked at Heather.

"Let her be. She's nervous to see him again. Give her time and don't worry." She whispered in his ear.

Mr Chandler sighed and decided to let it go.

Catherine was impatiently and nervously sitting in the limo. She just couldn't wait to see Vincent again. Lately, all she could think about was him. His smile, the way his gorgeous hazel, eyes lit up when he looked at her… Just everything about him made her knees turn into mush.

Gah! She wasn't 15, you know. But that's how he made her feel. He made her feel like she was able to take on the world…

"We're here! At Vincent's 'castle." Heather said enthusiastically,clapping her hands.

Catherine's eyes fell on the villa, making her think of the reason why she ran away that late afternoon. Her fingers immediately glided over her golden rose pendant.

Will she be able to do it? Wasn't it too soon to be here again? Note to self: ask Vincent about the creep that pushed her against the tree that night.


Vincent was in the living room with a glass in his hand, when Calinico announced their… 'her' arrival. The second he saw Catherine, his breath caught in his throat. It's like time stood still for those few seconds. She walked towards him with a shy smile on her face. Her eyes were lit and her dimples appeared, making him answer her smile. She was wearing a long, blue black dress with thin spaghetti straps. Cat had her hair up with a hairpin, her lips painted red. She looked breathtaking. He wanted nothing more, but to take her hand in his and lead her to the dining table, but… he literally couldn't do that cause he had to walk with crutches.

At that moment, he cursed mentally. Angry at his cousin for injuring his left knee.

"Welcome and please take a seat." Vincent said, while walking to the dining table.

They all took a seat, including JT.

Vincent talked to Mr. Chandler and Heather, but he kept catching Cat's gaze.

To see him walking so difficult, made a shot of pain go through Catherine's heart. He had taken a seat at the table and was locking eyes with her now and then. For a few seconds, Cat looked away, breaking eye contact with him. She couldn't help, but to feel guilty. If it wasn't for her…if she didn't go into the forest, Vincent wouldn't have been attacked. He wouldn't need crutches now and he didn't have to endure this pain in his knees.

"Are you alright, Catherine?" Vincent asked.

She immediately caught his gaze and nodded."Yes. I am doing fine." She said and smiled, showing off her pretty dimples.

Heather watched her big sis and squeezed her hand lightly. She knew that Cat felt guilty about Vincent getting attacked. So she tried to lighten the mood a bit.

"So, I have to tell you all something hilarious." She said, laughing out loud.

"Okay, let's hear it." JT said curiously.

"Well, this afternoon I was lying on the beach right and I met this Grecian man. He told me that he had three sons and one of them was around my age. He asked if I was married…"

After Heather finished her story, all of them laughed loudly. Even Calinico couldn't stop laughing. Mr. Chandler looked at his second daughter and mouthed.

"Thank you."

She smiled and nodded. He was glad that his daughter had lighten the mood a bit. After her story, they all decided to tell something funny that they had experienced. Dinner was very nice, the food was beyond delicious and the stories were all colorful. Drinks flowed and jokes were made.

At one point, Heather was with JT and her father in the library. Calinico decided to help in the kitchen, leaving Vincent and Catherine alone in the living room.

They immediately looked at each other, but neither of them was able to say anything yet. After a few moments, she collected her courage.

"Thank you… for dinner. It was absolutely amazing!" she said.

"I am glad you enjoyed the food." He replied.

"The food was great, but the company is better though." she boldly said.

He smiled and asked."Wanna get some fresh air?"

"Yeah. I'd like that a lot." She replied.

He grabbed his crutches and began walking to the balcony , Cat walking next to him. They stood on the balcony, watching the stars.

"Wow! This truly is a beautiful sight. Just wow." She whispered.

"Yes, pretty incredible." He replied, admiring her.

She looked down and saw him watching her. He was looking at her, like she was something special, making her cheeks turn crimson red.

He chuckled and whispered."Now your lips match your cheeks."

His words made a delicious shiver go up and down her spine. He saw it and thought that she was cold. He leaned onto the railing and took off his jacket.

"Here, wear this please? Your shivering all over, Catherine." He said and handed her the jacket.

She wanted to tell him that she wasn't cold, but she knew that he was going to insist.

"Thank you." She said, while wearing the jacket.

"Sorry." He whispered, his voice trembling.

She tried catching his gaze, but he avoided looking at her.

"Vincent?" she said.

He looked up and caught her gaze. What she saw in his eyes, broke her heart into bits and pieces.

"Sorry for what? You haven't done anything wrong?!" she stated.

He shook his head."Yes, I promised your father to give you a wonderful vacation. But I haven't been able to keep my promise. I am so sorry." He whispered.

It became all too much for her. She shook her head furiously, while her eyes welled up.

"No! You don't have to be sorry for anything, ok? You have been more than a very good host. You have saved my life twice now. I don't know how I could ever repay you, Vincent." she said, her tears rolling down her cheeks.

He hadn't said a thing, he just watched her. He desperately wanted to wipe away her tears and caress her cheeks. But he remembered how she reacted when he tried to brush a lock of hair from her face, so he managed to hold himself back. He didn't want to startle her like before.

"I should be sorry and I am. I feel so guilty, please forgive me." she pleaded.

"Forgive you? For what?" he said, not knowing what she was talking about.

At that moment, Catherine let it all out.

"I am so sorry that you were attacked that night. I am so sorry …that you got hurt. So sorry …that I went into the forest and so sorry that I didn't visit you when you were at your worst. I am so sorry! Its all my fault and… I am selfish and a horrible person. I should've thanked you for… for saving my life in person and not use a no… stupid note! I am so sorry that you endure pain in your knees and… I am so sorry that you ha… have to walk with crutches!" she confessed, sobbing uncontrollably.

Vincent also let his tears flow and grabbed her lightly, wrapping her in his arms. She let him comfort her, she didn't pull away. He was leaning with his back against the railing and held her tight.

"Shhhh… it's not your fault. You mustn't feel guilty, Catherine. It just happened, ok? You didn't know what was going to happen." he whispered, while stroking her shiny hair.

Never before had Catherine felt so safe, being in a man's arms. She almost got lost in his warm embrace. She felt like she FINALLY was home, here in his arms. His warm arms. Cat wished that he would never let her go again.

Vincent's heart swell gloriously, feeling her in his arms. It felt so right to have her so close to him. Its like she belonged in his arms. It's like he finally found her, not knowing before that he had lost her. He had his eyes closed and reveled at the feeling of her body molding into his. God! She was able to take his breath away, without even trying.

After her sobs had subsided, he reluctantly let go of her. She pulled away and looked him deep in the eyes.

"Catherine, may I wipe away your tears?" he asked.

She nodded without hesitation. Vincent slowly brought his hand to her face, his heart beating erratically. And just as his fingers touched her cheeks, she closed her eyes. He wiped her tears away, caressing her cheeks in the process. God! Her skin was so soft.

She sighed deeply and opened her eyes, his hand still resting on her pretty face. Again time stood still, both afraid to even breathe. They were lost in each other's eyes, both hearts beating faster and faster. He was still leaning on the railing, Catherine standing so close to him.

She boldly cupped his face and asked."Why are you so kind? And so nice? God! You deserve so much, Vincent. You deserve…" she began, but stopped in mid sentence.

She stood on her tippy toes and kissed his left cheek, while closing her eyes.

"That's for saving my life. Twice." She whispered, her voice sounding everything but insecure.

He looked at her with loving eyes, his eyes landing on her lips. Without hesitation she nodded, her heart ramming against her rib cage, her breathing becoming shallow, the anticipation excruciating.

Vincent saw her nodding and slowly leaned into her, not wanting to startle her. As the seconds past, he brought his face closer and closer to hers… His lips was almost touching hers, his warm breath tickling her face, their lips mere inches apart. And just as his lips were about to collide with hers…

Heather opened the door and said.

"Hey you guys, it's getting l…" she began, but then stopped cause she realized what she just had done.

"Sorry…"she whispered and ran back inside.

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