Amin mela lle - "I love you"

Kalian en' coia - "Light of life"

Ilyamenie - "Always"

Left Behind

Chapter 1

Lord Elrond said nothing as he slipped through the silent halls of his home.

In a show of fondness, he let his hand run along the wall, briefly remembering Arwen growing up on those halls, so many hundreds of years ago when she was young.

He felt a pang of guilt against his consciousness as he thought about what he had told her, how he had denied her request for staying because of Aragorn…when he, himself, wanted nothing more than to stay for the woman he loved.

She was human.

He heard a soft shuffle behind him, and he turned…and a faint, uncharacteristic smile crossed his lips.

"You came."

She nodded and reached out her hand towards him, and he gladly took it in his own and used it to draw her forward against him.

"Elidea…how can I leave you?" He ran a hand through her thick brunette hair, capturing her simple hazel eyes with his own deep blue ones. "I cannot be selfish, I never have been, but I look at you and only see the woman that I cannot live without."

Elidea gave him a soft smile.

She was not a stunning beauty, but she was perfect in his eyes, and her simple, dark gray robes were the only adornment she'd ever needed.

Where she only saw plain, dark brown hair, he saw lustrous thick, dark locks. Where she saw only muddy colored eyes that could never make up their mind on their color, he saw golden-green hazel, hawk-like eyes. He saw beauty where she could see none.

But of course, she could only see beauty in him and saw none of the perceived flaws that he felt he had.

They had met on accident.

He had been visiting the kingdom of Rohan some twenty years ago and had met her at a banquet, where she was the daughter of a visiting dignitary from one of the Northern lands.

He had seen her…and then he'd fallen in love with her.

She was not a normal human, but one of the Dunnedein, blessed with long life, and she carried her age well. At forty-three, she looked to be twenty-three. She was distantly related to Aragorn, but it mattered not to Elrond.

She was everything to him.

Ever since his wife had been killed, he thought that he would never love again. But Elidea had captured his heart.

"You can," she whispered to him, as though sensing his disparaging thoughts. "You can live without me. You must."

He shook his head.

"No…I can't. For if I do, I will be in pain the rest of my days. And unlike yours," he added, "They will last considerably longer."

She let out a small laugh and then slid her arms around her waist, gently pillowing her head against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. He was so strong, but so weak. His arms slid around her shoulders and she felt him cling to her as though she would disappear the instant that he let her go.

"Elidea…please come." He then offered another solution. "Or, let me stay."

A sad smile crossed her pale lips, and she shook her head.

"No, Elrond…you must go. For your people. If nothing else, then for your daughter. You know it…and I know it."

She lifted her eyes up to his, raising her head from his chest and reaching one arm from around his waist to brush the tips of her fingers over his mouth.

He pressed his lips into her touch and she let out a soft sigh, realizing that it would be one of the last times that she would ever feel his lips caress her skin again. One of the last times that she would ever feel his touch.

"I will miss you," she said, her voice low and her tone soft, but he could hear the faint strain as well. She did not want him to go, no matter how many times she told him otherwise. She was actually desperate for him to stay, or to go with him to the west, to the Undying Lands. She was willing to leave everyone and everything she knew behind, simply so that she could stay with him, and they both knew it. But they also both knew that it could not happen.

He gently clasped his hands around her wrists and withdrew his mouth from her fingers, trying to tell her with his eyes the words that he could not convey.

Deep blue met hazel once again, and she felt her heart break a little more.

"Amin mela lle," she whispered, her voice barely above a breath of sound, and she heard his sharp intake of breath at her words.

Gently, her wrists still carefully ensconced by his hands, he lifted her hand to his lips and brushed a kiss across the backs of her fingers, his gaze never leaving hers, her words lingering in the air between them, traveling on her breath to his, so that he could practically taste her words, and he then returned them to her.

"Amin mela lle, kalian en' coia."

A bittersweet smile crossed her lips and she felt the tears that she'd been holding back escape in a single tear down her cheek.

Her eyes burned with the effort of not letting any more tears escape, and she trembled as he lifted a finger to her jaw line and traced the trail that the tear had taken back up her cheek, and she tightened her reserve even further to keep from crying at the simple, beautiful act.

"Elrond," she said, unable to bear the silence. "My heart is yours. Ilyamenie."

He nodded and leaned in and pressed a soft kiss against her lips.

"And mine, yours, Elidea. Ilyamenie."

He gently released her and then pulled back, leaving a space between them that felt as though it could be miles.

Realizing that if he lingered any longer, he would not be able to turn away, he turned and began to walk down the darkened walkway, back to his own personal chambers…but in a moment of sheer and utter weakness, he turned back to her, grabbed her arm and pulled her up against him for a hard kiss.

She arched into him, her mouth parting beneath his as easily as flower petals opening to the morning sun, causing him to indulge and slip his tongue between her lips.

Elidea held onto him, trying to keep up with his ever-searching tongue, and she groaned into his mouth at the sensations that he evoked.

The elven lord was her weakness and he knew every part of her, intimately, and he was exploiting her weakness to the best of his ability at that very moment.

It was ironic that his personal moment of weakness was also one of absolute triumph as Elidea let herself succumb to the passion of his advances. One hand had slid into her hair; the other one had slid around her waist and held her tight to him, not letting a single breath of air between their bodies.

Their tongues tangled and their fires burned, and she took note of every taste, texture, and smell as it happened.

It was much like the first time that they'd made love.

Having only known him as a…significant other, she'd had certain notions of how he would be in the bedroom. She'd been completely wrong.

Elidea remembered entering the room with him, slightly shy, expecting him to be reserved, quiet, slow, achingly tender, but instead he had surprised her by initiating everything. He had been animated, unabashedly vocal, ruthlessly unrelenting, and fiercely passionate. Their first time together had been as ardent as two wildcats in a tussle, with bruises and scratches lingering after, a bittersweet reminder of their first time, and she had enjoyed every second of it.

And now here he was, yet again, showing his other side, one that he kept carefully hidden from everyone else in his life.

Her own hands were not idle; one was wrapped around the back of his neck, the other pressed against his shoulder blade, absently running over his back, silently urging him to continue.

However, after a few short, blissful seconds, he pulled back, letting air between them once more.

They rested their foreheads against one another and took a moment to catch their breath. His fingers trailed lazily down from her hair and then gently cupped her jaw, lifting her eyes to his, breaking the brief contact of skin between them.

"Elidea," he said, his voice low and hoarse with emotion. "I will never forget you…"

As he said those words, she knew that this was the final goodbye. This was the moment that they would truly part ways. This was the end.

She let out a soft sigh, and placed her fingers over his, where they still rested on her face.

"Nor I you," she replied, the same tone in her voice as had been in his.

Gently, he leaned down and placed one last kiss across her lips, feather light, as though she would bruise at the slightest touch, and she felt the tears enter her eyes once more…but this time she let them fall.

He turned and left, disappearing down the walkway, back to his rooms, and she felt something in her chest snap.

She let out a long, shuddering breath, and she could not help but wonder if that was the sound of a heart breaking, the sound of her heart breaking.

Quietly, she slipped back through the shadows of Rivendell, making her way back to where she'd put her horse, gently shushing him with a hand on his muzzle as he gave a soft nicker at her arrival. She slid into the saddle with ease, and just as she turned to go she gently rested her hand protectively over her stomach.

No…she would not forget him.

And she disappeared into the night, slipping back into the dark edges of Rivendell…nothing more than a memory.

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