"This is what I said when I first started work."


I proceed to explain everything.

*"You`ll fall in love with one of the women you work with."

"Trust me, Mya, I won`t. I promise you now, I will never fall for a co-worker."

"Mm-hmm, sure you won`t."

I look at my 8 year old sister in the dark.

"You think I will, don`t you?"

"Mm, yup, I do."

"Well, just you wait and see. I wouldn`t ever date one of them."*

"I have stuck to that promise, for all these years. But I met this one woman and she`s just purely unforgettable. I love her."

"Who is she? What does she look like?"

"Go and look in a mirror."

Nina pales and stares at me. Our office is deserted, only we`re here.

"Do you mean...?"

"You, Nina, yes. Will you... marry me?"

The young American woman nods.


There we are. Sorry it`s short. I hope you all had a great holiday and that this year brings you good luck. Until next update, Random Dizzy. :D