Mad at someone or something

Grace squealed with excitement. She was packing for Walla-Walla. She had passed and FINISHED Summer School for-ugh-English.

Just then, her mom hurried up, with a book and phone in hand. She thrust the phone at Grace "(It's for you Wacey!"), and unzipped the suitcase to add the book.

Grace groaned, and her mother wagged her finger at her disapprovingly as she left.

Grace gripped the phone between her shoulder and ear as she re-checked the suitcase.

"Grace!" cried a familiar voice.

"Oh, hey Priya!" Grace hopped around enthusiastically.

"So, we're sticking with my mom meeting you-uh, just a sec, Brynn came in."

Grace heard muffled voices, and assumed Priya had covered the mouthpiece. Grace strained her ears.

"Yeah, no kidding," Priya said sarcastically (to Brynn).

"I already said sorry!" Brynn shot back.

"Well, now he's re-hurt. I don't believe you! Just for Ben. Like Jordan is the best. He's funny, nice, cute, you guys go good together. He deserves you!"

Grace's eyes twinkled. She tried harder to hear the argument. "Don't put me on hold…" she prayed.

Brynn snatched the phone.

"Oh hey, Brynn," called Grace.

"Hey, Wacey Genius," teased Brynn.

"Hey, Lost Boy," retorted Grace.

Brynn sniffed over-dramatically, and then put on a posh LA accent.

"You sound like Tori," Grace gasped for breath as she immaturely rolled on the bed.

Soon they were giggling together, just like old times.

"Remember Jenna's blue hair?"

"Remember the toilet paper?"

"Remember Nat and Simon?"

"Ahhh, young love." Definitely Brynn.

"Me and Spence?"

"The Cropsy?"

The two mates cracked up.


Suddenly Brynn remembered. She grew silent. Walla-Walla was-she swallowed.

"Grace," she said quietly. "Walla-Walla…"

She couldn't say it.


Heh heh, cliffhanger. Thanks, mates. More Jordan Priya soon. This was just a filler.

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