Hi. This is going to be my first time to write a story for Soul Eater. I'm a fan of the anime, but not the manga as I haven't really been following the manga at all. The anime was wicked.

So. Im not tagging my story as Complete coz this'll be a series of one shots for all the characters that I love in Soul Eater. Depends on where I get the inspiration then I'll write my one shots from there. I'm not sure how this'll work out yet. I just find the characters of this anime unbearably cute :-D

I'm starting the story with Black Star and Tsubaki, my second most favorite couple in the show. This will be dominated by a Maka/Soul paring of course, but the inspiration I have now is for this particular couple. I'll follow up with a SoMa pairing soon. I'm still developing some plot.

Please Enjoy!

Rated M for future chapters.

Black Star and Tsubaki: Third Wheel


The school bell of the Death Weapon Meister Academy signaled the end of the classes. It was past five thirty in the afternoon.

The once empty lobby a minute ago filled with students, meisters and weapons alike, all excited to go home or do club activities. It was always a festive occasion when the boring classes were over.

Tsubaki picked up her books and gracefully sauntered towards the classroom door. She passed by her meister's chair where he was still with Soul. It looked like the two boys were not done with their pissing contest.

Tsubaki rolled her eyes heavenward when she got wind of what they were talking about. She could hear her boisterous meister go on about how he was going to surpass the deities one day, and that Soul should be thankful his meister, who was Maka Albarn, had a good head on her shoulders because without her Soul was nothing but a rusty piece of metal.

"Now now, Black star, it is you should be thankful Tsubaki is as brilliant as she is. In fact, she's so talented I wonder why she puts up with the likes of you," Soul bit back.

Black star beat his chest and huffed in arrogance. "That's where you're wrong, my boy! She is so grateful that it is I, the great god-like Black star who wield her and no one else. Why she practically begged me to be her meister. It was a good choice, really, don't you think?" The young blue haired assassin winked.

Soul smirked when he caught the reaction on Tsubaki's face behind Black star. She definitely looked pissed. Black star had not noticed his weapon yet behind him.

"Uhhh, are you sure she really begged you to be her meister?" Soul asked.

"Of course," Black star answered haughtily. "No one can deny I have the most charm in this school, aside from the fact that my fighting prowess is so legendary…"


A book was lodged onto his skull by none other than his weapon herself, Tsubaki, in a signature Maka chop.

"Aw!" Black star groaned, rubbing the abused body part.

Soul snickered behind his hand. "Good chop, Tsubaki!"

Tsubaki gracefully held the book back to her chest and sighed. "Black star, if you're done with your monologues here, can we go home? I haven't prepared the fish I'll be cooking for dinner, and we have exams tomorrow. We need to study."

Black star harrumphed, pouting. "Hmph! I'm Black star! I don't need to study. Knowledge simply comes to me, flowing from the winds. You should go on ahead, Tsubaki. I'll be going home late. I have a special training with Stein-sensei."

Tsubaki's face fell. "T-training? Do I need to be there?"

"Oh, no no no no, Tsubaki! It's a special training. Only fit for the gods. And god-like assassins like me! Nyahahahahah!" Black star roared, laughing boisterously in that moronic style of his.

The girl looked heartbroken, but her thick headed meister couldn't tell.

"So, comrades, I will get going. I will be late for my special training." With that Black star left the room, still laughing maniacally.

Soul scratched his head at his best friend's stupid actions. He glanced at Tsubaki and found her face bathed in sadness. For a very powerful weapon like her, and a very even tempered person, she could get quite on edge whenever the matter concerned Black star.

"Hey Soul? Where are you? Oh, hi, Tsubaki! Are you leaving? Where's Black star?" Maka asked as she approached them.

Soul replied, "He went to a special training with Stein-sensei."

"So why are you here, Tsubaki? You're not going with him?"

Tsubaki shrugged daintily, brushing an errant lock of hair from her forehead. "He told me he was going alone."

Maka raised her eyebrow quizzically. "How can he train without a weapon?"

"Duh!" Soul said. "If he can think straight, then he's not Black star at all. Who goes into training without their weapons?"

Maka seemed to have remembered something. "Oh, I get it. There's this class that Stein-sensei is giving to a few chosen meisters from several classes. It's a lesson to obtain absolute control. To be quite frank, I think he needs it. He still can't handle Tsubaki when she transforms to the Enchanted Sword."

Soul snorted, " Yeah right. If he can't handle Tsubaki's powers, why doesn't he bring her to the training? It is she he should be training with, right, Tsubaki?"

"Uh, you know Black star. If he decides he wants to do it alone, then it is for the best. He only does what is right for both of us," the soft spoken weapon replied, a small smile on her lips.

Soul was unconvinced. "Paaah! I think he's just scared he really can't handle your Enchanted Sword form at all. And he'd rather accept death defying training sessions from Stein-sensei just so he can, you know, keep up with you. He needs to really keep up with you, Tsubaki. You're a very strong weapon. Frankly I am scared of fighting you in a real battle."

Tsubaki looked away, getting sadder by the moment because of the truths that Soul was able to point out.

Soul went on, "I mean, he's my best friend and all but sometimes he just gets out of control when fighting and he loses focus. Hey, Maka, how about you? Were you supposed to be in this training as well?"

Maka chuckled. "Well, actually, I was."

Soul was shocked. "Y-you were? You mean, without your weapon?"

She nodded.

"Then why are you here? You're not going?" he asked.

She flipped her hair in a nonchalant way and looked at Soul's crimson eyes. "Because you're not there. I mean, it's my option if I want to go or not. I'd rather train with you."

Soul was stunned for a while. He was not able to speak, but when he did he had the world's biggest grin on his face. "Can't go on without me, huh?"

Maka slapped his shoulder easily. "You wish. I just figured if I would have a hard time training, so should you. I just don't think it's fair. WE should suffer together."

"Just admit you can't do anything without me, Maka. I promise I won't let it go to my head," Soul teased, winking at his meister.

"Whatever. What's for dinner? It's your turn to cook, right?"

Soul groaned, "I forgot. I have nothing prepared."

Maka rolled her eyes, feigning annoyance. "Just as I thought. Let's just order pizza. We have an exam tomorrow so I need all my spare time studying."

"I really hate exam week!" Soul complained.

"Come on, let's go. Do you want to walk home with us Tsubaki?" Maka asked.

Tsubaki shook her head slowly. "Please go on ahead. I'll - I'll drop by the Library."

"Okay, bye!"

Maka and Soul left the room side by side, still squabbling about which pizza flavor to order.

Tsubaki watched the pair leave, envious of the easy camaraderie they had. She wished Black star would consider her feelings before he ran off to some training session without her. Couldn't he tell it hurt her when he cast her aside?

They should be doing things together.

Clutching the books on her chest, she left the room to go home. Alone.

Her head was bowed low all the while she walked that she didn't see who was coming to approach her.

"Tsubaki-san," a deep voice called out.

She looked up and found Mifune gazing down at her. The wind blew his sand colored hair across his face.

"Hai, Mifune-sense! How's Angela?"

"She still has piano lessons. My class is over. I'm just waiting for her."

Tsubaki's face lit up. "Right! So how was your first week teaching in the Academy?"

The tall, silent samurai tilted his head and shrugged, putting his hands on his pocket. "Everything is well."

"I heard from the other teachers that the kids love you, Miune-sensei! I'm so glad you accepted this teaching job."

Mifune nodded quietly, watching the way she so easily smiled at him. Tsubaki was a very desirable girl, not only because she was a very talented weapon, but because she also had a pure soul.

Too bad she wasted her time gallivanting with that snot nosed kid, Black star.

"I'll get going now, Mifune-sensei."

"Where is your companion?"

Tsubaki smiled, not wanting to keep on repeating where her meister was. "I'm going home alone. He's doing something else."


"Ja ne!"

Tsubaki walked away, leaving him in the middle of the lobby, her head bowed low again. She thought Mifune didn't see how her facial expression changed, but he actually did. He saw sadness in her eyes before she turned away.

"Tsubaki!" he called out softly.

She raised her head and turned to him. "Yes?"

"Since I'm still waiting for Angela, can I ask you to have tea with me? In the canteen? Or do you really need to go home now?"

She was surprised by the invitation and was not able to give a response right away. "Uhhhm, I was, actually…"

Mifune walked towards her, his gait slow, relaxed, and graceful. Tsubaki couldn't help but watch how his body swayed in such a smooth manly rhythm.

He stopped right in front of her and looked directly into her eyes. "Are you in a hurry to get home?"

She began stuttering because of all the attention she was getting. She wasn't used to get this kind of spot light from Black star. He usually was the one who demanded her attention all the time so that someone would listen to his ramblings and worthless monologues.

"I- I'm not really- Uhmmm, no. Not at all," she squeaked.

"Can we have tea? Even for just a while?"

Tsubaki knew she was getting red. This was actually the first time someone asked her out for tea.

"H-hai, Mifune-sensei!" She bowed awkwardly at him, trying to hide how embarrassed she was.

Their talk in the canteen while they sipped their tea turned out to be enjoyable. They were both quiet individuals, but they were able to talk about both of their past. In the end, they lost track of time and it was Angela who had to seek them out.

They all ended up walking home together.


Eventually it became a routine for Black star to go to the special training of his, leaving Tsubaki alone to go home. Whenever he got home, Tsubaki was there, with their meal ready, as well as his bath. She was a very dependable partner. Fit for someone as great as him. Because of her he didn't have to worry about the not so important tasks in life. She got everything covered already.

At night, as Tsubaki prepared Black star's meal for him, she wished he would open up about what he did on his trainings. She missed him terribly. She was afraid to ask him if he was still happy with their partnership because if he said he was not happy anymore and would like to do things on his own, or go to missions alone, she wouldn't know what to do.

Black star was the center of her life.

She knew he would go places. Become bigger than she could ever be. And she wanted that. She thought highly of Black star. She would be the happiest weapon in the world if Black star became a great meister. It would be an honor to have been his partner.

But lately, she felt that he was drawing away from him. Like he seemed quieter during meals. He was always brooding. And he couldn't seem to get over his fixation of doing ten thousand push-ups every night before going to bed.

They hardly talked anymore and she missed that.

She just missed him so much.

But she knew he was busy. Busy getting stronger. Getting better.

It was a good thing she was able to talk to Mifune-sensei about her problems. He was such a dear friend. He dutifully listened to her while she rambled about her insecurities where Black star was concerned. He seemed to care.

It became their daily habit to hang out in the canteen after their respective classes, she as a student, and he as a new teacher in Shibusen.

Their relationship was a very platonic one, and she was happy she could share her thoughts with another swordsman like him.


One afternoon his training with Stein got cancelled because Shinigami-sama sent Stein to an emergency mission in the Asia Pacific. There was no time to give notice to Black star and the others.

Grumbling, Black star went back to their classroom in search of Tsubaki. This would be the first time in a very long while that he would be walking home with her.

He found Soul and Maka by their lockers. "Have you seen Tsubaki? Did she go home already?"

Soul said, "I think I saw her in the canteen. Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in that special training of yours for loser meisters who can't wield their weapons while on Enchanted Form? Har har har!"

Black star glared at his best buddy. "Who are you calling a loser? I'm Black star, the best meister the world has ever seen!"

"Whatever, Black star. Maka and I are preparing for a mission," Soul gleefully announced.

Black star frowned. "Well, that's good. It has been so long since Shinigami-sama gave Tsubaki and me a mission."

Soul smirked. "That's because Maka and I are a better team, and we can accomplish far more difficult missions than you can. And that's why Shinigami-sama gives us more assignments. Right, Maka?"

"Shut up, Soul. Don't start this one with Black star. I'm not gonna be able to hear the end of this."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go. We're packing tonight for a mission. We're going to Europe. Eat that, you god like loser!" Soul declared, making funny faces at Black star.

For a moment Black star felt the green eyed monster called jealousy perch up on his shoulder. Then he waved the feeling away. That was ridiculous! He was Black star. He was better than everyone. He trained the hardest amongst all of them. His team with Tsubaki was invincible.

Grim faced, he went to the direction of the canteen. He had to find Tsubaki. He had to ask her if there was something wrong with their partnership, why Shinigami-sama couldn't seem to delegate an assignment to them recently.

He hadn't gotten to the door yet of the canteen when his eyes caught the sight of Tsubaki from the window. She was seated on a table, sipping tea with none other than the silent ronin, Mifune. What was she doing there with him?

He was about to walk in to find out when suddenly Mifune reached out towards Tsubaki brushing a lock of hair that had gotten to her face. He pushed the lock behind her ear.

Tsubaki seemed to giggle at the action.

Mifune was gazing at her with a rapt expression on his face.

To an onlooker the gesture appeared more than friendly. It was very very intimate.

For the first time in his life, Black star felt sucker punched. The unseen force felt so deadly he felt his gut twisting.

Another man had dared to touch his Tsubaki.

All at once Black star began to see red. No one touched Tsubaki that way except him. They were partners. Only he had the right to hold her.

Fuming mad, he barged into the canteen bustling with students, slammed the door open and bellowed. "TSUBAKI!"

The said girl raised her voice and gasped. "Black star?"

"Hn." Mifune's eyes narrowed at the assassin, straightening in his seat.

All the students in the canteen stopped what they were doing and focused on the boy at the door, who looked deadly furious.

Tsubaki stood. "Black star? What is it?"

Black star turned his angry glare to his longtime foe-turned- friend-but-now-turned-foe-again. "You have the nerve to do this to me, Mifune?"

The tall samurai just snorted and stood lazily, hands in his pockets.

Tsubaki didn't know what was going on. "What's wrong, Black star? Are you angry?"

The boy looked at his faithful partner, his eyes cold. "Why are you on a date with him, Tsubaki? Shouldn't you be home?"

She frowned, confusion written on her face. "Date? What do you mean, date?"

"Why are you dating Mifune? You never asked me if you could do that! I thought you were home!" Black star screeched, like an angry child whose toy was taken away from him.

Tsubaki shook her head. "You're mistaken! This is not a date, Black star! We were just talking -"

"Was touching you part of talking?" Black star bit back, turning green from jealousy.

"What are you talking about?" Tsubaki asked.

Suddenly a girl piped up beside Tsubaki. She was a random girl from their class. "Uhm, if I may give an opinion, Tsubaki, I would say you are indeed going on a date with Mifune-sensei. For the past two weeks if I may add. We all thought you are in a secret relationship with him, to be quite honest."

"You whaaaat?" Tsubaki cried out. She looked at Black star who heard the whole thing.

The boy regarded her with stone cold eyes. "In a relationship huh?"

"That's not true!" she gasped. "Mifune-sensei is just a friend of mine, Black star. Nothing more. I swear."

For the first time Mifune spoke. "And if we are indeed in a relationship, Black star what is it to you? I didn't see your name tattooed on her. She isn't your property. She can go with whomever she likes, especially when you keep on neglecting her while you go to trainings on your own."

Tsubaki gaped at Mifune, incredulous that he would actually share the darkest secret she had been harboring all this time.

"It's alright, Tsubaki. He needs to know that," Mifune gently admonished.

"I am not neglecting Tsubaki. I never have. Whatever it is I am doing I am doing for her!" Black star's voice rang throughout the whole canteen.

"Black star…" Tsubaki called out softly.

Black star glared at Mifune. "You. Me. Outside. I will annihilate you for assuming too much. Tsubaki isn't yours to try to figure out. She is mine, do you hear me? MINE!" he roared.

Mifune grinned, spoiling for a fight. "A bit of action at last."

"Matte! Matte kudasai!" Tsubaki cried out but the two guys didn't listen and instead went out to start their duel.

All the kids in the canteen followed to watch the fight.


The fight was bloody. Black star was using a short sword against Mifune's katana. Both of them did not hold back during the duel.

At first Black star was getting the upper hand. Tsubaki was surprised he seemed more agile than how he was in the past, and his steps were too exact, his moves too calculated.

All the students were cheering them on.

Tsubaki wanted to run towards them to stop more blood from spilling but Ox Ford stopped her. "Don't, Tsubaki. Both of them are fighting for pride. The winner takes you."

"I'm not some piece of a prize anyone can take home!" she said angrily.

"No, you're not. But it's a guy thing. Trust me. They wouldn't want you to interfere."

Mifune had to admit that Black star was a thousand times better of an opponent than he was during their fight in Baba Yaga's Castle , given the fact that he was not even using Tsubaki as a weapon.

The boy's control of his body movement was so superb Mifune didn't know if he could walk away from this fight whole.

But this had to end. Black star still had to know defeat, and know that he really was neglecting Tsubaki's needs, and friendship.

With a deadly swipe of his sword he made a move so blindingly swift not even the great Black star was prepared for it. Mifune struck the boy's sword away and kicked him to the ground until Black star lay sprawled on the grass, Mifune's blade on his neck.

Tsubaki gasped and ran screaming towards the battlefield. "Stop! Please stop!"

"Get away, Tsubaki!" Black star snarled. "I will finish this."

"Hmph!" Mifune snorted. "Your fighting skills have improved tremendously but you still have a brain smaller than a flea's. If you start using it you will find out that she has been yours the whole time. And yet you ignore her like she is not important to you."

"You have no right to speak about how I feel about Tsubaki," Black star roared. "She is my life. I live for her. I will be the greatest meister in the world for her."

Tsubaki stopped dead on her tracks, eyes wide at what she heard.

Mifune raised his blade a bit. "Then prove it. If she is truly that important to you, you shouldn't make her sad. The next time I see her in such a condition I will strike you dead with my fist. She is most faithful to you. I have been making attempts to woo her but you are the only one on her mind."

"Why you sick bastard!" Black star snarled.

Mifune removed his sword away from the boy and put it on its scabbard. He glanced at a horror stricken Tsubaki. "It is true. I have been attempting to court you but you never seemed to notice. Someday, when you get tired of this bug you can always come to me, Tsubaki. I will treat you the way a man should treat his queen."

Tsubaki blushed, still not used to all the attention she was getting.

Mifune bowed his head slightly to her and walked back to the school.

The Shibusen students cheered wildly as Mifune made his way towards the courtyard.

Tsubaki turned to her fallen love, his arm bloodied from the fight. She wanted to cry but knew it would only add to his insult. Taking a hanky from her pocket, she knelt down and started the task of bandaging his wound.

"Can you stand, Black star?" she whispered, avoiding eye contact. Knowing him it would be best to pretend that nothing happened. That nothing changed between them.

The boy merely shrugged. "Of course I can. Hey, did you see what I did? I almost got him, while using a common sword. Someday Tsubaki. Someday I will be the best meister in all of Shibusen and I will have no trouble at all wielding any weapon I would want. Just you watch, Tsubaki. Our team will be undefeatable! Ouch, don't you think that's kinda too tight? Ow ow ow!"

Tsubaki's lips were trembling with rage when she retorted, "I don't want any of that, Black star! If that means you going to senseless fights just to prove your point it means nothing!"

"Hmm? Why? "

Tsubaki wanted to tear out her hair because of Blackstar's insensitivity.

"I don't want you getting hurt for no reason. I just - I just wish you would stop trying to get better. You are already a wonderful meister, Blackstar… I- I just-"

"C'mere." Blackstar casually placed an arm around her slender shoulder. Tsubaki tensed, not used to being at this super super close proximity with him. "I want to be the best. For myself. And for you as well. You think I'm neglecting you these past few days when the truth of the matter is, I'm trying to keep up with you. I know how advanced your powers are and I want to be worthy of wielding you, Tsubaki."

When he talked like that she knew she would lose whatever argument she was having with him. He simply looked irresistibly cute when he didn't know what he was saying. "Oh, Black star, what am I gonna do with you?!"

She wrapped her arms around his waist, there in the middle of the school yard, amidst all the other students watching. She hugged him very tightly, his bones almost snapped.

"Ow ow ow ow! Tsubaki, it hurts," he groaned.

"If you're dead set on going to fights mindlessly, you should be able to stand a little pain of me hugging you!" she quipped.

"Ouch," he whined.

Tsubaki let go and leaned down so their noses touched.

Forehead to forehead. Nose to nose.

"Hey Tsubaki."


Black star chuckled. "I think your breasts are definitely bigger now than the last time you hugged me."

She gasped, horrified, and punched him squarely on the jaw. "Pervert!"

Annoyed, she stood and left him bleeding there.

"Hey, Tsubaki! Tsubakiiiiii! Wait, come back!" Black star screamed.

She hid a smile as she went on her way, ignoring his pleading cries.


So. Another one of my senseless short stories. It's supposed to be light. It's just so hard to write something in comedy when there are a lot of feelings involved. I really admire how the Japanese do it.

That's why I love mangas.

I'll write a mature one shot of Tsubaki and Black star next.

That's why rating is still up as M.