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Lost In The Echo.

Chapter 1: The Cursed.

In the time of Perseus, Bellerophon, and other great Ancient Greek heroes, Anastasia was the first demigod daughter of Poseidon. To date she is the only demigod daughter of Poseidon.

Born in the time of Perseus, she grew powerful and eventually Perseus and Bellerophon fell to her. This caused talk, there being few powerful demigod female warriors and it continued until one day she defeated Ares in battle.

It wasn't long until the gods began to fear her growing power. There had never been a female warrior like her before, never a female child of Poseidon.

They didn't know what to expect from her in the future. Knowing her death would greatly anger Poseidon they cursed her to true immortality instead. Something Poseidon could not undo by himself.

Anastasia has wondered by herself since then. She is a legend never spoken of by the Greeks, but accepted by the Romans. She has fought with the Romans and they praised her so much they thought her a goddess. For she did not die, nor age. For her curse did not allow it.

Soon, she became known as the warrior goddess to them - Nerio.

She even had a temple built in honor of her, and any children born of her were sent to Rome to be raised. The Roman gods allowed this, ever so different from their Greek counterparts, a small penance for their counterparts mistakes.

Over the years she has had little contact with the Greeks, but has periodically visited the Roman Camp, wherever it may be. The gods have watched her though, both Greek and Roman, though she swore never to truly trust a god again after what was done to her.

Even to the gods she is not easy to track down.

She has been known to change her name every century or so. By the time she was in Rome it was Nerio, which in Greece is usually a boys name, and was the name of her little brother before she was cursed.

A brother she has not seen nor does she know what became of him after she was cursed.

For over two thousands years she has walked the earth, never staying in one place for long, sometimes moving with western civilization just as Olympus does. Now in modern day America, Anastasia, who has gone by many names, goes by Persis Jackson.

And things are about to change for The Cursed One.

"This ones destiny is great, sister," Clotho said, as she ran her hand over a thread that shimmered with all the colors of the sea.

Atropos nodded.

"It is, and it is time for her to face that destiny," she said.




Camp Half-Blood; 1591 B.C. Greece:

"Perseus," a girl, about twelve, with braided brown/black hair and clear sea green eyes began. "Do you think there are more than just stars out there?"

A boy, also around the same age, with black hair and startling blue eyes blinked up at the night sky. Clear and bright.

"More than just stars?" Perseus asked, frowning in thought. "Have you been talking to the oracle again, Anastasia?"

Anastasia pouted, and frowned at the same time.

"I'm serious," she said, sitting up on her side to face her blue eyed friend. "Do you think there is more?"

Blue eyes met green and for a second he was silent.

"For you, Ana, sure," he said, grinning slowly. "But you know flying wouldn't be good for you."

Ana laughed, laying back on the roof of the Zeus cabin, her best friend probably the only reason she got away with being on top of her uncles cabin roof.

"When we grow up, lets be apart of the stars," she said suddenly. "Together."

Perseus smiled, and grabbed Ana's hand in his almost hesitantly.

"Sure, sounds adventurous," he said.

Ana sighed, but smiled slightly.

"You and your adventures," she said.

A girl, about sixteen or seventeen years old shot up from her cot.

Around her the sun rose high over tree tops, in the forest of San Francisco. She was very aware of how close she was to the Roman camp now, and that was the whole point of her being in the city.

She'd always kept track of where the Romans migrated to, even if she could care less about Olympus or the Greek camp. She snorted, wondering what the newest generation of Romans would think if they knew their proclaimed warrior goddess was nothing more than a Greek daughter of Poseidon, who'd been cursed for her power.

Once upon a time this was common knowledge amongst the Romans, now only the Praetors of each generation were aware of just who and what she was. The others just worshiped her as any other goddess, the children she had were hailed as demigods, even if some were simply legacies.

She wasn't exactly celibate, so she had quite a few children in her three thousand five hundred and eighty-six years. Some with other Roman gods – she hardly gave time to Greek gods that stumbled upon her, and it wasn't like sex was about trust to her.

Or love.

She ran a hand through her hair at this train of thought. Did that make her a slut? Truth be told she wasn't that caught up with modern day slang, so she didn't know or care what someone could or would label her as. And she didn't go around jumping on men just because she could. She had morals after all.

You okay boss?

Percy – the name she was using this century and the name she'd been using for the last few centuries – looked over to where her pegasi was.

He was pure black, and very loyal. She'd saved him from some demigods – she assumed they were demigods – who were trying to capture him.

That had been a few months before, and now it was early May.

"I'm fine, Blackjack," she said, standing up. "Just let me pack up and we'll continue our journey."

Blackjack seemed to accept this answer and she moved around, wondering why she would dream of that certain memory after all this time.

Against her better judgment she began to think of her best friend, and once lover. Perseus had been the same age as her, and a son of Zeus. He believed in her ability to be a great warrior, despite being female.

He'd helped her train, and later when their relationship developed into something more he was gentle and loving. She trusted him beyond anyone else, even her own half-brother, Bellerophon.

She shouldn't have. She should have realized when they'd saved that girl together that any hope of them being together forever was shattered. Andromeda had ruined everything. She'd taken Perseus from her, and she'd taken her son as well.

Percy shook her head, and shoved the rest of her possessions into the large black duffel bag. A bag that mostly had extra weapons, clothes, her cot and journals inside. There were a few other things, to help a nomadic demigod like herself survive in the world.

Despite being immortal, monsters were still drawn to her, she was after all still a demigod.

"Come on Blackjack," Percy said, after tying her long wavy ebony brown hair into a low ponytail, and jumping onto the pegasi's back. "To Camp Jupiter."

On it boss lady, Blackjack replied and seconds later they'd taken to the air and were headed towards the Caldecott tunnels.





A wolf turned, startled at the sound of her name and instantly looked ready to tare the persons throat out. When she saw the assembled people before her she bowed her head and instantly began to glow and grow into a human female.

Average height, with silver eyes and long red hair. She wore a white chiton that fell to her knees and what one would assume were standard roman sandals on her feet.

"My lords," she said, her voice rather husky.

"Lupa," the one who'd spoke before said. "Have you any news?"

Lupa looked at the gods before her – Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter, all of the big three. It was so strange of a sight she nearly shivered.

"About Persis, I assume?" Lupa asked, hesitating on the name her old friend used now days.

Neptune's ocean colored eyes saddened, and he nodded.

"You truly believe The Great Prophecy means her?" Lupa asked, "I was under the impression it was about a child of the big three who was sixteen?"

"Physically," Jupiter began. "Persis is sixteen. It is the only option, even if our Greek counterparts are in denial."

Lupa pursed her lips, still unsure if she should give her old friends location to the three gods.

It was true, Percy was on better terms with the Romans than Greeks, but she still didn't truly trust the gods. Roman or Greek. She was just fonder of the Romans.

"Lupa," Pluto began, his black gaze as penetrating as it was in his Greek form. Truth be told, besides some personality differences there were nothing that truly changed from Greek to Roman. "We know you are close with Persis, if anyone knows where she is, it is you."

"And the Greeks?" Lupa asked.

"Our Greek forms are not fully aware we are inquiring of her location yet," Neptune said. "My daughter is rather good at hiding. Though they have not begun looking for her yet, they are beginning to believe it is time themselves. She is the only one the prophecy could mean at this time."

His two brothers nodded and Lupa sighed.

"Let it be known, I do not like this," she said.

"Fair enough," Jupiter said, nodding. "We ourselves are hesitant to do this, knowing just how poorly she has been treated by the Greeks."

"I saw her a few weeks ago," she said, and the three gods raised eyebrows in surprise. "She said she was going to Camp Jupiter. She wanted to visit."

"That makes sense," Neptune said. "She has a few children there currently, doesn't she?"

"How would I know, I don't follow her around and see who she procreates with," Pluto grumbled, rolling his eyes.

"Thank you Lupa," Jupiter said, and Lupa sighed as the three gods left in ways connected to their domains.

"I hope you know what you're doing," she muttered, and turned to head back to the Wolf House, where she'd been heading before the gods arrived.