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Below The Surface.

Chapter 1: Pieces Of Me.

Percy cowered on the floor, curled into a fetal position as pain shot through his every fiber. The ribs in his side were bound to be broken with all the damage they'd taken. They sure did feel broken.

"That's right you little bastard," Gabe growled, his foot colliding with Percy's abdomen this time.

Percy wasn't sure what came after that, he always tried to not listen to the terrible things his step-father would say to him during the beatings. Gabe was always sure to hurt were his mother would never see it. He'd learned early on water healed him faster. Sometimes even completely, to where he'd begun to image he'd never been hurt to begin with.

"Please stop," Percy begged, sounding more like a five year old than a seven year old.

"Bastards like you don't deserve mercy, Perseus," Gabe spat. "You are nothing more than a freak. Your father was lucky to get out while he could. He didn't care about you or your whore mother."

This was emphasized by a kick to the chest. Percy sobbed to himself, curling up tighter into a ball as hate filled his heart.

Why did his mother allow this? Why did his father - whoever that was - was allow this? He hated him, he hated his father for leaving. He hated Gabe for existing. He hated... and in that moment his mind fractured.





Percy awoke in his well known mindscape.

His mindscape was replica of the apartment, only with more room and no Gabe. It was also more barren, holding only the essentials. As far as the green eyed boy could remember it had always been like this. Though there once had been leaking plumbing, but over the years it had repaired itself. the sky outside the windows were still cloudy and dark though, and sometimes it stormed.

Standing in front of him as he sat up were two replicas of himself. There were some differences though. The youngest looking version was about five, and he held a stuffed seahorse he remembered Gabe burning while he watched. He looked sad, and older than his years. He wore clothes on the large side, but not overly so, and his eyes were not bright sea green but dark sea green; nearly the color of a tree towering in a thick forest.

Percy recognized him easily.

Perseus had been the first to form two years ago. Beside Perseus was the newest separation of his psyche, and for a minute he scared Percy with his cold, dark aura. He had what seemed like a permanent frown, and for a some reason he was around eighteen years old. Give or take a year. The biggest difference was the shocking amber-gold eyes. Percy was relieved when the new personality's eyes softened a little when they met his.

"Percy," Perseus and the new boy said in unison.

"Another one?" Percy asked, looking at the gold eyed boy.

The new personality smiled, just a small twitch of the lips so he wasn't positive it could be described as a smile.

"Percy," he said, nodding. "I am the one who hates for you. I suppose you could say I am your dark side. The darkness formed in your heart and soul from Gabe's abuse, the world, and our parents negligence."

Percy frowned, unsure how he felt about that, but nodded anyways.

"Do you have a name?" he asked.

No-name frowned.

"No," he replied, shortly.

Percy looked to his first personality who smiled.

"We could call him Krone, a form of the name Kronos from those myths mom told us," Perseus said.

Percy frowned, and asked with a tilt of his head, "You remember those?"

Perseus smiled.

"I'm the one who remembers. Every hit, every word, every bruise or broken bone. Of course I remember mom's stories."

Percy smiled and Looked to his new personality.

"Do you like that name?"

The newly named Krone grinned in an almost sinister way and nodded.

"I like it, thank you Percy, Perseus."




AGE 12;


"Pit Scorpion venom. What a coward," a familiar deep voice snarled as he opened his eyes.

Percy looked around, finding he was once again on the familiar couch and his personalities were standing around him.

Perseus stood as he always did, the unspoken leader as he was the oldest, despite appearing as the youngest. His face rather grim along with its usual old sadness. His seahorse was clutched tightly to his chest, and his eyes seemed darker with his worry.

Krone stood behind him some, leaning against the wall, his eyes nearly glowing in a newly acquired liquid gold color. It worried Percy at first, why the amber had left Krone's eyes after the first dream he'd had involving Kronos and the pit, but Krone was just the same otherwise.

Krone had simply scoffed at his inquiry before, though his interest in the whispers from Kronos had Percy worried still.

He knew Krone was just an extension of his fractured mind, but he didn't know if he could trust the personality named after the Titan from the pit. If Krone tried to take semi-permanent control of his mind and body than things could get ugly, especially if he took his hate and rage out on Olympus.

"You're awake," Perseus said, sounding relieved.

"Good, now you can deal with that little shit," Krone snapped, pointing to where a boy who looked his current age, twelve, stood.

He had a sword, riptide he realized, in hand and a warrior like discipline to him. He looked ready for anything and confident. How a hero should be, he thought, or at least what people expected of a hero.

"Why don't you come over here and say that to my face, jerk-off," the new personality said, almost too calmly.

The new boy looked, as expected, looked just like him. Unlike Percy he had slightly longer hair and a deeper tan. His eyes were not sea green, but bright sea blue – like the Circassian Sea.

"Both of you stop," Perseus said, though he did not raise his voice.

Percy wasn't sure his first personality knew how to raise his voice.

"My mind fractured again, didn't it?" he asked, standing and looking over to the new personality, who walked over to stand in front of him.

"Hello, Percy," the blue eyed version of him said, smiling slightly. "I'm Hero."

"You're named already?"

Hero blinked and nodded.

"I was named by them, the ones who played a hand in my creation. They called you a hero, said it was who you would become. Who you had to become if you wanted to survive the future. I am the one who fights for you, or with you. The hero they so desperately wanted, and needed. I am the fatal flaw."

"Fatal flaw?" Percy asked.

"It's a thing," Krone bit out, waving a hand and rolling his eyes. "Hero boy here is the part of you who'd die, like a fool, for those...people."

"Just because I have a heart and something to protect from people like you..." Hero began, glaring at the oldest looking personality, but Percy put a stop to it by stepping in between them.

"Stop fighting."

"Percy is right, we are all the same person essentially," Perseus began. "We have to work together, not against each other. Especially if Percy wishes to keep us a secret."

"Easy enough, he hardly ever lets me out," Krone grumbled.

"Don't blame him," Hero muttered, ignoring the glare of golden eyes Krone sent him.

Percy sighed, and ran a hand through his hair.

"This won't be easy," he muttered to Perseus, who stood beside him now. "Not with those two at each others throats."

Perseus snorted, and nodded.

"I'll work on them. Brothers fight all the time, that is basically what we are inside here."

Percy smiled, but moments later he was pulled from his mind scape as he woke up.




AGE 14;


"You see, this is why we should be helping Luke – as much as I hate that little blonde bastard – and not the Olympians. They would have killed us all!"

"It was simply a vote, and they didn't kill us!"

"Ha, if it weren't for Poseidon we'd be pushing up the daisies instead of pushing the enemy into an early grave!"

"Krone, Hero, he's awake," Perseus said, from where he stood at the end of an all to familiar couch.

Percy groaned as he realized the yelling from before had been Krone and Hero fighting, again. From the day Hero had been created Krone had been slowly getting more homicidal.

Maybe it was to do with Kronos' whispers, or maybe it had to do with all the negative emotions that naturally belonged to that personality – the emotions Percy neglected to figure out and get over. He'd already caused some trouble when he was in control, nearly causing the sacrifice of Bessie.

He was beginning to think it wasn't safe to allow Krone the free reign he had in his mind. Considering what he'd woken up to he'd say he'd need to watch his most temperamental personality.

"Good, maybe he can tell Krone that despite the fact the gods voted how to kill us, it doesn't give us more reason to raze Olympus to the ground beside the Titans," Hero said, walking over.

Krone snorted, crossing his arms.

"Please, you mistake me for someone who gives a damn," Krone said, and then jerked his head to a corner.

"So, who wants to tell him about Suicidey and his twin brother, Homicidey?" Krone asked.

"I thought you were the homicidal one," Hero grumbled, and Percy looked over to a corner where he could see two boy around thirteen.

As expected they looked just like him, but their eyes. They were familiar and very different from his own.

The one on the right, who seemed to have the most depressed, sad look on his face. Much deeper and worse than Perseus, had deep brown eyes, like Bianca's he realized. Unlike Bianca's, his had a crimson shine to them, like blood.

The other looked nearly the same, but with a glint of something besides self loathing. Like any moment he'd pull a weapon and attack, but at the same time he was the complete replica of his twin.

His eyes were also dark, but instead of the brown-red of his twin, his were like lava rock. Like's Zoe's had been, he realized with a stab of grief, but like his twins his had a shine of another color. Stony gray, like Atlas' eyes.

Both had weapons - hunting knives. They looked like a matching set, but one personality had one, and the other had the second.

"Hello," both said in unison.

Their voices were low and lacked hardly any emotion. He was sure these two would be even quieter then Perseus. Said personality sighed, his knuckles turning white as he clutched onto his seahorse.

"They arrived not long before you did," Perseus said.

Percy sighed.

"Names?" he asked, almost as if this was some sort of job interview.

The twin personalities stepped forward as if they were one being.

"I am Blaise," the one with brown-crimson eyes said, the one Krone had named Suicidey, and he looked it.

"I am Briar," the other one, obviously the one Krone had dubbed Homicidey, said.

He seemed to be looking at him in a way, and playing with his knife in such a way that Percy had to admit he felt as if his life might be in danger.

"Yeah, they've been creepy like that since they arrived," Hero said. For once Hero seemed to agree with Krone.

"How did they come about..." Percy began, trying to think of how and when his mind could have fractured again.

Blaise's lips quirked up momentarily in a sort of smile before he spoke.

"We're the ones made of guilt. The pain twins; of receiving..."

Briar seemed to grin nastily as he spoke next. "...Of giving."

"We're the ones created by the failure to save our friends. The self loathing," Blaise said, looking down at his knife which he'd clutched in his palm, which was slowly bleeding.

"Of desire for revenge, to settle the score. Of blood penance," Briar finished, playing with the blade in his hands.

"Right, once again creepy little shits," Krone grumbled. "You sure know how to make em' Percy."

Percy messaged his temples, and looked at his five personalities. He hoped, praying to whatever god presided over messed up multiple personalities, that the twins would be the last. He didn't want to admit it, but the twins gave him the creeps too.

"I'll show them around," Perseus said, seemingly unaffected by them. "And fix Blaise's hand."

Percy blinked, almost forgetting the oldest twin had hurt himself. On purpose from the looks of it.

Briar had slumped onto the floor, sitting Indian style, and was playing with his knife.

"Looks like I'm waking up," Percy suddenly said, realizing his right hand was disappearing.

The personalities all looked at him, and soon he was once again drawn back into reality.