It was the night before graduation, and you were out celebrating with the Hosts. Kyoya had offered to take you all out to dinner, on his behalf, and you all agreed wholeheartedly. You all were currently in a private party room in the local, famous, formal restaurant. Smiles were passed around like the bread basket, glasses were clinked formal-style, and laughter was heard throughout the entire restaurant. Tamaki sat head of the table, and you sat to his right, then continuing to the right, Shiro, Kyoya, Kaoru, and Hikaru.

Tamaki suddenly stood up and raised his glass. "A toast, to one of the best years we've had. Not only to the successfulness of the Host club this year, with hundreds of customers, but also to (y/n). For she has made this year special, more special than others, because we learned something from her, and I'm hoping that she learned something from us." You nodded your head slightly, embarrassed at the mention of you at a toast. "To many years to come, and to the Host club continuing on after we leave," a glance of confidence and hope towards Shiro had him nervously playing with a fork with his free hand, his other occupied by a glass. "and to (y/n), for giving me, and the Host club, a year we will never forget." With that, he raised his glass of sparkling water (he liked to think of it as a 'virgin vodka') to his lips and took a delicate sip. The rest of the table followed suit, each taking their own beverage and sipping it. Hikaru and Kaoru both downed theirs in an instant, then Hikaru took an ice cube from his glass and stuck it down Kaoru's shirt when he wasn't looking. A shout, laughs, and a handful of ice cubes later left Kaoru smirking and a cold Hikaru jumping up and down in the room trying to free his pants of ice.

The celebration ended when it the clock in the room struck eleven, and Shiro was the first to get up and leave. He left quickly, but you knew he had enjoyed himself, and you smiled to yourself.

The twins left next, actually saying goodbye and heading off to home, arm-in-arm, laughing.

Kyoya, Tamaki and you both headed out the front door together, going out into the warm, late spring-early summer night.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow during graduation then." Kyoya then took his leave and walked down the street, his trusty clipboard in hand. Sometimes you thought that the clipboard was actually a part of him, he never went anywhere without it.

"See you later, mommy!" Tamaki called to him, and you went to cover your mouth with your hand to prevent your laughter from being heard. Tamaki saw through your attempt to keep down your laughter, and he started chuckling, prying your hands away from your lips. "I'll see you tomorrow too, for the ceremonies?" His violet eyes gazed into yours, and you were captivated, replying a simple 'yes' in a daze. He smiled, and he leaned in gently, his face only an inch away from yours. He was asking for permission from you, and you accepted. As you leaned in, a voice of malice next to you interrupted.

"Don't you dare fucking kiss him." You and Tamaki looked over at Orochi, who was wavering slightly, his hands in his pockets and eyes full of anger. "You're my girlfriend, bitch." He mumbled out, his speech obviously weighed down with what you could only assume as alcohol.

"We were having a moment, jerk!" Tamaki spit out at him. He was about as happy as you were to see Orochi, and happy meaning you weren't so thankful that he was there so you could beat the crap out of him.

Orochi let out a huff, which sounded more like a hiss if anything. "Asshole, get away from my girlfriend." Orochi approached, still wavering, and Tamaki stepped forward, ready to take him on, but you stopped him with your arm. You looked at Tamaki, and he understood what you wanted. Giving you the go-ahead, you stepped forward (more like stalking forward, really), and started off on your graduation speech you had prepared specifically for Orochi.

"Let me get something straight, Orochi. I dumped you the moment you tried to rape, you do not own me, I belong to no one but myself, got that?" You checked his reaction, which went from surprise and quickly changed to rage. However, you weren't afraid of him anymore, and you continued on. "I am not your girlfriend, so you can forget me ever being with you again. You are an asshole" Orochi's lips pulled back in a snarl at that. "and if you don't want me to kick your ass and give your face a permanent residence in the cement right now, I suggest you walk away and never talk to me again, bastard." In the spur of the moment, and going along with the setting, you pulled your hand back, clenching it into a fist, and brought it across Orochi's cheek, sending him sideways to the ground. He caught himself, and he glared up at you, venom in his eyes. You felt good, getting your point straight with him, and with adrenaline coursing through your veins, you stood your ground, glaring daggers at him, daring him.

He didn't accept your invitation to make a move, however. He simply stood up, growled at you, and walked away, obviously angry, but not willing to make a move. He murmured loudly, wanting you to hear him. "I don't need you anyway. You're just a bitch."

As he rounded the corner and was gone, you turned back to Tamaki, who looked both surprised and accepting. "I don't usually opt for violence like that," he started, "but this, I approve of." He nodded, emphasizing his approval, and a smile traced his lips.

You smiled back, but you soon felt the pain in your hand at the punch, and you held your hand to your stomach, rubbing it with your fingers. Tamaki stepped forward, gently took your bruised hand, and pressed his lips against the knuckles. After pulling back, and giving you another dashing smile, you leaned forward, and pressed your lips to his. He was surprised, but he quickly fell into it, putting his hand on your cheek and holding you against him gently.

"Are you ready?" A murmur, Tamaki's lips tickling the outer shell of your ear.

"Yes." You whispered back, turning your head towards him, your lips brushing his own lightly.

"And now, let me present the graduates of…" The clapping of the audience drowned out the headmaster's introduction, and the graduates next to you all started to move like fish out of a floodgate, heading to their position among the many chairs laid out for them.

A quick kiss on your nose, your cheek, and finally your lips from Tamaki sent all the butterflies of nervousness to sleep, and you knew that with Tamaki at your side, you had nothing to worry about.

Grasping his hand in your own, you walked out side by side with the other Hosts (who had watched the entire exchange of love between you and Tamaki) and into the light of a life away from fear of ghosts from your past, and into a life of love and comfort with Tamaki, who squeezed your hand in reassurance.

A/N: So how'd you all like that ending? Yeah, the story's over... and there's always sort of that sad feeling whenever you end a story, but just think of it this way: you can imagine yourself what your life with Tamaki will be like! No bars and restrictions from me. You can live out the rest of the story in your own way!

Hope you guys liked the story! :)