Filled for the prompt 'Monochrome'. Hope you enjoy :)

The arrow struck past Kíli, narrowly missing him by mere inches. He grinned at the enemy archer, which was unsheathing his knife, too late. Kíli's shot ripped through the enemy's throat, and had it gasping on the floor within seconds.

Kíli was enjoying this, despite the sombre days that had preceded it. He needed to vent his irritation on the orcs, and he'd enjoy it even if the fairy-scum were battling alongside him.

After slaying yet another rotten-faced foe with perfect accuracy, Kíli looked around for his brother, missing the reassuring jaunts that often accompanied him during fights such as this. Not seeing Fíli immediately, Kíli assumed his brother had continued the fight elsewhere, as he was very much handling this section of the battleground. That was, of course, until he saw a mop of blonde hair resting in the dirt.

The world turned monochrome.

Nothing mattered, not even the orcs battling near him. Fíli had an arrow jutting out his chest. There was no breath, no slow rise and fall of reassurance. No beating heart lay in the body. In his brother. Life had left him, and he had left it alone.

Kíli looked around, the world a blur of grayscale movement. He knew tears ran down his face, yet he did not feel their heat. He would never feel heat again. The endless cold, such was his brother's body. No colour stained the land he just moments before, found so joyful.

He didn't feel the blade pierce his skin. Not even when it drove through his heart, splitting in two. It was fine; the other half had left with Fíli. Oh, Fíli, he thought, as he dropped to his knees beside his brother's stagnant form, cupping his motionless face in his hand, his own blood seeping down Fíli's face.

I'm sorry.