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Beta-Wolf's Willow

Chapter 1

"Come little cub." A soft voice whispered, her voice bouncing of the rock walls as a large golden lioness appeared. The lioness had a pair of bright amber eyes. Her fur is a golden yellow colour with a line of orange down her back that glowed in the sunlight. The lioness nuzzled a similar younger cub. "Come on."

The cub whined and curled up more before a soft laugh echoed from the larger lion "Now, Cub, there's plenty of time for sleep after, now wake up." she purred and gently flipped the younger over.

"Ma'am.." the cub moaned and rolled over onto her stomach, she looked up with her own bright amber eyes "Ma'am?" she asked confused.

The larger lion hummed and gently picked her up by the back of her neck. She turned to show another lioness who also was golden coloured with a patch of amber under her chin. "Nice of you to join us, Kari." she laughed softly.

The cub purred gently at the former Queen of the Pride who tilted her head and smiled when the mother placed the cub onto the ground. She nuzzled the young cub when she rushed up to her.

Uru looked down at Kari "Are you excited?" she asked, her strong voice soft but firm.

Kari let out a soft grow and pouted, she spun around to look her mother who chuckled "Today's the day, the Prince has been born and the ceremony starts soon." she purred and watched the young cub blink in surprise and try to curl up in embarrassment.

"Come on young Princess," Uru laughed and nudged the girl along, towards the opening of the large cave the trio was in. She ignored the soft cries of the cub who wanted to desperately run back inside.

Her mother smiled amused at her daughter and followed the older Lioness through the cave.

Kari let out whine when the darkness around her lit up into a bright blue sky and orange, yellow grounds that was littered with many different animals all lined up in front of the huge rock that they was on. The cub looked around the rock she was standing on. She noticed all the other lions standing around the Queen and her god-mother, she wines and makes a soft cry.

Hearing the soft cry, the lioness looks up and smiles, she nods her head for the young cub to come closer.

Kari looks up at Uru and her mother unsure "Its alright, go ahead." her mother smiled and nuzzled her back, pushing the cub towards the Lioness.

Kari whimpered and creeped towards the other beauty, her amber eyes flickering towards the other lionesses who watched the young cub with amused eyes, all excited to see how she and the new Prince will react with each other.

As the young cub approached, she noticed another small yellowish brown ball between the Queen's paws. Leaning down, Kari sniffed the ground and noticed a new smell littered the ground. It smelled like a sun-flower had just blossomed under the burning sun.

The young cub crouched more as she crawled to Sarabi's paws, looking up at the lioness, Kari whimpered and sniffed again. Again she got a blast of sunflowers. "It's alright young Princess," Sarabi said, her eyes twinkling as Kari slowly crept closer and slowly peeked over the twin paws.

Kari blinked, she gasped a little when the sleeping cub rolled over and opened his eyes to reveal orange eyes staring back up at her. Suddenly the female cub yelped when the newly awake cub leaned up and licked her nose making said lion back away in embarrassment and trip over her paws making her roll over onto her back.

Suddenly female laughter erupted around the young cub. Kari looked up confused, her nose twitching, her amber eyes looked around all the laughing and chatting lionesses. She pouted and looked back at Sarabi, the male cub was slightly over his mother's paws, his back up showing his tail that wagged excitedly, his own small paws pressed against the ground over Sarabi's paws, his orange eyes filled with excitement.

Kari pouted and rushed towards her mother's legs, she hid behind them as a lager lion appeared. This lion was one of the biggest lions that lived on Pride-Rock. The lion had a similar appearance to the cub. Both were golden-brown. The only difference was the this lion had a bright red mane that was thick and luxurious as it blow through the air.

The lion chuckled at both cubs and muttered a few words to the bright blue bird next to him, who laughed and nodded in agreement. It was then Kari noticed a strange creature with the King of the Pride.

The creature laughed at her and leaned down to pet Kari who whined and hid behind her mother making the creature laugh. The creature was old and hunched over. He held a long stick-like staff that had fruit attached at the tip. He had a bushy and fluffy beard around his head and when the creature turned, he showed a bright red bum which made the small lioness giggle.

"Rafiki," Sarabi said and bowed her head lightly. That meant this funny creature was highly respected.

Rafiki smiled and gently bowed back to the Queen before he picked up the new Prince, who whined when the old man cupped him and moved back to the edge of the rocks.

The cub frowned and looked over the animals in fear before he looked back at Rafiki, and suddenly a loud cry escaped the cub's mouth as Rafiki held him out in the sunlight.

Kari titled her head and crept towards another rock, she leaped up and peered down at the animals, she frowned in confusion when all the animals began to bow down. She also noticed a red spot at the back of the animals. The red animal walked in between the animals before falling to the ground. Yellowish smoke appeared around it making many animals around him fall to the ground.

Her amber eyes scanned the many animals in amusement before suddenly she was lifted from the ground and up into the old creature's arm. She whimpered and looked up in the large yellows eyes and a large smile. Curling her arms, she pout and looked across from her to see the newly Prince in Rafiki's other arm.

The cub purred and leaned forwould, placeing a wet lick onto her nose again making Kari whine and moved her paw to push the cub back. Suddenly a rumble ached from Rafiki, he laughed at the two cubs.


Kari snuggled up to her mother, she felt the sun rise behind her. The lights lit up the rocks and all of a sudden she heard soft clicks and thumps enter the cave. Hearing a soft whine from one of the many lionesses around her, she suddenly heard a soft thump right in front off her and then a sharp pull from her right ear.

Groaning, the golden coloured lioness raised her paw and swiped the lion trying to wake her up. She heard a thump followed by a grunt and after a few seconds of silence she was suddenly jumped on making her let out a loud warning snarl.

"Come on Kari, get up!" A childish male voice cried into her ear, making said Lioness growl and shove the cub off. Kari then turned around and snuggled back to her mother until she suddenly felt her tail being pulled. "Kari, get up pleaseeeeee!"

"Don't ignore me, get up Kari," the lion cried, tugging on her tail again, a little more forcefully, and then suddenly the golden lioness leaped onto the other lion, tumbling the two rolled across the ground until Kari had pinned the other down. She growled deeply at the younger Lion.

The Lion rolled his orange eyes "I forgot you're grumpy in the morning.." he muttered before leaning up and licking her round nose, making the lioness back away, rubbing off the wet kiss,the other cub laugh and leap to his feet. "Kari, today's the day!" he squealed excitedly.

Kari gave the boy a look of confusion which made the young lion shrug. "I don't know, Papa said he'd show us it today. I'm not sure what!" he grinned and tugged on the sleepy lioness's ear "So come on!"

Kari grumbled and followed the hyper lion. She watched as the lion leaped over a sleeping lioness and landed on top of one's head "Oops, sorry.." He laughed and leaped again.

Rolling her eyes, Kari used her paws to rub her amber eyes before leaping over the lioness to follow the boy until both landed in front of the two lions on top of a high rock "Dad! Daddy!, Papa. Come on, wake up!"

The female cub watched as the other cub leaped onto the king and tugged his ear harshly. The cub frowned and sat down her tail curled around her front paws and watched as the other lion leaped onto the King's back.

"Your son is awake," Sarabi said, sleepy as she listened to the cub's cries of "Dad!"

Kari turned her head to look at the king and watched as he groaned. "Before sunrise, he's your son," he mumbled, making Kari giggle before she hears a loud "Whoa!" Turning around, she watches as the young Prince loses his grip on the King's ear and slips. He crashes into the wall.

Kari rolled her eyes and walked towards the boy who was upside down against the wall. She gave the boy a look in amusement which made the lion pout "You know, you could help.." he said, making Kari shrug innocently before growling when she got another quick lick across her nose from the Prince.

The young lion giggled and rolled back down. He rushed back towards his father. He head butts him making the King eye him sleepily. "You promised Papa!"

"Okay, Okay. I'm up. I'm up!" The large red Lion groaned and stood. Kari tilted her head and yawned she turned to look at her mother. Her paws looked so inviting. She moved towards her mother. She was just about to cuddle up in between them when suddenly she was tugged back by her tail. "You can't go back to sleep Kari, you need to come with us."

Hissing, Kari flicked the young Prince off. She ignored the King laugh when his son pounced back at her and brushed up against the lioness. "Come on Kari, don't make me lick you again." He smirked smugly at the look on the little lioness's face.

Kari spun around to face her mother who pushed herself up, she laughed and looked down at the young cub "Go on, you have to go. You are the Princess." she smiled softly and nudged her along followed by Sarabi.

Kari whined as she met the Lion and the King outside. The King looked back at the young cub and smiled at her before he looked up at his mate. "Don't worry Sarabi, Minoko, I'll take care of the them."

Minoko looked down at her child who pouted. "I know you will Mufasa." She laughed and gaved Kari a loving brush with her head before watching as her friend does the same thing with the young lion.

"Come on Kari." he smiles at the cub before shyly and swiftly moving towards her and placing a long lick upon her nose before he rushes towards his father. Kari growled and rubs her nose once again, she hisses and runs after him.

Sarabi laughs and looks at her friend "They'll be a wonderful King and Queen, won't they?" she asked, her eyes twinkling and turning back to look as the two cubs followed after the older male. "A wonderful couple we made."

"That is, if Kari doesn't kill Simba first." Minoko laughed knowingly and soon Sarabi joined in with her laughter.

The other lioness nods and looks ahead "It'll be some time, but I can't wait for grand-cubs."

"Sarabi, they're still cubs them self!"

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