Phoenix Wright was sitting in his office looking over the case files for Apollo and sighed. How long was it since he had a case? He had retaken the bar exam and was planning to become an attorney again. The only thing he lacked was an assistant. He had tried to call Maya, but she never picked up. Letting out another big sigh, Phoenix put down the case files and put his head in his hands. Suddenly, Trucy popped in.

"Hey daddy, guess what?"

"What is it Trucy?" Phoenix asked.

"There is a magic show competition that is going to start next week and I want to go. Will you please take me there?"

Phoenix stood up, walked up to Trucy, and said, "How long is this competition? The last one we went to, I had to drive a whole day straight in order to get there on time."

Trucy giggled, remembering that she had forgotten that to tell her dad that the magic competition would be held in St. Louis, and she had told him the day before the competition started. Looking up at her adoptive father, replied, "Don't worry, you don't have to even drive there. We can take the train there."

"Oh, where exactly is this place?"

"Kurain Village."

Phoenix's eyes widened, knowing that his former assistant, Maya Fey, lived there. Phoenix had actually fallen in love with his former assistant, but he didn't tell her the day she left to fulfill her duties as the Master.

Phoenix looked at his adoptive daughter and asked, "Are you sure you want to go to this competition? I mean, you've never even been on a train before. Are you sure you won't get train sick or something?"

Trucy looked up at her father and said, "I want to go dad! I want to go really, really badly."

Phoenix sighed and said, "Ok, I'll take you there, when do we have to leave?"

Trucy looked down, "We have to be there tomorrow. The people in the competition have to be taught the rules of the Kurain village before we can participate. If we don't, we could anger the elders by breaking the rules."

Phoenix looked at Trucy and smiled. "Well, I guess we'll be going on a train tomorrow."

Trucy looked up at Phoenix and smiled. "Oh thank you daddy! I'll go get packed right now!"

Trucy leaned up and kissed Phoenix on the cheek, and ran to her room.

Phoenix went back to his desk and sat back down. He leaned back and remembered all the fun times he had with Maya. He always loved Maya's smile, her energy, and her love for burgers, although Phoenix was sure his wallet didn't. He remembered the last time he saw Maya, seven years ago. She was about to get on the train to go back to Kurain village. At was a perfect time to confess how he really felt about her, but he failed and didn't confess. Now, seven years later, Phoenix was still regretting his decision.

While Phoenix was still deep in thought, Apollo walked in.

"Hey Phoenix, about the case tomorrow, Detective Gumshoe gave me the results of the fingerprints of the gun. They belong to a man named Jesus Bariallas. Looks like the case is going to be pretty easy tomorrow."

"Well, I hope so because you won't have me there to help you this time."

"Why not?"

"Trucy and I are going to attend a Magic show competition in Kurain Village, and we have to leave tomorrow."

"Ah, wait, doesn't your former assistant Maya live there?"

"Yup…" At the mention of Maya's name, his heartbeat sped up.

"Well, I hope you two are happy to see each other again."

"Me too, Apollo, me too."