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Apollo was in the defendant's lobby. The defendant, Douglas Dougan, was sitting on the bench, nervously looking around the room. Apollo was looking at Douglas, wondering why he was so nervous. Phoenix was leaning against the wall, looking at the floor like it was an enemy. Great, everyone is acting weird today.

"Of course I am."

Apollo looked at Phoenix. "Did I say that out loud?"

"Yes you did, and I'm nervous because they are calling Pearl as a witness today."

"They are?!"

"Sadly, yes. With our theory that she was held there, the prosecution believes they can bust right through it with her testimony. It'll be all or nothing with her. If you can keep this theory afloat, they'll have to look to another person to be the killer. The trial will be won then."

"That sounds easier said than done."

Phoenix nodded. Finally, the bailiff told Apollo it was time for the trial to begin. Apollo sighed heavily, then entered the courtroom.

The judge slammed his gavel. "Court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Douglas Dougan."

"The defense is ready your honor."

"The prosecution is rolling Herr judge."

"Very well. Yesterday, Mr. Justice gave the possibility that one Pearl Fey, who was kidnapped some time ago, was being held at the house of the victim…Ms. Shelly Miller. Does the prosecution plan to discredit this claim?"

"Of course…Herr Judge. We are ready to call a witness."

"A witness? Who?"

"None other than Ms. Pearl Fey."

"The victim herself?! Well…okay, you may summon her as a witness."

Pearl walked up to the witness stand.

"Name and occupation Fraulen."

"Pearl Fey and I'm a spirit medium…in training."

"Very well, Fraulen, please tell us about the place you were being held."

"The place I was being held was cramped and dark. I could tell there was only one door and I could see a red light from a security camera. The floor was left completely clean."

"Hmm…it must have been tough for you in there. Very well, you may begin your cross-examination Mr. Justice. And remember…KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN!"

I can hear you, your honor…

"The place I was being held was cramped and dark—"

"Hold it! There wasn't a light in there?"

"No…at least that I could reach. I knew there was a ceiling fan with a lamp on the ceiling…but that's it."

"Hmm…please continue Pearl."

"I could tell there was only one door—"

"Hold it! Are you absolutely sure about that?"

"Yes, there were no other doors and not a single window."

"Very well…please continue."

"I could see a red light from a security camera—"

"Hold it! How could you tell it was a security camera?"

"The red light illuminated the area around the camera just enough so I could see it."

That makes sense…her eyes would have adjusted to the dark…

"Please continue."

"And the floor was completely clean—"


The judge jerked up and hid under the chair he was sitting on. "Mr. Justice! I thought I told you to keep your voice down!"

"Heh…sorry, your honor. Now Pearl, are you absolutely sure the floor was clean?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Sorry, Pearl…but you've made a mistake. There was a huge bloodstain on the floor."

"What? There was?"

"Yes, there was."

"OBJECTION! Your honor…Fraulen here has just proven that the closet was not the place she was held at."

"How so, Mr. Gavin?"

"If she were truly there…she would have known about the bloodstain. Clearly, she wasn't there at all."


Is this really it Apollo? Are you gonna lose this in only one cross-examination?

"I see…well Mr. Justice? Can you still support your claim?"


"Clearly, Herr Forehead cannot. His theory has just been exposed as the baseless conjecture it is."

I've come this close…I can't give up…there must be something…

"Mr. Gavin is correct. I hereby declare that this cross-examination is—"


Everyone looked at the defense's desk…at Phoenix Wright.

"Your honor, there still is one thing that can explain why she didn't see the bloodstain."

"But how Mr. Wright?"

"Apollo, think, look at it from a different angle. Don't ask why she didn't see it, ask yourself how she didn't see it."


Hmmm…I think I know what he's talking about!

"Your honor the defense can come up with a reason why she didn't see the blood stain."

"This is interesting. Please explain to the court what you're talking about."

"It's the darkness Pearl described."

"The darkness?"

"Yes, if you were in a room completely stained with blood, but the room was dark…you'd never know any blood was there. Thus, Pearl didn't see the blood stain because of the darkness!"

"OBJECTION! However, the red light from the camera might have given off enough light for her to see the ground!"

"OBJECTION! She clearly stated in her testimony that the light only illuminated the area around the security camera, not the floor. Also, the color of the light was red, which also would blend perfectly with the blood stain."

The judge slammed his gavel. "Enough! Pearl Fey?"

"Yes, your honor?"

"We're going to need more testimony…about what was beyond that door."

"OBJECTION!" Apollo shouted. "Your honor, she was trapped in a closet. She couldn't possibly know what was beyond that door!"

"Um…Apollo…I was taken out of the closet when I was taken to Raising Chickens. I can describe the room."

"Very well…please give us your testimony."

I have a bad feeling about this…

"The room outside the door looked like a dining room There was a table there with food on it, but the people there must have liked couches because there were two couches around the table. I also saw a tv. That's all I can remember."

"Hmmm…very well. Your cross-examination Mr. Justice."

My bracelet is reacting…she's not sure about something!

"The room outside the door looked like a dining room—"

Apollo let the bracelet do its work. As Pearl was saying that the room was a dining room, her eye twitched ever so slightly. "GOTCHA!"

"Pearl…you have a little habit. When you aren't sure about something, your left eye twitches ever so slightly."


"Pearl, you aren't positive that the room was a dining room, are you?"

"…no, to be honest, the couches made me doubt that."

"I'm sure it did because no normal person would have a couch around a dining table."


My bracelet went off again! She's not sure what caused her to doubt it.

"Your eye twitched again Pearl! You are hiding something from me."


"Please Pearl…tell us what you saw."

"But…I can't…"

"Why not?"


"Pearl…please…do it for Phoenix…"

"For Mr. Nick?"


"…I saw a woman on top of another woman…with rope in her hand, knocking off a bowl of boysenberries…"


"Yes…that's what caused me to doubt whether it was a dining room or not…because a regular dining room wouldn't just have a bowl of berries."

"But…Ms. Miller and her daughter are allergic to berries…they would have died if there were berries in the house…"

"OBJECTION! Fraulen, are you sure you saw a WOMAN on top of the victim?"

"…yes. She was thanking her for allowing them to use her house…"


Apollo couldn't believe it. She allowed Pearl to be held hostage in her house…"Wait…that would also explain why the boysenberries were there. Since other people were using her house to keep Pearl there…they would have brought the berries along."

"However…Herr Forehead…there is another question that needs to be answered, why was there a bloodstain on the floor?"

"The blood belonged to my client…so that means the only way to know why is to ask him ourselves."

"Very well…Mr. Dougan, please take the stand."

Douglas Dougan took the stand, with some sort of food in his hand.

"Um…Mr. Dougan…what is it you're eating?"

"A croissant…with some sort of liquid filled center."

"Hmmm…are you still able to testify with the croissant in your mouth?"

"Yes, your honor."

"I was tortured by a woman about a week ago. Shelly told me about someone forcing their way into her house. When I went there, I was drugged and placed in the closet and cut with a knife several times before I said it was okay to stay in her house."

"WHAT?! You were tortured?" The judge looked shocked.

"Yes…they slowly cut up my arm."

"Hmmm...very well, begin your cross examination."

"I was tortured by a woman about a week ago—"

"Hold it! So that's when the blood stain appeared? When you were tortured?"

"Yes…I was bleeding profusely from my wound."

"Hmmm…can you tell us who tortured you?"

"Well…she looked like a witch…crazed…and the person accompanying her looked like he was on a mission…never showing any emotion."

"Do you know their names?"

"I think I managed to hear the lady's name."

"What was it?"

"I think it was—"

Suddenly, a look of horror appeared on Douglas's face. His throat rattled and his breathing forced.

"Mr. Dougan!"

Douglas fell to the ground, gasping for breath. His face had begun to swell and looked like he was starting to get bumps on his body.

"Bailiff! Get a doctor immediately!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Dougan, you'll get through this."

Looking to his right, Apollo saw the fallen croissant. Examining it, he saw what was the liquid filled center…strawberry filling.

"*gasp* Ap…Apollo…f—find the person…who gave me…the…croissant…"

With that, Douglas's eyes closed, but his struggled breathing still remained. Finally, a paramedic ran into the courtroom. Everyone, including Apollo, was ushered out of the courtroom.

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