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Klaus just doesn't know what to do.

That's pretty much a first. Usually he can get out of everything, just get stoned. No one in their happy little family wants to deal with him like that.

Except Ben.

But, there's a problem. Because Ben is…Klaus doesn't even want to think it. Ben's…not currently at home, put it like that and it feels better. Klaus didn't get any kind of closure, none at all.

There was a phone call, way too much solemnity, and an announcement.

An announcement. A member of their family…Klaus has to skirt around using the D-word…was incapacitated, and Hargreeves just casually mentions it.

What happened to Ben usually doesn't mean anything to Klaus, because he can just talk to the…unavailable people.

But Klaus has tried, God, he's tried so hard, and there is nothing. Nothing at all.

Ben's…silent as that place where you put dirt over people.

And Klaus doesn't understand. Can't understand.

He can't handle it, can't take it at all. The first thing he did when he heard was run to the top floor and essentially fling himself out of the window.

That didn't work. Stupid family, can't let a guy die in peace.

So he took a shower.

That's what he does when he needs to process something. Also, if he cries, no one can really tell. And he definitely cried.

He plugged the drain in the shower and tried to drown himself, but it was taking too long, so he just sat at the bottom, fully dressed and crying his eyes out.

After hours he finally thought he could deal with the world. (Spoiler: he couldn't)

Everyone just stared at Klaus, watched him like he was going to explode. Allison at least tried to talk to him, and Luther slapped him on the back in an attempt to be comforting.

Klaus was knocked off of his feet, and his back was hurting.

He couldn't do it. Seeing the rest of his family without Ben was torture.

He locked himself in his room and fell on his bed, and that's where he is now, staring at the ceiling and trying so hard not to think the word.

The word that Hargreeves tossed around so carelessly. Like it didn't mean anything.

Like the world hadn't just become unbearable for Klaus. He already had issues.

But now it's going to be impossible. He has to go. He can't stay here, with the rest of them. He has to live…at least, try. Or maybe not.

That's what drugs are for.

But before he can leave, before he can try and escape this horrible new reality, this Ben-less reality…

He has to say it.

He has to take multiple breaths, each time mouthing the words but never actually getting any air out. He finally gets it out in a whisper.

"Ben's dead."

Then at normal volume.

"Ben's dead."

Then at a shout of disbelief and anger and too many emotions to count.


He yells it a few more times, wanting the rest of the family to hear it. Maybe they care, but not like Klaus.

And Klaus gets louder each time, wanting everyone in this world and the next to hear.

Wanting Ben to hear. To know that Klaus has maybe possibly kind of barely come to terms with it. To know that it's totally okay if he wants to hang out, that it would actually be really great if he hung out, that it's the only thing that Klaus actually wants.

He doesn't come.

That's when Klaus decides that he's completely given up on life.

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