Dora's End

"Map, can you help me get to grandma's house," asked Dora

"Of course, all you have to do is follow the path through the forest," replied Map. As Dora stows away Map in Backpack, Backpack begins to question Map.

"Why are you taking her through the forest?" He asks.

"Are you a map? No I didn't think so, so for your information, it's the fastest route," Map retorts.

"Don't you know anything? The forest is known for all the dangerous things inside it," Backpack exclaims.

"C'mon Backpack," Map says in an influential tone, "This is DORA we're talking about."

"You have got to be kidding me! Dora is SIX and you are taking her through a forest grown men are scared to go through! There are traps, smugglers, dealers, and lord knows what else," Backpack pauses for a moment in understanding, "How long have you been planning this little trip," He asks, voice slightly shaky.

"Well, look at you," Map starts sarcastically, "You have it all figured out now don't you? But you know what, that's fine. Why, because it is too late to go back. Dora has followed my plan to the letter." As map speaks his tone becomes darker. "Yes Dora, take that powdery stuff from that man, good Dora, it is like a pixie stick, yes that's it Dora. You've done well." Mean while Backpack is screaming.

"NO! Dora, No! Don't you can turn around! You can change!" Backpacks attempts were futile however and Map had won.