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Sunlight hitting her eyelids brought Arizona from the peaceful slumber she was experiencing, briefly confused when she opened them to unfamiliar surroundings. Blinking she smiled as she twitched her fingers and felt Callie's hand firmly in her own, her arm around Arizona's middle. Looking at their surroundings she smiled as she realised they'd fallen asleep on the rug in front of the fire. They'd had a totally relaxed and cosy evening; devouring the take-out as they sat in front of the fire; too full to move as they finished their bottle of wine, obviously ending up snuggled and fast asleep on the floor. Shifting backwards, Arizona pulled the blanket tighter over herself; obviously Callie had had the sense to grab it whilst she had been dead to the world. Arizona had no concept what the time was and that was one of the most perfect things; the knowledge that they had nowhere they needed to be, their pagers were at home; it was just them and their cabin.

'With that amazing bed in the next room...I can't believe we slept on the floor.' Callie's voice broke the silence, thick with sleep as she nuzzled into the back of Arizona's neck.

'Apparently so,' Arizona said with a smile. 'Honestly, I can't even remember falling asleep.'

Callie smiled, 'You did crash out pretty quick babe.'

'Sorry,' Arizona said. 'I was just so comfy and cosy...'

'Hey, don't apologise, that was the best night's sleep I've had in forever,' Callie admitted. 'We don't have to move yet though right?'

Arizona shook her head, twisting her neck so she could place a quick peck on Callie's lips; the brunette humming in response. 'In theory, we could stay here all day.'

'Sounds like the best plan to me,' Callie murmured in reply, any further conversation halted as soft snores once more filled the cabin.


When Arizona woke a second time, it was a pout that formed on her face rather than a smile as she realised she was alone on the floor. When the smell of bacon filtered into her senses however, dimples popped immediately. Stretching, Arizona sat up, instantly seeing Callie in the kitchen, a contented and calm look about her that Arizona hadn't seen for too long.

Movement in the corner of her eye caused Callie's head to whip round to Arizona, 'Morning sleeping beauty,' Callie said, a playful tone to her voice. 'Coffee?'

'Mmm please,' Arizona replied, pushing herself off of the floor and onto the sofa so she could reach her crutches. Callie stayed where she was, knowing that Arizona would ask for help if she needed it. Her eyes completely fixed on her wife whilst she made coffee, Callie watched as Arizona quickly got herself up off the couch and hopped through to the kitchen; moving straight to Callie for a good morning kiss.

'Morning,' Arizona said softly against Callie's lips. 'Do I smell bacon?'

'You do,' Callie replied, handing Arizona a steaming coffee. 'You want pancakes too?'

'Well, if you're offering,' Arizona said with a wink, sitting on one of the kitchen bar stools. 'What time is it?'

'Just gone eleven,' Callie replied, laughing when she saw Arizona's mouth dramatically drop open. 'Yeah, don't get used to it babe, back to reality in a couple of days.'

'Shhhhh, don't remind me,' Arizona replied. 'I can't remember the last time I slept this late.'

'Me neither,' Callie replied, flipping over the bacon and preparing the pancakes. 'Your Mom text.'

'Yeah?' Arizona asked, taking Callie's phone as it was offered to her. A wide smile appeared when she saw it was a picture of her Dad with Sofia on the swings. 'Looks like Sof's really missing us.'

'Yeah right! It's good that she's not totally dependent on us,' Callie said. 'I'm glad she'll happily stay with your parents, or Tim, or our friends.'

Arizona smiled, 'She has got them all wrapped around her little finger.'

'Rightly so,' Callie said. 'With dimples like her Momma's, no one stands a chance – least of all me! She's going to break a lot of hearts when she's older I'll tell you that!'

'What do you mean? She's not dating until she's 34,' Arizona said deadly seriously.

'Babe, we're that age now?'

'Exactly,' Arizona replied. 'No one's going near my baby girl till then.'

Callie laughed, hearing Arizona talk like this only made her lover her wife more, if that was even possible. 'I didn't think you'd be like this as a Mom.'

'What do you mean?'

'I meant that in a good way,' Callie said quickly. 'I just thought, because of your childhood, moving around a lot and that, I don't know, I guess I thought you'd be more lenient.'

Arizona shook her head, 'That's why I am like I am; I don't want Sof to grow up like that. Don't get me wrong, you know I love my parents dearly, but moving from pillar to post like that...and some of the things I got up to...yeah, Sof isn't growing up anything like me!'

Callie smiled, serving up their brunch and joining Arizona in sitting down to eat, 'Well I think if she turns into even half the woman her Momma is now then she'll be an extraordinary young girl.' Arizona blushed, reaching across to squeeze Callie's hand. 'Though I'm now very intrigued to hear all about these things you got up to?!'

Arizona rolled her eyes, 'You don't want to know, I went through a bit of a rebelling spell...I'm surprised my parents haven't filled you in actually.'

'Rebelling? You?!'

'Yes!' Arizona replied with a laugh.

'Ok, now you have to tell me more?!' Callie replied, 'How old were you?'

'17,' Arizona said. 'It didn't last very long, I soon realised I was being a brat and needed to get my head out of my ass if I wanted to go to med school.'

Callie just raised an eyebrow, wanting to know so much more about this unknown stage of her wife's life. 'Have all the girls running around after you?'

Arizona groaned, 'Something like that...the point is; Sofia will not get away with half of the things I did.'

Callie smirked, 'I can't believe you were a rebel!'


'I dunno! You're...you! You're a peds surgeon with butterflies on your scrub cap!'

Arizona laughed, 'I guess I got it out of my system back then.'

'How did you get away with it with your Dad anyway?' Callie asked, genuinely curious.

'He was on tour for the year,' Arizona explained. 'Tim had just left for his first tour...I suppose I was acting out because I missed them? Before it had only ever been my Dad who was away, Tim was always there to keep an eye out for me. I idolised T; him leaving for the army pulled the rug from under my feet.'

Callie nodded in understanding, 'What did you actually do?'

'Nothing too bad...well nothing illegal. I just stayed out till all hours, hung around with a bad crowd, smoked...basically anything to get a reaction out of my Mom.'

'What stopped it?'

'Like I said; realising I'd never get into med school if I carried on...plus, I met someone.'

Callie couldn't help but splutter her coffee at that, of course she knew Arizona had exes; the fact had created issues in the past.

Arizona smirked, the subject of exes was a sore one for the both of them; they trusted each oter one hundred percent, but the thought of the other being with anyone else awoke that green-eyed monster in the both of them.

Trying to keep her voice as nonchalant as possible, Callie said, 'Who did you meet?'

Arizona chuckled, 'You really want to know?'

Callie shook her head no although she said, 'Yes.'

Arizona laughed, finishing up her food she licked her lips, 'That was delicious by the way.' Callie smiled, taking the plates and putting them in the sink to wash later – for now she wanted to hear the rest of Arizona's story. Topping up their coffee's, Callie sat back down, looking to Arizona expectantly.

'The crowd I hung around with, one of the guys was...well, a jerk. Honestly, I think he thought he'd be the one to turn me straight.'

'They all knew about your sexuality?'

Arizona nodded, 'I was very open about that – I think, in a way, that's why I hung around with them – keep your friends close but your enemies closer right?' When Callie nodded, Arizona continued, 'Anyway, his sister was the someone I met. We were at his house and he just started laying into her...she went off crying and I went after her. That was it then.'

'I bet her brother wasn't happy?'

Arizona shook her head, 'He threatened both of us; if Nick hadn't have gotten involved, I think he probably would've gone through with what he threatened. Nick reminded him who my Dad and brother were – they were well respected on the base and everyone knew them.'

'So he left you alone after that?'

'Pretty much,' Arizona replied. 'He was always there but Nick did enough I think, my Dad came back not long after anyway.'

'What happened between you and...?'

'Ellie?' Arizona offered. 'Her family moved away, her Dad was in the military too...they went to Germany I think. You know I'm not exactly keen on long distance relationships, let alone across an ocean, particularly not at that age; I cared about her, but I never loved her.'

'How have I never heard this story before now?'

Arizona shrugged, 'I didn't not tell you on purpose; it just never came up. Honestly, to me, it's not like a big story from my past.' Callie nodded, totally understanding what Arizona meant. 'Yeah, so Sof; totally not taking after me.'

Callie chuckled, 'We all go through a rebellious stage against our parents at some point Zo, we won't be able to avoid it.'

'I suppose...did you then?'

'I think my biggest rebellion was marrying a woman,' Callie said with a chuckle. 'As a kid I honestly was too scared to be anything but the daughter they expected me to be. Going to Botswana was like my initial break away, they didn't want me to go. If my parents have taught me one thing, it's that I want to be nothing like them in being a Mom myself. It'd kill me if Sof ever felt about me how I feel about them now.'

'Calliope, you're nothing like them,' Arizona said immediately taking Callie's hand into her own. 'You're an amazing Mom and you will never be anything like yours or act like she did in the slightest.'

Callie smiled, she hadn't meant to dampen the mood with talk of her parents, 'I know...to be honest, I think in doing what they did, they've made me a better parent; they showed me how not to do it I suppose.'

Arizona nodded, 'Sofia and all our future kids are as lucky to call you their Mom as I am to call you my wife.'

Callie blushed at Arizona's words, leaning forwards she pressed their lips together in a soft kiss. Even through everything, her wife hadn't lost her ability to wow her with a speech. Pulling back, they rested their foreheads together, 'All our future kids?'

Arizona's dimples popped once more, 'Yup, all of them.'

Callie smiled, knowing this would be a topic of conversation when they got home, 'What do you wanna do today?'

Arizona but her lip in thought, 'How about we get dressed and take a slow wander around?'

Callie nodded, 'Sounds like a good idea, you go shower, I'll clean up.'

'Maybe we could check out the restaurant? Book there for tonight?'

'Sounds perfect,' Callie said, sharing another kiss with Arizona before she hopped off to the shower. Callie couldn't really believe how well the weekend was going. Arizona had come out of her shell so much already; Callie was definitely glad that they'd come away, both them and their relationship needing it more than they'd initially realised.


'You ready babe?' Callie called through to the bedroom. They'd had a wonderful afternoon – a slow walk around their surroundings providing wonderful views as well as time for each other. Although the restaurant wasn't the Ritz, it was still fancy and so Callie was sat on the sofa in a fairly short, but tasteful, black dress, hugging her curves in all the right places.

'Coming!' Arizona's voice came, quickly followed by the door opening and Arizona appearing. Callie's mouth dropped open instantly; Arizona was wearing a dress Callie had never seen before; it was deep blue in colour, just finishing at Arizona's ankles. Callie's eyes travelling upwards to find a plunging neckline that simply made Callie's mouth water.


'Ummm...what?' Callie replied, realising she didn't have a clue what Arizona had just said.

Arizona chuckled quietly, 'I just asked if you were ready to go?'

'Oh! Yes!' Callie said, getting up off of the couch and moving towards Arizona, pulling her into a kiss. 'You look absolutely stunning.'

Arizona blushed slightly, her own eyes raking over Callie's form, lingering on those long, long, tanned legs she loved so much. 'You look so, so beautiful yourself.'

Callie smiled; the way Arizona was looking at her was causing her stomach to flip flop like she was a teenager all over again. 'Shall we?'

Arizona nodded, lacing her fingers through Callie's as they walked the short distance to the restaurant.

Once inside, they were quickly seated and placing their orders; a bottle of red soon half empty between them. As they waited for their starters, Arizona couldn't help but slip her right shoe off, sliding her foot up and down the naked calf she found opposite her. Openly staring at her wife, Arizona felt her mouth go dry and that fire inside her that had been burning slowly now rage forward. As her eyes connected with Callie's, she saw that same fire she felt reflected right back at her. Arizona swallowed heavily, grabbing her glass and taking a lengthy sip as a multitude of thoughts flashed through her head – the majority consisting of Callie's head being buried between her legs.

Clearing her throat, Arizona blushed furiously at the way Callie was looking at her; her insecruties beginning to creep back in once again. Seeing the slight discomfort in Arizona's eyes, Callie sought to distract from the obvious desire in both their eyes. 'So, you reckon Tim and Teddy are cosying up?'

Arizona laughed, glad of the momentary change in subject, 'Probably...I bet Teddy's bedside manner has never been so good.'

Callie joined in laughing, the conversation remaining light as their food arrived and they ate; the meal as perfect as they could only have imagined. 'How about we go back to the cabin and fire up the Jacuzzi?' Callie said, calling over the waiter and paying the check.

Arizona bit her lip as she nodded; after sharing the bath with Callie the night before, she was obviously ok with the Jacuzzi. What bothered her was the obvious desire she both felt in herself and coming from her wife. They had shared that fire many-a-time, but not since the accident and Arizona couldn't help but imagine that it was going to be completely awkward and not sexy in the slightest; on her part at least.


Callie let her head fall back, the bubbles massaging every inch of her tired and tight muscles; standing at work and crouching over an OR table did nothing good for the body. When they'd got into the cabin from the restaurant, Arizona had told her to go and fire up the Jacuzzi, saying she'd follow shortly. Callie hadn't protested; she had seen the conflict in Arizona's eyes over the obvious desire they were both feeling and the arousal radiating between them. Their hands and feet had been continuously dancing all night; subtle touches and shared looks creating a prolonged foreplay – both knowing exactly what that would usually result in.

Callie sighed, asking herself the silent question, 'But what would they result in tonight?' She didn't know the answer to that; all she knew was that the ball had to be in Arizona's court and not hers. She was ready, so ready, to make love to her wife; but she couldn't push Arizona if she wasn't on the same page; she'd been patient this long, she could wait a little longer.

Callie's thoughts were interrupted as she heard the back door slide open, looking up she couldn't help the gasp that fell from her lips when she saw Arizona swinging on her crutches in nothing but a tiny blue bikini. Biting her lip, Arizona looked up, stumbling slightly when she caught the way Callie was looking at her; a starving lion looked at a gazelle with less hunger. She'd been arguing with herself all the way from the bedroom; prosthetic on or off; bikini or not; put a shirt on top or not; now they were all forgotten when she saw the fire in her wife's eyes.

Callie swallowed heavily, licking her lips she attempted to speak, 'I..um...I picked up a bottle on the way out.'

'Perfect,' Arizona replied, hopping up the small step till she was able to reach out and lean on the side of the Jacuzzi. 'Nice?'

'So much more than nice,' Callie said, moving around the side so that she could hold out her hand for Arizona to use. Smiling, Arizona rested her crutches on the floor and swung her legs around so that her foot was in the water, humming when she felt the temperature of the water. Reaching her hand out, she took Callie's as she eased herself into the water; settling back and taking the glass of wine handed to her by Callie.

Sighing happily, Callie relaxed back too, smiling when Arizona's hand found her own beneath the surface of the water.

'Ok, we definitely need to get one of these...' Arizona said, her words mumbled as she found herself instantly relaxing.

'Definitely,' Callie agreed. 'Any pain?'

Arizona shook her head, it was in fact the first day she had had no pain whatsoever, 'I think its because I've not had the prosthetic on for very long today?'

Callie nodded, 'It's probably done your leg some good to be honest...so, no massage needed tonight?'

Arizona chuckled, 'Oh I'm sure I can think of somewhere else...my shoulders are a bit tight actually...probably from sleeping on the floor all night!'

'Best get yourself over here then!' Callie said playfully, moving slightly so that Arizona was sat on the lower seat between her legs. Callie licked her lips, gently tracing her fingers over Arizona's shoulders, she softly worked her fingers and the heels of her hands into the pale flesh beneath them. Taking a breath, Callie took a chance, 'You look beautiful by the way.'

Arizona blushed instantly, Callie's voice low as her breath tickled the back of Arizona's neck, 'You do too...a new bikini?'

'Yeah,' Callie replied. 'I got it earlier on in the week; my black one was looking a little tired.'

Arizona smiled, 'Well I hope you haven't thrown it away, I have some fond memories of that black bikini.'

Callie smirked, digging her heels harder into a particular tight spot she found, 'Don't worry, I have fond memories of it too.'

Arizona's head fell back against Callie's chest, her mind filled with the last time she saw Callie in that black bikini; focusing particularly on the fact that she hadn't been wearing it for long. The sex they had had that night had been fast, sexy and full of sparks; Arizona wasn't sure that they'd ever have that again. Swallowing heavily, Arizona knew that she needed to voice her thoughts; Callie deserved that at least. 'I'm scared,' Arizona eventually said.

'What?' Callie responded, her brow knitting in confusion as her hands stilled on pale shoulders.

'I'm scared about what comes next...tonight I mean,' Arizona explained.

'We don't have to do anything Zo, I don't want you to feel like I'm expecting anything...I just want you to feel ready.'

'I do,' Arizona replied, pushing herself up onto the higher seat so she was next to Callie. Reaching out to play with Callie's wedding band she continued, 'I do feel ready, but I'm still scared; honestly if it hadn't been for the damned insecure voices in my head I would have jumped your bones a long time ago.'

Callie smiled, 'I wish I could make you see how beautiful you are Arizona...you do things to my body that no one has before; and more than that, you love me more than anyone ever has or ever will, and that in itself means that when I'm with you...when you do the things you do, you blow my mind.'

Arizona's eyes were fixed with Callie's, the honesty of the situation gently pushing the remainder of her walls down even further, 'I feel like a teenager all over again...I feel like it's my first time and I hate that.'

'Well I don't know about you, but my first time was horrific...I don't plan on that happening tonight...fine, it might be awkward and we might bump heads and take a while to get it right; but it doesn't matter...just...let me kiss you, let me touch you...let me love you.' Callie moved closer with every word she spoke, her voice becoming breathier and dropping into that level of speech where she was practically growling her words out.

Arizona's bottom jaw had gradually dropped along with Callie's voice, leaning forwards she instantly pressed her lips against Callie's, her hand's coming up to hold either side of Callie's face, pulling her closer as her tongue peaked out. Callie let Arizona control the pace as much as she could; finding it increasingly difficult when Arizona's hands moved from her face to ghost down the sides of her body; her touch leaving a trail of goose-bumps over Callie's skin. Deepening the kiss, Arizona was rewarded with a moan which only gave her that little more confidence; knowing that just a kiss could still illicit that response from her wife quietened some of those insecure voices in her head.

Taking a chance, Callie lifted her own hands out of the water, tracing them down Arizona's arms and onto her waist, pulling them closer together as she did. They spent a while reacquainting; their lips remembering the dance of old; their hands tracing over every inch of flesh to remember the softness beneath. 'Cal...' Arizona's voice stopped Callie's movement altogether, afraid that she had pushed Arizona too fast. Instead, Arizona simply said, 'I love you,' a sparkle present in those eyes that had already turned a deeper shade of blue.

Callie smiled, resting her forehead against Arizona whilst she got her breath back, 'I love you too.'

'Take me to bed Calliope,' Arizona continued, not missing the momentary surprise that flashed over Callie's face.

'Come here,' Callie said, using the water to her advantage so she pulled Arizona onto her lap, rising out of the water before she could offer any words of protest. Callie's hands keeping her in place as Arizona instinctively wrapped her leg around Callie's back, her arms draping around Callie's neck. 'I've got you,' Callie said softly, seeing the obvious fear in Arizona's eyes; and she had. Once Callie had somehow manoeuvred them both out of the Jacuzzi Arizona relaxed a bit; deciding to occupy herself by placing a trail of kisses along Callie's neck, the scent of Callie's lingering perfume taking over her senses like her own personal drug. Craning her neck, Arizona's kissed moved upwards, Callie tilting her neck to give her easier access to an ear lobe which she nibbled readily.

Callie growled; with Arizona doing the things she was to her neck, she was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other let alone negotiate the two doors she had to open to get to the bedroom. Eventually making it through, Callie kicked the bedroom door closed behind them as she neared the bed, slowing her movements right down as she kneeled onto the bed, lowering Arizona down beneath her instantly re-connecting their lips in a more passionate kiss than before. She was still consciously slow and gentle, the kiss full of love but with that added bit of fire that Callie had been holding back for far too long.

Breaking the kiss of again, Callie hovered above Arizona, 'Tell me if I go too far or too fast?'

Arizona nodded, biting her lip as she felt a blush spread across her neck as Callie's eyes met hers briefly before she leant in, kissing Arizona chastely before she placed a trail along her jaw line and across her neck. Moving further south, she kissed the part of Arizona's breasts that were on show, glancing up and smirking when she found Arizona's eyes watching her every move. 'Can I?' Callie asked, as her lips hovered above Arizona's chest. Arizona nodded immediately, sitting up slightly allowing Callie to easily undo the tie on her bikini top; the material falling onto her lap only to be tossed onto the floor as first Callie's eyes, and then her moth, devoured the now-naked breasts that were on show.

Arizona couldn't help but let her head fall back, her eyes rolling into her head as Callie's mouth took control of her breasts. She could feel her arousal building, the evidence already soaking the bottom half of her bikini. Callie once more looked up to gauge Arizona's reaction to what she was doing, smirking when she found the woman beneath her was apparently totally lost in what was happening; this would usually be the moment when Callie would come out with the dirty talk; but she knew that tonight couldn't be one of those nights. Tonight she had to be slow, patient and loving; the dirty sex would come back with some more time. Lost in her thoughts, and indeed Arizona's breasts, Callie didn't notice Arizona reaching behind to undo her top until it was done; her breasts bouncing down free of their restraint and into Arizona's ready waiting hands.

Their exploration continued for some time; each taking the time to appreciate the flesh that they had missed for too long; their lips meeting in between in increasingly passionate kisses; each becoming that bit more deeper than the last. Callie felt like she was going to explode unless she either touched Arizona or she touched her; her want and need for her wife's fingers had never been greater. 'Zo...' Callie breathed, Arizona looking up from the breast she was currently lavishing. Catching the look in Callie's eye, Arizona gulped heavily, meeting Callie's eye, her hands ghosted down her sides, easily pulling the ties on both Callie's hips that held the minimal material of her bikini bottoms together. Callie shifted slightly, adding them to the pile on the floor; when she looked up she instantly re-attached their lips, seeing that Arizona was obviously thinking about the whole thing way too much. 'Don't think...' Callie breathed against Arizona's ear, for the first time sucking on that particular pulse point behind Arizona's ear that she knew drove the blonde mad.

Arizona moaned, melting into Callie's touch as she found herself being gently pushed back so she was once more flat on the bed; Callie's fingers hovering over the only piece of remaining clothing; Arizona's blue bikini bottoms. Nodding once more, Arizona watched as Callie's fingers and then her tongue traced the top line of the material, sliding it down slowly, following the material with another trail of soft kisses. Callie was switching from one thigh to the other; instantly feeling Arizona tense up when she neared the bottom of the residual limb. Completely removing the bottoms, Callie kneeled and for the first time in over a year she drunk in the beautiful form of her completely naked wife; it truly was the eighth wonder of the world, 'You are so, so gorgeous.' Arizona blushed, Callie taking a chance, gently placing her hand on Arizona's left leg, 'Every inch of you.'

Arizona's initial fear of where Callie's hand now was soon disappeared when she saw the look in Callie's eyes; the lust subtly changing their colour to the point where they were almost black with desire. Shifting forwards, Callie shift her weight onto her arms, kissing Arizona once more, still feeling like Arizona was holding back she stopped, 'Why are you still holding back babe?'

Arizona sighed, 'I just can't see how I can still turn you on Calliope...look at me.'

'I am,' Callie said simply, 'And all I see is my beautiful wife whom I love very much...and as for being turned on...' Taking Arizona's hand in her own, Callie took their hands down between their bodies, guiding Arizona's hand to her centre. Arizona's mouth formed an 'o' when she felt the amount of wetness coming from her wife, 'You see? You did that Arizona...y-' Callie was cut off as she was pulled down to resume their kiss; this time there was no caution, no holding back. Arizona's hand remained where it was, her fingers stroking up and down Callie's slit; Callie's hand flipping round so that she could reciprocate the actions that she was receiving. Their movements were slow but loving, their kiss breaking off so that they could look into each others' eyes, the fire burning strong within them both.

'Zo...' Callie barely manages to breath out, Arizona immediately recognising what her wife needed; even after all this time she recognised the need in that voice. Pushing a finger inside of Callie's soaked entrance, she quickly built up a rhythm, adding another finger and begging Callie to do the same thing. Callie's forehead rested on Arizona's as she matched her in sliding two fingers inside of Arizona, 'Mi amor...'

Arizona could feel her release fast approaching, the telltale signs that Callie was in the same place as her wife's walls began to tighten around her fingers; 'Calliope...' Callie's eyes flashed back to Arizona's, thumbs added to push the other over the edge as they came together. Their bodies going rigid, muscles quivering as their release washed over them. They remained where they were, buried in each other so they were as close as they could possibly be; their bodies moulding into one as their breathing slowed back to a normal rate.

Callie eventually regained her thoughts, moving off of Arizona and settling at the blonde's side, her fingers idly tracing patterns over milky skin. Callie gave a look to Arizona's face, smiling when she found wide blue eyes and a full-on super magic smile directed back at her.

'That was amazing,' Arizona said simply, shifting so she too was on her side, kissing Callie.

Callie nodded in agreement, 'You're amazing.'

'We are,' Arizona corrected her wife.

'Shall I go get some more champagne?'

Arizona shook her head no, 'No...I plan on working up a bit more of a thirst.'

Callie raised an eyebrow, 'Yeah?'

Arizona nodded, 'We've got a whole year to catch up on Calliope, now come here.'