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I stood there, watching as everyone grabbed a partner, some guild mates fighting each other for somebody's hand, and most of them arguing about how they should have her. But me, nobody asked. Nobody fought for me. I just stood there as Lyon snatched Juvia into his arms, Gray coming to the rescue to kick him away and take Juvia into his arms. Soon, they both were on the floor, Juvia squealing with happiness.

I wish I had two boys fighting for me like that.

I saw that Droy and Jet were fighting for Levy – of course – and Gajeel on the floor, his back turned as he lied there. Levy looked a bit frustrated and disappointed but I couldn't blame her, I knew the feeling she had.

Mirajane was paired with master, and Jenny was with Hibiki. I had to admit, they made a great couple. Panther lily was with Asuka, Happy and Charle; soon everyone had a partner but me. Sure, I could have gone right up to somebody and asked and I mean a certain pink-haired dragon slayer but that would be too obvious, right? Like he'll know what I mean.

I stood there dressed in a beautiful wedding dress, everyone else either in black, gray, or white suits or wedding dresses. I had to admit, they all looked beautiful and handsome. I loved my dress, the beautiful white long dress watched my heels and my tiara, making me look like Cinderella for a moment. I loved my dress especially because on my waists and breast part, they had scale-like patterns. Like Natsu's scarf, making us look like a matching couple. It made me happy inside and I loved it. Maybe I could get this dress on my real wedding dress; if I ever get married, that is.

I stood there for a few more minutes, frowning in process. "Ah, who should I pair with?" I thought out loud, turning to my right and left, looking for anyone who was free.

When suddenly, I was lifted off the floor by somebody and up in the air. Inside I quietly hoped it was Natsu that took me away like this but when I looked up, it was Loke. Of course, it was Loke. He knew how to get out and he wouldn't let this opportunity pass.

"Lucy, let's finally take this chance and get married, for real." I would sigh and blush, tired of hearing this but of course it was the sweetest thing I've heard.

When I looked around, I noticed Lisanna was running up to Natsu, shouting his name. I felt my heart sink. I should have known Natsu and Lisanna would be together, I heard they had childhood history. But I couldn't see Natsu being the romantic boyfriend type, I see him as that nakama type since I'm sure he doesn't have the slightest clue about romance.

I stared at them, never realizing we were getting closer and closer till Loke crashed into Natsu, him disappearing and leaving me on top of Natsu for him to shout at me to get off him.

"What are you doing Lucy?"

"I'm sorry!"

"Gah, get off me!" He would whine, and as I whined back, I noticed Lisanna was giggling and smiling at us. I wondered that was about but I was glad I got to be with Natsu in the end.

I couldn't see myself with anybody else but him.