The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Chapter 1: Our Version Of Normal

Pairing: Brian/Mia

Summary: Stories from inside the lives of Brian and Mia….

Disclaimer: I own nothing unfortunately…so, you know, please do not sue, I simply borrowed them for a bit. I'll give them back…..PROMISE ;) xx

"Are we a 'normal' married couple?" Mia demanded, randomly, catching Brian off guard, causing him to choke on the mouthful of water he'd just taken. He stopped and leaned back, looking at her from around the fridge door, unsure of what to what to do or say next. He simply stared at her. He was almost afraid to ask where the newest question had come from and no idea what the 'correct' answer would be.

"Well?" she promoted, hands on her hips, still managing to ooze the familiar Toretto attitude even at 6 months pregnant.

"Uhhhhh….." Brian shook his head slightly. "Do I have to guess what's going on or….?" He trailed off

"We're not normal" Mia stated, rather factually.

Brian blinked. She'd knocked him off balance and it took him a minute to come round.

"Speak for yourself Mi…"

She slumped forward and pulled out a chair from the table and sat down with the attitude of a sulky teenager. Brian shut the fridge and sat down opposite her, pulling the chair further over to her.

"Hey" he said gently but she refused to look at him. "Hey…Hey babe…." He guided her chin up in order to meet her eyes

"I can't help if I don't know what's going on Mrs O'Conner"

At that she had to smile. To the rest of the world, Mrs O'Conner didn't exist, but she did in their house. She absently played with her wedding ring

"We haven't done anything that normal married people do"

Brian looked puzzled. Was this baby hormones? To him, his wife seemed to have gone slightly mad.

"Like…what babe?" he managed

"I haven't cleaned out your underwear drawer"

At that statement, Brian fought not to lose it. The only thing keeping him from laughing was the look on Mia's face. She looked genuinely upset over the whole thing.

"Do you…want to?" he asked her, scratching the back of his head. Half an hour ago he'd been in the gym. This wasn't a conversation he'd been ready for and he sure as hell didn't have any answers. Mia, to be honest wasn't making much sense.

"No…" she sighed and got up and Brian stared straight in front of him completely confused.

"Brian, we live in a beach house. In Goa. After a 100 million dollar bank heist in Rio"

"Yeah…." He sounded vaguely proud of that "What's THAT gotta do with my underwear" he asked making a face

"I don't WANT to clear it out"

Brian was completely lost. They were going round in circles.

"Ehh? Baby, you've lost me"

"I LIKE your underwear!" she threw her hands up in total exasperation. Although at her comment, Brian couldn't help but smirk

"Soooo…then what's the problem?" he asked

"NORMAL married people fight Brian. And, normal wives go through their husband's underwear drawer and throw out stuff they don't like. I'm supposed to get pissed off at you for driving too fast or cos you've forgot the rubbish. I'm supposed to MOAN Bri….MOAN. And instead, I like your underwear, and I like the fact our car is like 485horse power and you drive like you do. And you never ever forget the rubbish!"

As she ranted, Brian clicked. Forgetting the male part of his brain that seemed to switch on every time his wife mentioned cars or specs, he stood up and walked over, kissing her and effectively ending her rant.

"Has all this come from what Rome said?" he asked gently as he pulled back and she opened her eyes. At his question, she refused to look directly at him.

Roman had been on the island with Danielle, his latest and newest, the week before and when questioned about what had happened to Carla, the girl they'd been expecting. Rome had an answer ready and waiting.

"A man is only as faithful as his options, cuz. If one moans, you gonna trade in for one that don't"

"Mi?" he asked

"No, ok, NO!...but it didn't help! Stupid Rome!" she shook her head "I mean why wouldn't you? I'm huge and I'll moan and you'll get bored!"

To be honest, to Brian, it was incredibly cute why she was wound up and he couldn't help but smile.

"Why are you smiling?" Mia demanded, hands back on her hips.

"Mi, you ARE my ONLY option….You get that, right?"


"You're really asking me that?"

She looked down and Brian took a step forward

"Mia…." It was all he said and she looked up

"You are my only option, by choice I LOVE you. And you are not huge, you're pregnant, and beautiful by the way"

She looked at the ground, blushing, something else Brian was finding incredibly cute.

"And I don't care I you DO clean out my underwear drawer. We don't argue because we got married 2 months ago, give it a year, you'll hate me" he smirked.

"Asshole" she replied, smiling

"See? There we go" He said.

Her eyes filled with tears and Brian sighed, still smiling.

"Oh, here we go"

"I'm sorry" she sniffed, and Brian took her hand

"Come with me"

He led her outside onto the deck overlooking the beach.

"Look" he nodded to the beach and then to their Skyline GTR parked at the side

"You wanna trade all this in for a skyscraper and a Hyundai?" he raised an eyebrow

She looked at him and shook her head.

"No. Not a chance in hell"

"Let the moaning commence" he said, grinning and she smacked him in response. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, as they stood overlooking the beach.

"You and our baby are my everything Mi. Everything. I don't care what I have to do. I lost you once, won't be happening again"

Mia smiled and fresh tears welled up and Brian shook his head playfully

"God, I love you" she whispered.

"Good, cos I love you too"

"Even when I'm crazy?" she asked

"Even when you're crazy" he confirmed

"Mmmmm…..Good….cos I love you enough to tell you that you need a shower" she said.

Brian growled, and she ducked out his arms as he tickled her, she ran back to the kitchen squealing, he lunged and ran after her as Mia's giggles echoed round their home.