The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Accidents and orange casts

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fast cast, but I do own Jessica and Casey

Summary: When Jessica gets hurt under Uncle Rome's watch, it's up to Brian and Mia to help him resolve his guilt

Brian lifted 4 year old Jessica up and placed a kiss to her head as Jack looked up from his iPad to say bye to his parents and Rome took Jess back from Brian

"You guys have fun and be good for Uncle Rome, 'kay?" Mia said lifting her bag

"'kay mom" Jacks attention was back on his Transformers game.

"Bye daddy, bye mama" Jess waved from Rome's arms.

"Call if you need anything man"

"Bri, this is not my first time watching the kids" Rome grinned

"I know, I know..."

"Go, have fun, we'll be fine"

There were more byes and more kisses for Jess before Brian and Mia left.

As the door closed, Roman turned to his charges.

"What do you guys wanna do today?



Came the simultaneous replies

"Ok, why don't we build a fort?!"

Jack looked dubiously at his uncle, and then shared a look with his sister

"A fort?" Jess asked

"Oh little one, you haven't lived until you've made a fort. Especially an uncle Rome fort"

The siblings shared another look, then shrugged

"Let's do it!"

20 minutes later the den looked unrecognisable, there were sheets and cushions and chairs and pillows from the couch everywhere

"Wow, ok that's cool!" Jack announced as they stood back to admire their handywork

"Do you think mama will let us keep it?"

"Maybe not for ever cutie but maybe a couple of days" Rome replied

"Uncle Rome I gotta pee"

"Ok, sweetheart do you want me to come with you?"

"No, I can do it" she answered proudly

"OK, you yell if you need me, I'll be there before you can blink" he replied tickling her tummy to make her giggle

She ran off seconds later and Rome and Jack turned back to their fort.

They were just hanging up another sheet where there was a yell and a thump.


Romans heart stopped and he dropped what he was doing and ran for the stairs only to find Jess crumpled in a heap on the wooden flooring cradling her arm with fat tears streaming down her face

"Awww baby girl"

"I falled Uncle Rome"

"I see baby girl. Can I see?"

"No, I can't, it won't move" more tears and sobs and hiccups



"Can you put your shoes on?"

"Where we going?"

"We're going to the ER"

Jess's eyes widened

"I need to go to the 'mergecy room?"

"Sure do princess"

"Ready uncle Rome"

"Let's go"

Rome scooped up a still sobbing Jessica and held her close, before gently placing her in the carseat in the back of the O'Conners SUV.

Rome sent a silent prayer that Mia and Brian had taken Brian's GTR Skyline that day

The whole ride to the hospital, Rome had an internal discussion with himself. He'd tried to call both Brian and Mia's cells and hadn't gotten through

They had trusted him with their pride and joy and he was pretty sure it would be the last. He'd managed to damage one of their kids. The guilt he felt as he took in Jess's tear strained face in the rear view mirror was more than he could stand.

"Uncle Rome it really hurts" Jess said holding her wrist

"I know sweetie we're nearly there I promise"

As they exited the car, Rome kept an eye on Jack and carried a sniffling Jess into the main ER area and explained the situation

The nurse gave him form and took them to a curtained area

"Is she allergic to anything?"

"I uh…I don't know"

Rome felt like the worst uncle in the world

"She's not uncle Rome, mom said so"

"OK so while we wait for the xray I'll get a doctor to prescribe some painkillers…you guys got lucky we're pretty quiet today"

She left the room and Rome felt like screaming after her that they were anything but lucky

Just at that Rome's phone rang and he took a deep breath as he was met with Brian's face.

"Hey bro, everything ok?"

"Bri man…." Roman couldn't help it, his voice cracked

"Whats wrong?!"

"We're at the ER…it's jess man, she's hurt her arm…"

"Oh man…, we'll be there in 20 minutes"

As Roman waited for his friends to arrive he sat in the chair with jess curled round him, dosing on his shoulder as the pain killer took effect.

They were still in the same position with jack on the bed swinging his feet playing a game on Rome's phone when Mia and Brian walked in

"Awww sweetie, what did you do to yourself?!" Mia asked kneeling down by the chair

"I hurt my arm mama" she sniffled and reached out for her mother. She lifted her gently and sat back in the seat Roman had just vacated

Roman ran a hand down his face and turned to face his best friend

"I should have went with her man, she was only in the toilet…"

Brian nodded his head in the direction of outside the room and Roman followed him

"I should have had eyes on her man, I'm sorry"

"Hey Rome, man, stop. It was an accident. Jess has been jumping down the stairs the last week, we forgot to tell you…"

"Look man I get if you don't want me watching the kids again… it was my fault... She should never have gotten hurt"

"Did you listen to a word I just said?" Brian raised an eyebrow "This. Was. Not. Your. Fault…why wouldn't we want you watching the kids?"

"Bri…I…I'm sorry"

"There's nothing to be sorry about" Brian shook his head

"She's my baby girl, you know I would never leave her…."

"Rome, man breathe… we know what you feel for the kids, and what you'd do for them…its ok, man. It was just an accident"

Roman sighed and scrubbed at his face and sat in the seats just down from the room Jess was in.

"Look why don't you take Jack home and we'll meet you there when Jess is out"


Roman carried the 7 year old out if the hospital and Brian shook his head as he watched them go, knowing it was Rome's way of making sure Jack didn't get hurt.

He re-entered Jess's room for the doctor telling Mia that Jess had a hairline fracture to her wrist and Jess requesting an orange cast

"Orange?!" Brian and Mia asked together

"Its uncle Rome's favourite" the little girl shrugged "Maybe it'll cheer him up, he was so sad"

"You, Jess O'Conner are a sweetheart" Brian said placing a kiss to his daughters head

2 hour later, jess literally skipped round the O'Conner's back yard shouting on her brother

"Jaaaaaaaaacckkkkk…..i got a cast!"

"Let me see!"

"She ok?" an anxious Rome asked Mia as she sat down next to him

"She's fine honestly. Please don't think that this was your fault Rome. She's four. She's bound to have accidents."

"Scared the crap outta me Mia"

"I know but you handled it like a pro"

By this point jack and jess had come to the table

"Jess?" Jack asked with his head titled to the side

"Why's it orange?"

"Coz it's to cheer up Uncle Rome" she smiled brightly at him

"You did…it for me?" Rome's voice was rough

"Sounds to me like not even Princess Jessica blames her beloved Uncle Rome" Brian said low in his ear as he returned to the table with drinks

"Uncle Rome, will you sign it?" Jess asked handing him a blue sharpie

"For Princess Jessica? Anything" Rome replied