The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Bless The Broken Road..

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fast cast but I own Casey and Jessica

Summary: When Jess and Jack realise a couple of things about their parents, they take matters into their own hands

"Jack WHAT are you listening too?" Jessica O'Conner asked above the song playing on the families 'Alexa' device

"Aww, Grace says this is our song" Jack rolled his eyes but smiled "I personally think we need to keep looking but…" he shrugged

"It's a bit…."Jess cringed not wanting to say bad of the girl she'd came to love so much

"It's soppy, and cringey and bad sis…own up…" Jack laughed

"Well…." She laughed "Hey mom" she turned to her mother as she entered

"Alexa, volume down" Jack instructed the device as Brian entered behind his wife

"Hey, what's your song?" Jack asked

"Song?" Brian looked confused

"Yea, you know, the one that's yours and moms"

Brian and Mia shared a look and then looked back at their kids

"OH MY GOD!" Realisation hit Jess first

"What?!" Jack asked

"They don't have a song!" Jess announced

"You don't have a song?" Jack asked in disbelief

"How did you get through 19 years of marriage without a song?" Jess cried

"Wait…what did you guys dance too at your wedding reception?"

"Sweet Jesus! They never had one of those either!" Jess said

"Even Aunt Let and Uncle D have a song and they two are the least romantic couple on the planet!" Jack was next

"Dom and Letty have a song?" Mia asked dumbfounded

"This isn't right. We have to fix this" Jess said

"Guys we've got this far I don't think we need one now" Mia said

"No, hold on, I think the kids are right Mi…"Brian said

A couple of days later, Jess entered Jack's room and shut the door behind her causing Jack to raise an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?"

"This situation cannot be resolved with strawberry ice cream and a horror movie bro"

"What situation?" Jack looked confused

"Our parent's situation. We need to rectify everything wrong"

"Which is?"

"We need to throw them a party"

"Are you serious?"

"I'm deadly serious… Bro, they don't have a song. They didn't have a wedding reception"

"Ok, ok I see your point. How do we do this?"

"Well I was thinking. They aren't ones for a hall and balloons and shit right?"


"Yes mother" Jess said sarcastically but smiled

"Ok, no I agree, and know what else? Aunt Let wasn't there for the wedding. Elena was"

"Shut up?!"

"Oh baby sis the things you don't know yet" Jack laughed

"You WILL be filling me in big bro…"

"Ok I promise but back to party planning"

"How would you feel if we had an impromptu wedding vow renewal then threw them a party at Uncle D's. We can invite Grace and Steph and Uncle Rome and Uncle Tej and Aunt Ramsey can be there this time. Hell we'll even invite Hobbs and Samantha"

"How we gonna get mom in a dress n dad in a suit…?"

"Well I was thinking about this, mom didn't wear a wedding dress the first time, and dad wasn't in a suit"

"I've just came up with an EPIC idea"


"Why don't we loop in Uncle D and Aunt Letty and let Mom and Dad think its them that's doing it all"

"And mom and dad are the best man and maid of honor! Jack that's genius!"

"I have my moments" Jack said smugly

Jess punched him on the arm but the grin never left his face even as he rubbed the spot she'd made contact with

"I'm gonna go see Aunt Let"

"I'll drive"


"Two more month's sis"

"You're counting?"

"It's a big deal and I was thinking I could take you out in the EJ9"

"You're gonna let me drive you beloved civic?" she asked dubiously

"Sis I'll let you drive LFA home from the test centre"

Jess's answering grin said it all as they climbed into Jacks car and headed to Dom and Letty's

"Let me get this straight, you wanna throw a party and vow renewal for your parents but to them it's ours so they don't know its theirs?" Dom asked confused

Jess and Jack looked at each other and shrugged

"Yea that's about it"

"It's mental…but I am down" Letty said "I missed the first wedding"

"So I've heard…"Jess trailed off with a raised eyebrow

"All in good time baby girl"

"Aunt Let any chance you could get Mom to pick a dress?"

"Oh I have ways Jessica O'Conner" Letty winked

"You gotta get Dad in a suit Uncle D"

"Sure, nothing like the easy stuff" Dom grinned

"You guys really wanna do this?" Letty asked them

"Aunt Let, they don't even have a song" Jack said

"They don't?"

"NO!" Jess cried "And it's WRONG"

"I agree"

"Any ideas?"

"You know what, I do actually I have a few"

"Send me them so I can listen to the lyrics"

"Will do"

Three days later Dom and Letty had put Jack and Jess's plan in operation and Brian and Dom were off getting suits

Letty pulled up outside a little known dress shop in down town LA and unclipped her seatbelt. Mia looked at her.

"You guys are going all out for this"

"Yea well Dom's insistent"

"You going white?"

"I haven't decided yet"

"Well lets go see what they got" Mia said unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out the car

They opened the door to be met with a rainbow of dresses on one side and white bridal on the other

"Awww some of these are GORGEOUS" Mia said awe but her eye was on a soft pink floor length dress

She ran her hand over the satin fabric and Letty stopped

"Isn't the same colour as your wedding dress?"

"Near enough"

"It's lovely Mia and if that's the colour you want I'm all for it"

"Seriously? Aren't we supposed to find your dress first?"

"Don't go getting all Mia on me ok?"


"I still have my original wedding dress"

"Oh my god!" Mia squealed

"I said DON'T go all Mia" Letty grinned

"You have to wear it"

"I was thinking the same so if you want this it's a go"

"Can we?"

Letty was already summoning the assistant

"We're gonna need this dress to go if you have it"

"We have this is in, in a range of sizes would you like to try it on?"

"YES!" Mia squealed happily and as she stepped into the dressing room Letty pulled her phone out

"Your mom has a dress and it's the same colour as her original dress….she actually squealed"

"OMG THIS IS PERFECT!" came the reply

On the eve of the party, Jess went into a florists and explained the entire situation to the owner and left with two button holes and two bouquet of flowers. One for her mother and one for her Aunt Letty. She had missed out on having bridesmaids the first time round and despite the fact Jess could have stepped in she was happy to take a step back and enjoy the day.

On the Saturday morning, as Mia got ready and Brian put his suit on, they shared a moment in their bedroom after Brian had put his watch on

"Maybe we should do this…"

"What renew our vows? You'd marry me twice?" Mia laughed

"Mia I'd marry you a million times over beautiful"

"Awwww…lets go watch Dom and Letty do it first"

As they arrived at Dom and Letty's, finding Jack and Jess already there, and dressed up, they entered the back yard to cheers from their entire family

"Why are you guys cheering for us?"

"Letty where's your dress?!"

"Guys, your kids have planned this. It's not me and Dom renewing our vows….it's you two" Letty replied

"Yea and then we're having a party!" Casey announced

"Wha….?" Mia looked at Jess and Jack then back at Brian

"You Guys did all….this?"

The back yard had lanterns and paper streamers and the table was set up with white linen and silver.


"The service is gonna be carried out by a humanist, he's due, like, now" Rome replied

"You guys ok with this?" Jess asked pensively

"Yes baby girl…"

"Million times over" Brian whispered in Mia's ear and she looked up at him with tears in her eyes

"Forever and For Always" she whispered

20 minutes later Jack, Jess, Letty, Dom, Tej, Roman, Ramsey, Grace, Steph, Hobbs, Samantha and Casey were watching as Brian and Mia stood holding hands exchanging vows

Jess handed Casey a tissue

"Mia, you've been my light, my world, you and the kids. I love you more today than I did yesterday but less than I will tomorrow. Thank you for the life you've given me. Thank you for loving me"

"Brian, the best decision I ever made was marrying you. A million times over, right? I will love you as long as I live. I feel like our new bubble has never burst. Life just kept getting better. Forever and always I love you"

"By the power vested in me…well I now pronounce you remarried"

There were giggles in amongst the tears and Brian leaned in and kissed Mia

They toasted with champagne and Jess stood up to make an announcement

"Our bride and Groom will now dance their first dance…."

"We don't have a song" Brian and Mia said at the same time

"You will after this" Casey said

"What song did you pick?" Hobbs leaned over and asked Jack

"I didn't, Jess did"

Brian stood up and held his hand out to Mia and led her to the part of garden that had been marked off for dancing and Jess hit play on her phone so it would play thru the speaker

The opening bars didn't sound familiar and Mia found herself listening to the lyrics

"I set out on a narrow way many years ago…I got lost a time or two…I couldn't see how every sign pointed me straight to you…This much I know is true that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you"

Mia looked up with tears in her eyes and Brian's looked damp as he leaned down and kissed her as Grace took photos

Later that night with a party in full swing Mia hugged her kids and held on just a few seconds longer

"You guys are the best"

"Did we pull it off?"

"Epically Jess, the whole days been amazing"

As Brian and Mia lay in bed that night, Mia put a hand over Brian's heart

"God Bless The Broken Road…"

"That Led Me Straight To You" Brian finished as he turned to kiss her

"I love you, wife"

"I love you more husband"